10 Best No Gas MIG Welders
for October 2023

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In the grand jigsaw of our practical existence, welding tools play an indispensable role. If you are an enthusiast who indulges in regular-DIY, or a professional who fixes things for a living, then finding the best No Gas MIG Welder is a pursuit worth investing. MOOZ has scoured through the market's labyrinth and pieced together a list of the '10 Best No Gas MIG Welders,' formulated after meticulous reviewing and ranking.

The eye-catching AZZUNO MIG Welder is a fabulous tool which uses an advanced IGBT inverter technology for assured efficiency. The charming VIVOHOME MIG Welder excels in automatic feed welding even in the absence of gas – making it quite a catch. Another interesting product is the resourceful MIG Welder Machine, known for its flexibility in being gasless and perfectly suitable for DIY home projects. Each of these products amplifies the charm of practicality, boosting your productivity while making life simpler.

MOOZ encourages you to explore the full list of '10 Best No Gas MIG Welders,' bearing in mind that the most intriguing one, 'HONE MIG Welder 110V', is waiting to mesmerize you at the end. This tool is a 3-in-1 marvel with characteristics of being gasless, having a large LED display as well as the prowess of synergic welding. Don't deprive yourself from this treasure; gear up to embark on an enriching journey of comparison, ranking and selection.

AZZUNO MIG Welder,Flux Core Welder 130Amp 110V Gasless MIG Welding Machine IGBT Inverter Welder Portable Wire Feed Welder (volts, 110)

AZZUNO 110V Gasless MIG Welder: Portable Wire Feed Welding Machine for No Gas MIG Welding


Portable Design: Lightweight and compact design, with a comfortable hand grip that makes it easy to carry wherever you want; It only weighs 8.7 lbs., so you can effortlessly take it as far as you can.

The AZZUNO MIG Welder, our top pick, skillfully combines power, versatility, and ease of use. We were particularly enamored by the 130Amp 110V welder's abilities with a robust range of metals and alloys, perfect for DIY projects or planned home renovations. Specially designed with beginners in mind, you'll appreciate the intuitive voltage control knob and wire speed adjustment capabilities.

Working with the AZZUNO isn't just about power; it’s also about safety. The machine comes with built-in systems to protect against overload and overheating. Going beyond just equipment protection, we found the inclusion of gloves and welding mask noteworthy for personal safety during use. Capable of handling 2.2 pounds wire rolls and welding up to 3.0mm plate, this is a mig welder that gives you room to grow in your craft, with the assurance of safety.

VIVOHOME MIG Welder 130 Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welding Machine Portable No Gas 110V 120V AC DIY Home Welder w/Free Mask Yellow

VIVOHOME MIG Welder 130 - Portable No Gas DIY Home Welder for Flux Core Wire Welding


PORTABLE DESIGN - Lightweight and compact design, with a comfortable hand grip that makes it easy to carry wherever you want; It only weighs 34.6 lbs., so you can effortlessly take it as far as you can

We’ve ranked the VIVOHOME MIG Welder 130 as our second favorite, and here's why. This flamboyant yellow welding machine is not just a tool, it's the maestro, capable of orchestrating the flux-cored wire to self-release metal inert gas as you weld. It plays a brilliant duel role, adept at home repairs while also serving hobbyists working on light gauge steel. Consider the lack of oxidation in your welded parts, a feat that sets it apart.

Digging a bit deeper, the majestic beauty isn’t skin deep. Flex your creative muscles with the adjustable welding speed, modify the current, manage flux-cored welding right from thin steel to thick. Generosity, another unsung trait, reflected in the heap of handy accessories it comes bundled with. Indulge in the symphony of welding, the VIVOHOME MIG Welder 130 is your conductor, leading you to create works worthy of standing ovations.

MIG Welder Machine Flux Core Gasless Welding 135A 110V Wire Automatic Feed Welding Portable No Gas DIY Home Mini Welder Small with IGBT Inverter

Flux Core Gasless MIG Welder for DIY Home Welding - No Gas Required

by Reboot

Portable Design Lightweight and compact diy machine, with a comfortable handgrip that you can effortlessly welding it as anywhere you want; It only weighs 13.01 lbs.

