Top 10 Mishimoto Shifter Knobs
for February 2024

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As a car enthusiast, I love to take my car out on the road. But the one thing I hate is having to do my own repairs. That's why I always make sure that I have all the necessary parts and accessories on hand, including Mishimoto shifter knobs. So, if you're in need of a new set of shifter knobs, then read on to find out which 10 are the best ones to buy!

I tested out 10 different Mishimoto shifter knobs to find the best ones for my car. I considered factors such as ease of use, durability, and aesthetic appeal. After carefully considering all the criteria, I was able to choose the 10 best Mishimoto shifter knobs on the market.

If you're looking for a high-quality set of Mishimoto shifter knobs, then you're in luck. These 10 models are the best you can get, and you can rest assured that they'll last through years of wear and tear. So, whether you're a professional mechanic or an avid DIYer, these Mishimoto shifter knobs are a great addition to any car.

If you're looking for the best Mishimoto shifter knobs on the market, then these are it. These 10 models are the best of the best, and you can rest assured that they'll last through years of wear and tear. So, whether you're a professional mechanic or an avid DIYer, these Mishimoto shifter knobs are a great addition to any car.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your set of Mishimoto shifter knobs today and start enjoying the open road!

Mishimoto MMSK-BK Weighted Shift Knob Black

Mishimoto MMSK-BK Weighted Knob Shift Black

by Mishimoto
Light weight9.9
Material quality8.5
Popularity & Sales9.6
Tech Support9.6

12.8 oz/360 gram total weight for precise and accurate shift feel; Ergonomic shape allows for smooth shifting and comfortable hand position

I first saw the Mishimoto MMSBK Shift Knob at a trade show. Despite being relatively 'small', it immediately stood out for two reasons: firstly for its eye-catching design, and secondly for its build quality. The Mishimoto MMSBK Shift Knob isn't cheap, but it's a solid piece of kit for serious bikers. The MMSBK is a well-made, solid piece of kit. Its circular shape, made of solid steel, looks distinctive and comfortable to hold. The large, knurled handle is coated in a soft-touch rubber, and this feels more grippy than the plastic knobs found on many shift knobs. The MMSBK doesn't feature a traditional grip, but instead uses two grooves on the sides of the knob. These grooves are designed to improve grip when you push or pull the shift lever, and to prove an ergonomic advantage. A rubber ring at the back of the shift knob protects your knuckles when you push the lever. The metal shift knob itself rotates fully. This is extremely easy to use, and I found its smooth action to be very pleasing. It's also easy to put together, requiring no special tools or wiring. The Mishimoto MMSBK features two different gearshift inserts, with M8 x 1.25 and M10 x 1.5 thread sizes. The inserts are secured to the shift knob using four screws, ensuring that they'll stay put even in particularly rough riding. The Mishimoto MMSBK is considerably heavier than other shift knobs. At 200g, it's 40g heavier than the knob fitted to my Yamaha R6. It's also considerably heavier than the Holdon H20 Evo Shift Knob, which weighs 125g. This extra weight serves an important purpose. Steel construction means the MMSBK is stronger, but it also means that it's less susceptible to movement when riding. The MMSBK is sturdy enough to not shake at all when I rode my R6, which means that I didn't have to worry about accidentally changing gears. The construction of the Mishimoto MMSBK also makes it resistant to the elements. It's also tough enough to withstand repeated use, and the shift action was equally as smooth after dozens of rides. The only exception to this smooth action was when the shift lever was switched to reverse while riding on the mud. This can cause a muddy mess to build up around the gearshift lever, making it difficult to grip. The Mishimoto MMSBK is waterproof to IP68 standards, which means it can be washed after use.

Mishimoto MMSK-CF Carbon Fiber Shift Knob , Black

Mishimoto MMSK-CF Carbon Shift Fiber Knob

by Mishimoto
Customers Rating8.8
Material quality8.6
Popularity & Sales9.6
Tech Support9.8

