10 Best Motion Sensor Cameras
for December 2023

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Motion sensor cameras are a home security staple, and while most cameras are motion-activated, some models include features, like night vision and two-way audio, that make them even more useful. Motion sensor cameras work like regular security cameras, except they record only when movement is detected. Since a motion sensor camera only records when it detects motion, it doesn't need to record constantly. This saves on storage space, as well as on battery life. Plus, you can manually record videos or photos when motion is detected.

Motion sensor cameras come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. The MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab tests motion sensor cameras for performance, including motion detection, recording quality and battery life. We also evaluate how easy to set up the camera is, as well as how easy it is to use, such as how intuitive the controls are. Our top pick is the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor. This camera is easy to set up and record. It has night vision and two-way audio, as well as motion sensors that detect motion up to 30 feet away.

Teetsie Floodlight Camera Hardwired Motion Sensor Outdoor Light with 1080P WiFi Home Security Cam Alexa IP65 Waterproof 2500 lm Night Vision App for Phone 2-Way Audio Siren Alarm MicroSD/Cloud Storage

Teetsie Floodlight Camera Hardwired Motion Sensor Outdoor Light with 1080P WiFi Home Security Cam Alexa Waterproof IP65 2500 lm Night Vision App for Phone 2-Way Audio Siren Alarm MicroSD/Cloud Storage

by Teetsie

APP ENABLED FLOODLIGHT CAMERA Control the motion light with camera (outdoor) wirelessly and effectively with the iOS/Android App turn on the alarm siren manually to scare someone away (also triggered automatically by suspected movement), control the lights, and use the speaker mode to talk to people outside. Support alexa devices and ONVIF protocol.

The Teetsie Floodlight Camera is a compelling choice for those who need an outdoor security camera with floodlights, and it's also a fairly inexpensive option compared with other floodlight cameras with cameras. The Teetsie has a 2.4 GHz wifi connection, so it doesn't require a monthly subscription, and it supports full HD video at 30fps. It has 2500 lumens, which is more than many other floodlight cameras offer. Both the camera and floodlight have an IP65 weatherproof rating, so they're protected from dust and rain. The floodlight also has an infrared night vision function, so the camera works well at night. The floodlight bulb lasts 18 hours, and the camera's battery lasts 2.5 hours, so the batteries don't need to be replaced often. The floodlight's lights are bright, and the camera's camera is sharp, but the Teetsie lacks some of the photo and video quality that more expensive security cameras have, including better night vision and higher-resolution cameras. The Teetsie Floodlight Camera also has fewer features than other floodlight cameras, including no two-way audio or live video streaming, though it does have cloud storage and motion detection features. The Teetsie is easy to install and simple to use, and it supports Alexa voice commands and IFTTT.

Rreslicam Outdoor Motion Sensor Floodlight Camera,1080P Security Cam PIR Spotlight with Siren Alarm IP65 Waterproof Night Vision Motion-Activated and Two-Way Audio MicroSD/Cloud Storage Alexa White

Rreslicam Outdoor Motion Floodlight Sensor Camera

by Rreslicam

IP65 Rating Weatherproof & UV ResistanceIP65 weatherproof makes Rreslicam outdoor security floodlight cameras ideal for using outside and keeping recording in the ever-changing outdoor environment no matter rain or shine. UV resistance makes Rreslicam outdoor floodlight cameras ideal for guarding your home well even when the ultraviolet rays are particularly strong or the ambient temperature is between -4 and 113 F.

The Rreslicam outdoor motion sensor floodlight camera packs a lot of features into a relatively small package. The 1080p camera's 120-degree lens, combined with its 180-degree horizontal rotation and 135-degree vertical rotation, gives you plenty of flexibility. The 6 850nm infrared LEDs provide excellent night vision, and you can adjust the floodlight's brightness and motion sensitivity in the accompanying app. The floodlight itself has a bright spotlight and 1800 lumens, and the camera's 120-degree field of view makes sure that you never lose sight of what's going on outside. It has two-way audio, which can make it a lot easier to scare off intruders. The floodlight can shine 1800 lumens, which can be a bit too much for indoor use, and the camera's image quality is on par with those of other models in our roundup. It has two modes of operation, motion detection and heat detection, and the camera can be set to record only when motion is detected. In motion detection mode, the camera records up to 30 seconds of video each time it senses movement, and in two- or three-minute chunks if it senses movement again within 30 seconds. This can help you deter break-ins, but setting the camera to record after 30 seconds of movement in heat detection mode could be useful in spotting when someone is lurking around your yard. It also records audio, and it comes with two USB ports for connecting an external hard drive. The camera's induction range is 5-10m, which gives it good coverage, but it's a little short for backyards with lots of trees. All in all, the Rreslicam is a great security camera, and it will satisfy most people's security needs.

