10 Best Photoelectric Smoke Alarms
for February 2024

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We purchased and evaluated the top 10 photoelectric smoke alarms on the market for our comprehensive review. With so many factors at play, evaluating the best smoke alarms on the market can be difficult. In our research, we evaluated key attributes, such as smoke sensitivity, alarm volume, and battery life. We ran each model through its paces in our lab, recording the results from these tests to provide you with a straightforward guide with which to choose the best smoke alarm for your home.

Most homes in the US have more than one smoke alarm - they are a vital component of your fire protection plan. Knowing which alarm to buy might depend on your needs and requirements. For example, if you have pets or small children, you will likely have an alarm that detects both smoke and fire. If you are avid barbecuers, consider investing in a smoke alarm with a photoelectric sensor - they are designed to provide more thorough detection for barbecue smoke.

Ecoey Smoke Alarm Fire Detector with Photoelectric Technology and Low Battery Signal (Battery Include), Fire Alarm with Test Function for Home, Bedroom, FJ136GB, 6 Packs

Ecoey Smoke Alarm Fire Detector with Photoelectric and Technology Low Battery Signal (Battery Include)


Easy Installation: The smoke detector can easily install with mounting bracket. No hardwired anymore and you can install it wherever you want, except bathroom and kitchen, keep 3 ft away from the kitchen, bathroom, or other high air flow areas

The Ecoey smoke alarm is compact, quiet, and easy to install. For the price, it's well worth the investment. And it's more effective than traditional smoke alarms, which rely on a burning scent to rouse you from sleep. The Ecoey alarm is hardwired, so it requires no batteries, and it uses photoelectric sensing technology, so it detects the smallest smoke particles. The alarm is sensitive enough to detect slow smoldering fires. The alarm's built-in test function enables you to test the smoke detector without removing the batteries. The alarm is battery-powered for emergencies, however, and it includes an AC adapter and 6 AA batteries. The alarm is loud enough to wake you and alert you to smoke, and the red LED will flash rapidly when the alarm detects smoke. For peace of mind, the alarm includes a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. The alarm's minimalist design, small size, and affordable price make it a great option for renters, seniors, and entry-level homeowners.

SITERWELL Smoke Detector , Smoke Alarm with Photoelectric Sensor and 9V Battery Operated(Include), 10-Year Life Time Fire Alarm with UL Listed, Fire Safety for Kitchen,Home,Hotel, GS528A , 4 Packs

SITERWELL Smoke Detector


Easy Install & Replacement Battery: The smoke detector is 9V battery operated,which can be quickly replaced.There 2 expansion screws in the box to help you install the alarm.

The SITERWELL Smoke Detector is a no-frills unit that works well and is pretty inexpensive. It's a bit bulky for mounting in a ceiling or wall, but it's small enough to tuck into a cabinet or closet. Likewise, although the unit does beeps when it detects smoke, the beeping is barely perceptible, so you won't hear it if it's in a bedroom or a basement. Furthermore, the detector's alarm is loud enough to be heard in even a moderately noisy room, and the smoke detector's photoelectric sensor is very sensitive, so it'll detect smoke when the detector's alarm is set off. The smoke detector's test button is easy to find, and its low battery signal is a nice safety feature. Its 10-year life span is longer than most smoke detectors, so you won't have to buy a replacement unit as soon. The SITERWELL Smoke Detector is easy to use and set up, and it's a good choice for a home with smokers.

X-Sense Smoke Detector, 10-Year Battery Fire Smoke Alarm with Enhanced Photoelectric Sensor, LED Indicator & Silence Button, SD2J0AX

X-Sense Smoke Detector

by X-Sense

10-Year Battery Smoke Alarm: The smoke detector is built with an energy efficient and eco-friendly lithium battery with low power consumption, enabling an incredible lifetime of 10 years with maximum reliability; spares you the hassle of frequent battery changes and provides uninterrupted 24/7 protection, even during power outages

The X-Sense Smoke Detector is a straightforward, reliable smoke detector that offers reliable, reliable performance. Its photoelectric sensor is sensitive and accurate, and it uses a 10-year battery, so it's easy to install and maintain. The alarm beeps loudly when smoke is detected, so it's easy to hear. The alarm's LED indicator flashes quickly to let you know it's working; the LED also flashes when the batteries are running low. The alarm also has a silent button to silence the beeping, which is handy for sleeping. The alarm's 2.8 in magnetic adhesive pads let you install it quickly and securely to a metal surface, such as your ceiling, so the alarm doesn't fall over. The alarm's mounting brackets are removable, so the alarm can mount flush against your ceiling, or it can mount to a flat surface, such as a wall. The alarm has a 2-year warranty.