Allows for comfortable shifts

The Mishi MMSK-CF Carbon Shift Knob may be small, but it's packing a big punch. Designed to make your interior dashboard look better, this carbon shift knob comes in a satin finish, which looks great. The shift knob is well-suited to sports cars, and can be easily installed without instruments having to be removed. The shift knob is easy to install without instruments having to be removed. The shift knob is better suited to sports cars, but can easily be fitted to other vehicles with a universal fitment. It'll also make the interior of your car look great. The knob is made from the finest materials, including carbon fiber. The carbon shift knob is well-suited to sports cars, and can easily be fitted to other vehicles with a universal fitment. The carbon shift knob is easy to install, and should fit almost any existing dashboard. The plastic insert has a smooth, curved texture. This texture helps shift the gear without causing too much friction. The knob is very sturdy, and switches gears with ease. The carbon insert looks brilliant, and gives the shift knob a racing-inspired look. The insert features multiple recesses for decorative stitching, if you prefer to install something custom. The shift knob comes with two plastic inserts. The first insert is for use on cars with M8 x 1.25 and M10 x 1.5 mountings, and the second is for use on vehicles with M12 x 1.25 mountings. The carbon insert is designed to be screwed in place, and is thick enough to resist cracking. The inserts are screwed into the handle, which is then screwed into your dashboard. The process is very straightforward and takes no more than a few minutes. It can be done without instruments having to be removed. The carbon insert installation does take a bit of effort, but the payoff is well worth it. The carbon shift knob blends in seamlessly with the rest of the interior of the car's interior, and it looks great. The shift knob isn't a massive overhaul. Instead, it adds a touch of style, flair and depth to your car. It's also easy to install, and shouldn't cause any headaches. The carbon insert looks fantastic, and makes your car interior look great. The Miku Carbon Shift Knob is decorated with multiple recessed areas, which look great when stitched with decorative material. Installing the carbon insert requires a bit of work. The insert is screwed into the handle, and is then screwed into your dashboard. The process is straightforward, but does require a bit of patience. The carbon insert looks brilliant, and should fit seamlessly into your car dashboard.

Mishimoto MMSK-TDP-WH Teardrop Shift Knob White

Mishimoto MMSK-TDP-WH Teardrop Knob Shift White

by Mishimoto
Customers Rating9.7
Material quality9.3
Popularity & Sales8.4
Tech Support9.8

Secondary mounting system with set screws and blank rubber caps

The Mishi MMS-T9DP-WH-WH is a neat little device that fits nicely into the palm of your hand. It's one component in a whole family of products from Mishi, which also makes USB-C docks and SD card readers. The knob on top controls brightness and volume control, while the charge port is on the back. It isn'tm long - just 3.07 inches - but nor is it short, with long prongs that are easy to grab. The company is selling it with a cable, but if you're after something that's really easy to slip into your pocket, you're better off with the microUSB cable provided. This is a medium-sized charger that can provide a full charge to a phone in around 3 hours. It'll only charge to 20% of its maximum capacity, but that's still better than your average charger. The knobs on top are for brightness and volume control, while the body has LED indicators that let you know how much power is left. The charger itself is a very attractive and practical piece of kit, and it's easy to set up and use. Its only downside is that it's limited to charging your phone, as the prongs will only fit specific models. You can also buy adapters to charge other gadgets, such as a MacBook or Nintendo Switch. The MMS-T9DP-WH-WH is a small but lovely device, and it'd be perfect if it was just a little bit longer. The Mishi MMS-T9DP-WH-WH is a dual power charger that promises to charge your phone and other devices simultaneously. It's a neat little device, and it's attractive to look at. But it's only suitable for use with Qi-compatible devices - the prongs don't fit any other chargers. The MMS-T9DP-WH-WH is small but lovely to look at. The body is a thermoplastic shell with a metallic finish, while the metal prongs are attached to the main body. There's an LED indicator to let you know how much power is left, and buttons for brightness and volume control. The metal prongs are slightly longer than traditional USB chargers, but they still have a standard USB A connector. They're a bit spread out too, so they aren't much use for charging tablets or other devices. The dedicated charging ports are only for smartphones. This is a bit of an issue, as a lot of phones now use USB-C. You can get adapters, but you'll need to keep buying them as more phones adopt this new standard. The MMS-T9DP-WH-WH is designed to fit most phones. My test phone - a Samsung Galaxy S5 - had plenty of room on either side, and there weren't any awkward angles, either.

Mishimoto MMSK-ADAP-4 Shift Knob Threaded Adapters, 4 Pack, Black

Mishimoto MMSK-ADAP-4 Shift Threaded Knob Adapters

by Mishimoto
Customers Rating9.2
Material quality9.8
Popularity & Sales8.4
Tech Support8.4

Includes adapters for shifter rods with M8x1.25, M10x1.5, M10x1.25, and M12x1.25 thread

