10 Best Ninja Warrior Training Equipment with Slack Lines for Backyards
for December 2023

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Jolly good day, dear brave-hearted fun seekers! MOOZ has rounded up the most spiffing play gear for all backyard ninjas out there. Prepare for a rip-roaring adventure in the comfort of your own backyard with an array of the top-notch gear modelled on TV's 'American Ninja Warrior'!

Amongst this reputable collection, you'll find nifty play sets like the Kawuneeche Ninja Obstacle Course, promising endless hours of monkey bar madness and rope ladder revelry. Then there's the Autofonder Ninja Warrior Course, complete with sizzling hot obstacles that will test your mettle. But don't overlook the Fofana Ninja Backyard Playset! With its enticing blend of training obstacles and playful accessories, it's the cat's pajamas for sure. These kits don't just promise adventure, they deliver mountains of giggles, heaps of thrills and numerous teaching moments - not to mention keeping you out of mischief!

And just wait until you see what's hiding at the bottom of this fabulous list! The tricky 'Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids 50FT for Ninja, Yoassi Warrior Slackline with Swing, Rope Ladder, Hanging Wheel' is eagerly waiting to be discovered. Imagine the glee on your face once you've tackled this mammoth challenge! You'll truly be the reigning champ of your backyard. So, who's ready for some cheeky, exhilarating fun? Let's get this backyard ninja party started right away!

Kawuneeche Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Kit for Kids Ninja Slackline with 10 Accessories Monkey Bars, Ladder, Climbing Rope, Gym Rings, Swing, Monkey Fist for Backyard Training Equipment

Kawuneeche Ninja Warrior Kit: Backyard Training Equipment with Ninja Slackline and 10 Accessory Set

by Kawuneeche
Customers Rating8.7
Easy to assemble8.5
Easy to use9.8
Popularity & Sales9.8

Easy to set up and play outside: This gymnastics equipment with ratchet can be easily set up anywhere. You could assemble this ninjaline course in your backyard, playground where there is two trees or pillars that are 20FT to 40FT apart. Our american ninja warrior obstacles training course comes with a carry bag and a pair of gloves for convenient storage, it will only take you about 5 minutes to set up and enjoy your time!

You may be wondering why the Kawuneeche Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Kit came out on top. Well, the world of MOOZ does not revolve haphazardly. This outstanding kit grabbed our attention with features that make it a perfect outdoor companion. Engage your children in an exciting adventure right in the backyard. With adjustable obstacle distance it allows varying degrees of difficulty, thereby enhancing both fun and social interactions.

The sumptuous package that includes monkey bars, gym rings, a swing, and much more isn't just for amusement's sake. It's a ticket to make kids the real ninjas they dream of becoming while enhancing their strength and balance. The Kawuneeche kit is of heavy-duty capacity ensuring safety as it can accommodate more than 2 kids at once. Combined with its impressive anti-rust and anti-corrosion attributes, this is a story of excellence carefully crafted for your little champs' endless amusement.

Autofonder Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Kit for Kids 2x50ft Ninja Slackline with 7 Obstacles and Climbing Rope Ladder for Outdoor Play,Family Play Together Ninja Warrior Training Equipment Backyard

Autofonder Ninja Warrior Training Kit for Kids - Backyard Slackline with 7 Obstacles and Climbing Rope

by Autofonder
Customers Rating8.4
Easy to hold9.3
Easy to use9.8
Popularity & Sales9.8

ADJUSTABLE OBSTACLE DISTANCE-you could move the obstacles apart to whatever distance you want to create an easier or harder challenge!Our ninja warrior set does not have fixed pockets and fixed distance from each other.

Swiftly coming in as our runner-up is the enticing< strong>Autofonder Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Kit for Kids. Why, you ask? This delightful kit catapults your backyard into a spectacular adventure jungle! With its double 50ft slackline, reaching for the stars becomes a child's play, quite literally. Enchantingly equipped with an array of challenges such as the Climbing Ladder, 2 Gymnastic rings, 3 Fist holds, and 2 Monkey bars, it's not far from shy when it comes to parading its diverse talent.

