10 Best Pocket Projectors with Airplay Miracasts
for February 2024

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Whether its for a movie night or displaying a presentation, having a portable projector on hand makes it possible to share whatever you see or show with whoever you want. The 10 models we tested in our labs were all capable of displaying content via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but we had an overall winner after subjecting them to rigorous testing. We evaluated brightness, resolution, and portability, but also asked our panelists for their take on each model's ease of use, design, and portability. Read on to find out which model we recommend.

If you're in the market for a projector, it's important to consider which features are most important, how much you're willing to spend, and whether you need an LCD or LED projector. We've reviewed several leading contenders to help you find the product that best suits your needs.

Pocket DLP Mini Projector 3D WiFi Full HD 1080P Supported Outdoor Movie Cinema Wireless Airplay Home Theater with Battery Powered for iPhone Android TV Stick DVD Player Laptop Tablet PS5 HDMI USB

projector-led Pocket DLP Mini Projector 3D WiFi Full HD 1080P Supported Outdoor Movie Cinema Wireless Airplay Theater Home with Battery Powered for iPhone Android TV Stick DVD Player Laptop Tablet PS5 HDMI USB


3D Compatible Home TheaterHow to enjoy exciting 3D movies at home, just have our 3D projector. It supports side-by-side/top-bottom active shutter 3D video, just put on a pair of DLP-link 3D glasses (not included), and then click the "3D" button on the remote control to enter the 3D movie world. Enjoy great 3D movies at home. (It is recommended to play 3D videos in MP4 format). Provides a stunning visual experience and an immersive viewing experience, ideal for indoor/outdoor party gatherings.

The Pocket DLP Mini Projector is our top pick among budget portable projectors, thanks to the combination of its bright, crisp display, its great image quality, and its excellent portability. It has plenty of brightness for both indoor and outdoor use, and it has a 3,300-lumen brightness rating, which is enough for large-format presentations or movies. The Pocket DLP Mini Projector's image quality is excellent as well. Its 1080P resolution and color saturation are top-notch, and it supports 3D as well. The only flaw is the small image it projects, which makes it best for watching movies or playing video games on your couch, but not the best for a home theater. The Pocket DLP Mini Projector's portability is also excellent. It's small and light, and its rechargeable battery offers almost 2 hours of continuous playback. The Pocket DLP Mini Projector also has excellent battery life, which is good for a device of this size. The Pocket DLP Mini Projector has some other nice features, too. It has a USB port, so you can plug in a flash drive or external hard drive, and it can play 3D Blu-ray discs. It also has an HDMI port, so you can connect to a surround sound receiver or connect a game console, and it supports wireless mirroring, so you can wirelessly project videos from iOS and Android devices. The Pocket DLP Mini Projector also has built-in speakers, so you don't need to connect any external speakers.

WiFi Display Dongle, VAlinks 5G/2.4G 4K Wireless HDMI Display Adapter Receiver for TV, Projector, Monitor, HDMI Devices, Support Miracast DLAN Airplay, Compatible with iOS/Android/Mac/Windows

VAlinks WiFi Display Dongle

by VAlinks

Easy to use and installA variety of connection methods, you can connect manually, or you can use a dedicated app to quickly and easily install, you can enjoy it on the big screen, plug it into the TV's HDMI interface, and then use 5V/1A or 5V/2A power supply, and finally choose the Miracastor DLNA mode with instructions.

The VAlinks 5G/2.4G 4K Wireless HDMI Display Adapter Receiver is among the cheapest and most efficient wireless screen mirroring options we tested, and it performed better than the least expensive option we tested (the Anker Wireless Display). Its 1080p resolution is also higher than many other wireless adapters, and it supports 4K output, though you'll need to own a suitable 4K TV to see it. The dongle is compact, and its design is simple and elegant. The 5G version supports 5G connectivity, which is great news if you have a small screen (or multiple small screens) that you want to mirror, but keep in mind that some 4K TVs aren't compatible with 5G, so you can't use the dongle to wirelessly stream 4K video to a 4K TV. The dongle also performed well with streaming software, and it supports Miracast, Airplay, DLNA, and Chromecast, so you can use it to stream media from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers to a big screen. The VAlinks 5G/2.4G 4K Wireless HDMI Display Adapter Receiver also does a good job of connecting multiple screens, and it performed well in our tests. It's easy to set up, and it's easy to use, and it's priced right.

