10 Best Plasma Cutters
for September 2023

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Are you on the hunt for the perfect plasma cutter to slice through any kind of electrically conductive material like a hot knife through butter? Then pull up a chair and dive into our list of the "10 Best Plasma Cutters." Chock-full of well-reviewed and highly ranked plasma cutters, this list promises to make your shopping journey a gazillion times easier and faster. The products have been finely scrutinized by our cerebral gee-whiz algorithms to ensure you get the best of the best.

Some of the shining stars that immediately caught our attention include S7's Plasma Cutter, CUT50, equipped with dual voltage capabilities for ultra versatility. Another contender is the bestarc Plasma Cutter, BTC500DP 2nd Generation with its high cutting precision. And don't overlook the innovative YESWELDER's Digital Plasma Cutter, CUT-65DS packing a fantastic blowback mechanism for seamless cutting. These premium cutting machines will completely transform your craft, allowing you to achieve professional results in the comfort of your own workshop.

But don't stop scrolling just yet. Nestled tantalizingly at the bottom of our list is the prodigious Herocut Plasma Cutter, CUT35 . This charmer stands out with its HF Invert technology and its impressive cutting thickness capability. It's the perfect partner for those requiring a heavy-duty plasma cutter that doesn't play around. So waste not a moment more! Dive right in to discover all the product items on this list. Your perfect plasma cutter awaits!

S7 Plasma Cutter, CUT50 50 Amp 110V/220V Dual Voltage IGBT Cutting Machine

S7 Plasma Cutter: Powerful 50 Amp Dual Voltage IGBT Cutting Machine for Precise Metal Cuts

by win-win

Our Plasma Cutter Can Automatically Adapt To Switch Input Power Of 90V-260V, Plug And Play In Different Environments, No External Conversion Plug Required,Has Passed 12 High-Temperature Tests, Such As High Temperature, Cold, Dust, Bumps, Throwing,Noise And So On.

We've listed the S7 Plasma Cutter, CUT50 50 Amp first for good reason. Your eyes are immediately drawn to its majestically vibrant LCD digital screen and the convenience of a portable handle. Let's not underestimate the value of the dual voltage offering. It likely caught your eye, with the ability to toggle between 110V/220V, a rather impressive feature. Imagine the potential work efficiency you'd unlock with a device crafted from the latest inverter technology of switch power.

This device isn't just a pretty package though. As you delve deeper into its use, you'll find yourself marvelling at its capacity to cut through a variety of metal materials. Stainless steel, alloy steel, nonchalantly handles copper and more. It's boasting a cutting thickness of a nifty 1-20MM. Notice how the makers claim an increase in product life and work efficiency by 30% compared to standard machines, with a perfect, smooth cutting surface. It's a stunning fusion of aesthetics and functionality, isn't it?

bestarc Plasma Cutter, Pilot Arc BTC500DP 2nd Generation 50Amps Dual Voltage 110/220V Plasma Cutting Machine (BTC500DP 110/220)

Bestarc Plasma Cutter - BTC500DP 2nd Gen Dual Voltage 110/220V - 50Amp Pilot Arc Cutting Machine

by bestarc

[Post Time Function]: BTC500DP with post time function, the adjustment range is 2-15 seconds. This function can be adjusted by yourself extend or shorten the cooling time of the torch head, effectively provide cooling, and extend the working life of consumables. Users can adjust the cooling time required to fully cool the torch head. In generally, we recommend a cooling time of 4-8 seconds, if the Plasma cutter worked too long please cool it for 10-12 seconds.

This second ranking gem, the bestarc Plasma Cutter BTC500DP 2nd Generation, could easily have taken the top spot. Your eyes are instantly drawn to its superior Dual-Voltage 110/220V feature. Imagine just plugging into either a 110V or 220V source, and your device automatically identifies the voltage - simple, right? Moreover, this bestarc version brings you a hands-on experience with a current display that lets you match the air pressure expediently and efficiently, painting quite an exquisite picture.

Now, let's delve a little deeper into why the BTC500DP makes this list. Your eyes will glimmer as you read about its amazing Pilot Arc Function. A high frequency non-touch arc starting mode - can you imagine that? No more touching the metal plate with the torch head. This baby can deal with rusty or painted steel plates and still deliver. And its convenience doesn't stop there. You can read the air pressure value on a gauge, adjust it, and even hook up to an air compressor with ease. So, isn't it about time you treated yourself to the bestarc Plasma Cutter BTC500DP?

YESWELDER Plasma Cutter 65 Amp Non High Frequency Non-Touch Pilot Arc Digital Plasma Cutter, DC Inverter 110/220V Dual Voltage Blowback Plasma Cutting Machine CUT-65DS

65 Amp Non High Frequency Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter for Precise Metal Cutting


[POWERFUL CLEAN CUT] Ideal Clean Cut: 5/16" @110V, 5/8"@220V Maximum Severance Cut: 5/8" @110V, 63/64"@220V.