Finally, at the respectable third spot of our curated selection is the MIG Welder Machine Flux Core Gasless Welding 135A 110V. We've marked this quirky marvel for its unique blend of functionality and handiness. Its prime feature, the intelligent protection mechanism, has a built-in overheat and over current protection, ensuring the welder's longevity. This nifty device also embraces convenience, offering up to 135Amp output and fan cooling feature that springs into action just when you need it to.

Here's the crux: the welder operates under a synergic function, enabling it to control voltage and current for a smooth arc - meaning it delivers a more reliable arc with significantly less spatter. Plus, its noise reduction feature makes it even more appealing. Paired with the convenience of a flux-cored wire, this gadget emerges as an ideal pick for at-home repairs or your hobby projects. Find joy in the world of welding and treat yourself to some noiseless, spatter-less delight.

SereneLife MIG Welder Flux Core Welding Machine with Gas and No Gas, 130A DC 110V 220v IGBT Inverter Welder with Automatic Wire Feed, Welding Gun, Ground Wire, Brush, Mask, Dual Voltage Adapter, Blue

SereneLife MIG Welder: No Gas Flux Core Welding Machine - 130A DC 110V 220v IGBT Inverter Welder for Easy Welding

by SereneLife

FULL BRIDGE CIRCUIT: Full bridge circuit provides professional level stability. Make sure to avoid models with only half bridge circuits. 60% rated duty cycle allows you to weld for six minutes then rest for four minutes

MOOZ unraveled this gem of a tool, the SereneLife Mig Welder. Our latest algorithms found the 130 AMP Mig style to be enticing and user-friendly, especially for beginners. It comes with a welding gun, ground wire clip and more! The adjustable speed wire feed, allows you to customize it up to 6.7m per minute, ensuring you get just the right weld.

The exciting feature of this welder is perhaps its flexibility with both gas and flux core. The digital Mig makes use of 0.6-0.8mm flux-cored wire but can also go gas. Even more, it supports a dual voltage of 110V/220V. With everything combined, you can effortlessly weld steel up to 0.08 plate. This is tailor-made for anyone figuring their way out in welding, it makes the learning curve pleasant!

Evargc 110V 3 In 1 Mig Welder ARC Lift Tig Mig Gasless No Gas Flux Core Wire IGBT Multifunctional Welding Machine

Evargc 110V 3 In 1 No Gas Mig Welder for Gasless Flux Core Wire Welding

by Evargc

Portable, lightweight, and easy to use MIG welding machine - ideal for maintenance and mobile welders

The first feature that caught the MOOZ algorithm's attention was the Evargc 110V 3 In 1 Mig Welder's inverter power source. This feature intrigued us due to its efficiency in operation, providing smoother weld characteristics than traditional welders. Imagine handling your welding work like a boss, using this super-efficient machine, to your satisfaction, and without any hitches. That would be a great experience, right?

Secondly, its automatic thermal protector makes this welding machine stand out even more. Think about a scenario where you're immersed in your work, and you don't have to worry about the machine overheating. The device simply shuts off until it cools to a normal operating temperature. So, it's safe to say that this equipment is immensely beneficial for professionals dealing with large-scale projects who value efficiency, durability, and safety.

TTAMPLAR 140A MIG Welder Gasless 110V MIG/Stick/Lift TIG Welder 3 in 1 Flux Core Wire Welding Machine No Gas IGBT Inverter (TPM-140)

TTAMPLAR 140A MIG Welder: Gasless 110V Flux Core Wire Welding Machine (TPM-140) - No Gas


COMPACT & POWERFULThe welder has excellent arc stability and all projects can be completed effortlessly and quickly, ideal for outdoor repairs, rusty metal, farm and road equipment, and maintenance and repairs. It is easy to carry and store with a comfortable handle. It is very suitable for beginners and professionals!

Thanks to TTAMPLAR's 140A MIG Welder the MOOZ team have just made your day a lot brighter. We were intrigued by the advanced IGBT inverter technology skinny this welder suitcase. This welder sports not only one or two, but three welding functions! Gimme a high five for this finding, right?

Your knees are gonna get weak when you hear this - wire feeding as smooth as butter, top shelf performance and a kicker of a clean, almost spatter-free weld. In simpler words - TTAMPLAR's 140A MIG Welder is slick, powerful, and, dare we say, a wee bit sexy. It's more than just a tool, it's a silent partner who's got your back. Professionals and enthusiasts, wrap your mitts around this - this bad boy is your next BFF. So, whatcha waiting for, give it a whirl. It's ready to rock and roll.