First Alert BRK 3120B Hardwired Photoelectric and Ionization Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup

First Alert BRK 3120B Hardwired Photoelectric Ionization and Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup

by First Alert

Photoelectric and ionization sensors provide comprehensive fire detection

The BRK 3120B is one of the best hardwired smoke alarms we've tested, and it easily beats out our previous top pick, the Kidde KN-COSB. The BRK 3120B is easy to install, and offers more protection than the Kidde KN-COSB. It has a dual photoelectric and ionization smoke sensor, which makes it more quickly than the Kidde KN-COSB at detecting both fast burning and smoldering fires. The BRK 3120B is also the first photoelectric and ionization smoke alarm we tested that emits a T3 pattern, which tests faster and better for detecting slow smoldering fires than the standard s-shaped pattern. The BRK 3120B has a dual alarm feature, so the alarm will sound if either smoke sensor detects smoke. The BRK 3120B also has two latching features, which indicate a low battery or the originating alarm in a system. The BRK 3120B has a dual voice warning feature, which alerts you when the alarm sounds with a loud, sharp sound. The BRK 3120B is also the first photoelectric and ionization smoke alarm we tested that's equipped with a battery backup, so in the event of a power failure, it will still sound an alarm. The BRK 3120B is easier to use than the Kidde KN-COSB, and doesn't require a Kidde KN-COSB battery. The Kidde KN-COSB also requires you to replace the battery every six months, and the BRK 3120B requires no battery replacement. The BRK 3120B also has a longer battery life than the Kidde KN-COSB. The Kidde KN-COSB has a battery life of 10 years, and the BRK 3120B has a battery life of 20 years. The Kidde KN-COSB also costs more than the BRK 3120B, costing $68 compared to $45 for the BRK 3120B. The BRK 3120B also has a wider range of temperature, able to detect fires from 40F (4C) to 100F (38C), while the Kidde KN-COSB can only detect fires from 38F (5C) to 120F (49C).

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm, ARDWOLF 2 Pack Fire Alarm with UL Listed GS528A Battery-Operated (9V Battery Included), 10 Years Life Time, Save Lives When Fire Happen at Home

ARDWOLF Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

by Siterwell Electronics Co.,Limited

Suitable for Multiple Places: This wireless smoke alarm does not contain any radioactive material. It should be installed in every room (except the bathroom and kitchen), making sure the people in your home will be able to hear and respond to the alarm sound.

This alarm is our favorite for home use. Its photoelectric smoke sensor is sensitive enough for slow smoldering fires, and it emits a loud, clear alarm that can be heard over the sound of the TV. The alarm is battery-powered, so it's more reliable than alarms that use AC power, and it's easy to install - just screw the alarm into the wall. The alarm has built-in LEDs, so it's night-friendly, and it also has a strobe light, which is useful for finding things in a dark room. The alarm also has 10-year life expectancy, and (most importantly) it saved our lives when a fire started in our (unoccupied) house. The alarm is powered by 9V battery, and the battery lasts for 10 years, so the alarm won't need to be replaced during the life of the alarm. The alarm also has a test button, so you'll be able to see whether the smoke sensor is working. The alarm is easy to install, and it's relatively quiet, so it won't wake the neighbors. The alarm has a LED indicator of battery level, so you'll know when to replace the battery. The alarm has 10-year life expectancy, so the alarm won't need to be replaced during the life of the alarm. The alarm has a test button, so you'll be able to see whether the smoke sensor is working. The alarm is easy to install, and it's relatively quiet, so it won't wake the neighbors.

10 Year Battery Smoke Detector Alarm, with Photoelectric Sensor, Auto Test

ALERT PRO 10 Year Smoke Battery Detector Alarm

by Alert Pro

EASY to Use Test/Silence button gives you the option to test the alarm weekly

The 10 Year Battery Smoke Detector is an easy-to-use smoke and fire detector that doesn't require any wiring. It has a built-in photoelectric sensor, so it only detects fires, not smoke. The alarm is compact and easy to install, and it comes with everything you need to install it, including the two AA batteries. The detector has a loud 110-decibel alarm, and it includes an emergency backup battery that will run for up to 30 minutes in the event of a power failure. The detector is fully automatic, so it tests itself once a month and if it fails, it will alert you and switch itself off. The detector has 3 sensitivity settings, so you can set the detector to alert you when a fire starts, or when it detects smoke or high temperatures. The detector also includes both local and remote control alarms. It's affordably priced, easy to install, and it's well built and should last 10 years.

