10 Best Metal Stamping Kits
for February 2024

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Metal stamping kits are fun for both kids and adults. These kits are typically filled with a variety of metal stamping tools, including punches, dies, tweezers, hammers, and more. Making your own jewelry, housewares, and household accessories is easy and fun with one of these metal stamping kits.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we evaluate metal stamping kits for ease of use, which includes how easy the kit is to set up and clean up. We also look at the quality of components, including the quality of the punches, dies, tweezers, hammers, and other metal stamping tools. Our picks for the best metal stamping kits are based on our thorough testing and knowledge within this category for reviewing specifications and documentation. Here are the best metal stamping kits you can buy in 2022:

Bracelet Metal Stamping Kit- Aluminum and Copper Bracelet Blanks w/ Bracelet Bending Bar for Jewelry Stamping Kit- Metal Stamping Blanks for Zoom Engraving Tool or Ferric Chloride Etching- 19 Pieces

Zoom Precision Bracelet Metal Stamping Kit- Aluminum and Copper Bracelet Blanks w/ Bracelet Bending Bar for Stamping Jewelry Kit- Metal Stamping Blanks for Zoom Engraving Tool or Ferric Chloride Etching- 19 Pieces

by Zoom Precision

INSTRUCTABLES INCLUDED: Instructions for die cut use and ferric chloride acid etching, project ideas, and opportunity for designs are included in packaging

The Metal Stamping Kit from Crafters Companion is an ideal choice for beginners and more experienced crafters alike. It's easy to use, and the included instructions are clear and easy to follow. The blanks are well made and hold up well when stamped, etched, or engraved. The kit includes a bracelet bending tool, which is handy, although you can get the same effect by bending the blank by hand. The range of sizes in the kit means you can create a variety of bracelets and pendants. The kit also includes 3 stamps and 3 engraving pens, so you can get started right away. The stamps and engraving pens are easy to use and produce nice results. The stamping and engraving pens use water-based ink, which dries quickly and is easy to clean off. The kit also comes with 3 sanding blocks, which are useful for sharpening the stamps and engraving pens. The kit also includes 3 stencils, which are useful for etching out designs. The stencils are functional, but we found that they tended to tear when we used them to etch out designs. The stencils also tend to warp, which makes it difficult to etch straight lines. The included ferric chloride solution can be used to help etch patterns, although the etching is faint and hard to see. The ferric chloride solution also stains the blank, but washing the blank with a water-dampened cloth removes most of the stain. The included ferric chloride solution also stains your hands, so it's best to wear rubber gloves when etching. The etching solution comes with 2 packets. One packet of the solution has a 2-month shelf life, and the other packet has a 1-month shelf life. The etching solution can stain skin, so it's best to use rubber gloves when etching. The etching solution also smells bad and can cause irritation, so it's best to use rubber gloves when etching. The kit comes with a clear bag for storing your pieces after you're done. The bag is handy for organizing the blank pieces, but the bag is very thin and can easily bend or tear. The bag is also too small to accommodate the metal pieces, so you'll need to store the metal pieces in a separate container.

Metal Stamping Kit with Hammer and Steel Bench Block, 36 Piece Punch Set - Letter Stamps for Metal, Jewelry, Wood, Leather & More

Crutello Metal Stamping Kit with Hammer and Bench Steel Block, 36 Piece Punch Set

by Crutello

NO REBOUND STEEL BENCH BLOCK - Crutello's 2x2 Steel Stamping Block Features Non-Skid Rubber Feet to Absorb Shock, Stay in Place, and Create a Solid Surface to Work on, Resulting in Clean, Accurate Strikes!

