Top 10 Light Bulbs with Speakers
for February 2024

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If you like to listen to music at home, a light bulb with speaker is a great way to do so. These light bulbs, also known as smart light bulbs, have built-in speakers that connect to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Some smart bulbs even have built-in microphones, so you can use them for voice control.

Smart light bulbs are easy to install, just screw them into your light fixture. Then, download the smart bulb's app, connect it to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and you can start playing music. Some smart light bulbs even sync with music-streaming apps like Spotify or Apple Music.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we test smart light bulbs for sound quality, brightness, and battery life. We also score ease of use, including setup and connectivity, as well as how easy it is to control.

Smart light bulbs are convenient, but they're not cheap. We test smart light bulbs for value by scoring them based on price, including how much they cost to buy and how long they last. Here are the top-rated smart light bulbs you can buy in 2022, according to testing and popular opinion:

Sengled Pulse Dimmable LED Light Bulb with a Built-In Wireless Bluetooth JBL Speaker, Master + Satellite (Pair), Pewter

Sengled Pulse Dimmable LED Light Bulb a with Built-In Wireless Bluetooth JBL Speaker

by Sengled+

EASY SET UP: install into standard E26 light sockets or fixtures, download the iOS/Android app and set up; Suitable for 5 to 6 inch recessed can lighting (socket extender required for 4 inch)

The Sengled Pulse is a multi-purpose, Wi-Fi connected LED light bulb. The bulb's built-in speaker and microphone allow you to connect to your Alexa-enabled devices, and the bulb's app allows you to control brightness, color temperature, and scheduling. The Sengled Pulse's sound quality is decent, and its thin, cylindrical shape and understated design suit it better to the home than the Amazon Echo Spot. The Pulse has a decent range of 100 feet, and it's well connected to our Wi-Fi router, but it lacks Alexa voice control. The bulb's lighting bright, but colors aren't as vibrant as you might expect from an LED: blacks are gray, and whites are a bit yellow. Also, the Pulse doesn't dim as smoothly as some LED light bulbs, and it flickers more noticeably than some. Overall, the Sengled Pulse is a good LED light, but it's best suited for bedrooms, home offices, and small kitchens, instead of living rooms or kitchens.

Sengled Pulse LED Smart Bulb with JBL Bluetooth Speaker, App Controlled Up to 8 BR30 LED Light Bulbs with Starter Kit, E26 Base, Compatible with Amazon Alexa, White, 2 Pack

Sengled Pulse LED Smart with Bulb JBL Bluetooth Speaker

by Sengled

EASY SET UP: install into standard E26 light sockets or fixtures, download the iOS/Android app and set up. Suitable for 5 to 6 inch recessed can lighting (socket extender required for 4 inch)

The Sengled Pulse is one of the best-looking smart LED light bulbs you can buy. The bulb is shaped like a traditional incandescent bulb, with an E26 base, so it looks right at home in standard lamps. The Pulse has up to 16 million colors, and the bulbs automatically adjust to different colors based on the surrounding light. The speaker is built into the bulb, so it has no separate speaker. The speaker's sound quality is good, but not as good as sound from a standalone speaker. The speaker also doesn't have Bluetooth, so it can't connect to your smartphone. However, the Pulse can pair with other Bluetooth devices, so you can connect your smartphone to it using the Sengled smartphone app. The Pulse is smart, and you can control all of the bulbs in your house from the Sengled smartphone app. You can also connect the Pulse to Amazon Alexa and Siri, so you can control the lights using voice commands. The Pulse has a wide variety of features, including the ability to dim the lights. However, the Sengled Pulse is missing a few of the features available in other smart LED bulbs. For example, the Sengled Pulse doesn't dim when the lights are off. The Sengled Pulse is smart, and its sound quality is decent, but the Pulse has fewer features than other smart LED bulbs, and it costs twice as much as some of our top picks, making it less appealing.

Texsens Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb Speaker Generation II with Updated Remote Control - New Function of Light Flashing as Music Goes

Texsens Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb Speaker II Generation with Updated Remote Control

by Skyland

This bulb is a multicolored, energy efficient smart LED light and good quality Support music, with Bluetooth 3.0.

