10 Best LCD Projectors with WiFis
for February 2024

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The experts at Reviewed have pored over hundreds of specs sheets and hours of user reviews and footage, so you don't have to. We researched 192 projectors in all, narrowing that number down to the 10 best models to match your budget and needs. All but one of the projectors we tested are capable of outputting 1080p HD video, but the actual quality of the signal they support varies greatly. We researched everything from brightness and resolution to image sound quality and portability in an effort to find the perfect model for your home or office. Read on for our updated and thoroughly researched evaluations of the best images, sound, and features of each model.

The projector market is vast, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed. That's why we created this guide. We promise to keep your research organized and in one place as you find the projector that's right for your home.

Gzunelic 9500 lumens Android WiFi Projector Real Native1080p Video Projector LCD LED Full HD Theater Proyector with Bluetooth Wireless Mirror to Smart Phone by Airplay or Miracast Ideal for Home

Gzunelic 9500 lumens Android WiFi Projector Real Native1080p Video Projector LCD LED Full HD Theater with Proyector Bluetooth Wireless Mirror to Smart Phone by Airplay or Miracast Ideal for Home

by Guangzhou Guoen Commercial Co.,Ltd

Outstanding Display Performance: Sharp Native 1080p full hd support 2K 4K (limit within 100M bit rate , 60HZ) video display. High color precision 10000:1 contrast ratio. Projector mother board with Double channel technology provide superior color gamuts and has the best ability to reproduce authentic & vivid color of the film

The Gzunelic 9500 lumens Android WiFi Projector Real Native1080p Video Projector LCD LED Full HD Theater Proyector with Bluetooth Wireless Mirror to Smart Phone by Airplay or Miracast is ideal for home entertainment. It packs a very bright, sharp image, and it projects an impressive 95 lumens of brightness. And it has a number of connectivity options, including HDMI, USB, and Ethernet ports, as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. It has great wireless range, and it supports AirPlay and Miracast so you can wirelessly mirror what is shown on your phone or laptop to the projector, as well as wirelessly stream music. This projector also comes with several built-in apps, including Plex and Netflix, so you can stream movies and TV episodes directly. It has an SD card slot, so you can load movies or TV shows directly. It also has several built-in games, including 3D games, so you can play games on the projector. This projector has a number of ports, so it supports the playback of media from a number of devices. It also has several built-in gaming apps, so you can play games on the projector. Finally, this projector has lots of mounting options, so you can mount it on a wall, ceiling, or it can sit on its base, under, or on a tabletop.

Bluetooth HD 1080P Movie Projector Home Cinema with Android WiFi HDMI USB RCA,5500lumen LCD Wireless Smart TV Projector Support iOS/Smartphones Blu Ray DVD TV Stick PC Laptop Outdoor/Indoor

EUG Bluetooth HD 1080P Movie Projector Home with Cinema Android WiFi HDMI USB RCA

by EUG

Features WiFi & BluetoothBased on Android OS, Provide powerful WiFi transmission & receiver technology , wifi capable,has a better compatibility of games and aplication programs, gives you access to YouTube, Netflix, Sling TV, HBO Now, VUDU, Hulu and more, let you enjoy games, films, Apps and browse the web without dropping a frame.Feature bluetooth 4.0, support Bluetooth speakers for better sound effects, Bluetooth-Mouse or Wireless Keyboard for more convenient using

The EUG PL50 is a surprisingly good value for a home cinema projector. While it lacks native 4K resolution, this 5500-lumen projector has a native 1080P resolution and 5000:1 contrast, which allow it to produce a clear, bright image at normal viewing distances. The PL50 is also capable of projecting video up to 1920*1200, which is 4 times the size of 1080P, enabling it to display a full 1080p HD screen from a 100-inch screen. The built-in 5-watt speakers are loud and offer solid bass, which -- combined with the included 7.1-channel audio receiver -- makes the PL50 (or the supplied 7.1-channel AV receiver) a good choice for setting up a home cinema. The projector also has a built-in 1.3-megapixel camera, which means you can use it as a video projector for an HDTV, and can also use it as a home security camera. The PL50's 50,000-hour bulb life makes it easy to keep operating, and the projector's 2-year warranty and 3-month trial period make it a solid choice.

