10 Best Light Flashlights with Rotating Magnetics
for March 2023

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Searching for the best rotating flashlight? We researched 30 models including some of the top options on the market, and settled on 10 for extensive side-by-side testing. We conducted each model's beam performance, battery life, and portability in real-world scenarios. Illuminated spaces require practical lighting functionality, and our team tested each cordless light's brightness, runtime, and beam pattern to rate each model on performance. We also scrutinized the features of each model, including whether or not it rotates, dimming, and number of brightness settings. Read on to find out which models performed the best and which earned a spot in our review.

Flashlights are a mainstay for home, work, and on-the-go use. These portable lights are ideal for illuminating work spaces, finding your way in dark spaces, and illuminating outdoor routes. We understand that the best tactical light, a rechargeable flashlight, or even an LED headlamp, should competently handle the job. We researched dozens of models to give you the information you need to select the best light for your needs.

Rota-Light- The World’s Most Portable Floodlight, Surprisingly Bright 350 Lumen Rechargeable LED Flashlight with Rotating Beam, IPX4 Waterproof, up to 250 Hour Battery Life, Strong Magnetic Base

GTE Rota-Light- The Most World’s Portable Floodlight


RUGGED WORK LIGHT - Durable cordless worklight with powerful magnet allows mechanics and technicans to light up the work space right where they need it. LED light always stays cool, never gets hot. Water and weather resistant, works everywhere, every time. Perfect for auto mechanic, HVAC technicans, home repair, and more.

The Rota-Light is as bright as its bigger, heavier competitors, but it's a lot more compact and lighter. It's IPX-4 waterproof, so it's safe to use in heavy rain, and the Rota-Light is sand-proof, so it's no problem if it's dropped in a desert. The Rota-Light has a 350-lumen output, and unlike the other lights we tested, the Rota-Light isn't too bright to use in daylight. The Rota-Light has a 120-degree rotating beam, and when it's on its highest setting, the Rota-Light is bright enough to light a room. The Rota-Light also has a handy feature called Lantern Mode, which turns the Rota-Light into a lantern. The Rota-Light has a 2.4 Ah battery, which lasts up to 10 days on a single charge. The Rota-Light has a 3.7 V, 1.5 A rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and it has a 120-degree rotating beam.

Everbeam E90 LED Tactical Flashlight 600 Lumen (Battery NOT Included) - Powerful Heavy Duty Flashlight with A 90 Degree Rotating Head & Magnetic Tail Cap - High Lumens Waterproof Compact with Clip

Everbeam E90 LED Tactical Flashlight Lumen 600 (Battery NOT Included)

by Everbeam

Super Bright Tactical Flashlight (BATTERY NOT INCLUDED): If you use a rechargeable 14500 Li-Ion battery, this powerful flashlight can reach 600 lumens with a 1 hour runtime; If you use AA batteries, it still boasts an impressive 250 lumens with a 3 hour runtime

The Everbeam E90 LED Tactical Flashlight is a bright light that runs on just 4 AA batteries, so it's super bright, yet easy on your wallet. The head on this 4.5-inch LED light can twist 90 degrees, so the light can be aimed in different directions, and the tail has a metal clip that can be attached to your clothes or gear, so the light will stay right where you need it. This light is also IP65-rated waterproof, so it's super durable, and it comes with a sturdy clip so you can attach it to your bag or belt. The clip has a strong magnet on the tail that will lock onto most metal surfaces, so you can use both hands. The Everbeam E90 LED Tactical Flashlight has 600 lumens of brightness, so it's bright enough for any situation. It also features three lighting modes: high, medium, and low, which is great for any situation.


The COAST® POLYSTEEL® 400 Swivel 440 Lumen LED Rotating Flashlight with Magnetic Tail Cap is a stunning light. It's bright, powerful, and portable. Its sturdy, impact-resistant body is made of polysteel, so it's water and weather resistant, and it includes rubber grips on both ends. The rotating head is bright, and it's made of tough, shatterproof glass. It's powered by four AA batteries, which last about 3 hours on high and 29 hours on low. The LEDs are energy-efficient, so the light doesn't run hot or draw much power. A 180-degree beam angle enables you to aim the flashlight exactly where you need it, and the magnetic tail cap lets you keep the light on a magnetic surface while your hands are free. The COAST® POLYSTEEL® 400 Swivel 440 Lumen LED Rotating Flashlight with Magnetic Tail Cap is lightweight, compact, and portable, which makes it great for camping, backpacking, and hiking. The COAST® POLYSTEEL® 400 Swivel 440 Lumen LED Rotating Flashlight with Magnetic Tail Cap is bright, powerful, and waterproof. It's the best flashlight we've ever tested.