ETOSHA 140Amp MIG Welder, Flux Core Welder AC 110V Gasless Welding Machine with IGBT Inverter, Automatic Wire Feed Welders Portable Metal Welder No Gas 110 Voltage 140A Compact Welder with Welding Gun

ETOSHA 140Amp MIG Welder - Portable, Gasless Welding Machine (No Gas) for Easy Metal Welding


Wide Applications: Lightweight 14.77lbs. The ergonomic handle design makes the welder machine very easy to carry. It is very suitable for Home DIY and Repair, Maintenance, Metal Fabrication, farm & road equipment.

Upon first interaction, the appealing feature of ETOSHA 140Amp MIG Welder is undeniably its top-notch safety protection. This industrious machine is absolutely a gem for individuals setting safety as a pinnacle priority. With its agreeable electric choke control which results in less spatter, it provides a deep penetration and good formation, hence reducing the risk factor for DIY hobbyists and home maintenance aficionados.

Elevating its appeal, the addition of automatic thermal safety and overload safety protection ensures that you are safe indeed. Aren't you amazed by the extra mile this machine goes just to prioritize your safety? Moreover, the MIG-140 welder proves to be a dependable asset, offering high efficiency with its 140 Amp output. Without a doubt, when it comes to welding up to 1/4 plates of mild steel, this welder packs a punch!

display4top Mig Welder, 130A Portable Welding Machine, Flux Core Wire Welder, MIG 130 Automatic Feed Welding Machine Equipment with Mask - 110V

Portable 110V MIG Welder with Automatic Feed, Flux Core Wire, and Mask - No Gas Design

by Display4top

DURABLE & PORTABLE: This MIG130 welder is an amazing portable welding machine. Easy to adjust, smooth sound and excellent weld quality. The welder casing is made of metal, sturdy and durable. Whether welding thick or thin materials, the welding speed is fast, spatter is low and it is easy to use.

The Display4top Mig Welder is a must-have for both hobbyists and professionals. Our favorite thing about this portable welding machine is its practicality. The combination of its size, weight, and automatic feed welding makes it easy for you to handle your tasks without the usual fatigue associated with heavy equipment. Its easy-to-use flux-cored wire that automatically releases metal inert gas while you're welding really stood out for us. This handy feature prevents the oxidation of your welded parts, maintaining the quality of your work.

Another shining feature of this welding machine is its overheat protection, uniquely designed to ensure your safety when temperatures rise. If the going gets too hot, the machine will stop working, significantly reducing the risk of accidents in your work area. And let's not forget the extra accessories that come with this package: a welding gun, safety control, grounding clamp, brush, and protection mask. Considering all these, the Display4top Mig Welder would be most useful for DIY enthusiasts, car repair professionals, and engineers working on steel structures.

HONE MIG Welder 110V, Actual 140Amp Flux Core Welder/Stick Welder/Lift TIG 3 in 1 Synergic Welding Machine, Smart IGBT Inverter Large LED Display Gasless Wire Welder with Welding Gun

HONE MIG Welder 110V: Gasless 3-in-1 Synergic Welding Machine for No Gas MIG Welding


Bulit-in smart Hot-start and Arc-force provide easy, quick and reliable arc start, and stable welding current, this mini welder has ideal performance for the most E6013, E6011, E6010, E7018 and E308-16 rods.

The MOOZ algorithm discovered the HONE MIG Welder 110V, a machine that prides itself on its multiprocess welding capabilities. Imagine: one machine, three functions, what a catch! With built-in automatic Anti-stick, voltage fluctuation compensation, and a bundle of safety measures, this product is designed with durability and safety in mind.

That's not all! The HONE MIG Welder 110V is also a beginner's dream. It self-adjusts the wire feeding speed and welding voltage, giving you an easier path to becoming a welding master. Its standout feature is the Lift-arc TIG function, which makes arc starting easier than ever. Have you ever wanted to weld almost any ferrous metal? This machine can do it. It's compact and perfect for outdoor maintenance, a farm, road equipment, and even DIY projects at home. It's clearly an optimal choice for first-time welders and DIY enthusiasts. So why not give it a try? Your future welding projects are calling!


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