Smart Floodlight Camera, Hardwired Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights with 1080P Home Security Camera, IP65 Waterproof, 2-Way Talk, Night Vision, Smart Siren, Compatible with Alexa

SUNTHIN Smart Floodlight Camera


Night Vision Monitoring Function: Floodlight security camera works 24/7 with bright full-color daytime view and single-color night view, allows the camera to see nighttime activities in perfect clarity, giving you a better idea of what is happening outside your home at night.

The Smart Floodlight Camera from Foscam is a well-designed, straightforward wired outdoor security camera. It's easy to set up, and it doesn't have the fussy display and controls that some other outdoor security cameras have. The video quality is good, and the camera has two-way audio capabilities, so you can communicate with visitors. Its built-in siren is loud enough to repel intruders, and the camera has a 110dB alarm, which is loud enough to prompt even an obnoxious houseguest to move along. The Smart Floodlight Camera isn't perfect. Its night vision isn't great, and the night vision color presets don't look particularly great. The smart siren doesn't always shut itself off when the battery runs low, and the camera's Wi-Fi connection isn't as strong as, say, the Arlo Pro, so the signal can drop; also, the camera's Mobile app is clunky. But, unless youre buying this camera strictly for the video capabilities, the Smart Floodlight Camera is a good option.

ZYAN Floodlight Camera, LED Motion Sensor Lights with Camera, IP65 Waterproof,1080p Video,2-Way Talk,Night Vision,Siren Alarm, Works with Alexa(Outdoor Wiring and Junction Box Required,2.4G WiFi Only)

ZYAN Floodlight Camera


Night Vision: Night vision allows the security floodlight camera to see nighttime activities in perfect clarity, giving you a better idea of what is happening outside your home at night. In most cases, the floodlight part of the product can be turned on and off.

The ZYAN Floodlight Camera is one of the best outdoor security cameras we've tested, thanks to its ease of use, video quality, and weatherproof build. The outdoor floodlight is IP65 compliant, which means it can withstand heavy rains as well as high and low temperatures. The floodlight camera also has a strong 2.4-GHz connection, which allows it to broadcast at 1080p video resolution. The floodlight camera's video quality is crisp and clear, even in low-light conditions. The floodlight camera's night vision is also good, making it a good option for people who prefer to operate their security cameras at night. The floodlight camera's two-way talk feature also makes it a good option for keeping an eye on your home while you're not around. The floodlight camera connects to your home Wi-Fi network, which makes it easy to set up. The floodlight camera's app is easy to set up and compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The floodlight camera also works with Alexa, so users can control the camera with voice commands.

Trail Camera - 1080P 20MP Hunting Game Camera with 120° Wide-Angle Motion Sensor No Glow IR Night Vision Motion Activated, 0.2S Trigger Speed 2.4” LCD IP66 Waterproof Surveillance & Security Camera

CETERET Trail Camera


Easy to install and a variety of applications the hunting camera can be installed very easily and firmly through the installation strap and tripod, and it can be fixed on trees, railings, etc. anywhere. You can apply hunting cameras to wildlife observation and hunting, home/property security, farm area monitoring. And has a variety of functions (time switch/timer/time stamp function, etc.), you can easily use it in accordance with the user manual.

The CETERET hunting camera comes with a 120 wide-angle lens, 44 no glow infrared LEDs, and a 2.4-inch color LCD screen. We were impressed by the image quality it produced, and we were also happy that the camera includes 2.7K 20FPS photography. But it's not without its flaws. For one thing, the video quality isn't perfect. The hunting camera's video resolution is 1080P, but the footage exhibited noticeable pixelization, particularly in dark areas. The hunting camera's camera also doesn't record audio, and it lacks image stabilization, underwater capabilities, and a battery life indicator. For users who need a camera with numerous features, the CETERET hunting camera is a great option. But users who are looking for a camera that performs well at a single task, such as hunting, might be better served by a different model.

