10 Best Pocket Digital Scales
for December 2023

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In an ever-dynamic world marked by constant evolution, precision is the name of the game. Here at MOOZ, we bring to your shopping experience, a touch of accuracy, with our list of '10 Best Pocket Digital Scales.' These pocket-sized gems guarantee dependable measurements and are a perfect blend of digital technology and conventional utility. Ranked by our intelligent algorithms, we make choosing the best of the bunch a breeze.

Among the ranked products in our list, you will encounter the compact yet powerful Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale, 100g, the multi-function Smart Weigh Digital Pocket Gram Scale, 600g , and the finely calibrated Fuzion Digital Gram Scale 200g/0.01g. These smart-scaled beauties encapsulate the perfect alliance of precision, sleek design, and portability. Whether you need to weigh your food for diet purposes, sort your jewelry, or handle small projects with razor-sharp accuracy, these pocket digital scales are your go-to assistants.

But that's not all we have in store for you! Be sure to browse through the entire list to discover other fascinating products. One such product that you don't want to miss is the impressive Gram Scale 200g/ 0.01g, Mini Pocket Scale for Jewelry Digital Food Kitchen Scale. With its exclusive features like 100g calibration weight scale and an electronic smart scale, it promises unbeatable precision for each of your unique needs. Remember, the best is saved for last. Gear up for an elevated shopping experience!

Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale,100g by 0.01g,Digital Grams Scale, Food Scale, Jewelry Scale Black, Kitchen Scale 100g

Pocket Digital Scale - Accurate 100g by 0.01g Jewelry and Kitchen Scale

by Weigh Gram
Easy to clean9.9
Easy to read8.6
Easy to use8.7
Material quality8.7

Pocket Scale designed with a stainless steel platform and a protective flip cover, this pocket scale is a lightweight and Portable for easy transfer.

The Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale has been a staple of our kitchen for years, and it's finally available in a 1.5-pound version that's perfect for travel or when you need a small, portable scale. The scale is accurate, the buttons are easy to press, and the extra-long cord is convenient for hanging the scale on a hook. The scale automatically turns off after 60 seconds of inactivity, and there's a tare function to subtract the weight of a container or bowl. The display is large enough to read in bright sunlight, and the scale is also sturdy enough to hold up to years of daily use. The only drawback is that the scale is heavier than the 1-pound version, so it's more difficult to stow in a pocket or purse, but otherwise this is an excellent scale.

Smart Weigh Digital Pocket Gram Scale, 600g x 0.1g Digital Gram Scale, Jewelry Scale, Food Scale, Medicine Scale, Kitchen Scale Black, Battery Included

Pocket Digital Scale: Smart Weigh's 600g x 0.1g, for Jewelry, Food, Medicine, Kitchen - Battery Included

by Smart Weigh
Easy to clean9.8
Easy to read9.7
Easy to use8.4
Material quality9.5

DESIGN- Its tactile easy touch buttons, large size digits, and LCD blue backlight display, make the measurements easy to read. The sleek stainless steel platform measures 2.5 x 3.0 inches.

The Smart Weigh Digital Pocket Gram Scale is a reliable, easy-to-use scale that performs well. It measures weights from 0.1 g to 600 g and has a tare function, so you can weigh just the weight of the item you're weighing. The scale has a spacious, 1.5-inch full numeric display, and it also has both ounces and grams, so it's versatile enough to weigh just about anything. The scale has a 60-second auto-off function, and it also has a magnet on the back, so you can hang it on your fridge or anywhere else. (The scale also includes a 500 g calibration weight, but it costs extra.) The scale is accurate, and the tare function makes it easy to measure the weight of certain items, such as jewelry, without weighing the entire package. The Smart Weigh Digital Pocket Gram Scale is an affordable, useful scale that performs well.

