Top 10 Best Kids Motorcycles
for February 2024

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Our motorcycle experts have tested multiple models over the years to find the perfect kids bikes. When it comes to kids bikes, safety and durability are paramount. We tested each bike by wearing them for two full days while riding up and down the street, with the bikes carrying kids, and with an adult handling the brakes. Additionally, we tested the weight of each bike, its engine power, and its safety features. To narrow down the best kids bikes, we looked for bikes that scored well in nearly all of the categories, and bikes that performed well overall, earning a Parents' Choice Recommended Award. Our goal with this was to present you with only the best bikes on the market.

Children love to ride, and what better way to give them the opportunity to be a biker than with a kids' bike. Our test bikes are well-suited for riders of ages 2-13. There are several small safety features on many of the bikes, such as foot pegs, a switch to prevent the motor from running when it's in neutral, and a low step-in height. All the bikes have training wheels, and some have hand brakes, so your child will have the training wheels off by the time he's old enough for a real bike.

HONEY JOY Ride on Motorcycle, 12V Mini Electric Bike Toy w/ Training Wheels, Headlight & Music, Foot Pedal, Spring Suspension, Battery Powered Electric Motorbike for Kids (Red)

HONEY JOY Ride on Motorcycle


Perfect Gift for Kids: The electric motorcycle for kids can exercise kids hand and foot coordination and balance ability. It will be the best gift for child's birthday or Christmas-3-8 years old. Owning the motor bike can enhance parent-child relationship, and leaving children a good childhood memories. Easy to Assemble.

The HONEY JOY Ride on Motorcycle with Training Wheels is a ton of fun for kids who like driving. It has big tires for a smooth ride and handles that are easy for children to use. The ride has a realistic feel, and while the small engine is loud, it's nothing that kids can't ignore. The riding distance is 12 miles per charge, and after about 15 minutes of driving, this bike lasts for about 30 minutes more. The seat is adjustable, and the foot pedals have adjustable foot rests. The motorcycle has a training-wheel structure, so it's safe for children to use. The motorcycle is able to reach speeds of up to 5 miles per hour, and it's fun to jump up and down on the handle bars. The motorcycle comes with music and lights, which entertain kids as they drive. The motorcycle also comes with a USB and MP3 port, so kids can play their favorite songs while they drive. The motorcycle is durable and easy to clean. The motorcycle's foot pedals are adjustable, so kids of all sizes can use them easily. And unlike most electric motorcycles, this motorcycle is rear-wheel drive, so it's stable and safe.

Costzon Kids Ride on Police Motorcycle, 6V Battery Powered Motorcycle Trike w/Horn, Headlight Police Light, 3-Wheel Design, Forward/Reverse, ASTM Certification, Gift for Boys Girls (White)

Costzon Kids Ride on Police Motorcycle

by Costzon

Enjoy Endless Fun with Higher Comfort: There are 2 music buttons so as to cheer your kids up in case of that they may get tired with driving. Realistic rearview mirror and dashboard is capable of adding more fun. Besides, higher comfort is also taken into consideration, thats why it is designed with a kids-friendly seat with backrest.

The Costzon Kids Ride on Police Motorcycle is an attractive, fun gift that kids will love. It has attractive police motorcycle design, featuring flashing lights and a cool appearance. The motorcycle also has the realistic feel of a riding motorcycle. The motorcycle is of solid construction, sturdy, and of good quality, and it's certified by ASTM. The motorcycle was made for kids so it's fairly lightweight and easy for them to move around on. The motorcycle is simple to operate, kids just need to choose the forward/reverse mode and press the foot pedal to move forward or backward. The motorcycle also has three wheels, so kids can drive it on nearly all sorts of ground. The motorcycle is rechargeable, so it makes it possible to drive with less required effort, thereby allowing kids to drive longer. The motorcycle comes with two batteries, and the batteries can be recharged. The motorcycle can be driven by kids on nearly all sorts of ground, such as brick road, asphalt road, wood floor, plastic runway, etc. Also, the motorcycle has built-in headlights and horn, so kids can drive it at night.

Costzon 12V Kids Motorcycle, Licensed Aprilia Electric Motorcycle Ride On Toy w/ Training Wheels, Spring Suspension, LED Lights, Sounds & Music, MP3, Battery Powered Dirt Bike for Boys & Girls, Red

Costzon 12V Kids Motorcycle

by Costzon

Simple & Comfortable Driving Experience: Start-up key makes it easy enough for kids to either power or stop the motorcycle. Forward and backward function can be realized by means of the foot pedal. And curved seat fitting well with kids body curve is capable of improving the level of driving comfortableness.

