10 Best Jewelry Making Kits for Kids
for December 2023

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Are you in search of the ultimate crafting venture for your child? Let MOOZ guide you to the goldmine of creativity—jewelry making kits for kids! With hundreds of kits reviewed and ranked using innovative smart algorithms, MOOZ aims to make your shopping venture as easy as pie. Open the door to countless hours of creative play for your little ones and watch their tiny hands craft beautiful jewels!

In our detailed ranking, don't miss intriguing options such as Girls Charm Bracelet Making Kit perfect for ages 6-8 offering endless fun and also serves as a creative birthday gift. Make your playdates or sleepovers more fun with Story Magic Wooden ABC Bead Kit suitable for ages 4, 5, 6, and 7—combining learning with fun. Finally, for the artsy teens, the leitait Girl Toys Bracelet Making Kit is an amazing choice that guarantees endless hours of creative pleasure.

Hurry up and explore the entire list! One of our fabulous finds, the UFU Charm Bracelet Making Kit awaits near the end of the list. It's an out of the ordinary kit that lets you craft not only unicorn charms but also mermaid gifts, making it a perfect toy and craft for girls ages 5 to 12. With MOOZ, shopping for your child's creative needs becomes a delightful breeze!

Girls Charm Bracelet Making Kit - Kids Make Jewelry Supplies Set Unicorn Charms Bracelets Kits Girl Toys Age 6-8 DIY Art Craft Set Creative Birthday Gifts for 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Girl Little Children

Unicorn Charm Bracelet Making Kit - Jewelry Supplies Set for Kids' DIY Art Craft


Unique and Eye-catching Designs: Our charm bracelet set offers designs exclusively for girls, blending fairy tale and magical elements that they adore. This creative stuff allows girls to fashion their style statement and share their creations with family and friends. Watch your little unicorn girls design her first-ever jewelry set!

We've placed this Girls Charm Bracelet Making Kit at the top of our list for its ability to offer more than just play. Imagine your little one emerging as an artist, unfolding her creativity in the most expressive ways. This kit actively encourages creativity and imagination while fostering a bond between you and your child.

In the second place, it's an eco-friendly product conjuring confidence in your purchase. The premium quality, non-toxic alloy materials ensure it's durable and safe for your child. Surprising her with this versatile kit on her birthday or Christmas, watching her gleeful face as she unwraps the vibrant gift box, could be one of your precious memories. This DIY Art Craft Set isn't merely a toy, it's a memory-making chance you don't want to miss!

Story Magic Wooden ABC Bead Kit, Premium Wood Jewelry Making Kit, 350+ Wooden Beads & Charms for Beading Bracelets, Great for Playdates & Sleepovers, Arts & Crafts Kit Set for Kids Ages 4, 5, 6, 7

Story Magic Wooden ABC Bead Kit: Fun Jewelry Making Set for Kids Ages 4-7

by Horizon Group USA

SET INCLUDES: 80 Natural Wooden Cube Alphabet Beads (10 mm), Mini Story Maker, 6 Natural Wooden Charm Beads (Heart, Flower, Unicorn, Wand, Rainbow, Cloud), 2 Silver & Gold Elastic Cord Skeins with Shoelace End (12 in.), 2 Pink & Purple Elastic Cord Skeins with Shoelace Ends (12 in.), 4 Elastic Cord Skeins in Blue, Teal, Yellow, Orange with Shoelace Ends (12 in.), 50 Colorful Round Wooden Accent Beads (Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow), 24 Round Wooden Pony Beads (10 mm), Easy-to-Follow Instructions

The Story Magic Wooden ABC Bead Kit has snatched the second spot in MOOZ's elite list. You might wonder why? This jewelry-making ensemble's unique melange of storytelling and crafting piqued our interest. It's not just another playtime toy but an amplifier of creativity, rousing both the budding author and the jeweler in your young one, immersing them fully in a realm of fanciful tales and dazzling trinkets.

All-natural wooden beads and charms constitute the bedrock of this extraordinary kit. Picture your little lass or lad stringing together not just beads, but their magical narratives using the 350+ colored beads and charms. The best part is the pre-cut elastic cording bearing shoelace ends, easing the assembly process, and refining fine-motor manoeuvres. Not to forget, the chance to create more than 10 bespoke accessories for both flaunting and gifting. With the Story Magic Kit, you're not just purchasing a toy, but a sensational escapade into an enchanting world of stories and artistry.

leitait Girl Toys Bracelet Making Kit -3100pcs Beads for Charm Jewelry Making Kit Supplies DIY Arts Halloween and Christmas Party Favors Crafts for Kids Girl Toys Age 6-7,8-12 Teens Girl Gifts

Kids Jewelry Making Kit with 3100 Beads for DIY Crafts - Perfect for Halloween and Christmas Parties

by leitait

Premium Materials All of our beads are made of healthy and environmentally friendly materials, light and durable, comfortable to the touch. You can use and wear it with confidence.