The real charm of this kit lies in its adaptability that would please the King Oberon himself. Allowing you to take on roles ranging from a novice to an expert. Nothing screams safety louder than the kit's industrial-grade making. That's right. It's sturdy. It's fun. It's your number two product for a fantastical backyard carnival! Now, let your dreams take flight as you climb, jump and swing your way into a magical childhood.

Fofana Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids – 32-Piece Backyard Playset, 9 Fun Training Obstacles, 65 Ft Slackline Kit Accessories - Outside Line Ninja Kids Toys, Outdoor Play Equipment

Fofana Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids - 32-Piece Backyard Playset with Slackline for Outdoor Training Fun

by Fofana
Customers Rating8.3
Easy to assemble8.6
Easy to use9.2
Popularity & Sales9.5

BECOME A TRUE NINJA WARRIOR: The obstacle course includes 9 challenging obstacles, designed to test agility, strength, and endurance. Perfect for ninja warriors in the making!

The third stunner on our list is the Fofana Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids. This little marvel was positioned here on account of its laudable medley of training obstacles and 65ft long slackline kit. It's got a veritable potpourri of challenges, from a climbing rope ladder to monkey bars to gymnastic rings. But it’s not all about the thrill; it’s easy to set up, even if you're someone who can’t tell a hammer from a spanner.

Now, you might be wondering, can this gallant obstacle course withstand the hyped-up energy of younglings? Fear not, for the Fofana Ninja Warrior Set is made of high-quality materials that can stand up to all sorts of weather and rough usage. Plus, it can lure your brood away from the potent allure of screens, and into the embrace of sun, sweat, and friendly competition. It's an outdoor extravaganza waiting to happen, right in your backyard!

TUAHOO Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids Climbing Backyard Outdoor Yard Games Ninja Slackline Kit- 2x50ft Slack Line Training Equipment with Monkey Bars, Rope Ladder, Gymnastic Ring, Arm Trainer

TUAHOO Ninja Warrior Slackline Kit - Ultimate Backyard Training Equipment for Kids

Customers Rating8.5
Easy to hold9.3
Easy to use9.5
Popularity & Sales8.9
Security features9.2

UP TO 600 LB CAPACITY 2" width Ninja Slackline Kit is Safe for Children & Adults; Set Includes Hanging Carabiner Clips, Textured Grips Strong Webbing Design and Industrial Strength 2.0 Ergonomic Ratchet for Max Security

Cowabunga! Break out your sneakers and dodgeballs because MOOZ has uncovered a real gem. The TUAHOO Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course is an adventure-in-a-box, ready to transform your backyard into a thrilling ninja training ground. This isn't just slacklining from well-worn trees, oh no! This kit takes it to another level with more than ten different obstacles, such as gym rings and a 5-stair climbing ladder, all happening at once. Your little warriors can flex their agility, balance, and how long they can spin without turning green!

But it's not just about knocking off your socks and getting outside for a game of dodgeball. This multifunctional ninja course aims to foster both physical and mental growth. As your child swings from a monkey bar to another or tightropes their way across the course, they're developing hand-eye coordination, focus, and creativity simultaneously. It's like turning playtime into a full-blown multi-training, all while having fun!

The TUAHOO Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course would be particularly useful for children who are always on the move and have an abundance of energy. So, next time when the sun is shining, why not make your backyard the destination for a good, old-fashioned ninja showdown?

Rickety Bridge Rope Ladder - Ninja Slack line Accessories - Backyard Obstacle Course Accessories for Ninja Warrior Training - Rope Bridge Skip for Kids

Ninja Warrior Backyard Training Equipment: Slack line with Rickety Bridge Rope Ladder

by Cateam
Customers Rating7.7
Easy to use9.2
Popularity & Sales8.8

The rope bridge can be used as a chatting swing for two. Share your little secrets with your best friends while swinging.

Hark, noble adventurers and ninja-warriors-in-training, behold the Rickety Bridge Rope Ladder, an armory of excitement you didn't know your backyard was craving for. The thing we love the most about this splendid contraption? The adjustable handles, of course! Imagine, you can make your obstacle course ride as gentle as a sleepy brook or as challenging as a roaring river, depending upon your courage quotient for the day. It's like breathing life into your own story of derring-do, right there amidst your backyard greenery.

