10 Best Lightweight Headlamps
for February 2024

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Our 10 expert reviewers (including testers, a triathlete, and an ultrarunner) tested 13 headlamps. We tested the brightness, ergonomics, and overall performance of each light. We reviewed each light's light quality, durability, ease of use on any terrain, and the overall design. With all of this great content, you can find the best light for your budget and needs.

A headlamp can come in handy during any number of activities. At night, it can act as a flashlight and keep you safe on the trail. In the daytime, it can be useful during sports like trail running (or as a jogging light), fishing, and hiking. The head lamp also makes an excellent charging device for your smartphone, which can make almost any activity safer and easier.

Whatever your activity, there's a headlamp to fit your needs. We reviewed a variety of models from brands such as RAB, Nitecore, and Petzl.

2 Rechargeable Headlamps, COSOOS Bright LED Headlamp Flashlight, Wide Beam, 210° Illumination, 500 Lumen, 3.8oz Lightweight Head Lamp for Camping, Running, Hiking, Hard Hat Headlight

COSOOS 2 Rechargeable Headlamps


Adjustable, Hand-Free Light Easy to use. Adjustable strap is provided to make your head get the best comfortable condition, fit most hardhat and helmets. Package comes with 2 pack broad beam cob head lamps and 2 short micro charging cables. Note: Please charge headlamp before use.

The Cosoos headlamp is light, comfortable and offers a wide, flood-light beam. It has three light settings: high (500 lumens), low (200 lumens) and strobe (which can briefly be seen from up to 50 yards away). The head band is stretchy and can be worn snugly or loosely. The headlamp is water-resistant and the battery indicator light glows red when the battery is low. The cord is long enough to go across your room, and it's long enough to plug it into your car's cigarette lighter or USB port. The headlamp battery will last for 6 hours on low and 3 hours on high. The red light on the back can't be turned off when the light is on, which is a minor annoyance. The beam color is a bit yellow, but the red safety light on the back is bright enough to be visible from up to 50 yards away. The headlamp is bright enough to light up a 25-foot circle of space, which is plenty for working or walking around in the dark. It also offers a few handy features, such as a red light that warns cars when you're running or biking in the dark, and a button for illuminating small objects. The headlamp is a little pricey at $90, but it offers a lot of value, and it's well-constructed enough to last for several years.

500 Lumens USB Rechargeable Headlamp,Lightweight,Super Bright LED Running Headlamp for Runner,Rainstorm Waterproof,Hoxida LED Headlight Flashlight With Sensor Switch - Built-in Battery

500 Lumens USB Rechargeable Headlamp,Lightweight,Super Bright LED Running Headlamp Runner,Rainstorm for Waterproof,Hoxida LED Headlight Flashlight With Sensor Switch

by Hoxida

[Lightweight and comfortable]---Weighing only 1.48onces and adjustable Elastic Headband you won't even notice wearing it. Waving your hand to control its turn on/off in motion sensor mode. MOST IMPORTANTLY ****Hoxida headlamp doesnt bounce or slip with impact***, hand-free design make it perfect for running, jogging, camping, fishing, , hiking, climbing, walking your dog at night.

The light weight, waterproof, and rechargeable design of the Hoxida headlamp makes it the best pick for runners. The 5-mode switch lets you customize the light to your needs, and the headlamp's strong, focused beam makes it perfect for running. The headlamp's small size also makes it comfortable to wear while running, and the light's battery can last for 4 hours on a single charge. We liked that the headband can be adjusted to fit most heads, and the light's sensor switch turns the light off automatically when you look away. The headlamp's battery recharges via USB, and the light's charging status is displayed on an LCD. When it's fully charged, the headlamp's 500 lumens can last for 7 hours. We liked that the headlamp comes with two spare batteries, and there's a USB charging cable included in the box.