The Texsens Generation II Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb Speaker is a stylish, compact speaker that pairs with Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers. The speaker is also compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled music players, and it's loud enough to fill an apartment or small condo. The speaker has a color-changing light ring, and you can control the light's color, brightness, and duration with the included remote. The Texsens Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb Speaker isn't much of a music speaker, though. It tends to sound tinny, and its bass response is weak. And, because it's a Bluetooth speaker, it pairs with pretty much any Bluetooth-enabled device, so you can't use it with any device that requires an AUX cable. The Texsens Generation II Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb Speaker is an attractive, compact speaker, and it pairs with just about any Bluetooth-enabled device. However, it's not a very good speaker, and this depends on what you're looking for in a Bluetooth speaker.

GE LED+ Indoor Floodlight BR30 LED Light Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker, 65-Watt Replacement, Soft White, 1-Pack

GE Lighting GE LED+ Indoor Floodlight LED BR30 Light Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker

by GE

Energy efficient Bluetooth light bulb: Extend the life of your LED light bulbs and reduce energy costs. The LED speaker light bulb will last 13.7 years based on 3 hours of daily use.

The GE LED+ light bulb is a bright, crisp replacement for your standard incandescent lamp. Its performance is comparable to other LED models we tested, and its brightness and temperature settings are easily adjustable. The Bluetooth functionality is an added bonus, though its range is limited to about 10 feet. The speaker itself isn't very loud, so it doesn't fill a room unless you place the speaker about 10 feet away from the lamp. The bulb's Bluetooth connection is very reliable, and you don't need to be in the same room as the speaker to use it. The LED+ bulbs are preconfigured to pair wirelessly with any Bluetooth-enabled device, and you don't need a Bluetooth receiver to use them, but we found that they did work better with some receivers than others. The Bluetooth feature adds about $10 to the price, but it's a useful feature, and it's the only LED light bulb we tested that's compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Texsens LED Light Bulb with Integrated Bluetooth Speaker, 6W E26 RGB Changing Lamp Wireless Stereo Audio with 24 Keys Remote Control

Texsens LED Light Bulb Integrated with Bluetooth Speaker

by Texsens

This bulb is a Bluetooth enabled, multicolored, energy efficient smart LED light.

The Texsens LED lamp is an inexpensive, energy-efficient alternative that's well worth considering if you're looking to replace a dingy old incandescent bulb. It's bright enough to replace a 50-watt halogen or CFL bulb, and it boasts a 24-key remote that makes it easier to turn on, turn off, and dim the bulb. The remote can also control one of the bulb's other two settings: music and light. The bulb's Bluetooth connectivity is decent but not great; the bulb isn't compatible with many phones, and the range isn't terribly long. The sound quality of the bulb's built-in speaker isn't great, either, and the speaker sound quality isn't great when the bulb is connected to the phone via Bluetooth. The bulb has 6 watts of power, which is brighter than most standard LED lights, but it's no substitute for a 50-watt bulb. The Texsens LED lamp is a good option if you're looking to replace a dim bulb, but it's more suited for bedroom use than for use in a living room or office.

DGRENA E26 LED Wireless Light Bulb Speaker, RGB Bluetooth Speaker Light Bulb, Bluetooth Light Bulb with Speaker (Style A)

DGRENA E26 LED Light Wireless Bulb Speaker


Adjustable LED panel: LED chandelier is designed with 4 adjustable LED heads, which can be folded 90 degrees, saving space and easy to operate. The maximum lighting angle can be up to 360 , which can easily turn off / on, change color, play music, and adjust brightness. The output of high lumen is 5500lm and the total power is 50W and 6500K white light. Garage LED lights provide you with the best indoor lighting experience. LED energy saving 85%, environmental protection.

The DGRENA E26 speaker bulb is a stylish, colorful, and durable way to turn any basic light bulb into a wireless speaker. It's versatile enough to be used with household items, and it's loud enough to use in a living room. The audio quality is decent, but it's noticeably smaller and weaker than the Bote speaker, which has better audio quality, but costs significantly more. It's also heavier than the Enervate speaker, which is lighter but louder, so it's easy to carry around. The E26 speaker's indicator lights are bright enough to light up a room, and the speaker is loud enough to fill a small one with music. This speaker's cable is too short, so it may not be suitable for hanging in light fixtures. It's also slightly more expensive. Overall, though, the DGRENA speaker bulb is an affordable, stylish, and durable Bluetooth speaker that works well for music playback.

Mialoe LED Smart Light Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker and APP Control RGB Multi Color Changing Dimmable

Mialoe LED Smart Light Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker APP and Control RGB Multi Color Changing Dimmable

by Mialoe

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION:We use the led chip as the light source, it is more brightness and energy saving.

