Top 10 Pet Cams
for February 2024

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It's a fact of life that pets are family, and that can include pets in your household who are away from their owner. Pet cams let you check in on your furry friend from wherever you are. These cameras allow you to check in on your pet, watch live streaming video, talk to your pets remotely, and even check in on your pet's activity.

The MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab has tested pet cams for features, ease of use, and image quality. We evaluate each camera's night vision, recording quality, and video quality. We also look at how easy it is to set up and connect to Wi-Fi, plus how easy the camera is to operate. These pet cams are top picks, thanks to their ease of use, video quality, and night vision.

Pet Camera Robot, Cat Dog Treat Dispenser, Pumpkii Home Robot with App Remote Control, 2 Way Audio, 1080P HD Mobile Camera with Night Vision, Interactive Replaceable Cat Teaser

pumpkii Pet Camera Robot

by pumpkii

Mobile Camera Wide angle 1080P HD moving camera with night vision provides a perfect app control experience.

The Pumpkii Pet Camera Robot provides a fun, interactive experience. It dispenses treats, plays music, and records videos. The robot's built-in microphone and speaker make two-way communication easy, and the app makes it easy to manage the robot's settings. The pet camera's 2.0GHz Wi-Fi connection is fast and reliable, and the camera has a good wide-angle lens. Night vision works great, and the built-in speaker makes automatic voice commands easy to hear. The robot's automatic movements are fun, but the only drawback is the robot's size: It's a little large for most houses, and it may be too big for apartments with thin hallways. The robot's battery lasts for about 10 days, and an optional power adapter is available for indoor use. Price: $119.99.

SKYMEE Petalk AI II Dog Camera Automatic Treat Dispenser, WiFi Full HD Pet Camera with 180° Pan Full-Room View,Night Vision,Two Way Audio for Dogs and Cats,Compatible with Alexa (2.4G WiFi Only)

SKYMEE Petalk AI II Camera Dog Automatic Treat Dispenser

by Shenzhen Skymee Technology

Dog Treat DispenserThe pet camera Packed with 2 trays, effectively compatible with treats from 11mm-14mm and 14mm ~ 17mm,you can Remotely release pets favorite snacks and play a game with your pets, avoid your love pets getting bored.

The Petalk AI is of the best automatic pet cameras we've tested, and it's easy to see why. It's easy to use, it's comfortable to hold, and it's packed with features. Its 180-degree pan and 4x digital zoom make it ideal for monitoring more than one room, and its built-in infrared night vision makes it easy to see even in dark rooms. The Petalk AI's two-way audio makes it easy to communicate with your pets, and its facial recognition software makes it easier to recognize who'll be at the door. The AI's biggest feature, though, is its integration with Amazon Alexa. Not only can you ask Alexa to take a photo or record a video, but you can also ask Alexa to open the Petalk AI's door, launch an app, or adjust the volume. The Petalk AI clearly takes the best advantage of Alexa, so if you're looking for a pet camera with Alexa, it's the clear choice.

Petcube Bites 2 Lite Interactive WiFi Pet Monitoring Camera with Phone App and Treat Dispenser, 1080p HD Video, Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, Sound and Motion Alerts, Cat and Dog Monitor

Petcube Bites 2 Lite Interactive WiFi Pet Camera Monitoring with Phone App and Treat Dispenser

by Petcube

Take Your Pet to Vet Online: Petcube cameras have a built-in 24/7 online Vet Chat that lets you consult a professional veterinarian by simply starting a chat from the Petcube app. Get answers to health, behavior, and nutrition questions about your pet in minutes.

The Petcube Bites 2 Lite is a reasonably priced camera for monitoring pets and your home, and it offers a lot of features for pet owners. The 1080p camera offers sharp, clear video, and two-way audio makes it easy to talk to your pets and hear them bark or meow back. The camera's night vision is also excellent, and the camera's 8x digital zoom offers an easy way to get a closer look at your pet. The treat dispenser allows you to toss treats to your pet from anywhere, and you can even schedule automated treat dispensing via the free Petcube app. The Bites 2 Lite's 1.5 lb. treat dispenser is generous, and you can also adjust how far the treats are thrown using the app. The Treats 2 Lite's iOS and Android apps offer easy to use controls, and the app also includes a feed scheduler that lets you schedule when the camera's video feed goes live. The Bites 2 Lite is easy to set up, and the app makes it easy to connect to your home Wi-Fi. While the camera has night vision, the Bites 2 Lite's night vision isn't as bright as some of our other picks, and it's hard to see in complete darkness. The Bites 2 Lite also lacks infrared night vision, and if you're looking for a camera that's good at night, you'll probably want one that offers infrared night vision. The Bites 2 Lite's app also lacks some features, including facial recognition, which could help you recognize your pet at night.

eufy Pet Dog Camera, Free Smart AI Tracking and Monitoring, 270-Degree Rotation, 1080p Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser and Tossing, Phone App, Doggy Diary, Local Storage, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision

eufy security eufy Pet Dog Camera

by eufy

Never Miss an Adorable Moment: Always see your dog with the 170 wide-angle lens that provides stunning full-HD clarity in real time, and night vision allows you to see your pup better at night. Watch the cuteness on the eufy Pet app.