Now, let's whisper a secret for those hardy wee soldiers seeking glory and honor, this gizmo is not just about thrills. As you swing and skip, your balance, concentration, and patient control develops, making you a slick operator in life's numerous battles. What's special, you young bravehearts, is that the Rickety Bridge gives you the chance to train like a real ninja warrior, all while never venturing far from home's cozy comfort. Now how's that for a grand adventure tale? Huzzah!

flybold Obstacle Course for Kids | Ninja Warrior Slackline kit with 8 Adjustable Obstacles | Twin Gear Ratchet for Extra Safety | Great Slack line Training Equipment | 40 ft

Ninja Warrior Training Equipment: 40 ft Slackline Kit with 8 Adjustable Obstacles for Backyards

Customers Rating7.8
Easy to use7.7
Popularity & Sales7.6

READY TO GIFT. EASY SET UP IN UNDER 10 minutes. READY TO GIFT. Comes in an attractively designed box packaging, that is ready to gift. No boring brown boxes! Get your ninja line set up in a matter of minutes, using our VISUAL INSTRUCTION MANUAL. In the unlikely event you arent delighted with the product, you can return for a full refund or replacement.

MOOZ's latest discovery is a treasury of endless fun and excitement - the flybold Obstacle Course. This kit is no ordinary outdoor toy; it's chock-full of daring adventures, thrilling challenges, and hours of energy-boosting, warrior-making moments. What hooked us first was its remarkable inclusion of twin gear ratchets. These little bits of genius significantly enhance strength and safety - the sturdier, the merrier!

But brace yourselves, there's more to this story. The younger warriors in your life will be thrilled to navigate through diverse obstacles, stepping into the shoes of their favorite ninja heroes. This is their golden ticket to a backyard turned adventure park! With adjustable trials and extra-wide tree protectors, it's the perfect blend of wacky fun and careful consideration. It is as if flybold whispered a secret: even in wildest adventures safety hides itself in the most profound corners. Always remember, legends, the ninja way is one of courage, challenge, and precision. And 300 lbs? That's one sturdy ride through the ninja world!

hooroor Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids Adults-66FT Slackline with Tree Climbing Rock Holds, Swing Seat, Monkey Bars, Ring Wheel, Rope Ladder, Training Outdoor Playset (Slider Pulley)

66FT Ninja Warrior Training Equipment with Slackline for Backyard Fun and Fitness

by hooroorDirect
Age appropriate7.9
Customers Rating9.6
Easy to install9.6
Easy to use9.2
Popularity & Sales8.5

Easy Setup & Safety: clear user manual and video instruction takes you minutes to set up all the things. Choosing the premium material with superb craftsmanship and repeated rigorous testing, just in order to provide the high quality and safe products to our kids. The slackline can be maximum load: 250 LBS and suitable for the age above 3 years old with adults supervision.

Our smart algorithms simply can't resist the charming appeal of the hooroor Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course. What tickled our fancy? That would be its ability to turn any backyard into an adventure-filled playground. This captivating contraption draws in tech-tied youngsters by swapping the dull screens with exhilarating physical activity.

The hooroor obstacle course is more than just a toy. It's an invitation to challenge oneself, to dare, to dream, to conquer! Loaded with 39 tantalizing attachments, from swings to monkey bars, you're promised an epic backyard adventure. And don't fret about safety because the slackline course is championed for its durability and safety.

So who would find this gem most fascinating? The tech-savvy toddlers and adrenaline-rushed adolescents craving for an outdoorsy challenge. Consider the hooroor obstacle course as a delightful detour from the digital delights. After all, it's not just about winning; it's about the thrill of the race!

Rainbow Craft 50ft Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids - Ninja Warrior Slackline, 12 Removable Buckle Loops, 12 Ninja Attachments, Ninja Course Training Equipment for Outside

Rainbow Craft Ninja Warrior Training Equipment for Backyard - 50ft Slackline with Obstacle Course

by Rainbow Craft Innovations
Customers Rating9.3
Easy to use9.9
Popularity & Sales7.3
Security features9.9

[Not Only A Ninja Hanging Line]- This ninja warrior slackline is specially designed for kids outdoor play & backyard ninja training . Weve created it to be kid-friendly and to be as safe as slacker line can be. Towing strap material also gives high duty for adults to have training as slacking line after taking off the removable loops. Don't hesitate and come to buy it. Enjoy healthy fun with your kids.