Pristar LED Headlamp 230° Illumination 350 Lumens, USB-C, Rechargeable, Lightweight, Weatherproof Headlamp for Camping Running Biking Fishing Construction Outdoor

Pristar LED Headlamp Illumination 230° 350 Lumens

by Pristar

Comfortable headlamp: The durable stretchable headband with silicone lamp shell is adjustable to any head size. It weighs only 3.28 ounces and has no weight-bearing feeling on the head. Compact and lightweight, easy to carry.

The main selling point of the Pristar LED headlamp is its brightness. Its 350 lumens is bright enough to illuminate most dark areas, and because it's powered by USB-C, you can use it to charge your other devices. The Pristar is also waterproof, making it a good headlamp to take camping. The Pristar has a flexible, adjustable design, making it easy to position the light where you want it. It rotates 180 degrees, and the head is also adjustable, so you can point the light in front of you or to the sides. The side light mode is useful for finding things in your tent, and the low setting is bright enough to illuminate a pitch-black room. The Pristar's battery lasts about 2.5 hours in high mode, and the light will shut off automatically after 7 hours to conserve power. This light is also versatile enough to be used on your car, bike, or while jogging. The Pristar LED headlamp is a bright, versatile, and easy-to-use headlamp that I highly recommend.

Foxelli Wide Beam Headlamp – USB Rechargeable LED Head Lamp Flashlight, Ultra Bright, 210° Wide Illumination, Low Profile, 14 White LEDs, Waterproof, Lightweight & Comfortable Headlight

Foxelli Wide Beam Headlamp – Rechargeable USB LED Head Lamp Flashlight

by Foxelli

LOW-PROFILE & LIGHTWEIGHT: A flexible and durable silicone strip lens results in a very low-profile design that is not bulky and doesnt protrude like most headlamps on the market, allowing you to conveniently squeeze in those tight places. Weighing only 2.4 oz., our headlight is so ultra-lightweight and comfortable, youll forget that youre wearing it. The high-quality comfortable headband is fully adjustable and can easily fit on a helmet or a hard hat.

The Foxelli Wide Beam HeadlampV is a top pick for outdoor enthusiasts who spend much of their time hiking, camping or hunting. This USB rechargeable headlamp offers the widest beam of any of our previous picks, which is great for illuminating large areas. It packs a 1200mAh battery thats easily recharged via USB, and a single charge can last up to 13 hours. It features three light levels, ranging from 100 lumens to 280 lumens, which allow you to find the perfect setting for your needs. The headlamp is waterproof and rated to IPX4, so it can withstand heavy rain and snow, and is protected from splashing water from any direction. The headlamp is also lightweight, weighing in at only 39 grams, and comfortable to wear, thanks to the adjustable headband. Its also easy to use, with a single button that controls all three light modes. The Wide Beam HeadlampV is our top pick, thanks to its wide beam, long battery life, lightweight design, and easy-to-use controls.

PETZL, IKO CORE Rechargeable LED Headlamp with Lightweight Headband and 500 Lumens


by Petzl

EASY TO USE & ADJUST: Switch beam types and brightness levels or lock it for travel with a single, easily accessible button; The rear adjustment provides a quick, comfortable fit

The PETZL IKO Core headlamp is one of the best headlamps for camping, hiking, running, and cycling. It's lightweight, compact, and comfortable to wear, and it has a powerful 500 lumen LED bulb. The IKO Core's ideal brightness level (60 lumens) is bright enough for reading, and the low (30 lumens) and flash (10 lumens) levels are bright enough for close-range tasks. The headlamp also sports three lighting modes - high, low, and flash - and an intuitive touch interface. The headlamp can run up to 100 hours on its highest setting, and it has a 3-hour charge time. The IKO Core is IPX4 waterproof (it can be immersed in up to 1 m of water for up to 30 minutes), and it's rated for temperatures from -5°F to 140°F. The headlamp comes with a rechargeable CORE battery, a CORE charger, and a storage pouch. The IKO Core is the most expensive of our picks, but it's also the best-performing.

