10 Best Interlocking Toys for Boys Girls
for January 2023

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The MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab has had its eye on toys for girls and boys for years. We love toys for boys and girls of all ages, from babies to tweens to teens. From the popular Baby Einstein toys to the tried-and-true classics, MOOZ Themes Reviews tests toys for performance, durability, ease of use, and age appropriateness.

We test toys for performance, durability, and age appropriateness. Performance, specifically, means how well toys hold up over time. We test for durability by breaking toys, pushing toys, and dropping toys. We also test for age appropriateness by testing toys for age-appropriate materials, age-appropriate safety, and age-appropriate design.

While toys for boys and girls are fun, we don't recommend toys for children under 3 years old. That's because children under the age of 3 are just starting to put toys in their mouths, which could be dangerous.

We've tested hundreds of toys over the years, so we've rounded up the best toys for boys and girls to make your life easier. These toys for boys and girls will keep your kids entertained for hours.


After teaching a year of kindergarten, I decided to put together a hands-on set of dominoes to help my students learn their phonics and word families. I set out to create a set of dominoes that my students could use to practice their phonics skills. Besides, my students like to play dominoes, so I thought it would be a fun way for them to reinforce their learning.

Educational Insights Math Whiz - Electronic Math Game for Kids Ages 6+, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, Classroom Supply

Educational Insights Math Whiz

by Educational Insights

PORTABLE & TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Math Whiz is totally portable and perfect for math practice in the car, airplane, or doctor's office. Features a mute button to turn the sound off. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)

The Educational Insights Math Whiz is an above-average introduction to math for kids who are in third through fifth grade. The modes include Drill, Calculator, and Challenge, and players select which mode they want to play in. The Drill mode offers a progressive sequence of problems in four skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. When players successfully complete the drill, the next problem appears and the game keeps progressing, with more difficult problems appearing as players continue to perform well. The Calculator mode is for players who just want to practice basic arithmetic or to solve a few practice problems. The Challenge mode lets players challenge themselves by solving a set of elimination math problems. Each problem can be solved by clicking the correct answer, or using the timer button to race against the clock, and players are given three tries before having to move on. The Math Whiz requires three AAA batteries. The Math Whiz's interface is colorful and engaging, and players can learn or practice math skills while playing. The Math Whiz's display shows the correct answer for problems, as well as the problem itself, and players can clearly see the elapsed time and score for each problem. The Math Whiz's challenges are challenging, and players will need to think carefully and use their math skills to solve the problems. The Math Whiz offers three difficulty levels, so even young kids can start learning and playing right away, and as players continue to play and perform well, the Math Whiz will become increasingly more difficult. The Math Whiz is a good choice for kids who are in third through fifth grade, and it offers a good introduction to math that kids will enjoy.


The Big Money Teaching Kit from Educational Insights offers a fun way for kids to learn money math concepts. The kit includes 50 plastic coins, plus 10 nickels, dimes, and quarters, and 10 bills, including $1, $5, $10, $20, and $50 bills. The coins are 2.5 times their actual size, so kids get to practice counting by 2s. The bills measure 1.5 times their actual size, which makes it easier for kids to practice counting by 5s. The kit also includes a coin sorting game and a money bank. The sorting game includes 5 coin trays, 5 plastic coins, and 5 sorting cards. The kit also includes 2 storage containers that are great for keeping coins and bills organized. The storage containers include 5 coin cups, 5 bill pockets, and 5 coin slots that can hold up to 50 coins or bills. There are also 5 coin slots in each bill pocket, so kids can easily stash their coins and bills. The kit is compact and durable, so kids can play with them at home or in a classroom. The coins and bills are brightly colored, so kids can easily identify them. The kit is a fun way for kids to learn money math concepts.