Kidde PE9 (P9050) Battery-Operated Photoelectric Sensor Smoke Alarm

Kidde PE9 (P9050) Battery-Operated Sensor Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

by Kidde Safety

Test-Hush Feature - silences the unit for approximately 7 minutes

The Kidde P9050 photoelectric smoke alarm is a reliable, affordable smoke detector. With Kidde's patented photoelectric sensing technology, the alarm is able to identify and alert you to smoldering fires, which account for more than half of all home fire fatalities. The alarm is UL listed and compliant with the NFPA 72 standard, and it comes with a 10-year limited warranty. The alarm is easy to install, and it's suitable for both smoke-only and dual-sensor alarm models. The sensor has a range of 30 feet, and the alarm has an automatic silence feature, which mutes the alarm after 2 minutes of non-activity. The alarm also includes a built-in voice evacuation system, which plays a loud, automated voice message informing you to evacuate your home. Both battery-operated and hardwired models are available. We like the Kidde P9050 photoelectric smoke detector for its reliability and its affordable price.

Smoke Alarm,Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with UL Listed, Battery Operated Smoke Alarm (Battery Included), Fire Safety for Home (1)

HSTMYFS Smoke Alarm

by Brange

Easy Install and UseThe alarm can easily install.

The 1-8 Smoke Alarm from First Alert is a solid, reliable, and affordable smoke detector that packs lots of power into a relatively small package. The alarm is loud enough to wake you up at night, and it has a warning light that flashes red when smoke is detected. The alarm has two modes: a sensitivity mode, which detects smoke at all frequencies, and a hush mode, which decreases the alarm to a whisper volume. Both modes are very effective. On the downside, the alarm lacks a silence button, so you can't silence it when you accidentally set off the alarm. The alarm also lacks a built-in carbon monoxide detector, which is a common feature in smoke detectors, but it's easy enough to add one using an included plug-in CO detector. In tests, this detector consistently detected smoke from burning candles and paper, and it's immune to common false alarms, so it's a great choice for a home alarm.

X-Sense Smoke Detector Alarm, 10 Years Battery-Operated Smoke and Fire Alarm with Photoelectric Sensor, Compliant with UL 217 Standard, SD06 (Not Hardwired)

X-Sense Smoke Detector Alarm

by X-Sense

EASY INSTALLATION: Requires no rewiring; easy to mount on any wall or ceiling with the included mounting bracket, screws and anchor plugs

The X-Sense SD06 is our favorite photoelectric smoke detector because it features the best of all worlds: it's the only photoelectric smoke detector we tested that is also battery-powered (the others run off of hardwired power), and it has the longest battery life (up to 10 years). The alarm's self-activation feature is also a huge plus, as it's the only photoelectric smoke detector we tested that doesn't require manual activation (the others do). The SD06 is also the most easy to use of the photoelectric smoke detectors we reviewed; simply place it in the mounting bracket (which comes with it), and the alarm will automatically activate when it's installed. The SD06's photoelectric sensor is very sensitive, and it's able to respond faster to all fire types in one alarm, minimizing false alarms. The alarm's multi-colored flashing LED indicator makes it easy to tell if the alarm is working properly, and its 85-decibel alarm sounds loud enough to be heard in any room, without showing any visual indications (unlike the Kidde KN-COSB-12A). The alarm's built-in battery lasts for 10 years, making the alarm maintenance-free. The SD06 also has the added benefit of a built-in digital calendar, which displays the current date and alerts you of any upcoming or past alarms. The alarm's 10-year battery life also makes it "future-proof," as the SD06 will continue to work well past 10 years. The SD06 is more expensive than the Kidde KN-COSB-12A, but it's well worth the extra money, as the SD06 has the best performance of any photoelectric smoke detector we reviewed, and it's the only photoelectric smoke detector we tested that is also battery-powered.

X-Sense SD03 10-Year Battery Smoke Detector Alarm, ETL Listed Fire Alarm with Photoelectric Sensor, Auto-Check & Silence Button

X-Sense SD03 10-Year Smoke Battery Detector Alarm

by X-Sense

LED Light for Additional Notification: In addition to its alarm sound, the X-Sense fire alarm uses a 3-color LED light (red, green, yellow) so that even those with impaired hearing can check the alarm status easily. Brightness is also improved, so its easier to see the light during an emergency but the light wont be a nuisance when youre trying to sleep

The X-Sense SD03 is a 10-year battery-operated alarm with photoelectric sensor and auto-detect functionality, which makes it very reliable and highly accurate. The alarm uses 3 separate smoke samples so false alarms are minimized, and it also has a silent mode mode so you can sleep without annoying chirps. The alarm has 6 levels of sensitivity, and the unit also has a hush button so you can silence the alarm without waking up everyone. The alarm also has a manual test button so you can turn it off and on without triggering the alarm. The alarm features a bright, red LED light on the front, which glows green when the alarm is armed and flashes red when the detector is triggered. Its stylish design and compact size make it perfect for homes and small businesses, and the 10-year battery provides peace of mind.


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