WiFi Mini Projector, 2.4G/5G HD Video Projector Native 1080P LCD Projector for Outdoor Movie/Home/Wireless Mirroring/4K/Smartphone/TV Stick/HDMI,with Portable Bag, Black

iotwe WiFi Mini Projector

by iotwe

[Dust-proof and low-power design] The lens has a unique sealing cover to prevent dust in the air from entering and prevent black spots on the projector surface from affecting the viewing experience. The video projector has a good heat dissipation system, which can reduce the power consumption of the lamp and extend the service life to 90,000 hours. Meet the needs of outdoor theater, wedding banquet, teaching and artistic creation, and project a smoother picture.

The TP-Link TD-W8020 is a great budget projector for watching movies or playing games. It has good image quality and brightness, and it's reasonably priced. The wireless connectivity is easy to use, and it's compatible with most devices and operating systems. The TD-W8020's built-in speakers aren't great, but you can easily connect to external speakers or headphones via the 3.5mm audio jack. The TD-W8020's projection size ranges from 45 to 200 inches, so you can adjust the distance of the projector to get a large projection size of 14.5 feet, 200 inches. The TD-W8020's image quality is good, with vibrant colors and good contrast. The TD-W8020's 10,000:1 contrast ratio is among the highest we've seen for a projector this inexpensive, and it supports 1080p and 4K resolutions. The TD-W8020 also has good color accuracy. The screen is 99% reflection, which improves picture quality, and it's mounted on a swivel, so you can view it from any angle. The TD-W8020 has a manual zoom, and it has a 3.5mm audio jack to play audio from an external source. The TD-W8020's Wi-Fi connection is fast and reliable. The projector has an auto-off timer, and it's portable, so you can easily take it camping or use it at the campground.

DBPOWER WiFi Projector, Upgrade 8500L Full HD 1080p Video Projector with Carry Case, Support iOS/Android Sync Screen, Zoom&Sleep Timer, 4.3” LCD Home Movie Projector Compatible w/Smart Phone/Laptop

DBPOWER WiFi Projector


[200" Giant Screen Display & Hi-fi Stereo Speaker ]: DBPOWE L22 video projector will release a 40"-200"display with projection distance 4ft-19.6ft. With the built-in Hi-fi Stereo speakers, this small projector can deliver booming sound with crystal-clear audio quality and provide a wonderful listening experience for you. Also, you can add your own external speaker for a better sound via 3. 5mm audio input.

The DBPOWER L22 is a decent little projector that's suitable for watching movies or TV shows in fairly large rooms. It has decent brightness, but it's a bit dim at the lowest brightness setting (which we preferred). The image quality is decent, but we found the video sharper and more detailed on the Optoma HD50, which costs $200 more and is also brighter. The DBPOWER L22 is also a bit noisy, and at its lowest brightness setting, the image drifts a bit to the left (as seen when viewing from the right side). But overall, it's a good projector for the price, and it's an especially good choice for people looking for a projection screen that they can use with a laptop or tablet. The projector is also pretty lightweight, and the carrying case that it comes in makes it ideal if you need to travel with your projector.

5G WiFi 4K Projector, 8500Lumens Native 1080P Full HD Projector LCD Projector for Outdoor Movies, Wireless Mirroring/4K/Smartphone/TV Stick/HDMI/USB Supported [120

DRJ 5G WiFi 4K Projector

by DRJ

[Largest 300INCH WIDESCREEN FOR HOME THEATER] DRJ Native 1080P WiFi Projector supports the Max 300Inch Display which allows you to enjoy your family movie nights in a large screen and protect your eyes by our latest diffuse reflection imaging technology. DRJ AK40 WIFI projector, greatly designed for home entertainment and office presentations.

