10 Best Multi Position Hand trucks
for October 2023

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If you're moving furniture, appliances, or other heavy items, you need a hand truck. These handy tools help you lift and move heavy items, whether you're moving them from one location to another or from your car to your apartment.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we've tested hand trucks for durability, quality, safety and ease of use. We evaluate each model based on its capacity, weight capacity, stability, and maneuverability. We also look at the manufacturer's warranty, user ratings and user reviews. These hand trucks are built to last, so they hold up to years of use. They're also easy to use, so they're perfect for both moving and transporting heavy items.

These are the best multi position hand trucks of 2022:

Cosco 12222PBG1E Shifter 300-Pound Capacity Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Dolly, Green hand-trucks

CoscoProducts Cosco 12222PBG1E Shifter 300-Pound Multi-Position Capacity Heavy Duty Folding Dolly

by Dorel Home Furnishings

Easy to Use - Quick Conversion with no pins or tools

The Cosco 12222PBG1E folding hand truck is a sturdy, durable, and versatile dolly. It folds up very small and is light enough to carry by hand, yet it carries 300 pounds and has a maximum load of 600 pounds. The dolly has 4 positions, so you can use it as a 2-wheel, upright hand truck, as a 4-wheel cart, or as a 2-wheel, flatbed dolly. The wheels have treaded tires, so they're easy to push. The dolly's load capacity is 300 pounds, and the maximum load is 600 pounds. The dolly also has adjustable leg locks, so you can place the dolly securely on the ground without worrying that it'll accidentally tip over. The dolly has chrome-plated steel construction, so it's durable. The dolly folds up flat, so you can easily transport it or store it. The dolly has rubber feet, so it won't scratch or scuff any flooring. The dolly's handle is also adjustable, so you can use it comfortably. Overall, the Cosco 12222PBG1E folding hand truck is a sturdy, durable, and versatile dolly.

Lightweight Folding Hand Truck, Portable Heavy Duty Folding Hand Cart and Dolly, Multi-Position Folding Dolly Utility Cart for Home, Office and Travel Use, Support 155lbs Capacity (2-Wheels)

HBFBDRCT Lightweight Hand Folding Truck


HIGH QUALITY WHEELSOur stair climbing wheels are made of high quality material for smooth rolling, less noise and high wear resistance. Perfect for transferring items up and down the steps. And the collapsible design makes it very easy to store and move from place to place.

The folding hand truck is the perfect tool for moving heavy objects around the house, workshop or garage. The cart is lightweight, easy to use, and folds flat for easy storage. The handle is telescopic, and the cart's wheels lock in place when the handle is extended. The cart's lifting capacity is 155 pounds, which should be enough to move most loads. The cart's base is wide, so the wheels roll smoothly, even on uneven surfaces. The handle locks in place, preventing the cart from rolling backward. The cart's wheels swivel 360 degrees, so it's easy to turn corners. The cart's handle is padded, so it's comfortable to hold. The cart's wheels have rubber pads, so they won't scratch wood floors or carpet. The cart's handle has two positions: 39 inches and 44 inches, so it's comfortable to hold. The cart has a three-year warranty.

Multi-Mover Heavy Duty Solid Steel Commercial Grade Hand Truck with Adjustable Never Flat Tires and 4 Positions, 750-Pound Weight Capacity

Grizzly Multi-Mover Heavy Duty Solid Steel Commercial Grade Hand with Truck Adjustable Never Flat Tires and 4 Positions

by Available Upon Request

750 LB WEIGHT CAPACITY - Carry up to 750 pounds with this high quality commercial mover that combines carry capacity with a more lightweight and easy to move frame

The Multi-Mover 750 has all of the qualities we've come to rely on from Gee Tipton. It has a wide, flat tire base, making it easy to wheel large items, and it comes with four adjustable positions that allow the user to adjust the height of the handle easily. The handle itself is a little short, but it's long enough to allow you to comfortably and easily push or pull heavy loads. The frame is constructed from solid steel, and it's heavy enough to withstand most loads, though it weighs 42 pounds, making it a little difficult to lift. However, the Multi-Mover 750 is strong enough to handle most loads. It's incredibly easy to use, and the price is right. If you're a commercial contractor, landscaper, or anyone who deals with heavy objects often, the Multi-Mover 750 is a must-have tool.


The Rock-N-Roller R2RT-BL is the best folding cart we tested, and it's our top pick for buyers who want a versatile, heavy-duty cart that they'll be able to use for years. The R2RT-BL folds down into a small, compact package that can be stored in a closet or trunk without taking up much space, and it's fairly lightweight, too. The cart's 8 different configurations allow you to use it as a dolly, a hand truck, a cart, a platform cart, a 26-inch cart, a 39-inch cart, a utility cart, or a utility dolly. The cart's 350-pound load capacity is well above that of most folding carts, and the tires are R-Tracs, which like pneumatic tires but do not require air to be pumped into them. The cart's frame, made of powder-coated steel, is durable and doesn't slip, and its wheels roll smoothly on virtually any surface. The R2RT-BL's 8 configurations also make it easy to store. The cart's frame folds into four separate pieces and each wheel also folds, making it easy to store. The R2RT-BL is about the same size and weight as our previous pick, the 8-in-1 Folding Multi-Cart, but the R2RT-BL is less expensive and is less expensive to buy, too. The R2RT-BL folds into a compact, easy-to-carry package, and the cart's 8 configurations make it very versatile. However, the R2RT-BL is more expensive to buy than our previous pick.

