10 Best Lightweight Snow Shovels
for February 2024

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Snow, a beautiful marvel of nature, can quickly turn into a back-breaking chore when it piles up on your driveway or sidewalk. Every winter, Americans spend innumerable hours shoveling snow and it's no mystery why a high-quality, lightweight snow shovel becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. The market is brimming with a multitude of options featuring different designs and materials. Out of them, we've meticulously picked and ranked the 10 best lightweight snow shovels just for you, making your purchase decision as clear as a sunny winter's day.

These shovels are notably lightweight, but don't let that fool you - they're as sturdy as they come. Built with various materials like steel, fiberglass, and even wood, these shovels are designed to reduce the strain on your back and hands. If you're tired of spending countless hours shoveling, or if the old wooden shovel in the garage isn't cutting it anymore, our list has got you covered.

And be sure not to miss out on the last item - the TABOR TOOLS Snow Scoop with Fiberglass Handle. This rather interesting product is more than just a shovel. It doubles as a mulch scoop, making it versatile for both winter and summer use. Don't deprive yourself, stick around till the end and explore all the fine options in our list. Because when it comes to smart shopping, you deserve the crème de la crème.

HOSKO Snow Shovel for Driveway - 50 inches Long Metal Snow Shovel with Two D Grisp Handle - Lightweight Stainless Steel Snow Shovel for Driveway Camping Ourdoor Yard Cars

HOSKO Lightweight Snow Shovel - 50 inches Long Stainless Steel Shovel for Driveway Camping Yard


MULTI-USEHOSKO metal snow shovel is perfect for a car, camping, other outdoor activities, and emergency use, like slicing snow, and is great for winter preparation. It comes apart, which makes it convenient to keep in the trunk and easily stored.

MOOZ is thrilled to present the HOSKO Snow Shovel as one of its top picks due to some standout features. At the very crux, its detachable length sets it apart. Offering a flexibility to adjust the number of poles, you can easily customize the shovel length upto 50 inches to align with your height. This makes it a remarkably user-friendly gear for people of various stature.

Similarly, the strength factor of this outdoor tool is super laudable. Crafted from a resilient blend of stainless steel and Aluminum alloy, the shovel's durability is top-notch. Weighing a meager 2.7 pounds, it's surprisingly lightweight yet sturdy enough to withstand more than 90 lbs. Coupled with its ergonomic design including a lever grip and secondary handle, your snow clearing endeavor feels almost effortless. Now, isn't that something? Rest assured, you'll be cordially refunded if it fails to meet your needs.

Marshalltown Polar Pusher Snow Shovel, 36 Inches, Lightweight, Makes Pushing Snow Easy, Proudly Made in The USA, SNOWP36

Marshalltown Polar Pusher Snow Shovel: Lightweight and Easy-to-Use for Effortless Snow Clearing. Made in USA

by Marshalltown Company

Featuring a durable, long-lasting and non-stick UHMW blade material that is water, wear, and impact-resistant, allowing you to easily chop ice, move snow, or remove dirt and other materials.

Despite missing the top spot, the Marshalltown Polar Pusher Snow Shovel is taking the silver for some genuinely compelling reasons. Imagine, you're awakened by the familiar silence of a winter morning and look out to see your driveway's been graced by a thick, snowy blanket. This shovel, with its vast 36-inch blade, makes it surprising how swiftly and effortlessly you can reclaim your pavement. Its lightweight fiberglass handle coupled with a comfortable D-grip feels like it was designed with your weary morning arms in mind.

But, why does it excel? It's all about the ergonomically pitched blade. Sure, it's wide, but also angled just so for maximum shoveling prowess, transforming a tedious job into almost a game - you, stealthily pushing snow and slush away with ease. Not only proudly Made in the USA, but also committed to longevity with available replacement parts. The Marshalltown Polar Pusher: your trusted ally in the battle against winter woes.