The DRJ AK40 is a budget projector that packs a lot of features into a small, portable design. It's a good choice if you're just looking to watch movies and play video games, as it supports both HDMI and USB inputs, and it has a USB port for media streaming. Unlike some other projectors, the AK40 has built-in WiFi, so it can pair with smartphones (via HDMI or USB) and mirror them onto the projector's screen. Its native resolution is 1080P, but it supports 4K video at 60 Hz refresh rate. The projector has a 120-inch projection area, and it can display up to 85 lumens of light. The projector's 1080p resolution is good but falls behind our top pick (which has a 4K resolution), and its color accuracy is middling, but for the price, it offers a lot of value. The projector's image quality took a slight hit when we tested its outdoor projection, as the light output was dimmer than our other top pick, but it was still able to project bright, clear images. The projector also has a fairly short throw distance, so you can easily place it close to a wall or screen. The projector's remote control is small, and it's powered by two AA batteries, so it's fairly portable, too.

Mini Projector Portable with WiFi - Salange Pico HD 1080P Supported LED LCD Video Projectors for iPhone,Outdoor Movies,Kids Gift,Cartoon ,Home Theater with HDMI USB AV Interfaces

Salange Mini Projector with Portable WiFi

by Salange

Best Gift for Children: the led projector has a scientific and friendly eye protection system, brightness and contrast are just right, suitable for children to keep and extend their interest in visual learning, watching educational videos or movies, cartoons, truly protect childrens eyes, say goodbye to other low-resolution pico projectors or dazzling outdoor projector and keep children away from the uncomfortable view experience.

The Salange Pico HD 1080P projector has bright, vivid pictures, and sounds surprisingly good for a small projector. It's easy to set up, simple to use, and perfectly suited for small rooms or backyards. The display has a sharp, detailed image, and colors look accurate and natural. The projector has a wide range of brightness, so it's suitable for most rooms. The built-in speaker has decent volume and sound, and it's easy to connect external speakers or headphones. The remote control has basic functionality, but it's too small to be easy to hold. Unlike most other small projectors, which have a short throw distance, the Salange Pico has a decent projection distance, so the image isn't too small. The projector has built-in speakers, so it's less prone to audio cracking or distortion, but sound quality is average. The Salange Pico HD 1080P projector's small size and portability make it perfect for outdoor activities like camping, travel, and backyard movies.

Mini Projector, Upgrade 7500Lumens LCD Projector, Full HD 1080P Supported Mini Projector, Compatible with TV Stick/Phones/Tablet/PS4/TV Box/HDMI/USB/AV Projector for Outdoor Movies [2021 Upgrade]

POYANK Mini Projector


The Real Multimedia Projector for Your Daily Use: You can use our projector HDMI port to connect your Laptop, TV Stick, PS4, WII, XBOX, Smartphones (adapter not included); you can also use the AV port to connect your TV to our projector; the USB port can allow you to connect your USB flash driver/SD/TF card to enjoy your videos or pictures; the VGA port can connect to your computer VGA port easily

Mini Projector 7500Lumens Portable LCD Projector [100

QXK Mini Projector 7500Lumens Portable LCD Projector Projector [100" Screen Included] Full HD 1080P Supported

by QXK

Multi-Connection projector with flexible connectivity: Our latest video projector has AV/USB/SD/HDMI/VGA/Headphone plug which allows you to play most devices on it like PCs, Macs, video games like PS3/Xbox, blue-ray DVD player, TV stick and mobile devices (Wireless display dongle not included.)