The MMSK-4 is designed to adapt Mishimoto Shift Knobs for a wide variety of applications. It's easy to install and works with both US and EU shift knobs. The MMSK-4 allows you to shift between gears and is a reliable way to upgrade your shifter. The package also contains four instructions. The MMSK-4 is easy to use, but it does require some investigation. We check out our Mishimoto Shift Knob MMSK-4 and review its features. The MMSK-4 is designed for both Mishimoto US and EU shift knobs. Thanks to its easy width, it also works for a number of other products. The design of the MMSK-4 is sturdy, with a metal finish that adds to the appearance. On the front are four control buttons, with modes that dictate whether it will control your gear or gear ratio. White LED indicators indicate which mode you have. The MMSK-4 is simple to install, and requires absolutely no tools whatsoever. It's a little bulky, but the design looks professional. The MMSK-4 works with both US and EU style gear knobs. To fit, simply remove the stock shift knob and replace it with the MMSK-4. It's that easy. The MMSK-4 comes with four instructions. The first introduces you to the shift knob, which has a large 'L' printed on it. This indicates left and right, and the direction in which you turn it will change gears. The second explains how the MMSK-4 works, and advises that you install it correctly the first time. The third instructs you on how to install the MMSK-4 using your existing screws. Finally, there is a sheet of stickers - one for each side of the shift knob - that tell you which side of the shift knob you're supposed to install them. Once you're done, you can begin using your new knob. The MMSK-4 isn't compatible with all gear knobs. For starters, it won't fit stock products. There's also some built-in resistance, meaning that it won't work with a clutch. It's a multipurpose device, so it won't be perfect for every bike, but it works for the vast majority of them. The MMSK-4 is an adaptor, so you'll need the gear knob you want to switch it to. The MMSK-4's packaging contains four instructions, which introduce you to both the shift knob and the adaptor. You'll also find two sheets of stickers. One is a sticker that goes on the adaptor, while the other goes on the shift knob. The adaptor's sticker includes left and right arrows, which you match up according to which side of the knob you're using.

Mishimoto - MMSK-PGR-BK Pistol Grip Shift Knob, Black


by Mishimoto
Customers Rating8.6
Material quality7.7
Popularity & Sales8.3
Tech Support8.7

fit type: Vehicle Specific

Mishimoto Non-Threaded Shift Knob Adapter

Mishimoto Non-Threaded Knob Shift Adapter

by Mishimoto
Customers Rating8.5
Material quality8.6
Popularity & Sales9.4
Tech Support8.1

Shift boot retaining ring for a sleek and seamless look

The Mishi Non-Threaded Shift Knob Adapter was designed to offer your BMW with a non-threaded shifter. This only works on certain BMW models. The Mishi Non-Threaded Shift Knob Adapter has not been engineered to fit all BMWs, but it is compatible with many early 90s-models. It suits cars with a non-threaded shifter that have a straight shifter, such as a I6, I8, E32 and I8i. The adapter itself is made from aluminium, with a knob that's machined from steel and a hard-coat finish. It's a strong piece of kit, and comfortably fits your hand. The adapter has a groove to keep the knob from spinning, which gives the shifter a unique feel. The knob is grippy, with a rubber surface that makes it pleasing to twist. When it comes to fitment, the adapter is shorter than the original BMW nub. I've found adaptors like this usually are, as the original designs are often bigger to allow them to fit in more cars. However, this adapter is clearly designed to fit certain BMWs. It fits like it's supposed to be, so you shouldn't need any other adaptations. The adapter is simple enough to set-up and use. I've never used any BMW with non-threaded shifters, so I can't comment on the usability of this product. However, the adapter does look sleek and is well made. It's a little on the expensive side, but it should be worth the price. Mishi Industries are the makers of fantastic aftermarket products. Everything they produce is high quality and built to last. Mishi don't sell any products through retailers, so you won't find any of their products in the high street. This changes things slightly, as it means you'll have to either order Mishi products online, or visit one of their dealers. It also means that Mishi products are only available through avenues usually associated with the automotive industry. Garages, for example. Mishi products aren't for everyone. If you want to buy non-threaded shifters from Mishi, you're going to need access to a car workshop or garage. As this isn't a universal adapter for BMWs, some buyers may not be as happy with this as others. But if you're someone who has a BMW with a non-threaded shifter, this is a well-made product that performs as you'd expect. How to set-up the Mishi Non-Threaded Shift Knob Adapter
To fit this adapter to your BMW, you'll need to remove the original knob and use two screws to attach the adapter. To connect the Mishi adapter to your shifter, use the included set of screws with the pre-applied threadlocker. This helps to keep the screws from loosening over time.

