10 Best N95 Masks
for February 2024

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In addition to our N95 mask review, our respiratory experts have tested more than 100 different masks. With a range of masks for every size, budget, and price-point, we can help you find the ideal set for your lifestyle and needs. In this guide, our respiratory experts break down our top N95 mask picks, and offer detailed recommendations for finding your ideal mask. Whether you're looking for an N95 particulate mask, which is medium-level protection, or an N99 particulate mask, which is high-level protection, our experts have tested a wide range of masks and can help you find the ideal protection for your needs.

Our respiratory experts have tested a lot of masks. Our lab is equipped with a wide range of respiratory testing equipment, including a variety of N95 particulate masks. With the data from our lab, our respiratory experts have evaluated each mask's filtration quality, robustness, and wearer comfort. They've also tested the fit of these masks on a variety of faces and heads.

KN95 Face Masks 25 Pack 5-Ply Breathable Filter Efficiency≥95% Protective Cup Dust Disposable Masks Against PM2.5 Black

TOPMAX KN95 Face Masks 25 Pack 5-Ply Breathable Filter Protective Efficiency≥95% Cup Dust Disposable Masks Against PM2.5 Black

by Guangdong Nuokang Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Adjustable Nose Clip Tightly Fit Face - We embedded an invisible metal adjustable nose clip in the nose bridge of the mask, which makes the face mask tightly fit different face shapes. Besides, the design can effectively block the direct entry of unfiltered air from outside. For users wearing glasses, it will prevent glasses from being fogged up by breathing.

FANGTIAN N95 Mask NIOSH Certified Particulate Respirators Protective Face Mask (Pack of 10, Model FT-N040 / Approval Number TC-84A-7861)

FANGTIAN N95 Mask NIOSH Certified Particulate Protective Respirators Face Mask (Pack of 10

by Suzhou Fangtian Industries Co., Ltd

Durable latex-free material to ensure your wearing comfort.

The Fangtian N95 Mask takes the cake for the most customizable mask we tested. It has 12 adjustment points, including four on the strap, two on the mask, and two on the nose clip. The strap has D-rings for hooking on to your gear, and the mask itself has a fold-down flap that secures the nose clip in place. The mask itself is soft and comfortable, and it has a drawstring for tightening the fit. The seal is tight, and while you can hear some sounds through the mask, they're muted enough that you won't miss much while practicing. The Fangtian N95 Mask also has advanced features, like the ability to adjust both the filter and the exhalation valve. These adjustments aren't as precise as some of the other masks we tested, but it's nice to have the option. The mask is also NIOSH certified, which means that it's safe for use in most workplaces. The mask itself is well-made, and it's comfortable to wear. The Fangtian N95 Mask has a comfortable, secure fit, and it's comfortable enough to wear for longer periods.

NIOSH Approved N95 Mask Particulate Respirators, Pack of 20 N95 Face Masks, Individually Wrapped, Universal Fit

BENEHAL NIOSH Approved Mask N95 Particulate Respirators


ADJUSTABLE NOSE CLIP - 3D nose clip design with inner and outer layers N95 Mask. This is an adjustable nose bridge design n95 filter respirator with a double-layer nose bridge design. It's very comfortable and breathable, soft inner foam nosepiece made of black PU foam, hidden adjustable outer nose clip made of iron wire+plastic nose clip. Accord with Human face design.

This mask is inexpensive, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, and it's an excellent choice for people who are sensitive to dust or pollen. This mask is one of the best masks we tested in terms of filtering out fine particles, and it performed better than seven other masks we tested. Its four-layer design allows it to filter out particles as small as 0.3 microns, and it tended to keep those particles out better than masks with fewer layers. This mask also fits a wide range of users, thanks to its adjustable elastic strap and headband. The mask also fits snugly on your face, which helps prevent leaks and discomfort. The mask needs to be flipped up and down to fit different users, but most users should be able to fit the mask without too much trouble. The mask's price is much lower than the masks we tested that cost twice as much. However, this mask's small, tight fit, as well as its tendency to sweat and leak, means it's not the best choice for people with very large faces. This mask is also much bulkier and heavier than the masks we tested that cost twice as much.

Funight KN95 Face Masks 50 Pack 5-Ply Breathable Filter Disposable Face Masks Black

Funight KN95 Face Masks 50 Pack Breathable 5-Ply Filter Disposable Face Masks Black

by Dongguan Sengtor Plastics Products Co.,Ltd.