The young adventurer in your life will be thrilled with the Rainbow Craft 50ft Ninja Warrior Course. The creators of this vividly designed, ultra-secure kit have thought of everything. This isn't just some flimsy backyard playset. This is genuine, professional-grade training equipment, dashing princes and bold princesses, brace for the thrill of the Ninja Warrior challenge!

Even the smart algorithms that browse through heaps of products sat up and took notice at the stellar strength upgrades in this version. This isn't just a kids' toy but a proper training equipment. With its 150% thicker slackline, everything about this course screams 'top-tier'. Our product testers were impressed by the safety emphasis - smooth buckles, double-deck strap loops, even CPC certification - quite a rarity in products of this range. We firmly agree with the makers, nothing indeed is more important than our kids' safety. Prepare yourself, your young ninja's training begins now!

SUNCITY Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Kit for Kids - 2 X 52' Slackline Zipline 37 PCS Hanging Monkey Bars Fists Gym Rings Swing Rope Ladder Portable Outdoor Toys Training Equipment Set for Backyard

SUNCITY Ninja Warrior Kit for Kids - 52' Slackline with 37 PCS Obstacle Course Equipment for Backyard Training

by Biaoge
Customers Rating9.4
Easy to install8.7
Easy to use8.5
Light weight9.6
Popularity & Sales7.6

More Professional than Others: Ergonomic gym rings are made by sewing and hot-melt fixing, which is safer and stronger than other, and will not cut your hands. The adjustable stainless steel triangle buckle doesn't break and shift as easily as plastic. Twin rubber-grip heavy-duty ratchet has better pull, and the Velcro felt protects the tree from abrasion. You can separate our accessories as needed. Top line not have fixed pockets and a fixed distance from each other.

Well, well, well! What do we have here for our little adventurers, daredevils, and budding ninjas? MOOZ has stumbled upon quite a gem: the SUNCITY Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Kit. This kit comes with a mind-boggling array of delightful surprises that could turn your backyard into an adventure park! No dragon-slaying or damsel-rescuing involved, we promise!

Arriving with 2 colossal 52' slackline ziplines and 37 PCS Hanging Monkey Bars, Fists, Gym Rings, Swing Rope Ladder and more, you can set up your own little warrior's lair to jump, grip and swing like legendary ninjas. Who says you cannot ignite your tiny tot’s competitive spirit, right from the sanctum of your house? But hey, no need to fret about the safety part, this kit ensures it's built as sturdy as the fortresses of yore.

Recommended for children over 3 years old, imagine their glee on mastering every obstacle, their laughter echoing while they hang like little monkeys, their sense of achievement on completing the course! Trust us, this can be more enchanting than any story book or animated movie, because it’s real, it's in your backyard, and it’s your child as the brave-hearted hero! So, folks, brace yourselves: let the backyard adventures begin!

Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids 50FT for Ninja, Yoassi Warrior Slackline with Swing, Rope Ladder, Hanging Wheel Will Make Your Children More Happier and Healthier in Backyard and Park

50FT Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course with Slackline for Backyard and Park Fun

by Yoassi
Customers Rating9.9
Easy to hold7.8
Easy to install7.6
Easy to use8.6
Popularity & Sales7.2

Obstacle Training Fun: Easy to install in 20 minutes between two trees in the backyard or park. Add great fun in your backyard makes your children happier and healthier. Inspire children's athletic talents, let children exercise their strength, balance, agility, endurance, coordination in a pleasant play and enhance their self-confidence.

Jeez Louise! This Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids takes fun to a whole uncharted dimension! You see, your young champions aren't just playing around, they're training, developing strength, balance, and confidence as a delightful accident of an 'oh so intense' playtime. Imagine your backyard transformed into a playground, as suspenseful as a circus. It's just a step below having lions and trapezes!

We are bowled over by the tailor-made-ness. Yoassi Obstacle Course allows you to adjust the set up to match the specific likings of your little moppets. The accessories, sturdier than a dinosaur's tail, are designed to whisk away worries about safety, even if you have a couple of rambunctious imps dangling at once. So head out to your backyard armed with this adventure-in-a-bag, and let your little ninja warriors conquer the world, one swing, rope ladder, and monkey bar at a time!


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