Top 10 Phone Holsters with Belt Loops
for December 2023

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Welcome to the universe of top-notch gear that keeps your hands free and your phone handy - the 'Top 10 Phone Holsters with Belt Loops'. These marvels of accessory design blend practicality and convenience in a package that's all about keeping your stylish vibe intact. Travel through our list where each holster is picked and ranked based on superior quality, durability and trendiness.

Oh, by the way, there are a few stars that shine a little brighter in the belt-loop firmament. The Leather Cell Phone Holster is a sleight of cool proportions that exudes a suave demeanor, a perfect choice for men who like to keep it classy. But if you don't want to compromize size for elegance, the Topstache Leather Phone Holster can accommodate even the beefiest of phones (yep, even ones with the Otterbox case on). Craving for a bit of multifunctionality? The 2023 Leather Mobile Phone Bag with its rugged leather, strikes the perfect balance between style and utility.

Yet, let us whisper a secret in your ear. The magic treasure chest holds a true gem at the very end. Meet the Nylon Cell Phone Holster Belt Case, an ultimate gear for tech lovers. Its state-of-the-art magnetic cover and compatibility with a vast range of phones from iPhone 14 Pro Max to Samsung Galaxy A54 and beyond, make it a trendsetter in the realm of phone accessories. Why keep it waiting? Discover it and explore many more uniquely crafted holsters on our list! You, your phone, and your style deserve the best.

Leather Cell Phone Holster with Belt Loop Horizontal Phone Belt Holder for Men Carrying Phone Pouches RFID Blocking Wallet Black for iPhone 14, 13,12,11,14Pro,13Pro,12 Pro,Samsung, Motorola.

Leather Cell Phone Holster with Belt Loops - Stylish Belt Holder for iPhone and Samsung

by Cocostarke
Easy to clean8.8
Easy to hold8.6
Easy to use8.9
Light weight9.5
Material quality8.5

Premium Material : Cocostarke Cell phone holsters is made of high quality synthetic leather material with stitched seams,stylish and durable.Soft floss inner lining to protec your phone from bumps, shocks, and scratches. The elastic stretch bands on the side of the pouch allows the soft inner lining to expand or contract .Horizontal design is comfortable for you to wear when you are sitting, bending down .

Why do we put the Leather Cell Phone Holster at the top of our list? Well, it is because of its all-encompassing high compatibility with most smartphones and its practical design. The spacious internals measuring 6.8"L x 3.9"W x 1.6"H, paired with a durable Velcro closure, will accommodate even larger models like the iPhone 14 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus. The incorporated RFID blocking design adds an extra touch of safety, ensuring all your sensitive card information remains strictly in your holster.

In discovering the holster, you'd find a combination of simplicity, comfort, and secure storage. Tooled from genuine leather, it offers two practical ways of wearing: clipped on pants or around your waist. With this cell holster, you have an added advantage. The built-in 2 Card Slots & 2 Accessories Slots care for your essentials. Whether you're on a camping, hiking, or simply erranding, this holster guarantees that your phone--and you--journey in style.

Topstache Leather Phone Holster with Belt Loop, Magnetic Closure Cell Phone Pouch Card Holder Wallet, Handmade Leather Phone holder for iPhone 14 Pro Max,(Fits Phone with Otterbox Case on)XL,Darkbrown

Topstache Leather Phone Holster with Belt Loops - Handmade Darkbrown Wallet for iPhone 14 Pro Max

by topstache
Easy to assemble9.9
Easy to use9.8
Material quality8.7
Scratch Resistant8.8

Premium Material Better Workmanship:This leather cell phone case is handcrafted from premium natural leather, fine and tight stitching.Crazy Horse Leather is Easy to clean, scratch resistant, thick and durable, the color of the surface will gradually change and become unique over time.Made of natural leather for long-lasting use. All-around leather protection completely wraps around your phone, protecting it from dust to prevent screen scratches and daily wear and tear.