The Crutello 36-Piece Metal Stamping Kit with Hammer and Steel Bench Block is a terrific value. The set provides 36 letter and number stamps (20 blanks and 12 letters). The stamps are well made, and they make beautiful, professional-looking jewelry. The set comes with a nice wooden bench block that makes it easy to hold the stamp in place while you punch. The stamps are easy to load into the bench block, though it's a little difficult to load all the letters at once. The letters a little too small (too tiny), and the numbers aren't great, either, but this isn't a problem if you're just stamping jewelry. The stamps are a little expensive, but this is a very high-quality set, and it's well worth the money.

Flat Back Crystals Setter Metal Stamping Punches Kit Includes 3 Pieces Jewelry Metal Stamping Tool for DIY, 1.8 mm, 2.5 mm, 4 mm and 1500 Pieces Multi Colored Rhinestones Crystals

Zhehao Flat Back Crystals Setter Metal Stamping Punches Kit 3 Includes Pieces Jewelry Metal Stamping Tool for DIY

by Zhehao

Rich combination: you will receive a total of 1500 pieces flat back crystals in 3 sizes and 12 randomly packed colors, each size accounts for 500 pieces, as well as 3 pieces jewelry metal stamping tools in corresponding sizes, rich combination allows you to fully inspire your imagination and creativity to make more crafts; There may be missing colors, but that doesn't affect use

The Flat Back Metal Stamping Punches Kit includes 3 different sizes of metal stamping punches, 1.8 mm, 2.5 mm, and 4 mm, and 1500 pieces of multi colored rhinestones crystals. The stamping punch is made of stainless steel, with a thick head that can punch strong metal objects. The rhinestones crystals are flat on the back, with adhesive on the back, so that they can stick well on metal surfaces, and they can also be fixed with glue. The stamping punch and rhinestone crystals are both well-constructed and well designed, and you can use them to make DIY jewelry, decorate your pet's toys, or make unique gifts. The kit is also helpful to make a personalized metal stamp. The stamping punch comes with 1.8 mm, 2.5 mm, and 4 mm drill bits, so you can adjust the size according to the material you punch. The kit comes with 1500 pieces of multi colored rhinestones crystals, and they come in well matched colors. The rhinestones crystals are shiny in appearance, and they can reflect different colors of lights, which make them more attractive. The kit is very easy to use. The back of the stamping punch has a built-in anti-rust coating, and it can be used repeatedly. The rhinestones crystals are easy to stick on metal surfaces, and the adhesive on the back sticks well on metal surfaces. The kit is also environmentally friendly, because it does not contain lead or cadmium. The kit is very affordable, and the price is much lower than the price of individual pieces.

BESTNULE Metal Stamping Kit, Number and Letter Stamp Set (A-Z, 0-9 and

BESTNULE Metal Stamping Kit


Industrial Grade: Made of industrial grade hardened carbon steel metal Characters, last over 10,000 strikes. Using premium Chrome Vanadium steel that's been differential heat treated to achieve optimal performance and durability. The sandblasted surface makes it feel more comfortable and shiny. In addition, we also apply a layer of anti-rust oil on the steel print, please do not be surprised when you receive the product, the anti-rust oil will make the product better stored.

The BESTNULE Metal Stamping Kit is a fantastic kit for anyone who's into crafting, or who works with metal on a regular basis. The kit comes with 38 pieces, including 26 uppercase letters (A through Z), 10 numbers (0-9) and &, and 4 blank aluminum hangtags. The stamps are made of hardened carbon steel, so they're built to last. The letters all have unique indents, so you can easily distinguish them from each other. The kit comes with three accessories: 1) 4 blank aluminum hangtags; 2)1 BESTNULE Simple Strike Metal Stamping Jig, which is an easy-grip stamp holder that makes metal stamping easy; 3) an industrial grade wipe for cleaning up metal stamps. The stamps themselves are very sharp, so they're easy to pick up. The stamps are also very durable, so they're unlikely to dull over time.