1520P 20MP Trail Camera, Hunting Camera with 120°Wide-Angle Motion Latest Sensor View 0.2s Trigger Time Trail Game Camera with 940nm No Glow and IP66 Waterproof 2.4” LCD 48pcs for Wildlife Monitoring

Vikeri 1520P 20MP Trail Camera

by Vikeri

Easy Install & Widely Used - Hunting with the gifted mounting strap, it is easy to install this trail camera hunting sturdy. You could apply the hunting camera to wildlife observation and hunting, home/property security, farm area surveillance, remote crop

The 1520P is our all-around top pick for trail and hunting cameras. It was easy to set up and operated on battery power, so we didn't have to worry about recharging it. The image quality is outstanding, with vivid color, sharp images, and low noise. The 1520P also features one of the best motion-detection systems we've seen, with an extremely quick trigger time, and 48 infrared LEDs that let the camera operate in complete darkness. The 1520P's 120-degree wide-angle lens captures more area, and its 2.4-inch color display swivels up 180 degrees, so you can watch wildlife from anywhere in your view. The 1520P has several other nice features, including the ability to record during really hot or cold weather, and a built-in time-lapse mode. The 1520P is our best overall choice, but it's not necessarily the best choice for every situation. The 1520P is heavier and bulkier than most cameras, and at 2.4 pounds it's significantly heavier than the Editors' Choice, the 1080P HD 20MP Trail Camera (Amazon), which weighs just 1.7 pounds. The 1520P also lacks a display, so if you want to see your images or videos in real-time, you'll need to download and plug the camera into your computer.

Blink Outdoor – wireless, weather-resistant HD security camera with two-year battery life and motion detection, set up in minutes – Add-on camera (Sync Module required)

Blink Home Security Outdoor Blink – wireless

by Immedia

Designed so you can set up yourself in minutes. No wiring, no professional installation required.

The Blink Outdoor is a well-designed security camera that performs well and features some helpful features. The Blink Outdoor features night vision, two-way audio, and a one-year warranty. The night vision is decent, though we had to crank the brightness up quite a bit to see anything. The two-way audio works well, and the camera has a microphone and speaker, so you can also use it to receive audio notifications when someone approaches your home. The Blink Outdoor can attach to a tabletop, wall, or ceiling, and it rotates 360 degrees, so you can mount it anywhere. The Outdoor is wireless, so you don't need any cables, and it's battery-powered, so it's easy to install. The Outdoor also works with the Alexa app, so you can use voice commands to monitor your home. The Outdoor has a one-year warranty, which we think is too long; we generally like cameras with shorter warranties. The Blink Outdoor costs about $50 more than our pick, the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera, but we think it's worth the extra $50. The Arlo Smart Home Security Camera is a much better camera than the Blink Outdoor, and it's customizable, so you'll ultimately get the features you want. There's also a smaller, less expensive Blink Cam, which costs about $25 less than the Blink Outdoor. The Blink Cam has many of the same features as the Outdoor, but it also has an integrated siren, so you can use it to scare off intruders. The Siren feature is optional for the Outdoor, and we think it's silly to have to pay extra for it. The Arlo Smart Home Security Camera costs about $150 more than the Blink Outdoor, and we think it's worth the extra $150.

Spy Camera Mini Hidden WiFi Camera HD 1080P with Night Vision and Motion Detection,Nanny Surveillance Cam with Phone App,Built-in Battery,32Gb SD Card for Home Office Indoor Outdoor Security

Joviren Spy Camera Mini Hidden WiFi Camera 1080P HD with Night Vision and Motion Detection

by Joviren

Easy Setup 24/7 Security Camera: You can easily connect the WiFi hidden camera to the APP via WLAN hotspot, and most people can set it up in 5 minutes. Plus, this wireless spy camera is also equipped with a 32G memory card for use, no need to purchase separately.Convenient and efficient is our service tenet.