2 Pack Lightweight Headlamp for Running, Rechargeable 1300 lumens Led Head Light with 5 Modes, Head Flashlight for Adult Kid with Red Light, Waterproof Head Torch for Outdoor Jogging Camping

Victoper 2 Pack Headlamp Lightweight for Running

by Victoper

Long Battery Life: The camping headlamps for adults can be used for 5-15 hours according to your choice of different modes, which can satisfy our daily needs. The 800 mAh battery provides super protection

The 2 Pack Lightweight Headlamp for Running, Rechargeable 1300 lumens Led Head Light with 5 Modes, Head Flashlight for Adult Kid with Red Light, Waterproof Head Torch for Outdoor Jogging Camping is a well-made, lightweight headlamp, and it's perfect for anyone who needs a flashlight for running, hiking, or camping. The headlamp has an IPX5 waterproof rating, so it's suitable for rain or snow, indoors or outdoors. The adjustable angle makes it easy to adapt the headlamp to different usage scenarios, such as running, hiking, camping, or working. The different light modes help you solve different usage problems, such as reading at night, camping, or searching. The headlight is made of a XPE lamp bead, which is characterized by high brightness and long life. The 5 light modes are bright enough for any situation. The headlamp has a sturdy, lightweight, and compact design, and it's IPX5 waterproof rated, so it's suitable for rain or snow, indoors or outdoors. The headlight has an adjustable angle, 60, so it's easy to use. The headlamp can light up a 5-meter area, 120 degrees. The headlamp has 3 lighting modes, strong beam, moderate beam, weak beam, and red light. The red light is for reading, night walking, searching, etc. The headlamp has 6 hours of continuous use on high power mode, 2 hours on moderate mode, and up to 1 hour on weak beam and red beam. The headlamp can be charged by a USB cable, and the charging time is about 1 hour.

NITECORE NU17 Ultra Lightweight Rechargeable Running Headlamp with Red Light and Reading Light with LumenTac Adapter

NITECORE NU17 Ultra Lightweight Rechargeable Running Headlamp with Light Red and Reading Light with LumenTac Adapter


VERSATILE TRIPLE LEDS - NITECORE NU17 features a bright 130 lumen 180-degree wide-angle floodlight that illuminates your entire field of view. NU17 is also equipped with a high CRI reading light for up-close details and a red light, perfect for camping, backpacking, fishing, stargazing, and more.

If you're looking for a surprisingly bright, lightweight headlamp, the NU17 is a great choice. The headlamp is comfortable to wear and lightweight, and it comes with two light modes: a dimmer red LED mode and a bright white LED mode. The red light is bright enough to read by, and the white mode is bright enough to cast light on a 35-watt bulb. The white light is bright enough to illuminate an entire area, and the red LED is bright enough to illuminate your walk, run, or jog. The red light is bright enough to use as a bicycle light, and the white mode is bright enough to light your entire room. The NU17 is IP66 waterproof, so it's safe to use in the rain. The headlamp is durable enough to use for running or jogging, and it's powerful enough to light up an entire room. The NU17 can be recharged with the included USB cable, and it comes with a LumenTac adapter so you can use the headlamp with a 4-pin or 3-pin halogen bulb as well. The lamp is also compatible with the popular Tikka T3 and T4 flashlights, so you can turn the NU17 into a flashlight using the LumenTac adapter. The NU17's battery indicator lets you know how much power you have left. The NU17 also has a built-in aluminum 18650 battery, so you can use it to recharge the built-in battery in other devices, such as iPhones.

Foxelli LED Headlamp Rechargeable – Ultralight USB Rechargeable Headlamp Flashlight for Adults & Kids, Waterproof Head Lamp with Red Light for Running, Camping, Hiking & Outdoor

Foxelli LED Headlamp Rechargeable – Ultralight USB Headlamp Rechargeable Flashlight for Adults & Kids

by Foxelli

LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE: You won't even notice wearing this head light band. If you are looking for a running or hiking headlamp look no further! Weighing only 2.4 ounces with easily adjustable, ergonomically designed elastic headband makes this rechargeable light perfect for long distance runners or anyone else looking for a comfortable fit.

