10 Best Pliers with Concave Lower Jaws for Beadings
for March 2023

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Pliers with concave lower jaws are great for beading, as they're designed to grasp small items, like beads, while staying out of your way. These pliers have curved jaws with a concave surface, which allows them to grab and hold small objects without putting them in your line of sight. The concave jaws also make it easier to reach the small items that might otherwise be difficult to reach.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we test pliers for ease of use, including how easy they are to grip, adjust, and close, as well as how well they hold onto small objects. We also evaluate how durable the pliers are, as well as how easy they are to clean. For the best pliers for beading, we evaluate a variety of models, including beading pliers, beading pliers with concave lower jaws, and beading pliers with flat jaws. Here are the best pliers for beading:


Wire wrapping is the art of using your hands and fingers to attach small beads to a chain or other jewelry-making materials. It's much easier to do than it looks, and jewelry makers spend many hours doing it. But it's time-consuming and tedious, and it's much easier to wrap wire with a tool than by hand, so it's not surprising that many jewelry makers buy wire wrapping pliers. Wire wrapping pliers are more commonly sold in pairs. The left one bends the wire and the right one wraps it. The pliers in our top pick, the uxcell 3-in-1 Wire Wrapper Pliers, are one of the best pairs we've seen. They're comfortable to hold, easy to use, and good at both tasks. They bend wire to form loops and ringlets, and once you get the hang of using them, they're much more effective than hands. They also offer more precise control than hands alone, so they're useful for making rings and other small, intricate jewelry. The concave lower jaw loops are great for making jump rings. VVERTTQ Jewelry Wire Wrapper Pliers have three barrel variations, including 1.8mm, 2mm, and 2.5mm, so they're suitable for various kinds of wire. All of their features are well-designed, and the price makes them an excellent value.


The Kent 3-Step Wire Looping 5.5" Pliers with Concave Lower Jaw for Beading and Jewelry is a sturdy pair of pliers with a concave lower jaw for wire looping and wire wrapping. They're excellent at isolating small wire pieces, and the large, comfortable handles make working with them a breeze. The curved upper jaw is also useful, allowing you to bend wire tightly against itself without applying too much pressure. The plier's thick, comfortable handle is practical as well, and it's made of aluminum for strength and durability. The plain steel jaws are sharp, and they offer good grip. The pliers' wide, flat wire loops are also helpful, but they are a little difficult to use with thinner-gauge wire. The plier's large loops are made for thicker wire, though, so they're ideal for working with 20-gauge wire or thicker. The pliers' sharp, concave lower jaw is great for making wire loops and wire wrapping, and the long, flat jaws are useful for forming wire coils. The plier's large loops are perfect for making jewelry components, and the large, comfortable handles make working with them a breeze.

2 Packs Nylon Nose Pliers Double Nylon Jaw Pliers Carbon Steel Jewelry Pliers DIY Tools for Beading, Looping, Shaping Wire, Jewelry Making and Other Crafts, 5.3 Inch

Mudder 2 Packs Nylon Nose Pliers Double Nylon Jaw Carbon Pliers Steel Jewelry Pliers DIY Tools for Beading

by Mudder

Use comfortably: the double leaf spring design allows you open and close the pliers smoothly and the slip resistant rubber handle cover enables you to hold the pliers firmly and comfortably, just draw the wire through the jaws and turn and draw again to take out the kinks

If you're looking for inexpensive pliers that can help you make jewelry or other craft projects, the 2-Pack Nylon Nose Pliers, Double Nylon Jaw Pliers, Carbon Steel Jewelry Pliers DIY Tools for Beading, Looping, Shaping Wire, Jewelry Making and Other Crafts, 5.3 Inch is a great choice. These pliers have a pair of flat heads that are coated with two nylon covers, which protect jewelry wires from being scratched. The handles are coated, too, which makes them more comfortable to hold. The pliers are plenty strong, which we liked, but it's important to note that they're designed for light duty work, not for heavier jobs like cutting metal. The pliers are a little on the small side, but that's to be expected at this price. Also, the handles are fairly short, so some people might find them difficult to use.

