Top 10 Best Lightweight Ironing Boards
for October 2023

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Our ironing experts assembled 15 of the best lightweight ironing boards and placed them through a comprehensive set of rigorous tests. We assessed performance, ease of use, stability, and safety. We also looked at whether each is priced right and has enough accessories to meet your ironing needs. Take a look at our in-depth reviews to determine the best lightweight ironing board for your lifestyle and budget.

If you're looking to take your ironing game to the next level, you'll want to invest in a sturdy, portable ironing board. These ironing boards help you iron more efficiently, so you can knock out those chores faster. Whether you need a collapsible ironing board to fit into a tight space, or a heavy-weighted ironing board with large surface area, we can help you choose the best option.

Honey-Can-Do BRD-08953 Ironing Board, Blue

Honey-Can-Do BRD-08953 Ironing Board

by Honey-Can-Do

Package height :19.25"

This board is sturdy, well-made, and well-designed, with convenient built-in features like a hanging loop and a retractable cord. Its compact, lightweight design makes it easy to store and use. The iron rest is sturdy, but could be improved by moving it closer to the board rather than leaving a gap. The board is wider and taller than most, and it made ironing difficult, so it's more suitable for larger garments. The board also lacks an on-off switch, so the iron must be unplugged before unplugging the cord. The board has rated power, but we found that it was inconsistent, and the iron tended to run out of power after only a few seconds. The iron also tends to heat up quickly, but it's hot enough to get the job done. The cord, while not retractable, is long enough, and the handle is comfortable enough to use. For the price, this is a solid board, but it's our least favorite of these three.

Bartnelli Rorets Ironing Board Made in Europe | Compact Space Saving Smart Hanger Iron Board for Easy Storage | Lightweight, 4 Layer Cover Pad, 4 Leg, for Dorm, Laundry Room, or Small Space(43x13-35)

Bartnelli Rorets Ironing Board in Made Europe

by Bartnelli Rorets

STORAGE HANGER - LIGHTWEIGHT, Special designed hanger to hang the ironing board in closet, lightweight easy to carry and take wherever needed, it folds almost flat to save storage space, its the perfect size for storage in your bedroom closet, a laundry room, or a dorm,

The Rorets ironing board is one of our favorites--it's compact, lightweight, and easy to use. The ironing board folds down into a freestanding, lightweight hanger, so it's easy to stash away when not in use. The folding design also makes the board easy to grab and carry. The ironing board's 4 legs provide stability, so the board won't wobble or tip over in use. The board is coated with a heat-resistant material, so it won't scorch your clothes. The ironing board has 4 iron rest positions, so you can iron clothes at different angles. The board is compact enough to use in a small dorm room, laundry room, or apartment. The ironing board's dimensions are 43 x 13 inches, and the board has a 4-inch-wide iron rest, so the board is big enough for most clothes. The ironing board has 20 steam holes, so the board is steam-ready. The ironing board has a 1-year warranty.

Minky Homecare Ergo Ironing Board, Black and Blue

Minky Homecare Ergo Ironing Board

by Minky Homecare

4 Leg Design - Robust and sturdy

The Ergo Ironing Board from Minky is a well-designed and sturdy board, and the Prozone cover is a nice touch. The board has a wide, smooth ironing surface, and adjustments are quick and simple. The three legs on the bottom of the board are sturdy, but big enough to slide around on your work surface without toppling over. The Ergo Ironing Board also has a handy fold-down handle, which locks into place when not in use, and a handy loop that can hold your iron cord out of the way. The iron board is wide enough to accommodate taller shirts and blouses, but at 15", it's also a little short for pants. The Ergo Ironing Board is a little heavy, but it easily glides across the ironing surface, and it's comfortable to use for long periods of time. The only drawback is the Ergo Ironing Board's price; it's significantly more expensive than the boards we tested, and its broad ironing surface and height adjustment make it more suited for professional use than home.