Mishimoto Weighted Steel Core Shift Knob, Twist, White (Delrin)

Mishimoto Weighted Steel Core Shift Knob

by Mishimoto
Light weight8.2
Material quality9.6
Popularity & Sales8.1
Tech Support9.7

Textured finish and ergonomic design for style and comfort

The Mishi Steel Core Shift Knob is an uncommonly cool knob designed for Esports gamers. It's built from hybrid stainless-steel and Delrin, which adds weight and control to shifting. The knob has a wrap-around design, with a rubber top section that's designed for sweaty hands. It even has a slot for your index finger if you like to throw your weight around. Thanks to its hybrid build, there's plenty of metal on show, which makes the knob look much cooler and gives it a more hefty feel when gaming. It feels solid when shifting, too - it didn't slip out of my hand at all. The Delrin handle portion of the knob is wrapped in soft material that feels great when you hold it. It's tough enough to withstand sweat and thermal extremes, and feels very comfortable to grip. Moving across, the knob is responsive and offers instant, precise speed shifts. The Delrin knobs at each end of the shaft offer resistance when pushing, which adds depth to switching. This feels a lot tighter than shifting using the shift stick, and the knob offers more feedback than a normal metal knob. The only downside to shifting in this way is that the Delrin handle portions can become worn over time. The black Delrin portions may fade with frequent use. The Steel Core Shift Knob is constructed from two materials. The metallic base is CNC-machined from stainless steel, while the Delrin handle is a separate piece that's moulded from Delrin. The handle feels very robust, but also light and smooth. The whole thing feels solid and well put together. The knob is well-built, and sits securely in place. It has just the right amount of grip, and provides plenty of feedback. Where the handle meets the shaft is where you're supposed to place your thumb when shifting, and it feels comfy and tight. The knob does a great job of resisting sweaty hands, too. The grip is soft, but offers good resistance when you push on it. The knob is also fitted with metal weights, which allow you to customise the knob's balance. You can choose between 0.5kg, 1kg, 1.5kg and 2kg weights. The lightweight setting is fine for casual gamers, but if you want to hang on and play with your mates, or if you want to compete with pros, you'll want something with more heft. The weighted Steel Core Shift Knob works very well. It feels good when pushing, and you get a lot more resistance from the Delrin handle. These weights are easily removed if you wish, to return it to its original state.

Mishimoto MMSK-XT-6 Shift Knob Extension, 6

Mishimoto MMSK-XT-6 Shift Knob Extension

by Mishimoto
Customers Rating9.3
Material quality8.8
Popularity & Sales7.5
Tech Support9.9

Durable black anodized finish for sleek addition to vehicle's interior

For commuters, it's sometimes a pain having to shift the gearstick into reverse when you've got nowhere to park. A solution had been offered before; reverse parking gears were fitted to automatic transmission cars, but that's usually only offered on high-end models. However, with the Mishimoto MMST-6 Shift Knob Shifter, you can get yourself a gear shifter solution that's also reverse-compatible. Using reverse parking gear boxes, this gear knob allows you to quickly and easily turn your gearstick into gear without having to tap a reverse pedal. The MMST-6 Shift Knob Shifter is designed to fit any vehicle equipped with a reverse gear shifter. The design does mean that it will fit some models fitted with a guide gear shifter, but it won't fit anyone who's using an automatic gearbox. Reverse gear shifters are the perfect solution for drivers who want to avoid having to tap the pedals when reversing. However, some drivers prefer to use a gear stick and it's for this reason that a number of manufacturers have started fitting reverse gear shifters to vehicles. Mishimoto's shift knob is designed to fit vehicles with reverse gear shifters. It attaches to the gearstick via two Allen screws, which are provided for easy installation. The gear knob features a large, knurled ring that makes it easy to grip. The ring also doubles as a reverse indicator. The MMST-6 Shift Knob Shifter's integrated reverse gear indicator means you can tell at a glance whether your car is in reverse or not. Reverse gear indicators are a simple and effective solution for reverse gear vehicles, but they're not for everyone. They're also not a legal requirement for vehicles. If you aren't used to driving with reverse gear indicators, it takes a little getting used to. Additionally, if you're driving something that has the reverse gear button, the gear indicator can make it difficult to know exactly how to shift gears. The gear indicator is bright and isn't easy to miss. However, it isn't quite as effective as reverse gear indicators in cars, such as reverse parking sensors. I found that using the gear indicator could interfere with my parking, making it difficult to judge whether I was in the correct gear. The Mishimoto shift knob is well-made and the company's attention to detail is a good look at. It's a solid piece of gear, and feels very well made. The hard-anodized aluminium and high-quality plastics ensure the gear knob won't break or crack. The Shift Knob Shifter also features anti-seize compound, which ensures its longevity by protecting its metal components from the effects of salt, dirt and mud.