Magliner HMK111AA1 Aluminum Hand Truck, Horizontal Loop Handle, 14

Magliner HMK111AA1 Aluminum Hand Truck

by Magline, Inc.

Item Package Weight: 21.0 lb

The Magliner HMK111AA1 is a no-frills aluminum hand truck ideal for transporting small loads. This hand truck is built to last, and the frame feels very rugged. It has four 8" Mold-on rubber wheels, along with two 14" x 7-1/2" aluminum diecast nose plates, which help this hand truck carry up to 500 pounds. The wheels provide good traction, and the truck rolls effortlessly over rough surfaces and sidewalks. The frame is straight, so it doesn't lean back as much on tight turns, and the horizontal loop handle makes it easy to push. The tire treads are flat, which means the truck won't roll as easily on smooth pavement, but the truck still rolls smoothly on gravel and grass. The handle is adjustable, and the quick-release lever makes for easy adjustment. The handle locks in place, so it doesn't fall off when you stop. This hand truck comes with a removable swiveling jack. The handle can be folded down, and the jack can be locked into place so it won't move. The handle locks into place so it doesn't move when you steer the hand truck. The handle can be angled forward so you can load the hand truck from an angle. The jack has a safety lock, so it won't accidentally come out. The handle and wheel locks have ridges so they won't slip off. This hand truck is durable, practical, and well-made. The truck is light enough to be easily lifted, and it's comfortable and easy to push. The truck is cheap, so it's a good choice if you're on a tight budget.

Leeyoung Folding Hand Truck and Dolly,309 lb Capacity Aluminum Portable Cart with Telescoping Handle and PP+EVA Wheels

Leeyoung Folding Hand Truck and Dolly

by Leeyoung

EASY TO USE -Rolling collapsible dolly unfolds easily in seconds for use. Step 1: Extend the handle. Step 2: Step on the nose plate and fold out the truck. Step 3: Add the load and tilt the dolly back to start moving. Comes in frustration-free packaging. No assembly required

The Leeyoung Folding Hand Truck and Dolly is a stable and well-made hand truck that can handle heavy loads. The telescoping handle is sturdy and locks in place at multiple positions, making it comfortable to use. The cart weighs about 20 pounds, so it's easy to carry and maneuver. The bungee cord is strong enough to securely tie down either end of the cart, but the cart itself doesn't lock in place. When moving heavy loads, it's best to use a hand truck with a lock to hold the cart in place. The cart's wheels are large and made of durable EVA, which roll smoothly on flat surfaces. The cart's handle extends to 47 inches, and it's long enough to reach into many storage closets and under beds. The cart is sturdy enough to handle most loads, but it won't be able to carry much weight when it's folded up. The cart is also heavy (about 20 pounds), and while it's easy to carry, the cart can be difficult to maneuver when it's full of groceries. The cart is also only available in this silver and yellow color combination.

Hand Truck Convertible Dolly 200lb/300lb Capacity Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Dolly, Green Hand-Trucks

Jungaha Hand Truck Convertible Dolly 200lb/300lb Multi-Position Capacity Heavy Duty Folding Dolly

by Jungaha1006

PP Material Wheels: Our push cart is solid and durable, and our push carts use PP material wheels, they are much ligher, our carts can easily use any any situation.

The Hand Truck Convertible Dolly 200lb/300lb Capacity is a great choice if you want a multipurpose dolly that you can use for a variety of tasks. The dolly has a maximum load capacity of 200lbs, yet it's lightweight enough to carry by hand or push around. The dolly's folding design makes it easy to store, and when the cart is expanded, it has a wide base and 4 wheels that offer good stability. The handle has a nice, soft grip, and it's adjustable to three different heights. The 4 wheels make the dolly easy to roll, and the ti skid sponge handle adds comfort. The dolly's aluminum alloy construction also makes it very durable. The dolly is a good choice for pushing around groceries or other items, but we would not recommend using the dolly for more than that, because it can be difficult to roll over bumps. The dolly's dual pivoting locks make it more stable when it's fully expanded, but they still don't provide enough support for heavier items. The dolly also doesn't fold up as compactly as our other picks, and it gets a bit heavy when expanded.

Vergo Industrial AS7A2 Aluminum Convertible Hand Truck Dolly Cart with Loop Handle 700 lbs Capacity (3 Positions, 53

Vergo Industrial AS7A2 Aluminum Convertible Hand Truck Dolly with Cart Loop Handle 700 lbs Capacity (3 Positions

by Vergo Industrial

VERSATILE Lightweight aluminum frame easily transports loads with 3 different configurations: 2-Wheel hand truck, 4-Wheel cart, and assisted 4-wheel hand truck. Easy to transition between the different modes.

The Vergo AS7A2 aluminum convertible hand truck dolly cart with loop handle has heavy enough load capacity for most home use, but it's best-suited for light-duty jobs. It's easy to set up, and the casters are sturdy. It's a great hand truck for small-scale moving jobs, such as moving smaller furniture or boxes from one room to another, and it works well for transporting heavy loads indoors or outside. The wheels have soft rubber treads, so they're easy to roll, and the unit's frame is solidly constructed. The handle locks in 5 positions, and it's long enough to be comfortable to use while standing, although it's a bit short if you use it as a wheelchair. The handle is also conducive to carrying long objects, such as lumber, without getting wrist fatigue. The AS7A2 hand truck has a maximum load capacity of 700 lbs., which is high for a hand truck of this size, although it isn't suitable for moving large furniture or objects with sharp corners.


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