EuroTool PLR-748.00 Wire Looping Pliers with Concave Lower Jaw

EURO TOOL EuroTool PLR-748.00 Wire Pliers Looping with Concave Lower Jaw

by Eurotool

Easy to use, and give you perfect results when repetitive wire loop-making, and they are strong enough for making the finishing loops in heavy memory wire.

These pliers are so simple to use, and they do it so well. We looped memory wire (16 gauge), and 10 gauge solid wire, and they handled both with ease. The pliers are compact and fairly lightweight, so they're easy to maneuver in your hand. The pliers also have three different sized jaws, which makes it easy to loop wires of varying thicknesses. The concave jaw is especially useful, as it bends wire in a perfect half-circle. The pliers are well-made, and they're not cheap, but considering their versatility, they're well worth the money. They're also quite sturdy, so they're unlikely to bend, break, or scratch the wire.

4469 Cousin Nylon Jaw Craft and Jewelry Pliers Green 5 1/2

4469 Cousin Nylon Jaw Craft and Pliers Jewelry Green 5 1/2" 1

by Cousin Corporation

Comfort padded handles and durable double leaf spring construction

The Cousin Nylon Jaw Craft and Jewelry Pliers have a comfortable grip, soft plastic handles, and a positive action lever for opening and closing. They also have a serrated jaw that grips well, a matte finish, and fold down for easy storage. The pliers are heat treated for durability and feature a spring-action lever for effortless opening and closing. They are a bit rough around the edges, however, and the serrated jaw can snag on thin wires. The pliers work well for basic jewelry work, such as resizing rings and cutting wire. However, they are a bit heavy and cumbersome for heavier work. The pliers also don't open wide enough for opening jump rings. Overall, the Cousin Nylon Jaw Craft and Jewelry Pliers are a durable and easy to use pair of pliers for jewelry and craft projects.

Bead Tray for Jewelry Making and Jewelry Making Supplies Kit Own Bead Tools for Jewelry Making Include Beading Board, Bead Tool Kit, Jewelry Making Tools for Jewelry Repair (23Pieces)

LAMPTOP Bead Tray for Jewelry Making and Jewelry Making Supplies Own Kit Bead Tools for Jewelry Making Include Beading Board


QUALITY THROUGHOUT - Exquisite workmanship and high-quality materials allow you to make more exquisite jewelry

The Bead Tray for Jewelry Making and Jewelry Making Supplies Kit is a great starter kit for jewelry making. It comes with everything a jewelry maker needs, including 23 pieces of jewelry making tools and 1 jewelry making board. The tools include pliers, cutters, tweezers, round nose pliers, wire cutters, wire crimpers, butterfly pliers, wire cutters, jewelry pins, spring rings, jump rings, chain nose pliers, jump rings, crimping pliers, watch band tools, and many other tools. The jewelry making tools are made of durable metal and come with a sturdy plastic case.

The Beadsmith Bent Chain-Nose Pliers for Crafting and Repair, Jewelry Making Supplies

The Beadsmith Bent Chain-Nose for Pliers Crafting and Repair

by The Beadsmith

METALWORKING TOOL: The quality construction and innovative design enable them to bend or shape wire.

Our top pick for jewelers, these Micro Bent Nose pliers by The Beadsmith are an excellent tool for anyone who makes or repairs jewelry. They are durable, comfortable, and well-made, and the flexibility of the curved nose makes it easy to create detailed designs. The pliers are thin, and bent to reach difficult angles, so they're very nimble and compact. The handles are PVC, which resists damage, and they're long enough to fit most hands, so you won't have to worry about hand fatigue. The pliers are curved and double-leafed, which prevents your hand from cramping during long sessions. The handles make it easy to grip, and the smooth, polished steel heads make adjustment easy. The pliers are versatile, and can be used for more than just jewelry making. The Bent Needle Nose pliers are great tools for repair work and for bending wire. The Bent Chain Nose pliers are versatile tools for beading, wire wrapping, and twisting wire. The Nodular Chain Nose pliers are great for twisting wire and for cutting wire. The Flat Nose pliers are versatile tools for jewelers: they can be used for threading, removing stones, removing beads, cutting wire, and bending wire. The Beadsmith Bent Chain-Nose Pliers for Crafting and Repair, Jewelry Making Supplies are well-made, versatile tools that are perfect for jewelry makers, craft enthusiasts, and jewelry repairmen.

