Optimize your skills, they will be worthwhile in the future

There is a proverb: who pays the piper, calls the tune. I fully agree. However, the musician himself can decide how much his performance costs if the melody is

  • Sought-after;
  • Rare;
  • Very difficult to perform and complicated (in some respect unique)

Find yourself a decent tool, choose a suitable repertoire, create unusual and memorable PR campaign, take care of unique selling proposition, give yourself a name, and the whole world will knock at your door and, furthermore, will pay a good money for that.

If you are able to do something that no one else can (or only few can do that), then you can easily set your price. Believe me, those do not need to be particularly sophisticated skills, but others must find them necessary and people must be ready to pay for them. Do you remember the example about the guy who asked a fabulous amount of money for cleaning the cars of celebrities?

You can learn the profession of a brain surgeon, but it requires ten years, talent, return to the profession and steady hand. So, if we relinquish this idea, then think over that exactly you can offer. What skills, talents, bargaining chips, and weak points do you in here? For whom your skills would be useful? How could they be used in the best possible way? How to tell people that you have the skills they need? What more skills could you master in order to achieve the goal?

To accomplish this task, you must never say:

  • “I do not know."
  • “I am not sure."
  • “I doubt if I can learn anything else."
  • “I can do nothing much anymore."
  • “What do you mean? Talent, qualification or self-improvement?"

If we think over carefully, we all have something to offer. We all are capable of doing something special and we feel in which exact area we could succeed unless someone could help a bit and would give a chance. We all have a dream to be pursued; a plan that we want to implement. Perhaps, we all need a push, guidance in the right direction, an alarm to wake us up from the deep sleep and start acting. So, WAKE UP AND START ACTING!

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