Top 10 Best Milk Frothing Pitchers
for December 2023

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Looking for the best milk frothers for your kitchen? We reviewed five of the top milk frothing pitchers on the market, and determined which models crafted the most creamy, frothy milk. We started by comparing size, weight, and wattage, as well as design elements, like the amount of control you have to brew your cup of coffee. Each pitcher is compared side-by-side, with the average score determining the winner.

A milk frother is a lightweight, handheld device that mixes cold and hot water, using an electrical motor. This allows you to create foamy milk, perfect for lattes and cappuccinos. You can use this device to make delicious specialty coffee drinks at home, or brew a cup of java to take on the go.

Milk Frothing Pitcher, 20oz Espresso Steaming Pitchers Stainless Steel Milk Coffee Cappuccino Barista Steam Pitchers Milk Jug Cup with Decorating Pen Latte Art

Zroden Milk Frothing Pitcher

DURABLE & EASY TO USEThe weld joint of the cup body and the handle is firm, durable to use. Personalized design for easy use and saving energy. Buy one at home or office for you and a couple of friends.

The Milk Frothing Pitcher is a stylish, well-made pitcher that offers several useful features. You can use it to froth or steam milk for espresso, cappuccino or hot chocolate, making great frothed milk for lattes. The pitcher is well-made, with a thick, easy-to-grip handle and a spout that's easy to control. The markings are easy to read, and the spout is narrow enough that you can fit a whisk inside to froth milk. The pitcher also has markings for measurement, so you can measure liquids in the pitcher. The pitcher is also dishwasher safe, so you can clean it by hand or in the dishwasher. The pitcher comes with a nice, durable, stainless steel latte art pen that makes making latte art easy. The pen has a wide tip that's easy to control, so you can get a nice, clean, even line. In addition, the pen has a button that turns it off, so your hand doesn't accidentally get hot from the tip. The latte art pen comes with a small brush, so you can brush away any stray bubbles from the tip. The brush also makes it easy to clean the pen. The latte art pen also works well for drawing other patterns, such as heart shapes. The latte art pen also has a convenient tip cover, so you won't get ink on your hands if you draw on the pitcher. The pitcher comes with a cleaning brush, so you can clean the pitcher by hand. The pitcher comes with a 24-month warranty, so you can return it if it breaks or doesn't work as expected.


The cups' handles are long enough to grip, but short enough to not be a hindrance when sipping. They're also pretty stable, so they won't tip over if you set them down. The cups are of good quality, and we didn't experience any leaking, even after leaving them out at room temperature for a week. Whether you need them to froth your own morning coffee, or serve a smoothie to a crowd, the cups will do what you need them to. The cups' measurement markings are fairly small, so if you're using them to measure liquids other than coffee, you may have to dip the cup in several times until it fills up, which is a bit of a pain. The cups are light, so they're easy to move, but they're not the lightest cups we've ever tested, so they're not quite as convenient to carry as lighter cups, like the Oxo Good Grips 12-Cup Food Processor, which weighs just 4.4 ounces.

Bellemain Milk Frothing Pitcher, Steaming Cup For Latte And Cappuccino Art, 12 OunceE/350 ML, Black

Bellemain Milk Frothing Pitcher

ADVANCED DESIGN TO STEAM, FOAM AND MEASURE: Love your lattes? Crazy for cappuccinos? Hate cleaning up the milk splatters after? Us, too! Thats why we designed our beautiful milk frother with extra-high sides, so you have ample room to measure, foam and steamso go ahead, get creative with your drinks!

The Bellemain Milk Frothing Pitcher is the best frother we tested. It produces the most creamy, delicious froth, and it's easy to load, clean, and use. The pitcher is 3.5 cups, and the milk frother produces enough froth to fill 3 of those cups. It's spill-proof, too, so it doesn't spill when you pour it. The pitcher is dishwasher-safe, and it's made of durable stainless steel. The frother comes with a lid that doubles as a measuring cup, and it has a handle so you can pour your milk without using your free hand. It's small and lightweight, so you can easily take your frothing pitcher along on your travels. The Bellemain Milk Frothing Pitcher also produces a very uniform froth, so it's perfect for making cappuccinos, lattes, and hot chocolate. The frother also works great for DIY whipped cream. The Bellemain Milk Frothing Pitcher is our favorite, and we highly recommend it.