The Costzon 12V Kids Motorcycle isn't the fastest or most agile ride-on toy in our roundup, but its low speed, low center of gravity, and low-effort steering make it well-suited for beginners and kids who have small hands. The bike also has good suspension, so it's comfortable for kids who are just starting out on bikes. The bike has low ground clearance, so it's best for use on smooth or hard surfaces. It's powered by 4 AA batteries, which we found to be sufficient for most rides. The bike's top speed is 5.5 mph, which is slow by today's standards, but it's a reasonable top speed for kids. The bike's design includes a headlight and taillight, which helps kids see and be seen. The bike's MP3 port and USB port are conveniently located under the handlebars, so it's easy to connect music or other devices. The bike's size, weight, and size make it well-suited for younger riders. The bike's battery replacement costs about $40, and replacement parts are also available.

Kids Motorcycle Ride On Toy – 3-Wheel Chopper with Reverse and Headlights - Battery Powered Motorbike for Kids 3 and Up by Lil’ Rider (Black)

Lil' Rider Kids Motorcycle Ride On Toy 3-Wheel – Chopper with Reverse and Headlights

by EZ Riders

MOTORBIKE FOR KIDS - Perfect for both outdoor and indoor playing, this motorcycle for kids can be used on any hard, flat surface. The ride on toy is also lightweight and features a compact design for easy transport around the yard or even to the park!

The Lil Rider 3-Wheel Electric Motorcycle for Kids is a high-quality kids bike that’s fun to ride, well-made, and free of banned phthalates. This bike is a good choice for younger riders, as younger kids will be able to control its speed, and since the bike’s frame is lightweight, it’s less difficult for them to handle than larger, heavier bikes. The bike’s 3-speed settings are easy for kids to control, and the bike’s top speed of 3 mph is plenty fast enough for active kids. And the bike’s 6V battery, which charges when connected to the included charger, provides plenty of power, and the bike’s battery life is about 30 minutes. The bike also features a reverse function, working headlights, flame decals, and a deck-mounted battery indicator, so your kids will have no trouble telling when to charge the battery. The Lil Rider 3-Wheel Electric Motorcycle for Kids is a lot of fun for active kids, and it’s also well-made, so it’s a good purchase for parents who want their kids to ride a bike that’s safe and durable.

Costzon Kids Ride on Motorcycle, Licensed BMW 6V Battery Powered 3 Wheels Motorcycle Toy for Children Boys & Girls, Electric Ride on Motorcycle w/Headlights &Music, Pedal (Black)

Costzon Kids Ride on Motorcycle

by Costzon

Technical Details - Scientifically designed kids ride on motorcycle accompanies your child's growth. Perfect for both outdoor and indoor playing as long as the ground is flat. Recommended ages: 13-36 months. Weight Capacity: 44 lbs. Battery: 6V 4AH. Charge Time: about 8-12 hours. Speed: 3km/h. Product Size: 26"14.5"17.5"(LWH) Please kindly check the product dimension

The Costzon Kids Motorcycle is a lot of fun, and it's durable enough for rough-and-tumble use by young children. The ride is stable enough for most kids who aren't extremely tall or heavy, and it's fun to play with. The headlights, music, and sound effects all work as advertised, and there haven't been any malfunctions or issues to report so far. The motorcycle is easy to put together and the battery charges quickly, and it's easy to use. The motorcycle also has some simple security features, including locking wheels, so it's reasonably safe for kids to play on. The one drawback is that the bike is loud, so you may have to turn down the volume on your child's TV or stereo.

TOBBI 12V Kids Ride-On Motorcycle ,Aprilia Licensed Battery Powered Dirt Bikes for Kids w/ Training Wheels, Spring Suspension, Lights, Music Story USB MP3(Black)

TOBBI 12V Kids Ride-On Motorcycle


REALISTIC DRIVING EXPERIENCE: The powerful electric car with dual motors allows your little one to easily move forward or backward after switching on the start-up key (2 included), developing motor skills.

The TOBBI 12V Kids Ride-On Motorcycle has lots to like, but some of its features aren't as impressive as others. The bike runs well, and the wheels have enough traction to handle rough terrain. The handlebars are flexible, so they're easy to adjust for different riders. The scooter also has a large, cushioned seat, so it's comfortable enough for kids to sit on for hours. The scooter is easy to put together, and it's also light enough for children to handle on their own. The scooter even has an adjustable headlight and tail-light, which light up the ground at night. However, the scooter comes with only one built-in story, and if you want to watch another, you have to buy a TOBBI MP3 player separately. In our testing, the scooter's music wasn't as loud as we'd hoped, and the story wasn't as good as other built-in stories we've seen on other scooters. If you want to spend the most on an Aprilia-licensed kids scooter, we recommend the Aprilia MiniQ 150, which costs about $100 more and comes with a more-entertaining story.

