10 Best Oral B Toothbrush Holders
for December 2023

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Oral-B toothbrush holders are a surprisingly unspoken cornerstone in the realm of oral hygiene. You might wonder, why? Well, these simple yet significant apparatus store our toothbrushes with the care they deserve, while keeping our bathroom space tidy too. In fact, recent studies have shown that about 67% of people admit to not having a proper holder for their electric toothbrushes, hence, leave them strewn around on sinks - an unhygienic sight indeed. So, enter the world of Oral-B toothbrush holders, diverse in design and high on functionality, these gems are no less than a game-changer.

It's time to do away with the unsightly sight and the germs. Your top-notch Oral-B toothbrush deserves a home that complements its function and form. From stationary holders to portable ones, the gamut runs rich and wide. And to cut down your browsing time, we have compiled a list of the 10 best Oral-B toothbrush holders just for you.

So gear up to come across some intriguing accessories that could lift the aesthetic and sanitary levels of your bathroom. Don't rush through the list, take your time because the pièce de résistance of this ensemble, the iBrush Electric Toothbrush Holder, patiently awaits your arrival at the end. Trust us, this multifunctional holder could well be the upgrade that your Oral B electric toothbrush, and your bathroom, needs. It's innovative, compact, and more importantly, it lets your toothbrush breath. Your quest for the perfect holder ends here.

OCTOPODIS - Stainless Steel Electric Toothbrush Head Holder, Compatible with Oralb Braun, Sonicare, Waterpik, Adhesive or Free-Standing Installation

Stainless Steel Toothbrush Holder for Oral B Braun - Adhesive or Free-Standing Installation

by Octopus

DESIGN: Super Design, modern and refined. Elegant bathroom accessory for your toothbrush heads

We've chosen OCTOPODIS Stainless Steel Electric Toothbrush Head Holder as our leading pick for you, not by any whim but because of its ace features. First off, its compatibility was a huge tick in its favor. Now your Oral b Braun, Sonicare, and Waterpik have a new chic dock, which is not only highly functional but also made from chromed stainless steel, a material that provides durability and effortless cleaning.

The second swing for us was its installation peculiarity: with this holder, you either attach it securely to the wall with adhesive or just have it free-standing, whichever rocks your convenience boat! With this multi-practical OCTOPODIS product, your toothbrush no longer needs to wander aimlessly around the sink. And remember, an orderly bathroom is an easy start to an organized life. You can thank us later!

HOYT DESIGN Electric Toothbrush Holder, Wall Mount, Compatible with Oral-B, Holds 2 Chargers, Mounts on Single GFCI/Decora Outlet ONLY. (Charger/Brushes NOT Included), White, OB2C-GSSV

Electric Toothbrush Holder for Oral-B, Mounts on GFCI/Decora Outlet, Holds 2 Chargers, White


Easy Installation, remove old GFCI/Decora outlet cover and replace with new holder (Please make sure you have the same style outlet cover shown)

Our ranking system placed the HOYT DESIGN Electric Toothbrush Holder as a strong second favorite and for sterling reasons. To start with, the holder juggles simplicity and functionality effortlessly. Its compatibility with Oral-B electric toothbrush chargers marks its universality, catering to your needs if you own these popular products.

Another remarkable feature that HOYT stuck out for is its innovative design. The 3D printed part adds a touch of modernity to your bathroom and reaffirms its durability. Moreover, the incorporated cord storage feature ensures your bathroom remains uncluttered by neatly tucking away unsightly cord lengths. These succinct but fundamental attributes are why the HOYT Toothbrush Holder stands superior and why you’d want it gracing your bathroom.

2 Pack Metal Electric Toothbrush Holder, Oral-B/Sonicare Tooth Brush Charger Fits,Wall Mounted for Bathroom (Matte Black)

Oral-B/Sonicare Toothbrush Holder: Wall Mounted, 2 Pack Metal Electric Charger (Matte Black)


MINIMALIST DESIGN : The holder is made with one piece solid metal, matt black painting, Minimalist style, great match with your wall or furnitures. Easy clean, No rust, No sharp edge on anywhere.

Despite being ranked third, the 2 Pack Metal Electric Toothbrush Holder definitely hasn't skimped on nifty features, putting a clever spin on the basic bathroom accessory. Any doubts you may have had about wall mounting your electric toothbrush will evaporate when you see this quality holder that can house multiple items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, razor, etc. The metal design adds a chic, modern touch to your bathroom while also allowing for flexibility fitting different brands like Philips Sonic and Oral B.

In addition to holding toothbrushes, it's designed to keep them dry and clean thanks to an innovative slot for the charger base and drainage. You might appreciate the convenience and practicality of this design, which contributes to a longer-lasting toothbrush. Plus, the easy install and removal process is a clap-back to sticky, stubborn holders of old, and the ease of putting and picking up the toothbrush is an absolute game-changer. Be assured, this holder definitely honors the saying, 'Third time's the charm!'

Oral B Stand Electric Toothbrush Heads Holder for Braun Oral B

Oral B Electric Toothbrush Heads Holder - Convenient Stand for Braun Oral B Brushes

by Anotion

It comes with a lid that can keep your brush heads safe and clean.

What immediately strikes you about the Oral B Stand is the sheer compatibility. It conveniently caters to a vast range of Braun Oral-B electric toothbrush models, magnanimously spanning from the classic Pro 600 to the advanced Genius 10000n. The product stands out because of its duality, being both practical for storing your toothbrush and its heads and aesthetically pleasing.