The Topstache Leather Phone Holster took our second spot within a whisker, the seamless blend of style and functionality being the reason. What caught your attention is the unique flip design secured by powerful magnetic buttons, eliminating the need to push hard every time to close. Ensuring that your phone is always safe and secure. The dark brown holster, delicately handmade, dresses up any attire while doubling as a practical gift for your loved ones.

However, what makes our second pick a standout for you is its large capacity and multifunctionality. The holster is not only capacious enough to keep your iPhone 14 Pro Max or S23 Ultra snug with a thick case on, but it also comfortably holds your cards, ID, and some cash in its two pockets. So, as you move, all your essentials are secure and easily accessible. With the Topstache Holster, you never have to deal with bulging pockets anymore.

2023 New Multifunctional Leather Mobile Phone Bag with Belt Clip, Premium Rugged Leather Cell Phone Holster with Belt Loop, Belt Phone Pouches Holder for All Phones (Black)

Leather Phone Holster with Belt Loops - Convenient and Secure Storage for Your Phone

Easy to clean8.4
Easy to hold9.7
Easy to use9.1
Material quality8.7
Water resistance9.9

High Quality Material Made of high quality leather material, comfortable to touch and durable. The thick leather texture protects your belongings from harm.

Saucily standing on the third place, the 2023 New Multifunctional Leather Mobile Phone Bag has caught our gaze. The leather phone holster wrapping around your waist is not just a bossy accessory, it ticks all the boxes of practicality too. Secured around your waist like a steadfast friend, it offers an easy slide in and out system, guaranteeing quick access to your phone as you stride about your day.

Oh, and wait! Its capacious heart has a sweet secret. This Leather Phone Bag hides a main and a small pocket within its suave confines. Forget the heavy boulders of backpacks, it's time to carry your world in this stylish pouch. With the security of a protective clasp, and the convenience of metal hooks for your keys, this might just become your go-to daily companion. Slip in your phone, keychain, credit cards, and even a cigarette pack; take a bow, for you've mastered comfort chic!

AH Military Grade Canvas Horizontal Men Cell Phone Belt Holder for iPhone 11 12 X Max iPhone 6s 6 Plus 7 Plus 8 Plus Rugged Clip Nylon Phone Belt Pouch Cell iPhone Holster with Belt Loop Fits Otterbox

Durable Canvas Phone Holster with Belt Loops - Perfect for iPhone 11, 12, X Max, 6s, 6 Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus

by AccessoryHappy
Easy to clean9.2
Easy to install8.9
Easy to use8.6
Fingerprint reader9.4
Material quality8.8

AH Phone Belt Holder provides best & easiest way to carry and protect your smart phone.

Our savvy algorithms zeroed in on the AH Military Grade Canvas Horizontal Men Cell Phone Belt Holder that has caught our attention. With a design that'll be appreciated by those who are always on the move, this belt holder makes it strikingly simpler to keep your device securely by your side. We're in awe of the military-grade nylon it is made of – robust and capable of withstanding even the roughest conditions. Infused with soft inner lining, it gives an added layer of protection against scratches. Perfectly tailored for numerous phone models, notably Fits Otterbox, it surprises with its universal case feature. It's indeed the holder that holds much promise!

Cobee Leather Phone Holster with Belt Loop, Cell Phone Leather Holster for Men Phone Pouch Belt Loop Universal Cell Phone Case Waist Bag Sheath Purse Belt Loop Pouch Bag, 6.8

Cobee Leather Phone Holster with Belt Loops - Stylish and Convenient Cell Phone Holder for Men on the Go

by Cobee
Easy to clean7.9
Easy to hold9.9
Easy to use8.5
Light weight8.6
Material quality9.6

Belt Loop Design: Our mobile phone holster has a belt hole that can be easily fixed on the belt for easy use. The stitching throughout the waist pack is arranged in a very flat and stable way so that it does not come loose easily. It can hold important things, such as mobile phones and keys, which will never fall out once placed inside the bag, making it very safe.