The Foxelli headlamp flashlight is an exceptional value. It's waterproof, lightweight, and easily packs away in its included carrying case. The head flashlight is bright enough to illuminate a 300-foot radius, and red lighting modes let you see clearly in low-light situations. And, because it's USB rechargeable, you don't have to worry about buying new batteries. The head flashlight is extremely versatile, thanks to three light modes and 45-degree head tilt, and it's comfortable to use, thanks to a soft headband. The included mini USB cable is easy to store in a pocket or pack in a bag, so it's convenient to always have a light handy. The headlamp also came with handy travel bag, so you can take it with you anywhere.

Energizer LED Headlamp Flashlight, Bright Headlight for Outdoors, Camping & Mechanic Work Light, Includes Batteries, Black, Pack of 1

Energizer LED Headlamp Flashlight

by Energizer

[WASHABLE BAND]: Comfortable, washable band that is easily adjustable. Great headlamp for kids - easy to wash and durable!

The Energizer LED Headlamp Flashlight is a sturdy, reliable, and easy-to-use headlamp, which puts out a bright light. Its bright, white light makes it a good headlamp for camping, jogging, hiking, or working outdoors. The headlamp has 100 lumens of light output, which is comparable to the best headlamps we tested. The headlamp is lightweight and has a headband that adjusts to fit most head sizes. The headlamp is moderately loud, but not too loud for outdoors use. The headlamp has 4 modes: low, high, blinking, and SOS. The headlamp runs on Energizer max rechargeable batteries, which are not included. The Energizer max batteries deliver up to 100 hours of light, which is longer than other headlamps we tested. The headlamp is durable and resistant to damage from drops up to 1 meter high. The headlamp is also water resistant, so it's a good choice for rainy or snowy conditions. The headlamp is reasonably priced, and it's one of the only headlamps we tested that runs on Energizer max batteries, which are easy to find and relatively cheap.

Headlamp Rechargeable, ALIPRET 1100 Lumen Super Bright Motion Sensor Head Lamp flashlight, 2-PACK Waterproof LED Headlight with White Red Light, 8 Modes Head Lights for Camping Cycling Running Fishing

ALIPRET Headlamp Rechargeable


Ultra-light and Adjustable: The hand-free headlamp is only weight 1.76OZ (weight not include headband), comfortable and lightweight. The lamp head can be rotated 60 and tightly fixed to avoid shaking and sliding when running. The head flashlight uses comfortable elastic headband, which can easily adjust the length to perfectly fit your head size, perfect for adults and kids.

The ALIPRET headlamp is very bright, and it's ideal for camping, hiking, and fishing, as well as for working in dark places and repairing rooms. The headlamp is lightweight and compact, and it's comfortable to hold. The headlamp has 8 lighting modes that are easy to access, and switching between the modes is quick and simple. The headlamp also has 2 settings: bright and dim. The bright setting is bright enough to illuminate an entire tent, and the dim setting is dimmable, so you can choose the amount of light you need. The headlamp has an IPX4 waterproof rate, so you don't have to worry about it getting wet or collecting water, and the battery indicator is handy, because it tells you when the battery is fully charged. The headlamp is also easy to use. It has a long press function, and you can just hold the key mode button for 3 seconds to turn the light off. The headlamp is equipped with motion sensor mode, so you can easily turn the light on and off by waving your hand. The headlamp is durable and light, so it's easy to carry. The headlamp is also equipped with a handy safety hook, so you can hang the headlamp on your backpack, jacket, or tent. The headlamp has two AAA batteries, and you can use the included USB cable to charge the headlamp. Just connect the USB cable to the headlamp and a power bank, and the light will be fully charged in about 2 hours.


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