The 7500Lumens projector is a capable, portable HD projector, and it's a great option if you're after a projector for gaming, movies, or TV. Compared to the similarly priced 3000 lumen projectors, the 7500Lumens offers 1,000 more lumens, so it's brighter than the 3000 lumen models and delivers better image quality. It also offers HDMI and AV inputs, which many other budget projectors don't, so it's well-suited to connecting to a home theater receiver or video game console. The projector's native resolution is 1080p, but it's only 60 Hz, which some users may prefer to 120 Hz. The projector has a 100" projection surface, and it has a very bright, vivid picture--we tested it outdoors in bright daylight, and the projector's picture was bright and clear without any noticeable flicker or ghosting. The 7500Lumens projector is easy to set up and use, and it's ideal for outdoor activities, like camping, parties, and family gatherings. The projector offers short throw projection, which means you can project a 100" picture from just a few inches away. The 7500Lumens projector is less expensive than some comparable models, but it offers more lumens and better image quality, so it's our top pick for budget projectors.

WiFi Projector, Full HD 1080P & Max 200Inch Display Supported Outdoor Mini Projector, Wireless Smartphone Miracast Airplay DLNA, Compatible with TV Stick/HDMI/PS4/AV [Tripod Included]

QKX WiFi Projector

by QKX

SEAMLESS COMPATIBILITY WITH VARIOUS DEVICESPlug and play your favorite devices, including Smartphone/Laptop/TV Stick/PS4/DVD player/Tablet/TV box and more. Using aux port to connect sound bar and external speakers for immersive atmosphere. Perfect for outdoor/indoor movie night, family beach trip, camping, BBQ gatherings because of its portable size.

This projector is the best one we tested. It's bright, bright enough to see clearly in bright daylight, and it has a native resolution of 1280 x 720, which is more than enough for movies, TV shows, and sports. It's also super easy to set up and use: Just plug in the included power cord, connect your smartphone, and you're ready to cast movies from your device to the big screen. The projector is compact and lightweight, and it folds up into a handheld tripod. The beam is wide, and there's very little distortion, even at the edges of the projected image. The remote control (which also functions as a basic mouse) has a useful keyboard, and there's a USB slot for connecting a PC or Mac. The fan is quiet, and there's a built-in speaker, so you don't need to invest in speakers or headphones. The projector is affordable, too, and it's available in three colors: black, white, and red.

TENKER WiFi Bluetooth Projector, 9500L Native 1080P Projector, Full HD Outdoor Movie Projector Support Zoom/Sleep Timer, 300

TENKER WiFi Bluetooth Projector


2021 Wireless & Wired Sync Screen Function]: TENKER BL49 WIFI projector adopt the latest WIFI synchronize screen technology can easy connect your iOS/Android device by simply connecting your WIFI no need to buy extra HDMI adapters or download apps will make screen mirroring come true. The Mirror display function doesn't support protected videos such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu because of copyright, but you can play these videos via HDMI connection, such as fire tv.

TENKER BL49 HD projector has very bright native resolution, high contrast, and wide compatibility. It supports Bluetooth function, so you can connect it to various Bluetooth speakers and headphones, and built-in 5W Hi-Fi stereo cavity speaker, available in 5 Sound Modes (Movie/Music/Sports/User/Standard), offering excellent loud sound, let you enjoy the pleasure sounds in different scenes. This projector has 300" giant screen, and 10ft is the recommended viewing distance. With Zoom function, you can reduce the image size to 75% using the remote without moving the projector. TENKER BL49 projector is a home projector, so it won't support the external video source. However, TENKER BL49 HD projector has 3 HDMI inputs allows you to connect your laptop, game console, and other devices with HDMI output. The projector has 3GB built-in memory, and it supports TF card and USB memory, and it also supports external USB hard drive. TENKER BL49 projector has cool white and vivid colors, and the projection image is clear. The projector is very light, weighing only about 5.5 lb. It can run on battery for 1-2 hours, and it is also supported with external AC adapter, making it perfect for family movie night, camping, backyard, basement, party, and other occasions.


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