We angled YESWELDER Cutter CUT-65DS as the third contender because of its impressive fusion of the latest technology and performance. From its AIR FILTER REGULATOR snugly nestled at the back, this marvel allows you to easily chrometrol the outlet pressure. Furthermore, the gizmo features an industry-leading MCU intelligent digital control technology. Anchored deep in its software, it ensures an exceptional execution of every cut.

What truly warms the cockles of your machinery heart is the NON-TOUCH PILOT ARC. Paired with a manshipful IPT40 torch, the machine fiercely slices through rough, painted, and rusty surfaces, delivering minimal slag and maximum gross efficiency. Offering a NON-HF START with minimal interference, it respects your beloved electrical appliances' safety. The YESWELDER Cutter CUT-65DS, with its churning performance and vampiresque propensity for cutting, is waiting to serenade your workshop.

Lotos LTP5000D Plasma Cutter, 50 Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Machine, Dual Voltage 110/120V or 220/240V, ½ inch Clean Cut and ¾ inch Severance Cut, Brown

Lotos LTP5000D Plasma Cutter - 50 Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Cutter for clean and precise cuts

by Lotos Technology

& : Enhanced with , delivering a remarkable 25% increase in cutting power output compared to standard 50-amp plasma cutters. The advanced control systems and precision cutting flames of the newly designed torch ensure high-precision cuts with smooth and fine cut lines. Experience faster cutting speeds without compromising accuracy.

We are absolutely in awe of the Lotos LTP5000D Plasma Cutter. Undeniably our top favorite feature is the 50 Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc - its unique technology allows a clean cut without any surface contact, paving the path for a seamless cutting experience while prolonging the life of the consumables. Our experience tells us that you'd enjoy the precision this tool bestows.

This plasma cutter is not just about precision. The convenience it provides with its Dual Voltage capacity to switch between 110/120V or 220/240V is exceptional. Furthermore, it's designed to optimally cut through various materials with ease. Hence, if your work deals heavily with materials like stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper, and aluminum, this cutter is indeed a gift. Its value, in our opinion, is challenging to surpass, and we highly recommend this product for your next project.

TOOLIOM 50A Non-Touch Pilot ARC Air Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage 110V/220V IGBT Inverter Metal Cutting Machine 1/2

TOOLIOM 50A Non-Touch Pilot ARC Air Plasma Cutter - Perfect for Metal Cutting


Portable: Auto-voltage adapts to 110 V - 220 V input power with adapter. Lightweight 13lb, can be carry and storage anywhere you need.

Highlighting the TOOLIOM 50A Plasma Cutter, it truly stands out due to its unique Non-Touch Pilot ARC. This nifty feature gracefully skips over rough, rusty, and painted areas, ensuring a seamless cut every time with less slag production. Not only does it enhance cutting quality, but it also extends the life of your consumables.

The surprising power this compact machine packs is equally noteworthy. At 50A output and a 60% duty cycle, your clean cut can go up to a maximum of 1/2". It is a great feature that you, as a metalworker, would definitely appreciate. Also, with its safety protection mechanisms, like over-current and over-load, it strives to make your work process more secure. But where the TOOLIOM 50A Plasma Cutter truly shines is when it faces stainless steel, alloy steel, low carbon steel, and copper, making it an optimal tool for metal cutting enthusiasts and professionals alike.

ARCCAPTAIN Plasma Cutter, [Large LED Display] 50Amps Plasma Cutter Machine with 110/220V Dual Voltage DC Inverter IGBT Plasma Cutter 1/2 Inch Clean Cut with Post Flow and 2T/4T, for Beginners and DIY

ARCCAPTAIN Plasma Cutter


ADVANCED DIGITAL TECHNOLOGYYou can adjust the post-flow time from 5-15 seconds to have a clean cut. Also could select 2T/4T to have a comfortable working experience. The exclusive Large LED design provides you with an accurate data display and helps you read all data easier and more clearly without taking off your helmet.

Our top pick today is the ARCCAPTAIN Plasma Cutter. We're absolutely captivated by its easy-to-cut and powerful performance, a feature we believe gives an edge to this heavy-duty tool. We've also taken special note of its impressive advanced IGBT inverter technology. What's more? It can simultaneously operate on dual-voltage too. Such functionality is a no-brainer, it's a feature we appreciate and understand that you, our busy tool-shoppers, will too.

This product hits a sweet spot between portability and power, an enticing blend for any DIY enthusiast or a beginner looking for convenience without compromising on performance. Weighing in at a meager 13 pounds, the ARCCAPTAIN Plasma Cutter spells out easy mobility round the workshop.

Is safety your concern? This plasma cutter has passed stringent professional tests and boasts TV and ANSI standard certifications - they've got your back!

So, if you often find yourself tinkering with alloy steel, stainless steel, mild steel, copper, or aluminum, then the ARCCAPTAIN Plasma Cutter will make a fine ally.