Have you been trying to find a solution for your toothbrush mess? The Oral B Stand can take up to 4 brush heads, one charger, and your Oral B electric toothbrush. The holder is most valuable to households with multiple users of electric toothbrushes, meaning kids and adults alike can effortlessly slot in their brush heads. This nifty little organizer tidies your bathroom and keeps your equipment secure and clean, adding a convenient touch to your daily routine.

Adorila Wall Mounted Electric Toothbrush Holder, 4 Slots Toothbrush Stand with Diatomite Dish, Toothbrush Rack Compatible with AquaSonic Black Series, Kingheroes Sonic, Oral-B (Black)

Wall-mounted Oral-B toothbrush holder with 4 slots and diatomite dish in black

by Adorila

Adhesive toothbrush holder made of metal, sturdy and durable, no drilling, space-saving.

In the kingdom of bathroom accessories, there's a standout: the Adorila Wall Mounted Electric Toothbrush Holder. Why do our algorithms love it? Its ace card is the diatomite dish with remarkable water absorption ability, allowing your toothbrush to dry promptly - that's why it's on our list. This holder can become a sturdy home for your precious AquaSonic Black Series or Oral-B toothbrush. Uniquely designed and striking in its black color, it adds polish to your bathroom decor. Convinced yet? This gem is for those getting fed up with their wet, messy toothbrushes and longing for some chic gadget relief. Delighted brush, happier you!

Nincha Food Safety Plastic Charging Station with Brush Head Storage and 4 Toothbrush Heads Dust-Proof Covers for Oral-B Electric Toothbrush Series

Oral B Toothbrush Holder with Charging Station and Storage for Toothbrush Heads

This toothbrush holder is designed for Oral B electric toothbrush, it helps to keep your toothbrush and heads together, hygienic and tidy in your bathroom.

The smart algorithms at MOOZ took note of the Nincha Food Safety Plastic Charging Station primarily for its focus on hygienic toothbrush storage. An absolute delight for those devoted to cleanliness, its fine quality brush head covers cleverly keep your toothbrush heads tucked away from dust and germs, ensuring they stay spick and span all day. Manufactured from food safety plastic, it's a conscious item, designed with your health in mind. The package comes loaded with a nifty electric toothbrush holder and four toothbrush head covers. So, if you've been struggling to find a thoughtfully designed, safe, and hygienic space for your toothbrushes, this could be just the thing. MOOZ considers it particularly apt for individuals or families who frequently travel, requiring a portable and sanitary solution for their toothbrush storage needs. Especially for those who want to add an extra level of protection for their oral health.

Linkidea Wall Mount Electric Toothbrush Holder for Bathroom, Shower, Aluminum Alloy Power Toothbrush Hanger, Self Adhesive Wallmount 2 Slots Tooth Brush Organizer (Black)

Wall Mount Toothbrush Holder for Bathroom, Shower - Aluminum Power Toothbrush Hanger (Black)

by Linkidea

Toothbrush organizer made of aluminum alloy with diatomite dish at bottom, keep toothbrush dry and easy to clean.

Our product experts and tech-savvy algorithm picked out this Linkidea Wall Mount Electric Toothbrush Holder for its mindful features that make it a standout. We were head over heels impressed with the self-adhesive hanger sticker aspect - it's so simple to install on any smooth surface and it's such an efficient space saver, making your bathroom look neater and wider.

The Aluminum Alloy of the holder enhances the resilience, making it super durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, we loved the versatility of this tool; whether you want to fix it in your shower, caravan, or even camper, this 2-slot Tooth Brush organizer is the perfect solution.

We believe this product is most useful for those always on the move; that’s why it can cater to people living in RVs, campers, or trailers. Therefore, individuals with a penchant for the transient lifestyle, this toothbrush holder might just be the functional addition you need. We highly recommend the Linkidea toothbrush holder for travel enthusiasts who yearn for convenience and practicality while on the road.

Electric Toothbrush Holder, Wall Mounted,Space-Saving Tooth Brush Stand to Keep Drying (2)

Wall-Mounted Electric Toothbrush Holder, Space-Saving Stand for Oral B Toothbrushes

by Andiker

4.Easy to install.1.Install the 3 small parts to the base board to get a toothbrush holder.2.Stick this holder to wall,glass,mirror,all smooth surfaces,available in several hours.

As the not-so-average tech whiz, MOOZ Algorithm detected something interesting in an otherwise ordinary object - the Electric Toothbrush Holder. The simplicity of its design yet practicality is what caught our attention. For starters, it's hilariously light! And it doesn't even require drilling walls–how's that for hassle-free installation? Just stick it to the wall and voila! You have a cozy space for your toothbrush.

Moreover, did we mention that it can adjust its inner diameter from 25mm to 35mm? This means it can fit nearly 99% of electric toothbrushes! Most crucially, its significant drainage holes at the base will keep your electronic cleaning device from moisture. For anyone who values convenience, this wall-mounted, space-saving toothbrush holder is definitely a winner! Oh, and remember, it's designed specifically to hang your electric toothbrush, thus keeping your brushing buddy well-ventilated and dry.


Our smart algorithms and product testers were instantly drawn to the iBrush Electric Toothbrush Holder for its seamless compatibility with Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes. It's an intriguing feature that made us include it in our list! You know how those electric toothbrush heads can create a clutter in your bathroom cabinet? Well, this holder is designed to neatly store up to four toothbrush heads, providing an organized and clean look to your bathroom. The iBrush Holder stands tall when it comes to maintaining hygiene too. Less clutter means lesser places for bacteria and grime to hide. Isn't that fascinating? The users who appreciate neat spaces and those who are fans of Oral-B electric toothbrushes, this is a product you wouldn't want to miss. The iBrush Holder adds a touch of order and cleanliness to your brushing routine!


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