Educational Insights Sentence Building Dominoes, Learn to Write Manipulatives for Classroom & Home, Set of 114 Double-Sided Dominoes, Ages 6+

Educational Insights Building Sentence Dominoes

by Educational Insights

Features nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and punctuation marks

This is a great set for beginning writers. With 112 double-sided dominoes, it provides lots of options for sentence building practice. Each letter side of the domino shows a different letter of the alphabet, and the numbers and punctuation marks are on the opposite side. When multiple dominoes are stacked, each domino shows a different letter of the alphabet, and the numbers and punctuation marks are on the opposite side. The dominoes are sturdy and easy to stack, so kids can practice writing sentences with dominoes for hours. The set also provides a good variety of punctuation marks, including periods, question marks, exclamation points, and exclamation marks. The dominoes are all color-coded, so it's easy to tell which side of the domino to show on which side of the stack. The set is packaged in a sturdy, clear storage container, so it's easy to store and keep organized.


Of all the word-building games we tested, this was the only one where kids could actually build words, not just spell them. The dominoes are bright and colorful, and the words are preprinted on both sides, so kids won't confuse the words they're building with the ones they're spelling. They're also easy to line up and play, and because the entire game is contained on a single set, they take up minimal space. The dominoes use roots and suffixes, so kids will learn that roots are words that come from other roots, and that suffixes are words that come from other suffixes. The game is also equipped with two sorting trays, so kids can learn to sort words by root and suffix. The sort trays also help kids learn to sort words by length, number, beginning, ending, and vowel quality, which they're also taught to do in class. The dominoes are sturdy, so they won't break or fall apart, and the game comes with 200 dominoes, so kids won't get Bored with this game any time soon.

Educational Insights Jumbo Magnetic Spinner, Classroom Games, Teacher Supplies

Educational Insights Magnetic Jumbo Spinner

by Educational Insights

Guide features 16 activity suggestions for classroom management, math, language arts, and more.

The Educational Insights Kangaroo Jumbo Magnetic Spinner is an excellent value, thanks to the combination of its jumbo size (16 inches), three double-sided cards, and teacher's guide. The spinner itself is well made, and the controller is responsive. It has a good amount of spin, and is pleasant to hold. The spinner is the perfect size for classroom use, and it's great for whole-class activities or for individual students to use independently. The spinner's controller uses small magnets that are easy to grip, and the spinner is durable enough to use for prolonged periods of time. The double-sided cards are also well made and hold up well to the wear and tear of a classroom setting. The spinner is easy to clean, just wipe down with a damp cloth. The cards are easy to write on and wipe off, and the spinner and cards both work well with dry-erase markers. The included teacher's guide provides tips for using the spinner effectively, and suggests a variety of games and activities. The guide also contains a worksheet, which students can use to chart their progress. The games in the guide are fun and engaging, and using the spinner in the classroom will keep students engaged and help reinforce key concepts. The spinner is a good choice for classrooms and schools, and it's a fun, interactive way to present content and engage students.

Educational Insights Hot Dots Jr. Beginning Phonics Flash Card Set, 72 Preschool & Kindergarten Activity Cards, Ages 3+

Educational Insights Hot Dots Jr. Phonics Beginning Flash Card Set

by Educational Insights

BACK TO SCHOOL or HOMESCHOOL ACTIVITY: Hot Dots makes the perfect activity to get ready for school! Or keep kids engaged, entertained, and learning while being at home

The Hot Dots Jr. Beginning Phonics Flash Card Set offers a fun way for children to practice learning phonics skills. The set, which consists of 72 double-sided learning activities, comes with 36 double-sided cards, a Hot Dots Jr. pen with 3 AAA batteries, and an activity guide. The cards are brightly colored and feature fun illustrations to help children enjoy the learning process. As children touch the corresponding Hot Dots dots on the cards, fun sound effects and animations appear, making the learning activity more engaging and motivating. The Hot Dots Jr. pen is slim and portable, making it perfect for travel. The pen is simple to use. When children touch the dots on the cards, a fun animation plays, and the sound plays. Children can press the dot on the card they want to practice, and the Hot Dots Jr. pen will light up with the corresponding sound. The pen has a pause button, so children can stop the sound and animation at any time. The pen also has 4 learning categories so children can choose which category to practice. The activity guide provides an introduction to phonics, and gives tips for teaching children phonics skills. The activity guide also explains how to use the activity cards, and how to help children master phonics skills.