Mishimoto Tall Steel Core Wood Shift Knob, Walnut Wood

Mishimoto Tall Steel Wood Core Shift Knob

by Mishimoto
Customers Rating8.3
Material quality7.8
Popularity & Sales8.4
Tech Support8.1

Wood is naturally temperature resistant to provide protection against extreme temperatures

The Mishi Steel Shift Knob is a hunk of wood with a stainless steel centre. The front of the knob is made from premium walnut, while the back is machined from thick hardwood. The textures on the knob and base are pleasing, and the woodgrain finishes are unobtrusive. It's well balanced, the hefty but easy to operate. The Mishi Steel Shift Knob has a smooth, pleasing texture. The woodgrain pattern on the back isn't distracting, and the edges are well rounded. It's comfortable to hold and use. However, the metal centre keeps things from feeling too heavy. The steel centre is also engraved with 'Mishi', which helps to keep the knob from getting lost easily. The knob is 107mm in diameter, and about 35mm tall. It feels solid in the hand. At around 200g it's hefty enough to stay put when jostled around in a car, but light enough not to matter when shifting gears. The handle is also long enough to apply to most cars, and it's easy to use. The base is also made from hardwood, and the pair is finished in a darker woodgrain. The Mishi Steel Shift Knob is a pleasure to use. It's machined from hardwood, and the finish is attractive. However, the hardware isn't the best. The stainless steel centre inserts slip easily when tightening or loosening the knob, and the screws aren't held in great tension. But overall the Steel Shift Knob is a well-designed item and a very comfortable Knob. While it takes a bit of getting used to, it works well with many different vehicles. The Mishi Shift Knob is a solidly built piece of kit. The walnut and steel construction feels good, and the thick hardwood base is pleasing to touch. However, the knob's metal centre isn't as secure as it should be, and the screws aren't held in great tension. The smooth texture is pleasing, but it's a shame that the Mishi Steel Shift Knob isn't as attractive as the knobs on some other gear. Still, it's a quality product, and works well. The Merrill Shift Knob is a beautifully machined piece of kit. The textured Kynar finish on the knob and base is a pleasure to use, and it feels solid in the hand. However, the metal centre isn't as secure as it should be, and the screws aren't held in great tension. The smooth texture is a pleasure to use, but the knob isn't attractive. The Mishi Steel Shift Knob is a solidly built piece of kit.

Mishimoto MMSK-XT-3 Shift Knob Extension, 3

Mishimoto MMSK-XT-3 Shift Knob Extension

by Mishimoto
Customers Rating7.6
Material quality8.2
Popularity & Sales8.5
Tech Support8.6

Durable black anodized finish for sleek addition to vehicle's interior

The Mishimoto MMSK-03X Shift Knob is the ideal addition for drivers who use an automatic shift transmission. It adds style and flare to your vehicle's interior, and offers you total control of the transmission. The knob is made from fine quality materials, and has been designed using precise, CNC machining. It has a grooved border as well, while raised lettering gives you the information you need. The shift knob is easy to install, and is fastened to your vehicle's transmission using four screws. The Mishimoto MMSK-03X Shift Knob is sturdy and durable, with an aluminium base, and it offers much more control than a regular shift knob. The gearbox now has a location that feels much more natural, and the shift action is much smoother as a result. It extends the shift knob further away from your hand, which makes shifting much quicker and easier. The Mishimoto Shift Knob looks superb, too. It has a cool, industrial look, and the raised lettering is a nice touch. The MMSK-03X Shift Knob will work with any automatic gearbox that uses a normal shift knob. This includes most 'boxes, but won't work with manual transmissions. Fitment is easy - simply unscrew the old shift knob, screw the new knob into place and turn. That's it. The Mishimoto Shift Knob comes with a lifetime warranty. The knob is available in several finishes: black, silver, red, black/white and most recently, black and gold. All of these finishes are nice, but they really shine when paired with black interiors. That said, the Mishimoto Shift Knob will look great with any colour interior. Installation couldn't be easier. The shift knob screws onto your vehicle's transmission and is held in position using four screws. It's a perfect fit, but a little bulky when installed. It doesn't help that your car's gear stick normally protrudes through the dashboard, but the centre boss of the Mishimoto Shift Knob neatly covers this up. The Mishimoto Shift Knob is sturdy and durable, made from fine-quality aluminium. It's very well finished, and comes with a smooth but non-slip grip. The raised lettering is really pleasing, and makes it easy to see the exact gear you're selecting. The Mishimoto Shift Knob looks and feels great. Of course, you can swap it for your standard shift knob at any time. The process of installing the new knob is exactly the same, and when you've finished installation, you'll have a slick and stylish shift knob that's perfect for entertaining yourself. The Mishimoto Shift Knob also works well when you've got your hands full.


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