The Eufy Camera is a clever, easy-to-use pet camera with a clever, easy-to-use app. Simply open the app and point it (or toss it) at your dog, and the camera will start recording. The 270-degree rotation and distance detection help keep the camera pointed in the right direction, and the app will let you know when your dog wanders off or gets too close. The Eufy Camera is also exceptionally bright and clearly captures the details of your dog, and its 1080p video provides a clear picture of what's going on all around your house. The treat dispenser and tossing feature keep your dog entertained, and you'll get notifications whenever your dog barks, gets hungry, or wanders off. The 2-way audio feature lets you talk to your dog through the app, though the app doesn't provide voice control. The battery life on the camera isn't great, and the camera's tiny, rechargeable battery doesn't last very long, but it's handy to have a second battery on hand. It's also worth noting that while the Eufy Camera's battery is rechargeable, the company recommends keeping a spare battery on hand for emergencies. The Eufy Camera is smart, fun, and affordable, and it's one of the best pet cameras you can buy.

Pet Camera, VStarcam Cat Camera with Laser Wireless Dog Camera 1080P Cat Toys, Night Vision Sound Motion Alerts, APP Remote Control Home Security Camera for Pet &Baby



Motion Sound Detection & Easy Setup- The dog camera with phone app will push alarms to your phone when it detects barking or motion track. With this smart cat and dog monitor, keep your home safe 24/7. Fast WiFi setup via App on smartphone, enables remote access. Max 4 users be able to view the same camera simultaneously with different devices anywhere.

The VStarCam V100 is the best pet camera we tested, thanks to its impressive image quality and range of features. The 1080p resolution and 60 fps frame rate produce crystal-clear images, and night vision up to 10 meters in pitch black. It also has the widest field of view (107 degrees), so it's able to capture more of the room. The built-in microphone and speaker let you hear and talk to your pet from anywhere. The laser toy, which you can control from your phone, can be used to tease and entertain your pet. You can remotely control the laser rotation through the mobile phone or set the fixed-point cruise, interacting with pets while you are outside. This pet camera can be shared to others, you can enjoy sweet memories with your family.

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs, Compatible with Alexa (As Seen On Ellen)

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing

by Tomofun, LLC

Easy 3-Step Setup: 1) plug in to a power outlet using its USB cord 2) download the Furbo app 3) connect to your home wifi.

Furbo performs as advertised. The Furbo camera and its companion app are both easy to use and intuitive. The companion app offers clear instructions and is well designed, with a simple layout and colorful icons. The Furbo camera itself is also well built, with a durable, waterproof housing that you can place anywhere in your home. The app's alerts are brief and concise, and the camera's alerts are accompanied by audio, which is a nice touch. The Furbo camera has a number of useful settings, including night-vision, activity tracking, and two-way audio. Night vision is sharp, and you can view the camera's feed from great distances thanks to the camera's 180-degree field of view. The Furbo camera's audio is also good, though it's best when used in combination with the sound produced by the Furbo app, which is loud but clean, and provides a good sense of distance. The active notification system notifies you when your dog is barking, and the app's video-recording options let you turn the camera on and off remotely. The Furbo camera can also serve as a monitoring station for pet sitters, and it's easy to use, so pet sitters will be able to use it right away. The Furbo camera performed well during our tests, and it's an excellent companion for dog owners.

Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

Petzi Wi-Fi Pet & Camera Treat Dispenser

by WAGZ, inc.

Dedicated iOS and Android app that controls the device and allows content to be shared socially

The Petzi Treat Cam is a clever, fun, and reasonably priced way to keep track of your pet. Our testers loved the treat dispenser feature, which lets them dispense treats to their pets when they can't be home. The treat dispenser also makes it easy to share photos of pets (who are notoriously camera-shy), which our testers loved. The Treat Cam also has a high-quality two-way audio feature, so pet owners can interact with their pets through the Treat Cam. The Treat Cam's camera has a decent field of view (we only noticed a slight amount of pixelation), and the treat dispenser dispenses treats in a predictable, controlled manner. The Treat Cam also has night vision, so it's useful indoors and out. We noticed some camera lag, but overall the Treat Cam is a keeper.