Fuzion Digital Gram Scale 200g/0.01g, Pocket Scale with Tare, Small Powder Herb Scale with 50g Cal Weight, Mini Jewelry Scale for Hobbies, Arrows, Small Projects

Fuzion Pocket Digital Scale - Accurate 200g/0.01g Mini Scale for Powders, Jewelry, and Small Projects

by Fuzion
Easy to read8.5
Easy to use8.7
Material quality8.3

Portable Design - This scales shell made by high quality ABS with magnets and anti-slip design, compact and strong. In addition, the 5.0"x3.0"x0.7" size digital mini scale is also equipped with a stainless steel platform, which is durable and easy to carry.

This Fuzion Digital Gram Scale measures in at 2.9 x 3.8 x 1.4 inches and weighs only 2.5 ounces, which makes it small enough to clip onto a belt or pocket. The scale features a large 1.4-inch LCD display, and the unit has a Tare function, so you can subtract the weight of a container to get an accurate reading. It also displays low battery and overload indicators, and Automatic shutdown after 180 seconds of inactivity. The scale has 6 different units, and you can use the buttons on the screen to change between them. It also has a tare function, and after tare, the scale measures in 0.01 gram increments, so it's suitable for measuring tiny little objects and for weighing herbs, spices, and other powders. The scale has very good accuracy, and it weighs up to 200 grams, so you can weigh anything up to that amount. The scale is waterproof, and it has a 1-year warranty.

Fuzion Digital Pocket Scale, 200g x 0.01g Jewelry Gram Scale, 6 Units Conversion Mini Scale with LCD Display, Tare Function for Food, Jewelry, Medicine, Coffee ( Battery Included )

Fuzion Digital Pocket Scale: Precise 200g x 0.01g Jewelry Gram Scale for Food, Jewelry, Medicine, Coffee

by Fuzion
Easy to clean9.9
Easy to read9.8
Easy to use8.7
Material quality8.1

Design for Portable Use: Mini pocket scale, easy carry to go. High quality lid made by ABS with magnets and anti-slip design, compact and strong. Convenient use for jewelry, food, coins, gems, meds, weed or collections and other little items.

The Fuzion Digital Pocket Scale is one of the most accurate scales we've tested. It weighs up to 200 grams, and it has a special tare function that makes it easier to zero out the weight of containers. It also has an overload indicator, which makes it easy to avoid overfilling containers, and a 60-second auto-off feature, which helps prevent scale batteries from draining. The display is easy to read, and it's backlit, so it's easier to find in dim environments. The scale's tare function is especially useful for food containers, and it comes with 50 grams (equivalent to 1.5 ounces) of calibration weight, so it's easy to recalibrate. The scale's 10-pound capacity is plenty for most home uses, and it's accurate to 0.03 grams, which is even better than most other scales we tested. The scale's 6-unit conversion feature makes it easy to weigh items in grams, ounces, or carats. The scale doesn't distinguish between pounds and ounces, but that's a common enough feature.

Greater Goods Digital Pocket Scale - 750 x 0.1 Gram Resolution | Lab Analytical Scale, Gram Scale, Espresso Scale, Letter Scales

Pocket-sized Digital Scale: Greater Goods Lab Analytical Scale for Measuring 750 x 0.1 Grams

by Greater Goods
Easy to clean8.7
Easy to read9.2
Easy to use8.2
Material quality8.9

Simple And Stylish: A matte-black finish, chrome weighing sensor, and high-contrast, reverse backlit LCD screen (perfect for high and low light). Greater Goods pocket scale is so slick, its like it was designed for the race track. Functionality isnt always enough, sometimes an item looking amazing is just as important.