One of the remarkable features the MOOZ took into account was the Cobee Leather Phone Holster's high-quality PU leather construction. The holster is not just any accessory, but a practical utility that showcases unmatched flexibility and durability. Its design literally ensures that your phone is tightly wrapped, securely sitting in the holster, offering you quick and easy access to your device.

What a marvelous fit this would be for those who are always on the go! If you engage in activities like walking, hiking, camping, running, or if you're simply looking for a chic accessory that can safely house your phone while you're out and about, then this product is definitely for you. The Cobee Holster efficiently caters to your needs by holding not just your phone, but other essentials such as credit cards, keys, and even mini-measuring tools. With this, you're not only securing your items but also making an expressive style statement.

ykooe Cell Phone Pouch Nylon Belt Holster Case Compatible with iPhone 14 12, 12 Pro, 11, 11 Pro, 13, 13 Pro, XR X 6 7 8 Plus Samsung Galaxy S20 S21 FE S10+ S9 A01 LG Google - Large

Nylon Belt Holster Case: Phone Holster with Belt Loops for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Google, and More

by ykooe
Easy to clean7.5
Easy to install9.5
Easy to use7.8
Material quality8.2
Water resistance8.2

Unique Design: The holes on the bottom allow you to easily push and take out the phone; Extra pen holder can accommodate any standard size pen

The ykooe Cell Phone Pouch makes an interesting addition to the MOOZ list for its impressive compatibility and versatility. It's not just a pouch but a practical accessory that fits with your lifestyle. This pouch does an impressive job accommodating most smartphones with its three available size options, 'S', 'L', and 'XL'. The durable nylon finish, tight stitching, and fine craftsmanship shower it with uniqueness.

This pouch is more than just a pocket for your phone. The outdoor enthusiasts will find it particularly essential. With its double-stitched belt loops and a metal carabiner hanging ring, it adds a touch of ruggedness and adaptability to your gear. Keep your phone secured, and carry it your way. A small feature, but deft inclusion of soft inner lining protects your phone from scratches, and the Velcro closure provides added security. A hiking trip or an outdoor event would definitely be a little more convenient with the 'ykooe Phone Pouch'.

Yuzihan Holster for iPhone 14 Pro Max,13 Pro Max ,12 Pro Max ,11 Pro Max ,XS Max, 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6S Plus Belt Holster Fit with Thick Defender Case Hybrid Armor Case Battery Case On

Yuzihan Belt Loop Phone Holster: Perfect for iPhone 14 Pro Max and compatible with thick protective cases

by Yuzihan
Easy to clean8.3
Easy to use8.5
Light weight7.3
Material quality7.4
Scratch Resistant9.1

High Quality Premium Leather Material, Comfortable To Touch,Durable For Long Use

This Yuzihan Holster literally stands out in its own unique way as it firmly secures your iPhone securely in place. It's one of those rare finds that we truly appreciate for its design and functionality. One feature of the holster that instantly captured our attention was the strong magnetic closure and microtriche feature inside the case. This ensures that your phone is protected from scratches, even if you accidentally drop it. For individuals who usually carry their phones in their pockets, this holster is indeed a blessing!

Designed specifically for the iPhone 12 Pro Max to iPhone 14 Pro Max with a thick defender case, this belt holster is perfect for those who value convenience and functionality together. The belt clip and belt loop are easy to attach or detach from your belt, which saves you from the hassle of digging through your pockets for your phone. However, it wouldn't fit well if you have a slim or bare phone. The holster also comes in handy for those who frequently handle tasks that require both hands. With this holster, hands-free and pockets-free are the new norms you would certainly enjoy!