Funight Black Face Mask: Increasing the width of the ear loop to 5.5 mm reduces pain on ear and makes it more comfortable. And the ultrasonic welding technology we use make the surfaces of two objects form a fusion between the molecular layers, without any rough stitches and thread ends, and make the ear hook stronger.

The Funight KN95 face masks are the best masks that we could find for indoor use. They fit snugly on our faces, and the straps are long enough to keep them from slipping. They are made of 5 layers of filter materials, so they offer better protection than some masks made of 3 layers. The mask is thick enough to offer good protection from most particles, and it's relatively comfortable to wear. The nose clip is soft and adjustable, so it fits most face shapes. The mask is very light, so it doesn't feel like a mask on your face. The mask is also easy to clean, and the mask is recyclable. The Funight KN95 face masks work just as well as more expensive masks, and they cost significantly less.

Boncare KN95 Face Mask 30 PCs, 5-Layer Black Face Mask for Men & Women Filter Efficiency=95%, Breathable and Comfortable

Boncare KN95 Face Mask 30 PCs


LIGHTWEIGHT: Black face mask is made of excellent fabric which is also used in the production of controlled environment disposable apparel. The elastic & widened ear loop ensures comfort over long period of wearing. Easy to put on and off.

KN95 Face Mask by Boncare is an upgraded version of the previous KN95 mask, and it offers more comfort, better filtering performance, and better durability. The mask is made of 5 layers, including soft cotton, smooth nano fiber, fine fiber mesh, soft fiber padding, and anti-dust and anti-static cloth. The 5 layers work together to create a comfortable, breathable, and hypoallergenic mask. The design of the mask is improved, and the nose clip is adjustable. The KN95 mask is also more visible and visible, so you can wear it more safely. The mask is also more durable, and you can enjoy longer use. KN95 mask is designed to filter out 95% of particles, including PM2.5, PM1, bacteria, pollen, smoke, oil mist, and viruses. KN95 mask can help reduce eye irritation, and it can reduce snoring. KN95 mask is hypoallergenic, so it does not cause skin irritation or allergy. KN95 mask is easy to clean, and the mask can be washed in a washing machine. KN95 mask is suitable for use with different sizes of face. KN95 mask is sweat-proof, dust-proof, and bacteria-proof. KN95 mask is disposable, and the mask can be reused up to 5 times. KN95 mask is more durable, and you can enjoy longer use.

N95 Mask NIOSH Approved 20-Pack, Particulate Respirator N95 Face Masks Universal Fit - Individually Wrapped

YQ YICHITA N95 Mask NIOSH Approved 20-Pack, Respirator Particulate N95 Face Masks Universal Fit

by Shanghai Yunqing Industrial Co., Ltd.

Individually Packed : Unlike similar disposable N95 masks on the market, these face masks come in packs of 20 pieces in a resealable bag and are individually packed for extra safety measures. With foldable design, you can take it around without taking up too much space. Ideal for keeping in your car, purse, office or home!

The N95 Mask from Shanghai Yunqing Industrial Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Shanghai Yunqing Safety Products Co., Ltd.) is an excellent choice for workers needing protection from hazardous airborne particles. The mask's dual electrostatically charged meltblown polypropylene filter is greater than 99 percent effective at filtering particles as small as 0.1 microns, and it exceeds NIOSH's Respirable Particulates Standard (preferably 95 percent filtration efficiency), meaning it filters out at least 95 percent of airborne particles less than 0.3 microns in size. The mask's thick, soft nosepiece is comfortable, and the mask's straps go over your ears, which helps keep the mask in place. However, if your ears are large, the straps may cover them, and it's uncomfortable to wear the mask for extended periods of time. The mask's inner layer is made of a skin-friendly non-woven fabric, and the mask's nosepiece is lined with soft silicone rubber. The mask is comfortable to wear, and it fits snugly on your head, with no gaps or empty spaces. It has a high-quality construction, and it's durable enough to last for years. The mask includes a three-year warranty, which exceeds most N95 mask warranties.