The Greater Goods Digital Pocket Scale is a sleek and stylish weighing device, with a low-profile design that's perfect for slipping into a purse, pocket, or briefcase. It has a large, easy-to-read display, and it's accurate to within 0.1 grams, so it's well suited for weighing everything from jewelry and gemstones to freshly baked goods or dry foods. The scale can be used both for weighing small objects and measuring items with a height up to 1.25 inches. The scale has a slim profile so it's comfortable to hold, and it has a hinge that lets you turn the scale lid into a handy tray that can hold more objects than a traditional scale. The scale's weight capacity is 750 grams, which is sufficient for most weighing needs, and it's designed to last for many years. Like the Toast Pocket Scale, the Greater Goods Digital Pocket Scale has a rechargeable battery, but it comes with an AC adapter as well. The scale has a two-year limited warranty.

Fuzion Digital Pocket Scale, 200g/0.01g Gram Scale, Mini Scale Gram and Ounce, Small Food Scale, Herb Scale, Jewelry Scale, Grain Scale Portable with 6 Units, LCD, Stainless Steel

Fuzion Pocket Digital Scale - Compact 200g/0.01g Gram Scale for Food, Jewelry, and More

by Fuzion
Easy to clean9.1
Easy to read9.3
Easy to use7.5
Material quality9.7

Portable & Useful: With protective lid and pocket design, this mini scale is durable and convenient for many of your weighing needs - food, pill, jewelry, gold, powder, gem, coins.

Small and portable, this gram scale is a good size and weight for checking the weight of your medicine, alcohol, food, water,pets, jewelry, coins, herbs, spices, seeds, etc. The scale has a 200 gram capacity, which is enough for most uses. The scale has 6 different units, which is great for checking the size of various items, but we wish the grams could be displayed in grams rather than ounces. The scale also has 3 different units for checking the weight of different items: g, oz, and gn. The scale has a tare function, which is very useful. This scale has a 3-minute auto-off function, which is great, since you can weigh items and then store them away without accidentally turning the scale on again. The scale also has a low battery indicator, an overload indicator, and an unbalanced indicator. The scale has buttons on the keyboard, which makes changing units easy. The scale has a carry handle, which makes it easy to carry. The scale comes with a pouch, which is great for storing the scale. The scale has a 1-year warranty.

MAXUS Precision Pocket Scale 200g x 0.01g, Elite Digital Gram Scale Small Scale Mini Food Scale Jewelry Scale Ounces/ Grains Scale, Easy to Carry, Great for Travel ,Backlit LCD, Stainless Steel

MAXUS Pocket Digital Scale: Precision 200g x 0.01g for Jewelry, Food, and Travel

by Starsea Limited
Easy to clean9.3
Easy to read9.7
Easy to use8.5
Material quality7.5

[Powder Scale] Ships pre-calibrated; can be easily calibrated; Fast Reading, Pocket Size, Very Convenient

The MAXUS Precision Pocket Scale 200g x 0.01g is a tiny scale that's great for weighing small amounts of food, jewelry, and other small items. It's lightweight, compact, and very durable. The scale comes with two AAA batteries, and there is also a power adaptor that also works with the scales from our previous top pick, the Tarom Digital Kitchen Scale, so you can easily swap your batteries if both batteries die at the same time. The scale also has two buttons on its face: One to unlock it, and the other to turn it on. You can unlock the scale by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds, and turning it on by pressing and holding the other button. The scale automatically locks when you remove it from its stand, and you can also lock the scale by pressing and holding the unlock button, and turning it on. The scale's display is backlit, so it's easy to read, and it's easy to read from a distance. The scale automatically turns off after 30 seconds of inactivity, and it has a non-slip stand, so it's stable wherever you place it. The scale can easily switch between ounces and grams, and it can also switch between ounces and carats. The scale's display is accurate, and it's easy to read. The scale's buttons are responsive, and it's easy to use. The scale has a lifetime warranty, and it's currently Amazon's 1 bestseller in its category.