A well-reviewed smart light bulb, the Mialoe lamp is easy to set up and use. The Bluetooth connection was quick and reliable, and the app worked well. The lamp's app lets you choose any color and brightness, and the color changes smoothly. There are also several preset color modes, including seven color cycles, three color temperatures, and a rainbow mode. The Mialoe also has some nice features: it can sync with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can control it with your voice. The Mialoe smart bulb is dimmable, so you can adjust it for a particular lighting effect. The built-in speaker is loud enough to fill a small room with music. The Mialoe bulb is reasonably priced, and it offers an attractive design. It's an excellent choice if you want a smart light with voice control.

Canmox LED Music Bulb Speaker- Multi-Color Changing LED Light Bulb with Built-in Stereo Speaker Connected by Bluetooth/Wireless

Canmox LED Music Bulb Speaker- Multi-Color Changing LED Bulb Light with Built-in Stereo Speaker Connected by Bluetooth/Wireless

by Canmox

Easy installation: Screw in the bulb, power it on, connect to your device with bluetooth, then you can play your favorite music with the right color of ligh

Canmox LED Music Bulb Speaker- Multi-Color Changing LED Light Bulb with Built-in Stereo Speaker Connected by Bluetooth/Wireless is a rectangular shaped bulb with an LED strip along the top and a stereo speaker on the bottom. The LED strip is multi-colored, with a range of over 16 million colors. The bulb is energy efficient, and boasts over 50,000 hours of usage. The bulb also features a remote control, so you can easily control its brightness and music. The bulb is connectable via Bluetooth or WiFi, and supports BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), AAC (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile), and MP3. The bulb is also connectable via a 3.5mm audio cable. The bulb is dimmable, so you can adjust its brightness according to your needs. The bulb is also compatible with iHome, Philips Hue, and Samsung SmartThings. The bulb also supports multi-color changing, color cycling, color temperature changing, and oscillating color changing. The bulb also comes with built-in stereo speaker, and can be connected to your smartphone or laptop via a USB cable. The bulb comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, and 18-month warranty.

Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker with Remote Controller -Multiply RGB Smart LED Bulbs Play Music at a Time ,5W E26 Changing Lamp Wireless Stereo Audio

SMALED Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker with Remote Controller -Multiply Smart RGB LED Bulbs Play Music at a Time


REMOTE CONTROLLER Bluetooth Bulb with a remote controller and that you do not have to rely on a application to access the different can do a number of color effect choices and dim the light or completely turn it off via remote.When you use Remote controller to control lights, make sure the distance between Bulb from smart devices within 10meters. One remote is OK to control multiply bulbs at the same time,but please keep closer distance(within 5meters) between bulbs and remote.

This Bluetooth speaker has a surprisingly powerful, clear sound for its size, and it pairs easily with phones, computers, and other Bluetooth devices. The remote has a simple and easy-to-use menu, and the speaker comes with the basic accessories you need (a USB charging cable, a DC power adapter, and a remote controller). Its rechargeable battery lasts about 6 hours per charge, and the speaker also has a USB port for charging other devices. The biggest drawback of this speaker is its light, which doesn't cast a bright enough glow to use at night. The light has a nice, soft glow, but it only covers a small area, so unless you have the bulb positioned right, you probably won't be able to see much.

Bluetooth Light Bulbs Speaker, Wireless E27 E26 Smart LED Lightbulb Lamp Lighting with RGB Color Changing / Music Player / Smartphone App Controlled for Home-White

EtoBesy Bluetooth Bulbs Light Speaker

by Etobesy

Music playing via Bluetooth: Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 speaker, connect to your Bluetooth devices easily, play music from the app and your lights will respond to the beat;You can choose Manual control or Automatic control.

The Philips Hue is the company's latest smart light bulbs, and it's another great option for someone looking to bring better lighting into their homes. The Hue is available in three varieties: a white LED bulb, a colored bulb, and a colored bulb with a built-in color-changing light strip. The white bulbs are brighter than the ones from our previous picks, and they can be controlled with an app that has a simple interface and a variety of options. The app also has scheduling features, so users can set bulbs to switch on and off at specific times. The Hue also pairs beautifully with other Philips Hue products, and it's compatible with a variety of voice assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant. The Hue isn't as versatile as something like the Lutron Caseta, but it's more versatile than products like the Ecobee3, and it's priced right, too.


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