CENGCEN Dog Camera Treat Dispenser, 5G Wifi & 16G TF Card Included for More Spaces, Two-Way Audio Pet Camera 130°View, Night Vision, Wall Mounted and Cat Treat Dispenser Camera, Android/IOS Compatible

CENGCEN Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

by Dongguan Langmeng Intelligence Technology CO., LTD

Wall Mounting & Treat Tossing Feature - Dog camera with treat dispenser provides the option of hanging the camera on the wall (high-quality wall hooks included). It could be applied to most of flat surface without drilling holes on the wall. Pet snacks with a diameter of 0.4 - 0.6 inch would be ideal, such as biscuits, jerky, and freeze-dried. The tossing sound of the device could be adjusted by short pressing the Voice function key on the APP

The CENGCEN dog treat dispenser with camera is a solid, simple device that's easy to use, and it delivers clear, high-quality video. It has an adjustable field of view, so you can adjust the camera to fit your dog's body, and it's easy to set up and use. The built-in 16G TF card can record about 3000 clips, and it's easy to set up and loop recording through the app, so you can watch a video recording of any past activity, and if you have trouble, the CENGCEN app has clear, step-by-step instructions. The app also includes some interesting features, like motion detection, which can trigger a video recording, and two-way audio, so you can hear and talk to your dog. The night vision mode is adjustable and works well, though we didn't find it quite as good as some of our other picks in low light. The CENGCEN app also includes some GPS features, so it's useful if you want to monitor your dog's activity level. Overall, the CENGCEN pet camera with treat dispenser is a budget-friendly option that delivers clear, high-quality video, and it's an easy-to-use option.

Petcube Pack of 3 Cam Pet Monitoring Camera with Built-in Vet Chat for Cats & Dogs, Security Camera with 1080p HD Video, Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, Magnet Mounting for Entire Home Surveillance

Petcube Pack of 3 Cam Pet Monitoring Camera Built-in with Vet Chat for Cats & Dogs

by Petcube

Built-in Vet Chat If you capture any suspicious pet behavior, consult a professional vet 24/7 to see if your pet needs a clinic visit by simply starting a chat from the Petcube app.

The Petcube Pack of 3 Cams is an all-around great, all-around pet camera, but it's best suited for pets with indoor-only routines. The 1080p HD video and 30-foot night vision make it a good security camera, and the two-way communication feature makes it even better. The Petcube Cams get good battery life, too: The Petcube app that runs on iOS and Android devices sends you alerts when the cameras detect motion or sound, and the cameras can be stored in their charging cradles until it's time to receive another alert. The Petcube Cams also work with other smart home products like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant, and the low price makes it easy to pick up more than one camera. The cameras work well on their own, but Petcube also sells a $100 Pack of 3 Vet Cams, which has a 1080p camera and integrated vet chat, and it's the better choice for pet owners with outdoor pets.

Iseebiz Smart Pet Camera, [2021 Upgraded] Dog Camera Treat Dispenser, 2-Way Audio, 1080P Night Vision Cam, App Remote Tossing, Multi Devices Login, Compatible with Alexa, Play with Your Dogs and Cats

Iseebiz Smart Pet Camera

by Iseebiz

Easy Get AppAt the request of customers, we released the new app "Iseefeeder" in Google Play and Apple app store, "Iseebiz" in amazon Appstore. You could still also install the "Iseebiz" in Apple app store. Watch and play with your fur kid anytime anywhere.

The Iseebiz Smart Pet Camera is a no-frills pet cam with minimal features but a strong emphasis on simplicity. It lacks night vision, but it comes with two suction cups, so you can easily attach it to the wall. The firmware is very straightforward, and it runs on just a USB power plug, so no batteries are required. The cam's feed quality is decent, and images don't look too grainy. It's easy to set up, too, using the app's quick setup wizard, which walks you through a few simple steps. The cam is portable, and the app's feed display works well on smartphones and most tablets. The camera is durable, and it's lightweight, so it's easy to move around. The cam is also relatively quiet, so it's ideal for keeping dog treats close at hand. The cam's battery life is disappointing, though, lasting only about 1.5 hours. The cam is not compatible with Amazon Alexa, but the app does include an IFTTT channel, so you can easily connect it to IFTTT recipes. The cam can also connect to Iseefeeder, a feed-sharing app, so you can watch your pets with other users.


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