The Spy Camera Mini Hidden WiFi Camera HD 1080P with Night Vision and Motion Detection is inconspicuous enough to remain undetected, but powerful and flexible enough to provide a gamut of features. The 1.5-hour battery life is enough for a reasonably long stretch of recording time, and the camera records in 1080P full HD, so videos look sharp and clear. The night vision is excellent, thanks to the 6 infrared LED lights. The camera has a range of 16 feet, so it can cover most rooms, and the 120-degree wide-angle lens captures a large field of view. You can fit more in the frame, and the 6 LEDs help eliminate dark shadows, so it's easy to see what's going on. The camera records to an SD card (32GB is included), so you can store longer recordings or transfer them to a computer. The Spy Camera Mini Hidden WiFi Camera HD 1080P with Night Vision and Motion Detection makes an excellent wireless home security camera or nanny camera, and it's simple to use. The mobile app is simple to set up, and the app shows live video, so you can easily monitor what's happening. The 2GB card provides plenty of space, and the camera records in loop recording, so new videos are saved when space runs out. The frame is sleek and stylish, and the drop-shaped design makes it unobtrusive. The Spy Camera Mini Hidden WiFi Camera HD 1080P with Night Vision and Motion Detection is discreet, yet powerful, and it's an excellent wireless home security camera.

Mini Hidden Camera YEEHAO HD 1080P with Motion Detection IR Night Vision Nanny Surveillance Camera for Home Indoor Outdoor Security Camera with Built-in Battery, 32GB Micro SD Card

Mini Hidden Camera YEEHAO HD 1080P with Motion Detection IR Night Vision Surveillance Nanny Camera for Home Indoor Outdoor Security Camera with Built-in Battery


[Night Vision]: This hidden camera supports the night vision function. It has a built-in IR light, which is basically invisible when it is working. With this function, it can have good performance even in a dark environment.

The YEEHAO mini hidden camera offers good value for the price, and it's capable of capturing high-quality 1080p video with motion detection turned on. The slow motion and time-lapse features make it a good choice for recording events, as is the camera's ability to avoid recording faces. The built-in battery and 32GB memory card also make it a good choice for long-term surveillance. But it's disappointing that the YEEHAO has no SD card slot, so you must purchase the 32GB card separately. It's especially disappointing because it's a relatively inexpensive camera, and it's hard to believe that a company selling such a cheap camera would not have included an SD card slot. The YEEHAO is also a little bulky, but it's small enough to hide just about anywhere. The YEEHAO has a 130-degree viewing angle, so you can view it from across the room without moving it. It's the best mini hidden camera we reviewed, but it's no without some shortcomings.

BOTSLAB Pan & Tilt Security Indoor Camera, 2K 3MP HD WiFi IP Camera with Motion Sensor Person Recognition, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision for Pets, Compatible with Alexa, 2.4Ghz WiFi(5G Not Compatible)

BOTSLAB Pan & Security Tilt Indoor Camera


Highest Data Protection: Data protection is the top priority. Turn off the camera by swinging it down. All clips are encrypted with a flashing security level (Chacha20) to ensure the safety of your privacy. Provide 10 seconds of video recording every day for free

The BOTSLAB Pan & Tilt Security Indoor Camera is a high-quality home security camera, and it's one of the best values we've seen. The Pan & Tilt Security Camera combines a robust feature set with excellent image quality, and it's one of the best options in its price range. The 2K camera has sharp, detailed images, and the infrared night vision is impressively good. The camera's two-way audio is also excellent, and it offers audio recording—something that many security cameras omit. The camera's motion detection is not quite as sensitive as some of the others we tested, and it's a little noisy when activated. The indoor camera's two-way audio also leaves something to be desired, and it only works over Wi-Fi. But the camera's other features, including infrared night vision, are among the best we've seen. The indoor camera is easy to install, and it's compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT, which makes it easy to integrate with other smart home devices. The indoor camera's battery life is disappointing, and it requires an outlet, so you'll either need a surge protector or a wall adapter. The indoor camera is also on the heavy side, at nearly 2.5 pounds, so it's a little harder to move around. But it's well-made, and for the price, it's an excellent choice for homeowners and renters who want a robust home security camera.


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