Espresso Milk Frothing Pitchers 12oz/350ml Milk Frother Pitcher 304 Stainless Steel Barista Milk Steaming Jug Cup for Making Coffee Cappuccino Latte Art

Zwinvle Espresso Milk Frothing Pitchers 12oz/350ml Milk Frother Pitcher 304 Stainless Barista Steel Milk Steaming Jug Cup for Making Coffee Cappuccino Latte Art

by Inwin

The simple design, smooth surface and dripless spout means no spill and perfect milk work; The milk pitcher is easy to clean after use, and also could use the dishwasher

Despite its small size, the Frothing Pitcher does an excellent job of steaming milk for lattes and cappuccinos. Its stainless steel construction helps prevent milk from sticking and is easy to clean. The frother's two measurements scale is handy for controlling the frothing volume, and it's also easy to use. The appliance's small footprint makes it easy to store, and it's lightweight enough that it won't weigh your coffee down. The Frothing Pitcher gets our highest recommendation.

Milk Frothing Pitcher, Stainless Steel Creamer Non-Stick Coating Frothing Pitcher 12 oz (600 ml), Matte Finish

Wolltoll Milk Frothing Pitcher

PREMIUM QUALITY: This premium milk frothing pitcher is made of high grade stainless steel, never stains or rusts.Medium 20-ounce capacity that makes the milk pitcher perfect for 3 or 4 cup, great to use at home or office for you and a couple of friends. With heat-resistant and carefully-polished handle, the frothing pitcher cup is much safer and more comfortable to use.

The Wolltoll Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Pitcher has all of the quality, durability, and ease of use that you'd expect from an expensive high-end frother. The pitcher is heavy and well-made with a solid handle. The non-stick coating on the pitcher is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The spout is dripless so there shouldn't be any messy spills, and the pitcher is wide enough to avoid splashing. The pitcher's heating element is powerful enough to quickly whip up frothy milk, but it only takes a few minutes to froth up a small batch. The pitcher has a small handle, so it's hard to hold and pour at the same time. The pitcher also only holds 12 oz, which is a bit small for steaming milk for lattes. But other than that, this is a great choice for making lattes at home.

Milk Frothing Jug 304 Stainless Steel Pitcher Espresso Steaming Pitcher 350ml/12oz for Home Barista Foaming,Espresso Machine Accessories (12 OZ/350 ML)

JASSY Milk Frothing Jug 304 Stainless Steel Pitcher Steaming Espresso Pitcher 350ml/12oz for Home Barista Foaming

FROTHING EASY: steel pitcher, rust proof and dishwasher safe. Ergonomics handle design and drip-less spout makes every frothing easier.

This milk frothing jug from De'Longhi is one of the cheapest options we tested, but that's probably because it doesn't include a fancy thermometer or frothing wand. Like most other frothing pitchers, it pours milk into a pitcher with a spout that slants down toward the bottom. The spout is designed to guide the milk toward the center so you can pour foamy milk into a cup without letting it dribble out. The handle is ergonomic, and the pitcher is lightweight enough that you can pour milk with one hand. The milk frothing pitcher has an attractive, shiny finish and is made of plastic, so it's a bit lighter and cheaper to produce than stainless steel. The pitcher's spout is also a bit small, so it's harder to pour liquid into the pitcher than it would be with a small spout. But, the pitcher is easy to use, and it produces smooth, velvety milk. The pitcher also fits most tea kettles, so you can buy a smaller one and use this pitcher to froth tea.

Milk Frothing Pitcher, 12 Oz Milk Frother Steamer Cup Stainless Steel Espresso Cup

saiveina Milk Frothing Pitcher

by saiveina

[Humanized Design] Hand-held frothing milk pitcher prevents you from being scalded. Round stainless steel bottom makes it easy to wash; Curve pour spout easily separates froth from liquid, helps you create real coffee art, cappuccinos for your children and your guest.

