10 Best Lightweight Bike Rack Hitchs
for December 2023

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A bike rack hitch is a convenient way to add bike racks to a car, truck or SUV. A bike rack hitch attaches to a hitch receiver, which is attached to the bumper or frame of a vehicle. A bike rack hitch is recommended by Car and Driver, Popular Mechanics, and Popular Science.

A bike rack hitch is typically made of steel or aluminum and is easy to install. The hitch receiver, which the bike rack hitch attaches to, must be installed and aligned properly before attaching the bike rack hitch. For installation, simply attach the bike rack hitch to the hitch receiver, then attach the bike rack to the hitch. For bike racks, the hitch receiver accepts up to two bike racks, so it's possible to have up to four bike racks on a hitch receiver.

We test bike rack hitches for ease of installation, durability and safety, including how easy they are to attach and remove. We also evaluate stability, ease of carrying bikes, and durability. Our top picks for the best bike rack hitches of 2022 are:

IKURAM R 4 Bike Rack Bicycle Carrier Racks Hitch Mount Double Foldable Rack for Cars, Trucks, SUV's and minivans with a 2

IKURAM R 4 Bike Rack Bicycle Carrier Hitch Racks Mount Double Foldable Rack for Cars


Dual-Arm Mounting Design: Optimized dual-arm bike carrier rack which spacing accommodates bicycles of a wide range of frame sizes and designs, more stable and easily accommodates up to 4 bikes.

The IKURAM R 4 Bike Rack is a well-designed and well-built bike carrier. It can carry 2 bikes on 2 separate arms, and it's easily removable from the hitch. The arms fold neatly out of the way when not in use, and the upright bike hanger has quick-release levers so you can easily remove your bike without tools. The rack is sturdy, and the bikes stay in place well. The rack is long enough to hold most bikes (up to 52 inches), and it's wide enough to fit most 2-inch hitch receivers. The rack is fairly light (8.9 pounds), and it's fitted with rubber-coated hooks and straps to prevent damage to your bike. The IKURAM R 4 Bike Rack is probably best-suited to short trips and to bike commuters, as it's tricky to install and there doesn't seem to be a way to lock your bikes in place. However, it's good for carrying one or two bikes for short trips, and it performs well for day-to-day use.

Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack , Black, 2-Inch Receiver

Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack

by Swagman Bicycle Carriers

VERSATILE: Easily transports up to 2 bikes and is compatible with 1-1/4" and 2" receiver Hitch. Maximum weight capacity is 35Ibs per bike and fits 20" to 29" tire sizes

Swagman makes some of the best towing products, and the Cx2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack is no exception. This rack is easy to install and use, and it's stable and strong. The upright ratchet arms easily adjust to different bike frame sizes, and can accommodate bike frames up to 59 centimeters (23.2 inches). The rack folds easily in to compact mode, so you can easily store it when not in use. The anti-wobble hitch device keeps bikes in place, and the hitch pin is securely locked in place and can be easily removed without tools. The rack's strong steel construction makes it sturdy, and the upright ratchet arms won't twist your frame. The bike rack's carrying capacity is 2 bikes at a time, plus 1 backpack, but you do need a 2-inch receiver hitch. The rack is light enough to carry, and it's available in black or chrome, so it should easily match most vehicles.

YAKIMA, DoubleDown 4 Hitch Mount Tilting Bike Rack, 4 Bike Capacity


by Yakima

Simple and secure: Easy to install, load, and tilt out of the way when not in use; TriggerFinger technology lets you fold down the arms with one press of a button

Yakima's DoubleDown 4 Hitch Mount Bike Rack is one of the most versatile bike carriers we've tested. The DoubleDown can mount to a variety of hitch receivers, and it can also carry bikes with all sorts of angles and shapes, from road frames to mountain bikes, all with basic frame geometry. The DoubleDown is easy to install, and it's sturdy once it's installed. The hitch mount has a 1-1/4" or 2" receiver, and Yakima offers a range of accessories, including DeadLock locks, to prevent theft. The DoubleDown 4 has only four mounting positions, so it's better suited to smaller vehicles than larger SUVs. The rack is full-height, so it's a bit taller than other hanging bike racks, which can be a problem if you have a cabover or pickup with a relatively low cargo bed. The DoubleDown 4 is also less stable than some models, so it's best for lighter bikes. But if you're looking to mount a bike carrier to your hitch, the Yakima DoubleDown 4 is a good option.