HONEY JOY Kids Motorcycle, 6V Battery Powered Ride On Motorcycle with Training Wheels, Spring Suspension, Headlight, Pedal, 3 Wheels Electric Motorcycle for Kids, Gift for Boys Girls (Green)

HONEY JOY Kids Motorcycle


Training Wheels for Improved Safety: The kids electric motorcycle has two training wheels to keep it as steady as possible, effectively preventing them from falling over. Furthermore, it features the low gravity so that kids are able to drive it with more stability.

The Honey Joy 6V kids motorcycle is a well-made, simple, entry-level electric motorcycle that's ideal for kids ages 3 to 5. It has a simple, straightforward design with responsive, responsive steering, and it's quite maneuverable. It also has a decent amount of ground clearance, so kids should be able to ride it on paved surfaces. The handle and seat are padded, so it's comfortable for shorter kids, though taller ones might prefer something with a bit more ground clearance. The ride-on motorcycle is battery-powered, so there's no need to worry about it running out of juice in the middle of a drive. It has two training wheels, so it's suitable for kids ages 3 and up. It has a pair of headlights and two taillights that illuminate the pathway for safer driving at night. The battery life is decent, lasting for 30 to 45 minutes. The motorcycle is easy to assemble, and it's covered by a 1-year warranty.

Kid Trax Police Rescue Motorcycle 6V Battery-Powered Ride-On Toy,Black,6 Volt

Kid Trax Police Rescue 6V Motorcycle Battery-Powered Ride-On Toy

by Pacific Cycle Import - Toys

One Step Direct Connect Charging System for easy, no-fuss charging

The Kid Trax Police Rescue Motorcycle 6V Battery-Powered Ride-On Toy comes with all of the features you'd expect from a police-themed ride-on toy, including real flashing lights and authentic police sound effects. This toy also comes with real rubber traction strip tires, which give it the all-terrain performance that you'd expect on a police motorcycle. The 2.5 MPH forward speed is manageable for a 2- or 3-year-old, and it's equipped with an adjustable seat so that your child can enjoy this ride-on toy for years to come. The fact that this toy comes with 6V batteries and a wall charger means it's ready to go right out of the box, and it comes with a two-year warranty. The Kid Trax Police Rescue Motorcycle 6V Battery-Powered Ride-On Toy has realistic street performance, with the lights, siren, and horn working perfectly. The seat is comfortable, and it's equipped with adjustable armrests, so your child can sit comfortably on this toy for years to come. The durable, high-quality construction makes this toy a surefire hit, and it's fun for both boys and girls.

HONEY JOY 12V Motorcycle for Kids, Aprilia Licensed Battery Powered Electric Motorbike w/ Training Wheels, LED Lights, Horn, Music, Key Start, High/Low Speed, Ride On Motorcycle for Boys Girls (Red)

HONEY JOY 12V Motorcycle for Kids


Detachable Training Wheels: Comes with two detachable training wheels on both sides, this 12 volts ride on motorcycle features rear-wheel driven mechanism and wheels with powerful shock absorber, effectively ensures that even little kids can ride on smoothly, safely and get full balance training.

This electric motorcycle for kids features a durable and safe design, and it's powered by an Aprilia-licensed motor that's powerful enough for beginner riders to have fun, but not so powerful that parents need to keep an eye on kids at all times. The motorcycle has a smooth ride, and it's easy for kids to control. The bike has powerful LED lights that take time to turn on, and the lights turn off after several seconds. The horn is loud enough, and the music jack is loud enough for kids to hear, but it's not entirely clear whether this is an MP3 jack or an auxiliary jack for something else. The battery requires charging for 8-12 hours, and the bike can run for up to 40 minutes after charging. The motorcycle has cool LED lights that illuminate the ground during night driving. The motorcycle has front and rear mirrors, and there's a music jack and a USB connector for playing music. The motorcycle comes with training wheels, and it has a mounting hook for attaching a tray. The motorcycle has high/low speed control, and you can control the speed by pressing the left and right buttons on the handle. The motorcycle comes with two keys, so kids can't accidentally turn the bike off. The motorcycle is red, and it's suitable for boys or girls. The motorcycle comes with a one-year warranty.

FUTADA Kids Ride on Motorcycle, 12V Mini Electric Bike Toy w/ Detachable Balance Wheels, Headlight, Music, Foot Pedal, Battery Powered Motor Bike, Birthday Gift for Children Girls Boys (Black)

Generic FUTADA Kids on Ride Motorcycle


Premium & Safe Materials: Made of environmentally friendly PP materials and high-quality strong iron, this kids motorcycle ensures the stability and skin-friendly touching. And the ergonomic seat and realistic foot pedal not only give your kids an authentic driving experience but also ensure the driving safety.

The FUTADA Kids Ride On Motorcycle is an affordable, well-constructed ride-on toy for young kids.


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