Securing the third spot on the MOOZ list, the leitait Girl Toys Bracelet Making Kit has certain standout features that caught our attention. For starters, this kit is a vast treasury of 3100pcs beads for charm jewelry. It offers amazing DIY opportunities that particularly stand out for its creative value. You can show off your creativity crafting unique necklaces or bracelets, in turn potentially boosting intelligence, mental agility and enhancing fashion sense.

On the flip side, the kit has components like macaron hole beads, luminous heart beads, alphabet beads, and charm pendants, among others. Your child can switch beads daily to personalize the look towards any occasion or mood. Additionally, the Bracelet Making Kit offers much more than just bracelet making, it's a multi-functional jewelry set. It underscores the joys of DIY, gifting your kids a fair share of happy time while keeping them engrossed in a meaningful activity.

Jwxstore Kids DIY Bead Jewelry Making Kit, Beads for Girls Art and Craft Bracelets Necklace Hairband and Rings Toy for Age 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Year Old Girl Christmas Gifts

Jwxstore Kids Jewelry Making Kit: Fun Bead Crafts for Girls, Ideal for Ages 4-11, Perfect Christmas Gift

by Jwxstore

High Quality - Our beads for DIY handmade is well made: durable & sturdy,smooth surface & well shaped, symmetrical with shiny luster, waterproof & no fading, not easy to break.

We absolutely adore the Jwxstore Kids Bead Jewelry Making Kit. The range of vibrant, multicolored beads it includes completely stands out. In an era where kids are consumed by screens, this kit gives you the pleasure of seeing your little ones immersed in the delightful hands-on activity of jewelry making. From pearls to butterflies, numbers to alphabets – its variety is indeed impressive. But why we truly recommend it? It's the amazing way it helps to develop your child's skills – perseverance, creativity, concentration, and more.

But, mind you, this kit isn't just about playing – think beyond that. With such rich variety, it satiates every little girl's dream of having their jewelry kits. Think about the look on your kid’s face when they complete their first piece! It's an incredible gift for holidays or a special day, bringing hours of fun and learning. So, if you have a little girl aged 4 to 11, this is THE gift to get. It's more than you could ever bead-lieve!

FUNZBO 500+ Snap Pop Beads for Kids Jewelry Making - Kids Crafts for Kids Ages 4-8, 6-8, Arts and Crafts Supplies, Kids Toys for Girls 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Year Old Girl Birthday Gifts Ideas

Funzbo Snap Pop Bead Jewelry Making Kit: Creative Crafts for Kids Ages 4-8

by FunzBo

HASSLE FREE MATERIALS Super easy to use with instruction manual, there is no need for strings or threads. Snap the beads together and voil!

In the land of arts and crafts, the FUNZBO 500+ Snap Pop Beads stands out uniquely. MOOZ has discovered this all-in-one combo and found it quite fetching due to its impressive content; a bountiful 520 assortments of Snap pop beads, alongside accessories like bracelets, headbands, and rings. Picture your little one exploring the boundless depths of creativity nestled in each bead.

Your children between the usage ages of 4-9 will find this product remarkably engaging. FUNZBO provides the perfect platform for their imaginations to soar unrestricted. Each jewelry design emanates from their minds, serving as a distinct expression of their inherent creativity. Imagine the joy on your little one's face celebrating their birthday, opening this extraordinary gift, and immersing themselves in the world of endless design possibilities. They'd love it, and you'd love the joy it brings.

CIHOPE Charm Bracelet Making Kit, DIY Jewelry Making Kit for Girls Birthday Gifts, Mermaid/Unicorn Girls Toys Arts and Crafts for Kids Ages 6-12

DIY Jewelry Making Kit for Kids - CIHOPE Charm Bracelet: Mermaid/Unicorn Girls Crafts and Gifts Ages 6-12


Easy To Create, Much More Fun: Nurture your child's creativity with beautiful self-made jewelry creations that can be gifted and shared with friends!

A delightful discovery by MOOZ, the CIHOPE Charm Bracelet Making Kit has swooped into our top rankings. We found its child-focused DIY charm and facilitative design incredibly alluring. It stands out with its exciting blend of European beads, charm pendants, metal beads, and snake chain bracelets. Rest assured, it doesn't require any glue, making it a safe option. And guess what? You get a cute mermaid jewelry box too!

Targeted towards young creative minds, this product is an ultimate winner for girls between ages 6-12 and maybe your perfect solution for birthday gifts or Christmas presents. Imagine your young ones engaging in a fun, crafty session, stringing together their unique charm bracelets! They assure top-notch customer service so your satisfaction is a done deal. This gem certainly proves, you don't need to run to the hardware stores when the fun and creativity can be delivered to your doorstep.