Sunbeam Adjustable Height Ironing Board with Iron Rest Holder Stand

Sunbeam Adjustable Height Ironing Board Iron with Rest Holder Stand

by Sunbeam

Ironing board with rest is free-standing when needed but folds flat when not needed for easy storage

The Sunbeam Adjustable Height Ironing Board with Iron Rest Holder Stand is a good-looking, well-made ironing board. The compact, lightweight design makes it easy to move around, and the padded surface is comfortable for ironing clothes or dishes. It's considerably larger than our pick, the Compact Ironing Board, but the extra size does come at a cost: This ironing board is heavier and bulkier, and it's also much taller. The iron rest holder is also an inch taller than on our previous pick, so if you're going to be ironing clothes or other tasks that are higher than normal, this board may not be for you. The wooden iron rest is sturdy and fairly comfortable to hold, but it's a little too narrow to hold most irons. The Sunbeam ironing board is deeper than our pick, so it's a little more difficult to reach into the back of the ironing board. The iron rest holder is adjustable, but it's a little difficult to do it yourself, so you'll need to enlist the help of a partner.

Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Ironing Board, 48

Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Ironing Board

by Minky

Designed for comfort, speed & performance

The Ergo Plus is our first recommendation for anyone who irons a lot, or who is ironing for someone with arthritis or other joint problems. The iron is lightweight, has a steam generator that rests on the ground so you won't need to bend over, and it has an adjustable steam control that lets you control the amount of steam. The iron also has a nice large ironing surface, and the integrated steam vents keep the steam off your clothing and fabric. The Ergo Plus is heavier and more expensive than our top pick, and it doesn't have as many steam settings, but we think it's well worth the extra money. The Ergo Plus also has two features our top pick lacks: a heat mirror cover and an extra-large ironing board. The mirror cover helps keep the iron's surface from heating up too much, and the extra-wide ironing board saves you from having to bend over as much to iron large items, such as pants and skirts.

HOMZ Steel Ironing Board Contour Grey & White Cover, Grey Lattice, 53 x 35 x 13 inches

HOMZ Steel Ironing Board Grey Contour & White Cover

by Homz

FOLDS FLAT: Patented leg lock system enables the lightweight board to be folded securely and easily carried to storage

The Homz Steel Ironing Board is a sturdy, practical, and attractive ironing board. It's a well-engineered, well-designed table, and it offers good ironing performance. The steel legs give the table added stability, and the heavy duty steel top and feet are durable and strong. The Homz Steel is also a good deal cheaper than our other picks. However, it has some downsides: The iron rests are small and tightly packed, so you can't slide the iron under them without moving everything else around. The power cord is awkwardly positioned, so you have to bend over if you want to plug in the iron. The iron rests are also made of a thinner material than other boards, so they're more easily bent. We also wish the Homz Steel had a longer cord, so it could be plugged in at a convenient height. The Homz Steel Ironing Board is a solid value option that performs well, but it's far from perfect.

Mabel Home Adjustable Height, Deluxe, 4-Leg, Ironing Board, Extra Cover, Blue/White Patterned

MABELHOME Mabel Adjustable Home Height


This is the NEW Version (2020) of our product, We develop the legs, iron rest and box of the unit for customer satisfaction. You can easily check our old version reviews from the images.

The Mabel Home Adjustable Height Ironing Board is a stylish, compact, and feature-packed ironing board. This ironing board has 4 different height settings, from 30 inches to 35 inches. The ironing board has 4 leg positions, which are 60 degrees, 90 degrees, 120 degrees, and 180 degrees. The ironing board has a powerful DC motor, which allows the ironing board to reach the highest setting in 1 minute. The remote controller is very easy to use. The ironing board has 2 steam holes, which allow steam to reach the whole board, which makes the ironing easier. The ironing board has a magnetic cover, which protects the ironing board from scratches. The ironing board has 2 steam holes, which allow steam to reach the whole board, which makes the ironing easier. The ironing board has a 2-year warranty.