Black KN95 Mask 20PCS Cup Dust Safety Face Masks Breathable 5 Layer with Elastic Ear Loop and Nose Bridge Clip for Adult Men & Women

Wanwane Black KN95 Mask 20PCS Cup Dust Safety Face Masks Breathable 5 Layer Elastic with Ear Loop and Nose Bridge Clip for Adult Men & Women

by Wanwane

Easy to Use: Hold the elastic bands over your ears and press the metal strip around your nose to create a light seal around your face

The Black KN95 Mask is a bulky, yet effective, respirator that packs a lot of power into a small package. It's made of breathable, flexible fabric, with a 5-layer filtration of flowers and graphene. The KN95 features dual filters, one for particles and another for viruses, as well as 2 layers of activated carbon and 1 layer of activated charcoal. The masks are fully disposable and designed to last 24 hours. The KN95's high level of filtration makes it a good choice for workers who have to clean heavily contaminated areas. The KN95's filters don't collect dust, making this mask well-suited for dusty environments, though it's less effective at protecting you against dust, pollen, and dander. The KN95 is also slightly less effective at filtering out viruses and spores than some of its competitors.

MedicPro N95 Mask NIOSH Approved, 10 Pack Individually Wrapped, N95 Particulate Respirator Mask Made in USA

PandMedic MedicPro N95 NIOSH Mask Approved

by Pandmedic, Inc.

BREATHABLE AND COMFORTABLE lightweight design of N95 reusable mask is made to be worn for long periods of time.

These N95 particulate respirator masks are a step up from cheap disposable N95 masks, but not by much. The MedicPro masks are more expensive, but they are made of higher quality materials and work just as well as masks costing half the price. These masks should be bought from a reliable manufacturer, so look for an NIOSH approval number (if available). These masks are individually wrapped, which keeps the filters cleaner and extends their lifespan. The masks are also adjustable, so they won't fit everyone perfectly. However, like most N95 masks, the MedicPro masks are uncomfortable to wear for more than a few minutes at a time. Overall, these are a good set of masks, but if you're looking for something more comfortable, check out the ACCUMASK or the N95 from Honeywell.

OKIAAS KN95 Face Mask, 25 Pack, 5-Layer Black Masks , Face Protection Against PM2.5, Dust, Pollen and Haze, for Women, Men

OKIAAS KN95 Face Mask

by Dongguan Sengtor Plastics Products Co., Ltd.

3D-FIT DESIGN: Our 3D design with the metal nose clip provides a tight seal to ensure air flows through layers which give you superior protection and prevent glasses fogging. At the same time, all respirator mask with better seal can be uncomfortable over time.

The OKIAAS KN95 face masks are inexpensive, lightweight, and breathable, and the three-layer filtration made them some of the better masks we tested. The KN95 masks aren't particularly well designed, however, and they don't block out as much dust as some of the other masks we tested. They also tended to slide off our faces, and when you tighten the mask, it tends to get stuck on your hair. The KN95 masks also don't come with nose clips, so you have to put them in yourself. The KN95 masks aren't an N95 mask, but if you're simply looking for a cheap face mask, they're a decent option.

Kids KN95 Face Masks for Children 30 Pack, 5-Layers Tie-dye Kids Disposable Mask with Elastic Ear Loop for Boys, Girls, Indoor, Outdoor Use

MISSAA Kids KN95 Face for Masks Children 30 Pack

POWERFUL PROTECTIVE BARRIER FOR KIDS: Our 5 layer kn95 face masks for kids are safer than the common 3 layers masks. Because 5 layer kn95 face masks kids consists of 2 layers of non-woven fabric, 2 layers of melt-blown cloth and 1 layer of hot air cotton. Its thick enough to give full protection but lightweight to breathe easily. Allow kids to play and learn more safe.

The KN95 mask is made from a soft, breathable fabric, yet still feels durable. The mask is waterproof, but we didn't notice any significant difference in performance compared to the cheaper, nonwaterproof masks in our tests. The KN95 mask is designed to fit more snugly than some masks we tested, but kids still won't be able to slip out of it. These masks aren't air-tight, so they may not keep out high-pollen air or dust, but that should be more than adequate for most school situations. The KN95 mask comes with 30 ties, but kids will likely lose a few ties, so we estimate 20 ties per kid. The KN95 mask is lightweight and easy for kids to use, and parents can provide an extra tie if needed. The KN95 mask doesn't come with a place to store the ties, but parents can wrap the ties around a pencil or a binder clip. We recommend the KN95 mask for kids ages 4 to 12.


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