Metal Stamping Kit, 64 Piece Punch Set - Number & Letter Stamps for Metal, Jewelry, Wood, Leather & More

Crutello Metal Stamping Kit, Piece 64 Punch Set

by Crutello

BASIC SANS SERIF FONT - Add a Personalized Touch to Your Creations! These Metal Stamps Feature a Clear and Clean Sans Serif Font, Perfect for Creating Beautiful Handmade Jewelry or Beautiful Family Keepsakes.

After using the Crutello Metal Stamping Kit (64 Piece Punch Set) for almost a year now, I can report that it has held up wonderfully, and it's still working fine. The set comes with all 64 punches, including 26 uppercase letters, 26 lowercase letters, 8 number punches, and a storage case, and it's perfect for stamping on metal, wood, plastic, leather, aluminum, and more. The punches are 3mm wide, so they work well with 1/8" thick materials, like metal, and the metal punches have a 1/8" square shank, so they're compatible with most stamp presses. The set is durable and has been very durable for me, and I haven't dropped or misplaced any of the punches. The only negative is that the number 1 and 9 are the same punch, and the number 6 and 7 are interchangeable, so sometimes it can be hard to tell which number you're punching, but I've managed to learn it by trial and error. The set also comes with a handy guide that shows which letter goes in which hole, and it's easy to read.


The MULSAME 37 pcs. Metal Stamping Kit with 1/8" Number & Capital Letters is a sturdy, well-designed kit that is ideal for beginners or seasoned jewelry makers. It comes with everything you need to start stamping or to add to your existing stamping kit. The uppercase 26pc. stamp letters (A-Z), 9pcs. number (0-9), reverse 6pcs. can be used as 9,1pc. symbols and 1pc.symbol( ). The 1/8" square shank metal stamps fit most jewelry tools, including Axes, Anvils and Hammers. The 1/4" squares in this tool also fit the 1/8" square shank metal stamps from other brands. The MULSAME 37 pcs. Metal Stamping Kit with 1/8" Number & Capital Letters even comes with its own case, so you can keep your stamps organized and ready to be used.

100 Pieces Stainless Steel Flat Washer, Round Metal Gasket, Stamping Blanks, Screw Fastener Kit, Standard Hardware Tools for Washing Machine Hole

Hotop 100 Pieces Steel Stainless Flat Washer

by Hotop

Match with screws: the flat washers can evenly distribute the pressure of the fastener head, effectively prevent damage to the material as well as reduce the chance of the nut loosening from an uneven surface, practical accessory in daily life

The flat washers, or round gaskets, from Huadong are a great buy. Made of sturdy aluminum, these washers have a tough enough surface to hammer, texture, pierce, stamp, and ink, and they're also durable enough for use outdoors. These stamping blanks have an inner diameter of 0.39 inches, and an outer diameter of 0.78 inches. The flat washers have a thickness of 0.06 inches, and are 0.39 inches wide. The washers come 100 pieces per packet, and the packet is small enough to fit in your wallet or pocket. The stamping blanks are easy to hammer, so you can start stamping your own jewelry right away. These washers are great as DIY jewelry supplies. You can hammer the flat washers into pendants, charms, keychains, and more. These washers are versatile, and can be used for jewelry, and crafting projects, as well as for fixing various hardware and toolboxes. You can also use these washers as washers for fasteners, screws, and bolts.

Flat Back Crystal Setter Metal Stamping Punches Kit 5 Jewelry Metal Stamping Tool 1700 Multi-color Rhinestones 30 Round Stamping Blank Tags 30 Rectangle Stamping Bar Pendant for DIY Bracelet Necklace

Aliyaduo Flat Back Crystal Setter Metal Stamping Punches Kit 5 Jewelry Metal Stamping Tool 1700 Rhinestones Multi-color 30 Round Stamping Blank Tags 30 Rectangle Stamping Bar Pendant for DIY Bracelet Necklace

by stream store

The jewelry metal stamping tool is easy to use, just point the stamping tool at the metal tag, and punch a hole, then fix or insert the flat back crystal inside the hole with adhesive or glue, you will get a stylish pendant. The metal jewelry stamping kit can bring you pleasant visual enjoyment, which can add luster to your objects and make them distinctive from other crafts.

