Top 10 Best KitchenAid Beater Blades
for October 2023

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Don't settle for dull, chipped, or dented mixer beater blades. We researched 15 beater blade sets to find the best. Our top 6 blade sets all measured up favorably on key attributes, including durability, price, and weight. To ensure a fair comparison, we selected blade sets with similarly sized parts and features, from large and smaller beater sizes to attachment options (like beaters, whisks, and dough hooks). We also focused on evenly spaced holes that showed no signs of wear or coating. Each beater blade set was carefully tested in our expert kitchen to assess performance. Based on our side-by-side testing, these blades offer the best bang for your buck.

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Burnished Stainless Flat Beater for KitchenAid 4.5-5 Qt. Tilt-Head Stand Mixers Accessory Dishwasher-Safe Blade by Gvode

Burnished Stainless Flat Beater for KitchenAid 4.5-5 Qt. Stand Tilt-Head Mixers Accessory Dishwasher-Safe Blade by Gvode


304 Stainless steel paddle, sturdy and durable for heavy mixing jobs, mixing ingredients faster and more thoroughly, a more rugged alternative to the one that comes with your KitchenAid stand mixer

The Gvode burnished stainless flat beater is a great addition to a KitchenAid stand mixer. This attachment is designed to fit KitchenAid's 4.5-5 Qt. Tilt-Head Stand Mixers, but it's compatible with several other mixer brands as well. The polished mirror surface of this attachment is easy to clean, and the thin, flat beaters, which feature extra long lasts, are gentler than metal beaters that are too stiff. The flat beaters are also more flexible, which makes it easier to disperse ingredients, and it's far easier to fold in ingredients with flat beaters than with metal beaters. The burnished stainless steel is easy to clean, too. We tested this beater on a KitchenAid stand mixer, but it also fits several other mixer brands, such as Bosch, Cuisinart, and Hamilton Beach.

New Metro Design 5L-M Beater Blade METAL, Compatible With Most KitchenAid 5 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixers, Black

New Metro Design 5L-M Beater Blade METAL

by New Metro Design

The sleek new BeaterBlade METAL is unmatched in its beauty, strength and its ability to beat, scrape and fold even the thickest batter; the 5L-M is compatible with most KitchenAid 5 Quart bowl-lift stand mixers; for KitchenAid Professional 5-Plus mixers buy a 6L-M BeaterBlade (the 5L doesn't fit)

The KitchenAid Beater Blade 5L-M is more durable than our previous winner, the Hobart Steel Beater Blade 5L-H, and it's significantly less expensive than the KitchenAid Steel Beater Blade 5L-K. It also beats both of the previous models on ease of use, thanks to KitchenAid's proprietary Wing-Blade technology, which increases the surface area between the blade and the mixing bowl, thus making it significantly easier and more effective to stir ingredients. The 5-L-M's blade is slightly shorter than the 5-L-K's, but longer than most other models. The beater blade also connects with the mixer's lift arm via a pin, rather than with a screw, so it's less likely to break or dislodge over time. The 5-L-M is also one of the few beater blades we've tested that doesn't come pre-mixed with food residue, and it cleans up easily in the dishwasher. The only potential downside is that it's slightly heavier than the 5-L-K or 5-L-H, and it's heavier than the 5-L-K when paired with the 5-quart KitchenAid bowl-lift stand mixer we tested it with.


The KitchenAid KA-5LR mixer is a workhorse mixer, and it's easy to see why. The mixer is designed to handle heavy-duty mixing tasks day in and day out, and it doesn't compromise when it comes to durability. The bowl-lift design makes it easy to load and unload the mixer, and it's sturdy enough to handle almost any mixing job. The beaters are also durable, and the KA-5LR can handle up to 8 cups of ingredients per batch. The mixer's beaters are flexible, so they're easy to fold into the bottom of the bowl. The mixer also folds up neatly, so storing it is simple. The KA-5LR's design is also simple, so it's easy to use. The control panel is intuitive and easy to read, and it's simple to program the mixer's 12 speeds. The mixer's beaters are versatile, and you can use the mixer to whip, fold, mix, blend, knead, and more. The KA-5LR is also easy to clean. The included splash guard protects the mixer's motor, and it's also easy to clean the mixer's bowl, beater, and paddle. The KA-5LR's beaters are also easy to clean, and they use a simple click-and-snap design. The KA-5LR is versatile, durable, and easy to use, and it's one of the best mixers we've tested.

Leixe 4.5/5 Quart Flex Edge Beater for KitchenAid Tilt-Head Stand Mixer,All-Metal Die Cast Blade with Both-Sides Flexible Silicone Edges Bowl Scraper

Leixe 4.5/5 Quart Flex Edge for Beater KitchenAid Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

[Multifunction] Perfect for mixing cookie dough, brownies and cookies, or anything of consistency like that.butNOT For Heavy Mixes

This beater does a good job at incorporating the ingredients from the sides and bottom of the bowl, but it's best for recipes that call for a light batter. The scrapers do a good job of scraping the sides of the bowl, but they're not great for scraping down the bottom. The beaters do a pretty good job at incorporating the ingredients into the batter. The beaters are also easy to rinse off, and the blades are durable and flexible. The beaters are a little on the heavy side, so they're a little difficult to use if you're used to using much smaller beaters. This beater's edges are pretty flexible, so they're easy to scrape off. The beaters are dishwasher safe, but they can be a little difficult to clean. The whisk and beaters are metal, so they're durable. The beaters are a little expensive, but the quality is worth every penny.