Melissa & Doug Created by Me! Bead Bouquet Deluxe Wooden Bead Set With 220+ Beads for Jewelry-Making, for 4+ years

Melissa & Doug Created by Me! Deluxe Wooden Bead Jewelry-Making Kit for Kids, 220+ Beads

by Melissa & Doug

CONVENIENT STORAGE: This wooden bead set is packed in a handy wooden tray, allowing kids to easily store their beads.

We found our top pick in the form of the Melissa & Doug Bead Bouquet Deluxe Wooden Bead Set. What really caught the fancy of our smart algorithms was the fact that this is not just an ordinary playset, but an opportunity to enhance the artistic abilities of growing minds. This bead set is cleverly crafted and promotes creativity, hand-eye coordination, and the development of fine motor skills.

The product could be an ideal gift for imaginative kids aged between 4 to 8 years. It is equipped with more than 220 beads and 8 cords allowing your child to explore their creativity. Pair this bead set with the Melissa & Doug Lace & Trace Activity Set, and you've got your child a screen-free engaging play option. This amalgamation of fun and learning is why we included it in our list for your perusal.

Just My Style ABC Beads by Horizon Group Usa, 1000+ Charms & Beads, Alphabet Charms, Accent Seed Star Wax Beading Cord, Satin Cord Key Ring Included, Bright

Jewelry Making Kit for Kids - Just My Style ABC Beads: 1000+ Charms & Beads, Alphabet Charms, Satin Cord, Key Ring

by Horizon Group

KIT INCLUDES: 1 Bundle Elastic Cord (10 yds.), 216 Assorted Alphabet Beads, 1 Bag Assorted Neon Beads (0.5oz), 1 Plastic Carabiner Clip, 4 Bundles Wax Cords (2 yds. Each), 200 Assorted Plastic E Beads, 300 Assorted Round Beads, 84 Colorful Alphabet Charms, 1 Plastic Key Ring, 10 Star Beads, 3 Satin Cords (1 yd. Each), Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Appreciating the spark of creativity, MOOZ brings the fascinating world of Just My Style ABC Beads by Horizon Group USA. The product triggers one's creative chords in the most enjoyable way. It's not just about beading, but also about building your fine motor skills while abiding fun. So, if you're in for a blend of learning whilst fostering creativity, this product is a 'could be' showstopper.

Just My Style ABC Beads lets you customize your style statement, be it through bracelets, keychains, or Y2K accessories. What may catch your attention is the offering of 1000+ beads and charms that you can toss up on elastic, satin, or wax cording. All in all, it's about emoting your fashion demeanor and if you have a knack for creating personalized accessories, you can expect to create over 40 unique pieces. Isn't it thrilling to carry your name, phrase or word? Word of advice, be ready for some spelling test fun along the way!


Mooz had his curious eyes on the Make It Real: Neo-Brite Chains & Charms Kit. The whole crew is smitten with its feature of advancing key real-world skills among tweens while sparking their artistic venture. The stimulating visual, tactile and fine motor skill development that it offers outclassed many, catching our smart algorithm's attention at once, thus making it to our list.

Designed for tweens and girls, let your child's creativity sprinkle with this action-packed kit. We feel our hearts warming seeing its 10 unique charm bracelets that one can create. With 195 pieces including beads, gold chains, tassel charms and much more, we're pretty sure it would be a delightful hit. Perfectly suitable for those who are keen on make-believe and hands-on craft, this craft set is a treasure chest for young DIY enthusiasts. Don't miss its play tray set- an added bonus!

UFU Charm Bracelet Making Kit - Girls DIY Beaded Jewelry Making Kit, Unicorn & Mermaid Gifts for Girls Toys Crafts for Girls Ages 5 6 7 8-12

UFU Charm Bracelet Making Kit - DIY Beaded Jewelry for Kids, Unicorn & Mermaid Gifts

by UFU

WHAT WILL YOU GET - This bracelet making kit comes with 1x portable jewelry box,1x gift box (pink),3x snake chains bracelets,2 x unibody bracelets,3x necklaces,3x adjustable rings(random color),36x charm beads,26x charm pendants,18x metal beads,1x Blank Greeting Card +1 User Manual (including instructions and sample bracelet styles).

Our smart algorithms were intrigued by the UFU Charm Bracelet Making Kit, which we found to be delightfully engaging. This DIY beaded jewelry kit not only tickled our interest with its creativity and convenience, but also due to its focus on keeping everything organized in a cute, portable box. You'll be spared any potential mess and makes this the perfect travel companion for your little ones. Plus, you can never go wrong with a product that comes with an exquisite pink gift box, primed for any occasion!

The little girls with a knack for creativity and crafting out there will positively squeal at the sight of this charm bracelet kit. Not only does it allow you to create various theme styles, but it also ensures the snake chain bracelet is adjustable to fit most wrist sizes. With the UFU Charm Bracelet Making Kit, our little princesses can truly express their unique style, and you will see their faces light up with delight upon receiving it.


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