Making an Outstanding Professional Writer Portfolio Website with WordPress

To excel in a freelance writing career, a superb portfolio showcasing your work would be a huge step towards your success. There are quite a number of sites that help in offering portfolio platforms for professional writers but nothing is as impactful as having a self-hosted site. Any other option other than a self-hosted site puts your content under the management of someone else. Your access can easily be lost should your host decide to shutdown the platform one day. Great professional thesis writers invest in having their own website and this is a big possibility with WordPress website solutions.

The choice of a self-hosted website gives you complete control of everything. You own everything hence can choose how the website will appear, who will host it and have the liberty to host it differently as you so desire. The ability to have your own portfolio may appear challenging, particularly if you don’t have the technical know-how. However, WordPress has a solution to what is troubling you. You can easily create a superb portfolio with this platform and make use of pointers on it to choose what to include and to promote it effectively to be able to get many writing opportunities.

Important Information to Include

Making a good impression in the freelance world is determined by what is included in the portfolio. This is what is used by prospects to make an initial decision of whether to proceed with getting services from you or not. The search for My Homework Done services has become very competitive today hence it is important to know what to include. Written samples are not enough. You need to include details about you as well. The idea of having a website is to inform others about yourself and what you offer as well. Reasons why they should consider you for their project should also be outlined there. In that case, include:

  • Your Name or Brand. Make it visible on the website. Along with it, write a tagline relating to your area of interest to let people see and understand what thesis assistance you will offer to them.
  • About Page. Include your professional bio alongside how you can assist potential clients instead of making the page entirely about you.
  • Contact. Let people know how they can reach you. Provide your social media links, your emails. A contact form can also be used in place of an email address. Potential clients should be able to get to you with ease.
  • Social Evidence. Reviews and testimonials are very useful in convincing potential customers about your value to them. Include reviews and feedback from past clients.
  • Direct Navigation Menu. Make it easy for prospects to navigate through your website and get the information they need to make a decision of whether to consider you or not. A secret to doing this is by using standard navigation menus and labelling each of the pages clearly. Here are design tips for a professional website that you can apply.

Creating the Portfolio Website

To get started off easily, WordPress is definitely a good choice for your kind of website. Many businesses have now shifted to WordPress from other hosting services because of the following:

  • It’s easy to use. The back-end is friendly to all users. Most important to note is the ability to create pages and posts that happen in an interface just like any other software for processing word.
  • It’s free. All you will need is to download and install WordPress for use allowing you to make modifications as you would please. You can ideally make any website type that you need.
  • Superior quality code. The use of superior quality code as well as semantic markup makes a WordPress website easy for indexing in various search engines hence increasing your visibility online.

Choosing a Theme for your Site

Make a perfect WordPress theme choice for your website particularly one that will match your freelance writing career. You will have options with very vital features needed for the development of your portfolio. Important features include:

  • A design that is responsive. You want to be sure that the site responds well even with many people accessing it at the same time.
  • Portfolio support. Go for a theme designed to make the presentation of your samples superb in order to stand a chance of attracting clients.
  • Clean typography is also useful to make your writings legible for all readers regardless of the browser or gadget they are using.
  • Ability to customize. The theme you choose must permit you to tweak it to match the color scheme you want and also enable you to upload a customized logo of your brand.

In sum, an outstanding professional writer portfolio is now an affordable possibility with the help of WordPress. It will help you to self-host your site without problems and still be able to enjoy the features on it to market yourself and your services too.

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