AH Military Grade Cell Phone Clip Holster Rugged Nylon Belt Pouch for Android Moto LG [iPhone 6 6S 7 8 X XR XS 11 12] Kyocera DuraForce Rugged Canvas Holster Fits Otterbox (Medium)

Phone Holster with Belt Loops - AH Military Grade Rugged Nylon Pouch for Android, iPhone, and More

by AccessoryHappy
Easy to clean7.8
Easy to hold6.9
Easy to install6.2
Easy to use6.6
Material quality7.4

This holster is designed for phone with rugged/armor/Otterbox protective case installed (OtterBox Commuter, Lifeproof, Griffin Survivor, Supcase, Urban Armor, Battery cases). [Maximum Length: 6.25 X Width: 3.25" X Thickness: 0.7"] Not for slim style cases or naked phone.

In the world of mobile accessories, the AH Military Grade Cell Phone Clip Holster stands as a testament to ruggedness and functionality. You'll absolutely love the zipper storage that comes on the back of this unique phone case. Besides storing your phone, you could easily carry your headphones, charging cable, or even little essentials like keys. Imagine always having a spot for your Airpods or tiny necessary drill bits—convenient, right?

But the real show stopper is the durable rugged nylon construction that ensures lasting use. The soft inner lining in particular is excellent, as it provides a gentleness that you won't worry about scratches on your precious phone. This holster will be the most useful for busy, hands-on individuals who appreciate practicality and durability as much as style. You'll indeed appreciate the stability of the metal belt clip and two belt loops. It’s a clear standout, and we highly recommend it for your day-to-day errands.

AH Premium Men Leather Belt Pouch Phone Holder Cell Phone Loops Belt Holster Bag, Loop Leather iPhone case for Samsung Galaxy S7 iPhone 6 6S 7 8 X iPhone 11 12 Fits Otterbox Carrying Case (Medium)

AH Premium Leather Belt Pouch with Belt Loops - Stylish Holster for Phones

by AccessoryHappy
Easy to clean9.4
Easy to use6.9
Material quality8.3
Scratch Resistant6.9
Water resistance7.2

Premium PU Leather pouch has Built In belt clip and loops for better security.

I recently purchased the AH Premium Men Leather Belt Pouch Phone Holder and I am quite impressed. What first caught my eye was the strong magnetic closure which guarantees your phone stays secure at all times. You know that terrifying moment when you accidentally drop your phone? With this pouch, that's a worry of the past.

It's clear that this Leather iPhone case isn't just for show, it's made for practicality too. It's Dirt Resistant PU Leather with soft inner lining keeps your phone safe from dreaded scratches. If you're someone who often finds themselves in messy situations, then this pouch is perfect for you. With this handy item, your phone remains protected, no matter where your tasks take you. We highly recommend you give it a try.

Nylon Cell Phone Holster Belt Case Pouch Holder Magnetic Cover for Samsung Galaxy A54 A53 A52 5G A34 A33 S21 FE S20 FE S22+ S23 Plus, iPhone 14 Plus 14 Pro Max 13 Pro Max, Pixel 7 6, OnePlus Nord N20

Nylon Cell Phone Holster Belt Case - Magnetic Cover for Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Pixel, OnePlus

Easy to clean7.6
Easy to use7.7
Fingerprint reader9.1
Light weight7.6
Material quality6.4

Strong magnetic flap ensure the device safe and in place, easy to get the phone in and out of the belt case without worry about the noise like belt holster with magic flap. Handy card slots design, convenient for you to store a few cards for on the go, such as credit card, ID card.

So you just bought a swanky new smartphone and you're wondering what's next. Screen protector? Check. Cool smartphone case? Check. But how about when you're on the go? That's where the Nylon Belt Case Pouch Holder steps in. It's not just a holster, it's your gadget companion. Love the outdoors or frequent travel? This holster has got your back.

Made from sturdy nylon fabric and a microfiber liner, your smartphone will be safe from scratches, splashes and dust. The stand out feature has to be the multiple carrying options. Two belt loops and a carabiner clip mean that it's perfect for those with an active lifestyle. This holster will be most useful for outdoor enthusiasts, travellers and professionals who need quick and secure access to their phones. No pockets? No problem. You've got a holster now.


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