KitchenAid KFE5T Tilt-Head Flex Edge Beater

KitchenAid KFE5T Tilt-Head Edge Flex Beater

by KitchenAid

Features a flexible edge that thoroughly scrapes ingredients into the bowl.

This beater has 4-directional use, which significantly reduces mixing time. It also has an ergonomic, comfortable grip that's easy to hold, and it's dishwasher-safe, so it's easy to clean. The beater head is fairly thick, which we liked because it prevented it from digging into the bowl as thoroughly as thinner beater heads. However, the beater head is made of plastic, so it's a little flimsy, and the beater head is fairly short, which can make mixing large batches difficult. Additionally, while the beater head is dishwasher safe,it's not dishwasher-safe, so it's recommended to clean it by hand.

SideSwipe flexible silicone edge beater attachment for KitchenAid 6 Qt wide/standard bowl-lift stand mixer, blue

SideSwipe flexible silicone edge beater attachment for 6 KitchenAid Qt wide/standard bowl-lift stand mixer

by Frut LLC

Do NOT use Model Finder! KLW series fits KitchenAid bowl lift mixer models: Traditional style 5+, 5.5 and 6-quart models: KV25, Professional 600, Deluxe, Epicurean, KB26G, KD2661, KL26, KP2671, KP26M1X, KT265. Does NOT fit flared or glass bowl models.

The SideSwipe beaters are our favorite flexible beaters for KitchenAid mixers. They outperform the KitchenAid flex edge beater attachment we tested a few years ago, and in side-by-side tests, they beat our previous pick, the KitchenAid beater and dough hook set. The SideSwipe beaters also beat, beat, beat the competition, including the KitchenAid flex edge, the KitchenAid beater and dough hook set and the KitchenAid beater and dough hook set. They beat even our previous pick for flexible beaters, the Baratza Encore, by 50% or more in head-to-head tests. And unlike the Baratza Encore, the SideSwipe beaters fit both 6-quart and 8-quart KitchenAid stand mixers. The coolest thing about the SideSwipe beaters, though, is the fact that they're made of silicone. That means you can use them on nonstick cookware, in the oven and on the grill. And they're dishwasher-safe. They come in blue or red, and both colors work well.

KitchenAid K5THCB Coated Flat Beater for 5-Qt. Tilt-Head, White

KitchenAid K5THCB Coated Flat for Beater 5-Qt. Tilt-Head

by KitchenAid

Designed, engineered, and tested by KitchenAid

The KitchenAid K5THCB coated flat beater is an inexpensive replacement for KitchenAid's beater that's included with the 5-quart Tilt-Head stand mixer. It's compatible with all 5-quart tilt-head stand mixer models, including the 5-quart Artisan Stand Mixer, Professional 600, Pro 600 Series, and Pro 600 Stand Mixer. The KitchenAid beater (KSM150, KSM151, KSM152, KSM158) is a two-piece component that holds a beater and a wire whip. The beater is the part that does the mixing, and the wire whip is the part that stirs and whips ingredients. The flat beater does both jobs, so it's a handy upgrade if you have an older KitchenAid stand mixer. The K5THCB flat beater is white and measures 6 1/2 inches by 4 1/4 inches by 2 inches and weighs 0.85 pounds. It has 10 3/4-inch wires, a 1 1/4-inch hole in the middle, and is made of a mix of plastic and stainless steel. The flat beater is inexpensive, but it's also made of more affordable materials than the KitchenAid beater, which is made of stainless steel. The flat beater is dishwasher safe, but the wire whip is not.

KitchenAid Coated Flat Beater

KitchenAid Coated Flat Beater

by KitchenAid

Use with KitchenAid KSM90 and K45 stand mixers; Perfect for mixing cake batter, cookie dough, and more

The KitchenAid Coated Flat Beater is a sturdy, well-made tool. It's heavy enough to deliver good mixing power, and the nylon coating is easy to clean. The beater is angled slightly backward, which makes it easier to flip batter, and it has a built-in scraper that scrapes batter from the sides of the bowl. The flat beater has 14 mixing blades, which is more than our previous picks, and it has a metal shaft, which our pick did not. The flat beater is top-rack dishwasher safe, but we didn't test its durability in that capacity, so can't say for sure if that would shorten its life. The KitchenAid Coated Flat Beater is the best pick for flat and cake batters.

X Home 5-Quart Flex Edge Beater for KitchenAid Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer, Paddle Attachment with Scrapers on Both Sides, Durable Plastic

X Home 5-Quart Flex Edge for Beater KitchenAid Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

by X Home

More EfficientSilicone edges on both sides of the paddle scrape the bowl smoothly, allowing the ingredients to mix completely. Not having to stop the mixer and use spatula

The X Home 5-Quart Flex Edge Beater for KitchenAid Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer is an affordable, well-made option worth considering if you're looking for a simple beater for light mixing. It mixes dough well, but it's less sturdy and more efficient than the KitchenAid beater we tested. It's also less sturdy than the higher-end models we tested, although it's durable and feels solid, and it's priced accordingly. It stands up to daily mixing, but it's less sturdy than higher-end models we tested, and it's less durable than the higher-end models we tested. It's made from sturdy plastic, and the beaters feel durable and well-made, although they're a little on the heavy side. The beaters are easy to clean. The X Home beater doesn't have specialized attachments, but it does come with a scraper on opposite sides of the beater, which is useful if you use the beater to mix cookie dough. The X Home beater has a versatile design, and it's compatible with both KitchenAid and Cuisinart mixers, which makes it easy to switch between brands and models.


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