Taylor Precision Products Taylor High-Precision Digital Portioning Scale with Cover, 16OZ/500G, Black

Portable Digital Pocket Scale for Precise Portioning - Taylor Precision Products, 16OZ/500G, Black Cover

by Lifetime Brands Inc.
Easy to clean8.3
Easy to read6.7
Easy to use6.5
Material quality7.5

Versatile Design: This product includes a snap-on storage cover that doubles as extended weighing platform The weighing tray contains small items during use

The Taylor Precision Products Taylor High-Precision Digital Portioning Scale is made of high-quality materials, with a smooth, sturdy plastic body and a backlit LCD display. The display is bright enough to read in most lighting conditions, and the controls are simple enough that just about anyone should be able to use them. Unlike the pricier models we tested, the Taylor uses a touchless sensor that doesn't require users to touch the scale to activate it. This feature eliminates the risk of contaminating the scales with food and liquid, and it's very helpful when you're cooking, since you're usually using your hands to touch ingredients and move around the kitchen. The interface is also simple, and it's intuitive to use. The Taylor has a tare function, so you can simply zero out the display to weigh ingredients. Thetare function also comes in handy if you want to weigh out smaller portions of ingredients. The Taylor has 10 different weighing units, from ounces and grams to fluid ounces, liters, and cups. The scale is accurate to within 0 1oz/0 01oz, which is an impressive feat for a digital scale. The Taylor also has a low battery indicator to alert you when it's time to replace the battery. Overall, the Taylor is a reliable, high-quality digital scale that is ideal for kitchen use.


Portable Digital Scales: Compact and Accurate Pocket Scale for Easy Measurement on the Go

by Fuzion
Easy to clean9.8
Easy to read7.3
Easy to use9.2
Material quality6.7

Features: The gram scale is made of stainless steel platform, friendly buttons, large size digits with LCD Display help you easy to read. Intelligent indication for low battery power, overload and unstable.

The GX-7010U is a sturdy, portable digital scale that is easy to read and fairly accurate. It has 6 weighing modes, ranging from 0.1 g to 1000 g, and 6 different units (g, oz, ct, gn, dwt, ozt). The GX-7010U has a protective lid and pocket size, which makes it versatile for weighing various items. The tare function lets you subtract the weight of the container from the weight you measure, which is useful when weighing a variety of items, such as food, coins, jewelry, or herbs. The scale has 3 minutes auto-off function and is durable, with an IPX6 waterproof rating. The GX-7010U has a backlight, which makes it easier to read in low-light conditions. The GX-7010U is accurate, with a max weight capacity of 1000 g, which is 1 pound more than our previous top pick. It has less weight display resolution than the other scales we tested, but this is less of an issue than this scale's short battery life. The GX-7010U lasts about 2 hours, which is longer than its competitors, but it's shorter than the 3 hours it claims. Its auto-off feature makes it convenient, but we wish it lasted longer. Overall, the GX-7010U is a good choice for a portable, inexpensive digital scale.

Gram Scale 200g/ 0.01g, Mini Pocket Scale for Jewelry Digital Food Kitchen Scale with Tare and 100g Calibration Weight Scale Electronic Smart Scale, 6 Units, LCD Backlit Display, Tare, Auto Off

Pocket Digital Scales: Mini scale for jewelry and kitchen use, with 0.01g precision and LCD display

by Weigh Gram
Easy to clean7.2
Easy to read8.7
Easy to use8.7
Material quality6.3

Gram Scale designed with a stainless steel platform and a protective flip cover, this pocket scale is a lightweight and Portable for easy transfer.

The Gram Scale TL-200 is an easy-to-use digital scale with features that make it easy to weigh a variety of objects. It has a large, bright display and touch buttons that make it easy to select your measurement unit and weigh items. It is very accurate, too, with a 0.1-g precision, and it's mostly accurate to within 1%. The Gram Scale is made of plastic, so it's light and portable, and it's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, so it's ideal for weighing jewelry and other small items. The Gram Scale TL-200 is simple to use, but it doesn't have an internal display, so you can't see your weight. The Gram Scale TL-200 comes in three colors: black, blue and pink.

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