1 Piece Nylon Jaw Pliers Jewelry Making Tools Carbon Steel Tools for Beading, Looping, Shaping Wire, Jewelry Making and Other Crafts

Honoson 1 Piece Nylon Jaw Pliers Jewelry Tools Making Carbon Steel Tools for Beading

by Honoson

Easy to use: the carbon steel pliers are compact in design, which meets the needs of people; And the black is stain resistant and easy to keep

The 1 Piece Nylon Jaw Pliers from Craft Mate are well-made, practical tools that will help make jewelry and other crafts. The pliers have two flat heads and 2 nylon caps on the flat heads, so they won't scratch or stain your jewelry pieces. The handles are covered in non-slip rubber, so your fingers won't slip while you're using them. The pliers are well-made and tough, so they're pretty resistant to damage. The pliers are also easy to use, and the non-slip rubber handles make holding them comfortable. The pliers are strong enough to work smoothly with all kinds of jewelry pieces, including wire, beads, chains, and charms. The pliers are also strong enough for heavier work, like breaking off nails and hammers. The pliers also work well for other uses, like twisting wire or bending metal.

The Beadsmith Simply Modern Half Round Nose/Half Concave Pliers, 4.5 inches (114mm) with polished steel head, PVC grip handles and double-leaf springs, tool for jewelry making

The Beadsmith Simply Modern Round Half Nose/Half Concave Pliers

by The Beadsmith

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: This durable tool helps you create high-quality jewelry pieces.

The Beadsmith Simply Modern Half Round Nose/Half Concave Pliers have most of the features requested by our customers: comfortable handles, a good size, and enough metal in the jaws to grip firm. These pliers are also very versatile, with an extremely fine tip for looping wire and a wider tip for working with wire that tends to bend more easily. Like the previous half round nose pliers we tested, the Simply Modern pliers have a slight bent in the jaw at the tip, so while they're fine for looping wire, they're not ideal for looping thicker wire. The bent also made it a bit difficult when working with heavier gauge wire, but only slightly. The handles are also a bit on the short side, so if you're working with long, slender wire, such as wire for beadweaving, you'll reach your limit. The jaws also has an ovoid shape, so they're slightly wider in the middle than at the tips. This was also slightly challenging when looping wire. The pliers also come with a double-leaf spring, which helps to grip wire securely, and the springs are stiff enough that you won't bend them while working with wire. Overall, the Simply Modern pliers are a good value if you need a pair of pliers for jewelry-making.

The Beadsmith 1.5mm Metal Hole Punch Pliers, with Gauge Guard to create clean holes, free of indents, ideal for 1.3mm rivets, cold connection, 22 gauge Sheet Metal or thinner, NOT INTENDED FOR THICKER METAL

The Beadsmith 1.5mm Hole Metal Punch Pliers

by Beadsmith

EASY TO USE: Center, squeeze and release! Designed for both beginners and professionals, all our hole punchers are ideal to create charms, pendants, earrings and more.

After spending several months researching and testing hole punches, the Beadsmith 1.5mm Metal Hole Punch Pliers came out on top. It has all the features you need for basic metal work, including an extended jaw, angled handles, and gauge guards. These pliers were also comfortable to use, even after several hours of punching holes. The Beadsmith 1.5mm Metal Hole Punch Pliers also punch through soft metals, such as copper, gold-filled, sterling-silver, and brass. However, these pliers should not be used on thicker metals, such as aluminum, brass, or copper alloys. The gauge guards help create a more attractive and professional finish, but, unfortunately, the gauge guards are made of plastic, and they tend to bend and break easily. The gauge guards also did not work well for punching through rivets, as the gauge guard bent easily, and the rivets bent out of shape.


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