Educational Insights Even Steven's Odd, Dice-Rolling, Adding and Subtracting Challenge Game, Fun & Fast-Paced Family Game

by Educational Insights

INCLUDES: 24 dice, 4 dice holders and 40 challenge cards that features 2 levels of challengeseasy and difficultfor players of all abilities

The Educational Insights Even Steven's Odd, Dice-Rolling, Adding and Subtracting Challenge Game is a fun way to brush up on basic math skills and sharpen quick thinking. The game features 40 double-sided challenge cards, which players race to complete by rolling a die and adding or subtracting the number showing on the card. The winner is the first player to complete all 40 challenges. The challenges involve adding or subtracting even or odd numbers, multiplying or dividing by 2, and identifying even or odd numbers. Each challenge card also has an accompanying picture, which players use to figure out which number they should add or subtract. The challenges get progressively harder as players advance through the game, and players get rewarded with colorful plastic dice as they collect more challenges. The game takes just a few minutes to set up and involves minimal rules, making it a great fit for family game night. Players who roll up doubles or triples can roll again or keep the dice, and there are also double-sided cards with bonus challenges, giving players even more chances to win. The game comes with 40 challenge cards, 32 dice, and 1 challenge marker.

Educational Insights See-Through Compost Container, Learn About Decomposition, Environmental Education

Educational Insights Compost See-Through Container

by Educational Insights

BACK TO SCHOOL or HOME ACTIVITY: Perfect for home or classroom to teach about decomposition, composting, life cycles, and environmental science. Great way to keep kids engaged, entertained, and learning independently while being at home

The Educational Insights See-Through Compost Container is a good resource for learning about decomposition and environmental science. The container is well-designed, with clearly labeled compartments, round containers with lids, and an aerated top that creates a mini-graveyard for decomposing food. The container comes with a detailed product information guide with lessons, activities, and test ideas. Kids can observe decomposition by placing food scraps in one of the containers and placing one thermometer in each compartment. They can track temperature changes as they decompose, comparing temperatures in each compartment. Kids can also test how different foods decompose, comparing the results across the three different compartments. The container is well constructed, and the lids are securely attached. The container's small size makes it easy to transport to a schoolyard or park for educational experiments. The clear-view nature of the container allows kids to easily observe decomposition, and the clear lids make it easy to monitor temperature changes. Kids can also use the container to store science projects, such as soil samples that children collect and test throughout the year. The container is best suited for kids in kindergarten through 5th grade. The container is less expensive than other containers we tested, and it's also durable.

Educational Insights My First Game: Bears in Pairs, First Memory & Matching Game For Toddlers, Ages 2+

Educational Insights My First Bears Game: in Pairs

by Educational Insights

HOW TO PLAY: Hide an animal in each compartment and take turns opening a door to find a match. Make a match and you win the game. Designed for two players, with three ways to play

Being able to hide and seek with your toddler is a skill that they'll love to develop, and this adorable matching game gives them the perfect interactive activity to do so. The bears are colorful, chunky, and soft, so they're easy for toddlers to hold. And with three compartments and doors, the 3-D playset gives them plenty of practice at matching and memory skills. The bears are non-removable, so there's less chance of pieces getting lost, and the plastic is durable and easy to clean. There's also a carry handle, so it's easy to take the game with you in the car or on trips, and the game board is erasable, so it's durable enough for repeated use. The game's simple, three-step instructions are easy to follow, and no reading is required, so it's perfect for busy toddlers. And because the 3-D playset is colorful and chunky, it's perfect for hands-on, physical play, which encourages learning through play.


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