Snow Joe SJ-SHLV20 Shovelution 20-Inch, Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel w/ Spring Assisted Handle + Impact-Resistant Blade, Blue

Snow Joe SJ-SHLV20 Lightweight Snow Shovel with Spring Assisted Handle and Impact-Resistant Blade

by Snow Joe

[COMFORTABLE]: With ergonomic D-Ring handle grips and a design that improves posture and reduces the need to bend

Why is Snow Joe's shovel the third one on our list? Simple! Its unique strain-reducing feature using a spring-assisted handle breeds intrigue, it's like your personal helper for back-breaking snow shoveling tasks. Wouldn't you love to experience a massive difference in lifting leverage that eases off a lot of stress on your lower hand? It lets you lift heavy loads of snow comfortably.

Then again, Snow Joe's shovel is not all about the handle love, its 20-inch-wide blade aids in capturing more snow, which makes your work quicker and efficient. It’s a neat feature you don't see often. The addition of the aluminum wear strip on the blade and its impact-resistant nature ensures a long buddy service for your wintry days, it's a rugged tool that genuinely cares for your comfort. This mystery of blending efficiency, comfort, and durability positions the Snow Joe shovel at our third spot.

Snow Shovel for Driveway Car Home Garage - Portable Folding Snow Shovel with Retractable Ergonomical Handle and Large Capacity for Snow Removal - Heavy Duty Metal Collapsible Shovel Removal, Model2022

Portable Lightweight Snow Shovel - Ergonomic Handle for Easy Driveway, Car, and Home Snow Removal

by Trazon

Heavy Duty & Lightweight Handle. The handle is made of high-performance aluminum that is strong and reliable, yet lightweight enough to prevent fatigue. It wont break or crack even under heavy loads ensuring youll be using the same shovel for many years. A D-shaped grip allows you to securely hold the shovel and maneuver it. Besides, there is a foam grip placed in the middle of the aluminum handle to avert hand slipping. The handle could be easily folded for better storing or stowing

Our intuitive MOOZ algorithms have been a-buzz about the 'Folding Portable Snow Shovel' - and for good reason! What grabbed our attention was the shovel's heavy-duty metal scoop and retractable ergonomic handle, a combo that spells efficiency and comfort in snow removal.

You'll not only maintain a safe, snow-free driveway but also minimize physical strain. What a relief! Next, it's portable and easy to assemble, an irresistible merger of convenience and practicality!

We envisage this gadget as a trusty companion for those inhabiting snow-laden regions. Specifically, the homeowners, car owners, and adventure lovers will find this tool incredibly functional.

Never again dread another winter storm with this mighty shovel at your disposal! Its adaptability stretches to other materials – sand, mud...it's a whole package!

Suncast 20

Suncast 20" Lightweight Snow Shovel/Pusher - Durable and Easy to Use

by Suncast

SNOW SHOVEL WITH 20" BLADE: Features an efficient design to effectively clear your driveway, sidewalk, steps, and pathways of snow and ice

Our smart algorithms and product testers have been captivated by the Suncast 20" Snow Shovel/Pusher. The most striking feature is its angled channels. Out in the frosty morning, you can efficiently collect snow and make your path more accessible. Brought to you by durable construction, its solid, no-cracks quality gives a special allure to it.

Next, our attention went to the ergonomic handle- designed to make the cold job of shoveling a tad bit more comfortable. This winter must-have is 50.75" long, giving you ample leverage for clearing snow and ice. With this sturdy ally, we think it could be the best friend to those facing frigid winters. Especially useful for everyone from homeowners to landlords alike!

Snow Joe Shovelution SJ-SHLV01-P2 18-in Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel w/ Spring Assisted Handle, Blue

Snow Joe Shovelution 18-in Lightweight Snow Shovel with Spring Assisted Handle, Blue

by Snow Joe

[EASY TO USE]: Gives lifting leverage to the lower hand to lift greater loads with ease

Musing over the average homeowner who isn’t a fan of backache from conventional shoveling methods, MOOZ found a nifty, ergonomically-challenging tool for you; the Snow Joe Shovelution. Intrigued by its claim to alter the very mechanics of shoveling, this unique tool piqued our interest. The handle catches your eye for good reason; it's spring-assisted and acts as a fulcrum, a significant departure from standard shovels.