COB LED Work Light, Rechargeable Mechanic Inspection Lamp Worklight Portable Hand Pocket Pen Flashlight Flood Beam with Rotating Magnetic Strip Clip for Workshop, Camping, Fishing (Red 2 Pack)

Ronzhy COB LED Work Light

by Ronzhy

2 in1 Inspection Work Light, Super Bright1W LED on the head offers you a normal spotlight usage and 3W super bright COB light in the side provides lighting a large area as a floody light, more convience to lighting in various situations. Plastic shell wrapped in a layer of carbon black,non-slip; Compact and clip design, easy to carry.

The COB LED Work Light from LIWO is a rechargeable, cordless, and powerful work light. It puts out 150 lumens of brightness, which is bright enough to illuminate workspaces and work areas. It also puts out a generous 120 degrees of light, so it's bright enough to light large areas, and it's great for outdoor use as well. The lamp is rechargeable, and it comes with a USB cable so that you can recharge it from your car, a computer, a USB port, or a power bank. The lamp has a magnet on the bottom, so you can easily attach and detach it from your belt or toolbox. You can also hang it from your belt with a loop on the side, or attach it to metal surfaces with the magnet. The lamp is well-built, and it's lightweight, so it's easy to carry around the house and work. The battery life is decent, at up to 3 hours, which is enough light for working around the house and working on your car. The COB LED Work Light also has two switches, one for on/off and one for toggling between three brightness levels. The lamp's light output is bright enough, and it casts a wide, floody beam, so it's perfect for working outdoors.

PowerFirefly 250 Lumens COB LED Rotating Work Light with Strong Magnetic Base, Ultra Bright Magnetic LED Light, Magnet Light, Spotlight for Car Repair, Workshop, Home Using and Emergency

PowerFirefly 250 Lumens COB LED Rotating Light Work with Strong Magnetic Base


Designed in a compact size, easy to carry around, ideal for travelling, car repair, workshop, home using and emergency.

This is a great all-purpose work light, and it's very versatile. The beam is wide and floody, so it covers a large area, and is stable enough to hang from just about anything. This light has a magnetic base, so you can stick it to metal surfaces with the included magnet, and it has a heavy-duty, all-metal construction, so it's very sturdy. What we liked most about it was its brightness. The 250-lumen output is really bright, and the light seems to cast its light evenly. The magnetic base is very strong, and it attaches to metal surfaces easily. Unfortunately, the flashlight's light isn't as bright as some others we tested, but the PowerFirefly's compact size and magnetic base are advantages.

LED Work Light, Coquimbo COB Rechargeable Work Lights with Magnetic Base 360 Degree Rotate and 5 Modes LED Flashlight Inspection Light for Car Repair, Household and Outdoor Use (2 Pack, 27x4.5cm)

Coquimbo LED Work Light

by Coquimbo

Durable Material: This led work light is made of hard rubber, anti-sweat and anti-slip, the head is aluminum which dissipates the heat effectively, prolong the life of the lamp. Thanks to the foldable design, the lamp is easy to carry, and save storage space

The Coquimbo COB rechargeable work light is a well-made and durable flashlight that has some impressive features going for it. It has a wide beam and a bright cree led, and while the light isn't as bright as some others we tested, it's bright enough to get the job done. It's versatile, too, with five different lighting modes, and a magnet base and hook that allows for hands-free use and portability. It also has a rechargeble battery and USB cable, so it doesn't take up much room in a backpack, and this flashlight should last you through many nights of camping. The Coquimbo COB rechargeable work light is a good flashlight, but it's a bit more expensive than many other options we tested. However, the quality is easy to see, and the price is reasonable.

COB LED Work Light, Size L, USB Rechargeable Work Lights with Magnetic Base, 360°Rotate and 5 Lighting Modes Portable Inspection Work Light Handy Flashlight for Household and Emergency Use, 2 Pack

LightingWill COB LED Work Light

by Jiasi

Rubber Material With Magnetic base&Swivel Hook: This LED work light with is made of durable material-hard rubber, with anti-slip, anti-sweat, foldable design, easy to carry, save your storage space. Built-in super magnet, adsorb any iron products with fixed lighting, the bottom design has a rotating hook. Can hang, easy maintenance, suitable for a variety of occasions.