Bartnelli Ironing Board Made in Europe | Iron Board with 3 Layer Cover Pad, Height Adjustable, Safety Iron Rest, 4 Leg, Home Laundry Room or Dorm Use (44 x 14 H.36) (Black / Blue)

Bartnelli Ironing Board Made in Europe

by Bartnelli Rorets

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE FOLDABLE a specially designed track with preset different heights, so you can adjust to your comfortability. (29 - 36 inches)

The Bartnelli 44 x 14 inch ironing board is ultra-lightweight, and comes with a storage lock to keep it closed when not in use. The pedestal-style legs provide stability, and the cover pad is thick enough to insulate clothes from heat without burning or melting them. The legs fold up when not in use, and the board is foldable as well, so it's compact enough to take anywhere. It's well made, and the board is sturdy enough to support a heavy iron without bending or sagging. The iron rest is large and easy-to-align, and the board folds down flat for storing. The metal mesh top lets steam escape so the board doesn't burn your clothes, and is durable enough to withstand years of use. The storage lock is handy, but the board itself is not lockable, so it's best used at home. The padding on the board itself is thin, so it's best used to smooth out wrinkles, not press out creases.

STORAGE MANIAC Tabletop Ironing Board with Iron Rest, All-Iron Frame & Silver Metallic Cover for Faster Ironing

STORAGE MANIAC Tabletop Ironing with Board Iron Rest


Folding Legs - Steel folding legs assembly, stores easily in most small places

The Storage Maniac is a sturdy ironing board that folds up neatly for compact storage. It's slightly more expensive than our top pick, the Essential Ironing Board, but it comes with an iron rest, which our former top pick lacked. It also beats out the former top pick on performance: The Storage Maniac handled our heavy loads with ease, and it heated our iron faster. It also folded up more compactly, and we liked its soft grip handles, which helped us keep our balance while ironing. The Storage Maniac's all-iron frame made it more durable than the shaving board used in our former top pick, and it also had a larger surface area covered in metallized cotton, which reflected heat efficiently. However, we did have just one complaint: The Storage Maniac's cover was not as smooth as the covers on our former top pick, so cleaning was more difficult. We also found that the Storage Maniac's iron rest was too bulky, and the iron rest on our former top pick was much slimmer. Overall, the Storage Maniac offered a better ironing experience than the Essential Ironing Board, and for that money, we recommend it.

Ivation Wall-Mounted Ironing Board | Foldable 36.2” x 12.2” Ironing Station for Home, Apartment & Small Spaces | Sturdy Folding Board, Easy-Release Lever, Removable Cotton Cover & Mounting Hardware

Ivation Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

by Ivation

SUPER STURDY FRAME DESIGN | Features High Quality Anchors, Fasteners & Perforated Steel Frame Supporting Up to 25 Pounds | Unique Pad Design Allows Heat to Dissipate, Encouraging Quicker Wrinkle Release

The Ivation Ironing Board is our favorite pick for people who need a portable ironing board, or for those who simply lack enough space for a traditional iron stand. It's compact, lightweight, and folds down flat against the wall when not in use, taking up less space than other ironing boards its size. The Steel Frame is sturdy and built to last, and the Ironing Board itself folds up easily and stores in a drawer. The Ironing Board itself has a padded, removable cotton cover, which we loved, as it provided a smooth ironing surface and was easy to clean. The Ironing Board is sturdy enough to handle multiple shirts at once, and the board itself is large, so there's plenty of room to maneuver. The board's mounting points are also sturdy, so it can withstand the occasional knock from a heavy iron. The Ironing Board comes with a simple mounting kit, but the mounting holes are slightly misaligned, so it took more effort than we expected to get the board on the wall. We also had trouble removing and replacing the board's cover. Overall, though, this is an ironing board that performs as well as more expensive models, and is a worthy budget pick.


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