The Flat Back Crystal Setter Metal Stamping Punches Kit 5 Jewelry Metal Stamping Tool 1700 Multi-color Rhinestones 30 Round Stamping Blank Tags 30 Rectangle Stamping Bar Pendant for DIY Bracelet Necklace is an affordable and versatile kit for DIY jewelry making. It's perfect for making DIY jewelry for your friends, family, kids or others in daily gathering and parties, and enriching your holiday life. The metal stamping blanks are in the shape of round, rectangle and bar, and the square, circular and rectangular stamps are suitable for making signs, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, key chains, bag pendants, sweater chain pendants, ornaments, and more. You can stamp simple and meaningful words or patterns as presents, meeting your various needs. The rhinestones come in 12 colors, and each color has 1700 pieces of mixed colored crystals, meeting your various needs. The tweezers are in black, which are suitable for picking up rhinestones, and the storage box is of good quality, convenient for you to store and take out various metal stamping punches and rhinestones. The kit is an affordable and versatile kit for DIY jewelry making, and it's suitable for children over 14 years old.

UHAPEER Metal Stamping Kit, Jewelry Stamping Kit for DIY Making Bracelet Kit, Ring, Number and Letter Metal Stamping Bundle with 4 Keychain Kits, 63 Metal Stamps, Metal Bench Block Brass Hammer Set

UHAPEER Metal Stamping Kit


Easy to get started: This is a complete set of professional art font punch set, but it is very easy to master the usage. The ergonomic punching hammer is easier to operate, and it feels comfortable and not heavy. The auxiliary stamp holder can help you fix the metal stamp and make a clean and accurate sign without worrying about hand shaking. Metal blanks for stamping jewelry can be practiced many times. The tools metal stamping bundle is very friendly to beginners.

The prices of jewelry stamping kits vary widely, so it's best to shop around before deciding on one. The UHAPEER metal stamping kit is reasonably priced and is well-made. It is comfortable to use, and the stamps are sturdy and sharp. The bench is well-made, and the metal stamps are easy to use. The stamps come with their own anvils and striking mallets, so you don't need to purchase separate tools. The various sizes of the stamps make this kit very versatile, and you can use the stamps on rings, pendants, pendants, bracelets, brooches, anklets, and other jewelry. The engraving on the stamps is sharp, making it easy to create professional-looking stamped jewelry. The kit contains 63 stamps, and it comes with 4 keychains, so you can make a total of 8 jewelry items. The keychains are cute and practical, and the stamps are perfect for making cute enamel charms. The kit also comes with 4 metal stamping blanks. These blanks are handy for practicing before stamping your jewelry. The kit includes 1 auxiliary stamping fixture, which is useful when stamping a ring. This accessory makes it easy to punch the ring in the correct position. Overall, the UHAPEER jewelry stamping kit is versatile, and it's durable and easy to use.

Metal Stamping Kit 36pcs, 1/4 inch(6mm) Number and Capital Letter Stamp Set, A~Z & 0~9, Punch Kit for Metal, Leather Crafting, Wood, Jewelry Making

CROSARCE Metal Stamping Kit 36pcs


HIGH STRENGTH All stamps are made of high-quality chrome vanadium steel to improve strength and hardness. These properties reduce the wear of stamping tools and ensure they are durable.

Metal stamping is a fun hobby or craft, and this kit makes it very easy to get started. The stamps are of good quality, and the set is a bargain for the price. All 36 of the stamps are 1/4-inch tall, so they're big enough to make an impression, but small enough that you can use them to make detailed patterns without interfering with the detail of your project. The set is small enough to store in a drawer or on a shelf, but large enough to hold enough tools to get started. The only complaint we have is that the stamps aren't all the same size, so some stamps are taller than others. This shouldn't pose any problems, but it's something to be aware of.


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