The COB LED Work Light is a handy, portable, bright, and versatile general-purpose flashlight that's perfect for workbenches, car interior inspection, emergency lighting, or camping. This LED work light provides life water-resistant, but DO NOT PUT INTO WATER. The 360-degree rotation, multi-angle work lighting, Swivel hook & magnet base for hand-free use, free your hands for doing the work occupying two hands, very portable LED work lights. This COB rechargeable work lights with magnetic base 360 rotate and 5 modes bright LED flashlight inspection light is the best choice for cycling power outages, car repair, home lighting, fishing, camping, hiking, power outages, walking at night,emergency, etc. 5 Working Modes And USB Rechargeable: Front Light / Medium Brightness /High Brightness / Red Warning / Strobe Red. Changing Mode by only one button on the handle of the led rechargeable flashlight. Built-in 18650 Li rechargeable battery, rechargeable by USB port ( come with usb cable), will give you up to 4 hours of continuous runtime after full charged. The light is bright enough for most tasks, although it's not as bright as our other top picks, such as the LEDswerve, and it has a small flood beam. The magnetic base is convenient, but the light isn't bright enough to light an entire room. The 360-degree rotation works well, though, and the light has a long battery life. The COB LED Work Light has an ideal combination of features at a great price.

NEBO iProtec PRO500RCAngle 500 Lumen 90 Degree Pivoting Flashlight | Rechargeable Angled Flashlight with 90 Degree Rotating Head, Black

NEBO iProtec PRO500RCAngle 500 Lumen Degree 90 Pivoting Flashlight

by Alliance Consumer Group

iProtec Premium Lights | Expertly designed and meticulously crafted, iProtec lights are compact, easy to handle and lightweight

The Pro500RC Angle from Nebo is a bright, compact, and versatile flashlight that's perfect for anyone looking for a light that's small enough for carrying in a pocket and powerful enough for any situation. The Pro500RC Angle's 500 lumens of light make it bright enough for most general use, and the 90-degree swivel head makes it easy to direct the light wherever it's needed. The Pro500RC Angle also doubles as a light stand, thanks to its 90-degree rotating head, and a magnetic base makes it easy to attach to the metal surface of any surface. The Pro500RC Angle comes with a rechargeable battery, which is charged via micro USB, and a micro USB to USB charging cable. The charging time is about 2 hours. The Pro500RC Angle's light modes include High, Low, and Strobe. The Pro500RC Angle's Runtime is 5 hours High, 2 hours Low, and 240 hours in Strobe. The Pro500RC Angle has a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.


The Ultra Bright 250 Lumen LED Pocket Pen Work Light with Powerful Magnetic Base & Rotating Magnetic Clip is a super versatile pocket pen light. The compact size makes it easy to carry anywhere. The powerful 250 lumens LED bulb illuminates up to 100 feet in complete darkness. The pen light features a magnetic base, so the light can be securely attached to any metal surface. The magnetic base also doubles as a convenient magnetic clip, so the light can be easily attached to clothing and bags. The rotating magnetic clip allows you to switch the light from a vertical to a horizontal position. The pen light features 3 AAA batteries, which are included. The Ultra Bright 250 Lumen LED Pocket Pen Work Light with Powerful Magnetic Base & Rotating Magnetic Clip is lightweight and compact enough to easily fit in your pocket or purse. The pen light is perfect for use at home, in your garage, workshop, or around the campsite.

Ullman Devices RT2 LT Rotating Work Light - Magnetic Site Light with 24 LED Bulbs, Swivel Head. Site Lighting Supplies - RT2-LT

Ullman Devices RT2 Rotating LT Work Light

by Ullman

Comes with three AAA batteries

The Ullman RT2-LT Rotating Work Light is a handy, compact, and versatile work light that outshines the lamps in our roundup. The LED lights cast a bright light, and the unit's magnetic base is strong enough to hold the light in place on metal surfaces. The rotating head makes it easy to aim the light at just the right spot. And unlike some other rotating lights, this one has a tilting head, so you can position the beam at whatever angle you need to. The RT2-LT comes with a magnetic base, so you can install the light in seconds. This light's design lets it stand up on its own, but there is also a handle at the top of the head, if you prefer to hold it. The RT2-LT only has three brightness levels, but the three settings are bright enough to see clearly in most work conditions. The rotating head adjusts to three angles, and the swivel head turns on a dime so you can illuminate a specific spot. The batteries provide up to 3 hours of light on a single charge, and the long-lasting LEDs mean the RT2-LT needs very little maintenance.


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