YESWELDER CUT-55DS 55Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Air Power Plasma Cutter 1/2 Inch Clean Cut, Digital 110/220V Dual Voltage IGBT Inverter Plasma Cutting Machine with ETL Approved

YESWELDER CUT-55DS 55Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Air Plasma Power Cutter 1/2 Inch Clean Cut


[LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE] Allows for connection to 110 or 220 volt receptacles without tools, Portable in the shop or at the job siteat 11.55lb, the shoulder strap allows the end user to easily move from location to location.

Absolutely blown away by the efficiency and precision offered by the YESWELDER CUT-55DS 55Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Air Power Plasma Cutter. The first thing that steals your attention is the Powerful Cutting Ability. No matter what material you are dealing with - be it stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper, or aluminum, this machine slices through it like hot butter. Imagine the convenience of being able to make a clean cut of 3/10'' at 110V and 1/2'' at 220V. Absolutely game-changing.

Now, let's talk safety. This marvel comes with an ETL Certification ensuring maximum safety in operation. You can say goodbye to worries about voltage fluctuation, overloading, and temperature control. Especially for those working in metal industries or even hobbyists, where safety is paramount, this is a boon. Plus, the built-in post flow guarantees the longevity of your machine's consumable. Trust us, your metal cutting needs are in safe, robust, and efficient hands with YESWELDER CUT-55DS!

Plasma Cutter, CUT50 Non-Touch Plasma Cutting Machine with LCD Display, Dual Voltage DC IGBT Plasma Cutters, Max Cutting Thickness 12mm (Plastic)

display4top Plasma Cutter

by Display4top

Safety DesignBuilt-in over-heat protection, over-voltage protection, under voltage protection. Comes with a mask to prevent you from getting hurt while using it. Compact plasma cutting machine, equipped with portable handle, it is very convenient to operate and carry.

Well, shiver my timbers. What a find we've got here. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a Non-Touch Cut50 Plasma Cutter. What knocked MOOZ's socks off, was this rambunctious machine's exclusive non-touch cutting technology. Now, imagine wielding the power to cut through rough, rusted metal without so much as a flicker - exquisite, ain't it?

Let's delve deeper. This powerful lil' gizmo is versatile, perfect for everything from sheet metal fabrication to automotive work. Did we mention this wonderful doohickey also comes with a whole heap of handy tools? Heck yeah, it does! Saving you time, hassle, and making your metal work smoother. To all you industry professionals and DIY enthusiasts, your work is about to get a whole lot more efficient and effortless with this planetary marvel. Buckle up. It's gonna be a wild ride.

YESWELDER 45 Amp Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage 110/220V, Non-Pilot Arc Digital Display IGBT Portable Plasma Cutting Machine CUT-45DS With Accessories

YESWELDER 45 Amp Plasma Dual Cutter Voltage 110/220V


[HF CUT] The high-Frequency Plasma cuts thicker materials than standard DC plasma cutters. Cuts faster with less distortion in the workpiece.It is easy to ignite arc by adopting HF arc ignition. Ideal Clean Cut 1/4'', Max cut 1/2''.

Our premium product pick this week is the YESWELDER CUT-45DS Plasma Cutter. What immediately caught our attention was the versatile Dual Voltage feature. Our algorithms and testers were impressed by how it smoothly transitions between 110 V and 220 V, perfect for both DIY home projects and heavy-duty industrial tasks.

The IGBT Inverter technology ensures precise current control for a stable and high-quality performance, making it apt for cutting through various metals. Yours is a safer and professional cutting journey with this machine, courtesy of its multi-protection against over currents, over voltages and low voltages.

Enhancing its practicality is the Air Compressor filter along with an air pressure gauge. All in all, your cutting tasks are set to become substantially easier and more efficient with the YESWELDER CUT-45DS Plasma Cutter.

Herocut Plasma Cutter, 35Amp Plasma Cutting Machine, HF 50/60Hz Invert Technology Plasma Cutter, Max Cutting Thickness 10mm (CUT35 110V)

Herocut Plasma Cutter


The plasma cutter easy to cut stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, Copper,aluminum etc. witgh Quality cutting torch PT31 plasma torch, Max cutting thickness is 10mm at 35Amps 110V 50PSI

We're blown away by the outstanding performance of the Herocut Plasma Cutter, 35Amp Cutting Machine. Its standout feature, the IGBT inverter technology, ensures longevity and efficency beyond that of typical mosfet machines. This nifty feature makes the Herocut Plasma Cutter an impressive addition to your tool repertoire.

The cutter's maximum cutting thickness stands at 10mm, perfect for those working on heavy duty projects like automotive modifications. Including a current display and an air gauge fixed on the panel, Herocut has made sure you have everything you need to precisely cut any metal. We highly recommend this powerful tool to anyone in need of a reliable and efficient plasma cutter.


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