Top 10 WordPress Lead Generation Plugins to increase your sales

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Do you own a WordPress business site, but not happy with its performance? Is your WordPress site is not helping you in lead generation? Do you want to get more leads from your website? If yes, then here is the solution for this concern. The best thing is the solution lies in your question itself. The best thing about WordPress is; it features several useful plugins that can help businesses in growing their sales. Installing right WordPress lead generation plugin, you can grow your business revenue in a positive way. So, what are those the best WordPress lead generation plugins, here is list 10 the best WordPress plugin for Lead generation that every WordPress business site owner must use to grow profit.

Need Of WordPress Lead Generation For Businesses

For every business, a lead generation comes at the first priority for an online marketing plan. Though it is highly requisite to give a site a professional appearance to attract customers, yet you cannot deny the fact that the conversion of potential customer leads is equally important for businesses. So, this article is all about the best WordPress lead generation plugins that work amazingly not just to generate but also convert leads to potential customers.

Before you jump into the information on the best WordPress plugin for lead generation, learn what exactly lead means to. So, lead refers to a “contact" that can be a person or a company. This contact is made with an interest to get services or product from your website and thus, it requests to provide more service and product information from you. So, you can generate these valuable “leads" for your business by installing WordPress lead generation plugins on your site. Choose following top 10 plugins to install in your site and see how exceptionally it works to take your company to new heights.

Icegram – WordPress Lead Generation Plugin

mooz browser Icegram – WordPress Lead Generation Plugin

Icegram is one of the most robust tools that enhances the customer engagement to a website; hence should be called a lead generation WordPress tool. Using Icegram in your WordPress site, you get benefits from following features:

  • Create call to action and popup buttons in footer and header.
  • You can also create reminders
  • Make floating boxes, chat and much more from it.
  • The best thing about Icegram is – it comes for free.
  • Easy to use as you don’t need any developer to set it up.

Popup Domination

mooz browser Popup Domination

This WordPress plugin – Popup domination brings a huge array of exceptional features that help configuring and creating popups on a WordPress blog and page.

  • This dynamic plugin carries an ability to make split testing.
  • To communicate with your website visitors, you can install a chat support.
  • It features analytics which brings a plugin that tells the user which part is in working phase and which is not and needs to get repaired.
  • Though it is not a free plugin, but comes at a low price which is less than 10 dollars a month.

Lead Pages – WordPress Lead Generation Plugin

mooz browser Lead Pages – WordPress Lead Generation Plugin

Lead Pages is an advantageous WordPress lead generation plugin of the time. This plugin is practically a marketing tool which enables the user to automate the inbound marketing. It also conducts several processes for lead generation. Lead Pages plugin should be used to convert the online visitors to business leads and also, to grow more sales through automated processes which enhance individual interaction. Features Of LeadPages Plugin are:

  • Leadboxes
  • Easy to use
  • Easily customizable
  • Response to mobile as well as desktop devices

Optinmonster – The Best Wordpress Plugin For Lead Generation

mooz browser Optinmonster – The Best Wordpress Plugin For Lead Generation

Those who want to get an increased email list should definitely use OptinMonster on their WordPress websites. This plugin is a great lead generation tool that performs multiple jobs as below:

  • It gives a user an opportunity to make and use different forms on the blog to fetch required information from them.
  • Optinmonster helps creating multiple opportunities that help converting online visitors through popups, widgets, forms and sidebar.
  • This plugin comes with a range of templates that are used to gather information.
  • It works well with several email marketing providers such as Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, Campaign Monitor and many more.

Sumome – A Great WordPress Plugin For Lead Generation

mooz browser Sumome – A Great WordPress Plugin For Lead Generation

Sumome is a great Wordpress plugin that has following features:

  • It helps creating pop-ups, social sharing, content interactions, analysis of heat maps and email list.
  • It is packed with several applications.
  • It comes with a free version. Though with free Sumome version, you get limited features as well as a back link to the developer’s site.
  • The most attractive thing about this plugin is its impressively customizable features.

It is a free plugin which is used to get leads on the websites. It is a responsive plugin which works flawlessly on all types of devices.

Thrive Leads

mooz browser Thrive Leads

To generate leads, Thrive Leads is referred as a great WordPress plugin. There are marvellous features that come with this plugin for which it is referred as the best WordPress plugin of the time.

  • With this plugin, you can make a list of your loyal subscribers by converting normal website visitors.
  • Regardless to which business are you in, this plugin works brilliantly to create an impressive email list out of a blog or website.
  • Its social network options help making website audience.
  • Using ThriveLeads, you get a specific tool which makes it easier to add opt in forms to a site. It helps optimizing the forms with A or B split testing.
  • It also help progressing report generation with a flow.

Website Analytics & Contact Forms By Leadin

mooz browser Website Analytics & Contact Forms By Leadin

Those who look for a simple and easy to use website contact form or analytics plugin that should assist website owners to understand the web audience in a better way, then Leadin should be given a try for sure. The plugin Leadin offers benefits like:

  • Lead generation
  • Marketing automation
  • Tracks down visitor behaviour on the website or blog and thus, makes things easier for one to create sale conversion opportunity.
  • After conversion, this plugin adds the customers to its contacts list and create a report along with history.

The right information is the only way to target an audience in a better way that always comes with exceptional results. So, this plugin is wonderful to grow ROI for your business as it tells you what and where to spend from your marketing budget.

Optin Forms

mooz browser Optin Forms

Use Optin forms as it is an impressive lead generation WordPress plugin. It comes with several beneficial features which are as below:

  • It helps preparing a form in just a few seconds as you need to make few clicks and it is ready.
  • It features several form designs and allows users to customize and add them to a site or blog.
  • No coding required for making forms
  • Allows users to add forms to website pages and posts without any hassle.
  • 5 stunning form designs come with this plugin to make attractive forms.

Pure Chat - A WordPress Lead Generation Plugin For Live Chat

mooz browser Pure Chat - A WordPress Lead Generation Plugin For Live Chat

In the list of exceptionally useful lead generation plugins on WordPress to grow sales, Pure Chat holds a valuable position. Adding a live chat plugin in your Wordpress site, you can grow customer engagement that is a sure way to grow your business. Pure Chat is that plugin which performs this job greatly and the best part is; it is a free as well as premium plugin.

  • Allows users to create personal pages for chat with a devoted URL
  • Allows one to save chat for future references
  • Multi-chat management
  • Hosted chat boxes
  • Feature call to action button

Contact Form 7

mooz browser Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the most famous and useful WordPress lead generation plugins. It is simple and easy to use plugin that helps maintaining business correspondence without even showing email of your company. This plugin is packed with several useful features which are as below:

  • Can manage several contact forms altogether
  • Allows users to customize forms as required
  • Simple markup
  • Ajax-supported form submission
  • Akismet spam filtering.
  • Easy to mail content
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