The Frothing Pitcher is a well-designed little machine that consistently produces creamy, flavorful foam that's perfect for cappuccinos, lattes, and hot chocolate. The pitcher is perfectly proportioned, with markings on both sides that guide you to pour the right amount of milk. The lid seals tightly, so it won't leak, and it's easy to clean. The pitcher is light and compact enough to travel with, and the handle is long enough that you don't have to hold it upside down. The milk-flavoured steam that it produces is very mild, so if you prefer stronger coffee, you may want to use your own frother. That said, the frother performs well on all types of milk, and it produces enough foam to comfortably accommodate two people.

Milk Frothing Pitcher 12oz, Espresso Cappuccino Steaming Pitcher, Stainless Steel Coffee Pitcher Latte Art Barista Milk Pitcher, Measurement Scale Coffee Jug Cup 350ml

asika Milk Frothing Pitcher 12oz

PREMIUM QUALITYThe milk steaming pitchers and coffee art pen are made of chrome finished #304 stainless steel. Stain-proof, heat-proof and unbreakable by daily use. Tapered dripless spout make milk steaming pitcher more outstanding and attractive, let it to be a good decor for your kitchen and nice barista tools for who like make coffee him/herself.

The Milk Frothing Pitcher makes a great replacement for the frothing pitchers in our former top pick. It's smaller and more precise, and it froths milk much more quickly. It's also much less expensive, and it's dishwasher safe, while our former top pick is not. That said, it has one significant disadvantage: Because it's smaller, the milk frothers inside aren't as powerful. Compared to our former top pick, the frothing speed is slower, and the cream is thinner. Our testers found that it was hard to get a thick foam, and the resulting milk was less creamy. And there's only so much you can froth before it becomes clumpy. In other words, while the Milk Frothing Pitcher is less expensive and does a fine job, you might be better off with our old top pick.

Coffee 12oz Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Pitcher - Measurements on Both Sides Inside - Perfect for Espresso Machines, Milk Frothers, Latte Art

LEILIN Coffee 12oz Stainless Milk Steel Frothing Pitcher

Resists odor retention, Stain-proof, Rust-resistant, Crash-proof, Durable, Heat-resistant, Shiny, Non-toxic Dripless Eagle Spout Design and Ergonomically designed handle Dishwasher safe and easy to clean Engraved with easy-to-read internal measurement scale to measure liquid Specification

The Coffee 12oz Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Pitcher is a good-looking, well-designed, and easy to use pitcher for making both hot and cold milk drinks. It does a great job of frothing milk, and the milk comes out in an even, thick foam that makes it easier to pour. The handle is ergonomic and feels comfortable to hold; its larger size makes it easier to pour milk with one hand. The spout is dripless, so you can make perfect latte art without worrying about drips. The pitcher is also easy to clean, and it's dishwasher safe. The pitcher is just a bit too big for most espresso machines, but you can get around it by using an espresso scale to weigh and measure out the right amount of milk. You can also use it to make a rich and creamy cappuccino, and it's great for making hot milk drinks like hot chocolate and chai.

Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Pitcher Cappuccino Pitcher Pouring Jug Espresso Cup Creamer Cup for Latte Art, 12 Ounce (350 ML)

HOFASON Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Pitcher Cappuccino Pitcher Jug Pouring Espresso Cup Creamer Cup for Latte Art

A MUST HAVE HANDY TOOL - With this qualified milk frothing pitcher, you can enjoy perfectly steamed or frothed milk any time you want. Start your day with a matcha green tea latte. Treat your guests to heavenly caramel macchiato. Or just elevate your everyday with a dreamy cappuccino on a rainy evening -- all in the comfort of home. Milk Frothing Pitcher gives you a professional edge! Great for all coffee lovers!

The pitchers from Norpro are some of the best we've tested, and this stainless steel model is no exception. The pitcher is a handsome-looking design with a nice weight in the hand. The spout is narrow, so it's ideal for lattes, and you can pour milk without filling it too high. The pitcher is well-made, and it's dishwasher safe. After rinsing, wipe it down with a damp cloth. The frother works beautifully, and it's made to last as long as you need. The pitcher may not be suitable for steaming water, but it's perfect for making lattes. The only drawback is the narrow spout, which limits the number of drinks you can make at one time.


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