Swagman CHINOOK Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Swagman CHINOOK Hitch Mount Bike Rack

by Swagman Bicycle Carriers

VERSATILE: Easily transports up to 2 bikes and is compatible with a Class 2 or higher, 1-1/4" and 2" hitch receiver. Fits most frame sizes, shapes and style (fits 12" to 29" tire sizes). Maxium weight capacity of 45Ibs. per bike. Locking Hitch Pin included

The Swagman CHINOOK Hitch Mount Bike Rack is easy to install, easy to use, and it's secure. The rack adjusts to fit most standard hitch receiver sizes (up to 2.25 inches), and it's easily adjustable to accommodate bikes of varying sizes. The rack is sturdy enough to carry two bikes, and each bike can be secured with an adjustable ratcheting hook. The rack slides easily up and down over the hitch, and it stays in place when you're not using it. The rack is lightweight, folds down, and folds up easily. It's made from heavy-duty steel, and it weighs about 13 pounds. The rack's instructions are easy to follow, and it's easy to install. Swagman offers a 3-year warranty on the rack and 2 years on parts. The rack is good-looking, too: It's finished in black powder coat, and it has an attractive logo. The Swagman CHINOOK Hitch Mount Bike Rack is a great combination of quality, performance, and value.

HYPERAX Volt RV Hitch Mounted E Bike Rack Carrier for RV, Camper, Motorhome, Trailer, Toad with 2 inch Class 3 or Higher Hitch Fits Up to 2x70lbs EBike MTB Gravel Road Bike with Up to 5-inch Fat Tire

HYPERAX Volt RV Hitch Mounted Bike E Rack Carrier for RV

by Hyperax

SAFE AND SECURE: Comes with co-injected soft rubberized ratcheting hooks that secure the frame of your bike in place without scratching the metal surface. Featuring dual key locks to prevent bikes and bike rack from being stolen. Adjustable wheel holders allow you to easily accommodate bikes of different sizes. Tighten the wheels with reflective velcro straps that help improve visibility in the dark. Additional security straps included, ensuring your bike stays firmly on the rack

If you've ever traveled with a bike, you know the difficulty and the inconvenience of using traditional bike racks. Most bike carriers are bulky, too heavy, and require too many steps to install. The HYPERAX Volt RV is convenient, lightweight, easy to install, and designed to last. It can carry up to two bikes, and it fits most 2-inch hitch receivers. The rack is secured by a strong, anti-wobble pin and a key lock, so it's sturdy and built to last. The Volt RV's integrated carrying handle makes it easy to move the rack around, and it's sturdy enough to stand on without tipping over. The rack's storage hook lets you hang the rack on the wall, giving you even more space, and the rack folds up easily for storage. The Volt RV's design makes it the only bike carrier that we recommend for RVs, and it's the best bike carrier for RVs we've tested.

Swagman Bicycle Carrier TRAVELER XC2 RV Approved Hitch Mount Bike Rack , Black

Swagman Bicycle Carrier TRAVELER XC2 RV Hitch Approved Mount Bike Rack

by Swagman Bicycle Carriers

VERSATILE: Easily transports up to 2 bicycles and is compatible with a 2" Class 3 hitch receiver or mounts to a 4.5" continuous steel welded RV Bumper Adapter. Also comes with a 2" Bumper Adapter.

The Swagman Traveler XC2 is a stylish, well-made bike rack that we recommend to anyone who wants to mount one or more bikes to their RV or trailer. It's made of high-quality steel and aluminum, and it's light but sturdy, which is important if you will be transporting it to and from the campsite. We especially like the quick-release mechanism, which makes loading and unloading your bikes much easier. The rack is easy to install on most trailers and RVs, and the instructions walk you through the process. The XC2 fits both freestanding and hitch-mounted bike racks, and it is compatible with 1- and 2-inch receiver tubes. The upright bar folds down to give access to the back of your RV, and it comes with a cover to protect it when not in use. The rack is moderately priced, and it is covered by a one year warranty.

Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (2-Inch Receiver) , Black

Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Rack Mount (2-Inch Receiver)

by Allen Sports

4 bike rack fits vehicles with a 2 inch trailer hitch only. Vehicle will require professionally installed Class III or IV 2 inches hitch to use this product

The Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Bike Rack is a solid, sturdy rack that is easy to set up and take down. The bike arms are covered with a weather resistant coating, so they're both weather and water resistant. The tie down system ensures that bikes are secure, and the bike arms fold down for easy carrying. The no-wobble bolt keeps the rack from shifting inside the receiver, so it's more stable than cheaper racks, and the included hitch cover keeps the rack from scratching your hitch. The Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Bike Rack is priced slightly higher than other racks we tested, but it's worth it if you want a rack that offers more storage and security, and it's much easier to install and take down.

KAC Overdrive Sports K2 2” Hitch Mounted Rack 2-Bike Platform Style Carrier for Standard, Fat Tire, and Electric Bicycles – 60 lbs/Bike Heavy Weight Capacity – Smart Tilting – RV Use Prohibited

KAC Overdrive Sports K2 2” Hitch Mounted 2-Bike Rack Platform Style Carrier for Standard

by KAC

Quick Release Tilt Design makes it easy to access rear cargo and fold up the bike rack when not in use

If you're riding an electric bike, it's imperative that you keep your bicycle protected. The KAC Overdrive Sports 2” hitch mount rack system is a great option, especially if you own a fat bike. The cradle is very sturdy, and the padded clamps and locking knob ensure that your two bicycles will be safe. The tray is wide enough to comfortably fit a fat tire bicycle, and its heavy duty construction ensures that your e-bike will be stable. The tray also has height adjustment for e-bikes with suspension forks. The cradles are slightly angled, which allows your frames to tilt slightly forward, and this helps prevent your bikes from tipping over. The tray is also adjustable to fit both standard and fat tire bikes, and you can easily remove the bike mount straps and store the trays in the included storage bag. The KAC Overdrive Sports 2” hitch mount rack system comes with a 1-year warranty, and it's available from Amazon, Amazon Canada, and other online retailers.

MaxxHaul 50027 Hitch Mount Platform Style 2-Bike Rack for Cars Trucks SUVs Minivans with Hitch Tightener

MaxxHaul 50027 Hitch Mount Platform Style 2-Bike Rack Cars for Trucks SUVs Minivans with Hitch Tightener

by MaxxHaul

Fit Type: Universal Fit.Patent Pending.PLEASE SCROLL DOWN AND BROWSE OUR A+ PAGES FOR MORE PRODUCT INFORMATION..Unique hook design adjustments using quick hitch pins assist in accommodating different size bike frame for safe and reliable transport.

The MaxxHaul 50027 Hitch Mount Platform Style 2-Bike Rack is a sturdy, well-made rack that easily adjusts to fit a variety of bikes. The included hooks and tire cradles adjust to fit most bikes frames with 20" to 26" wheel sizes. The rack is sturdy enough to hold a fully loaded mountain bike, and its width is wide enough to allow two bikes to stay side-by-side. The rack's vertical posts can be quickly removed for compact storage, and it includes a quick-release hitch Tightener tool to make installation quick and easy. The rack weighs only 29 pounds, which is light enough for easy portability. The rack's design also makes it easy to remove bikes from the rack. The MaxxHaul 50027 Hitch Mount Platform Style 2-Bike Rack is relatively cheap, but it ranks among the best rack options we tested.

Vibrelli Electric Bike Hitch Rack - Fits Fat Tire, Mountain Bike, Standard Bicycles - 65lbs per Bike - Patented Anti-Wobble - Cars & SUV - 2 Ebike Platform Rack - Tilt Up/Fold Down - Locking Tow Mount

Vibrelli Electric Bike Hitch Rack

by Vibrelli

Easy Tilt Down & Fold Up - Quick release pedal tilts down the bike hitch rack for easy trunk access, and also folds up out of the way when not in use. Universal Wheel Cradle - Snugly fits narrow/wide bike tires up to 5 wide. Ratchet straps hold wheels securely in place without scratching rims or damaging tires

This is a solid rack for fat tire bikes, mountain bikes, standard bikes, and ebikes that are up to 5 inches wide. The Vibrelli V70 Hitch Rack uses three locking mechanisms to keep your bikes extra secure. The safety strap keeps your bike steady, and locking pins lock the rack to the hitch receiver. The Vibrelli V70 can hold two bikes, each weighing up to 130 lbs. It connects to your vehicle's tow hitch receiver, and tilts up and down for easy access to the bikes. This is a fairly basic rack, so it doesn't offer any extras like lights or extra storage, but it does offer a tilt-up/fold-down design, so it's easy enough to store when not in use.


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