Weaving this wizardry into your snow shoveling routine, you'll be singing the Snow Joe's praises. Not only does it reduce strain, but also transforms your posture. The impact-resistant blade ramps up the Shovelution's durability, ensuring it is a mainstay in your garage. Imagine your winter tasks breezed through, thank to this blue beauty. Pepper in its claim of reducing the need to bend, it's clear why those who value comfort will be thrilled to welcome it into your home.

Snow Joe 24V-SS11-XR 24-Volt 11-Inch 5-Ah Cordless Snow Shovel, Kit (w/5-Ah Battery + Quick Charger)

Snow Joe 24V Lightweight Snow Shovel - Cordless, 24-Volt, 11-Inch, 5-Ah (Battery + Charger Included)

by Snow Joe

[ERGONOMIC]: Lightweight design (Only 11.7 lbs.) with adjustable back-saving handle

This cordless Snow Joe Shovel is an absolute game-changer for those dauntin' winter morns. The feature that caught my eyes was the 2-blade high-impact, low-temperature paddle auger. This bad-boy not only clears a 11 in. X 7 in. path but also hurls the snow up to 20 feet! Ain't that somethin'?

Being cordless is a heck of a convenience. It utilizes a 400 W motor which moves up to 1,620 lbs. of snow per charge! What's more, is it comes with a 24V 4.0-Ah IONMAX rechargeable lithium-ion battery, giving you around 22 minutes of soundless runtime. For those living in snow plagued areas, the Snow Joe Shovel can surely shine thru as your morning's best companion.

UnionTools 1627400 Poly Snow Shovel, 18

UnionTools 1627400 Blue Poly Snow Shovel - Lightweight and Durable for Easy Snow Removal

by Ames True Temper

Poly snow shovel is lightweight and ideal for both shoveling and pushing snow

The moment MOOZ set its gaze on the UnionTools Poly Snow Shovel, we knew it was a star. Built to last, it had us appreciating its high-density poly make. We found it intriguing as it's designed to withstand cold temperatures, the common nemesis to long-lasting integrity of your average snow tool.

Imagine, yourself in the chilly winter breeze, glove ensconced hand gripping the D-grip handle. The hardwood handle, bespeak of strength and durability. Perfect! This gem is tailor-made for those incessant snowfalls. For those living in high snowfall regions, this product would be proven indispensable. The UnionTool, not just a tool, it's your winter warrior staving off the snowy onslaught for you.

TABOR TOOLS Snow Scoop with Fiberglass Handle, 15 Inch Wide Blade, Large Snow Shovel and Mulch Scoop with Comfortable D Grip Handle. J218A. (Snow Scoop, Short 26 Inch Handle)

TABOR TOOLS Lightweight Snow Shovel with 15 Inch Wide Blade and Fiberglass Handle


LARGE SNOW SCOOP: 15-inches wide and 8-inches deep for moving large scoops of snow. Durable and lightweight, features an angled rib pattern against sticking.

For winter warriors struggling with heavy snow shovels, there's a fresh new player on the field - TABOR TOOLS Snow Scoop. What caught MOOZ's attention is its striking balance between strength and comfort.

This remarkable tool has a short fiberglass handle, that's as formidable and hefty as a wooden one, yet much lighter. Picture this - you're out in the cold, bundled up in thick gloves, and you need a strong grip on your tool. This snow scoop, with its non-slip D-grip is just what you need.

Moreover, it's not just for winter as it's multi-functional. Come spring, it will help you with mulching, transferring soil, stones, or even grains. With this in your arsenal, you're ready for all seasons. Now, that's what MOOZ calls a year-round champion!


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