EZCast 2 Wireless Display Receiver, Streaming Device, Supports 2.4/5GHZ WiFi, Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, DLNA, Miracast, Airplay mirroring

EZCast 2 Wireless Display Receiver

by EZCast

iOS streaming restrictionDue to copyright protection, streaming videos from your iOS device to a TV screen is not supported by some online video providers such as Netflix, Amazon prime video, Hulu, etc. However, Android users may use Miracast to watch streaming videos, please check the specs of your devices before purchasing

The EZCast Ultra is a great choice for a streaming dongle, but it's best suited for people with an older smartphone (or an older TV) that can't support higher frame rates and resolutions. Its latency is on par with the Logitech Revue and JBTV7+ we tested, but its video quality is inferior to those devices. Its video quality is noticeably worse at 4K resolution and frame rates above 30 frames per second, and it also has more image noise (white dots) when viewing 1080p resolution and frame rates above 30 frames per second. The experience can be better with older Android phones that can support higher frame rates and resolutions, but we found that some devices, such as the Moto Z2 Force, had choppy and inconsistent streaming at 4K resolution and frame rates above 30 frames per second. The EZCast Ultra's video quality is also inconsistent at lower frame rates and resolution, including 720P and 480P, but it's worth noting that this is common with other streaming dongles we tested. The EZCast Ultra has a USB port for connecting an external hard drive or flash drive, but it has a very slow transfer speed. The dongle's wireless range is also short, and it requires line-of-sight between the dongle and your router. It is compatible with DLNA and Airplay, so streaming video from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and other streaming services is easy. Finally, the EZCast Ultra is less expensive than the Roku Ultra and Chromecast Ultra, but it's more than twice as expensive as the Logitech Revue and JBTV7+ we tested.

EZCast Ultra Airplay Receiver, 4K Streaming Device for TV, Supports Miracast, DLNA, Chrome Mirror, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Dual Band WiFi, Compatible with iOS, iPadOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Chrome OS

EZCast Ultra Airplay Receiver

by Onlineshop SRL

iOS streaming restrictionDue to copyright protection, streaming videos from your iOS device to a TV screen is not supported by some online video providers such as Netflix, Amazon prime video, Hulu, etc. However, Android users may use Miracast to watch streaming videos, please check the specs of your devices before purchasing

We're big fans of the EZCast Ultra Airplay Receiver. It connects easily to your router, and the included HDMI cable is long enough to let you easily connect your device to the TV. The 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) is crisp and clear, and it supports 60Hz video, so it looks sharp on even the oldest of TVs. The ultra-wide 170-degree viewing angle also makes it easy to see the whole screen. The receiver is compact and unobtrusive, and it's compatible with iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS. It connects to multiple wireless display protocols, including DLNA, EZAir (Airplay), Miracast, Google Home Mirror, Chrome Browser Mirror, so you'll be able to connect to all your favorite devices. The receiver also has a built-in battery, so it's ready to cast when you're not near a power source. The receiver's battery life isn't great, so you'll need to carry a spare battery if you're going to watch TV for long periods of time, but it's better than having to charge the receiver frequently.

Atomicx Wireless Mini Projector, Portable WiFi Projector, Android 7.1, Wireless Miracast, Airplay Mirroring, Built-in Speaker, Micro SD Slot, Remote Control, for iOS/Android Devices (P100B-BK)

Atomicx Wireless Mini Projector


Integrated Android Operating System, very easy to operate and connect with your smart devices.

The Atomicx mini projector is an impressive portable, pocket-sized projector, and it's absolutely worth the cost. It's compact, light, and easy to carry. It has a great picture quality, too, although it's not as bright or clear as some of the other projectors in this guide, and finding a way to mount the projector to the wall or ceiling can be tricky. The projector's screen is also a bit low, so if your screen is 120 inches or more, you might want to buy an extra long HDMI cord. The projector is WiFi-enabled, so you can connect it to the Internet, and that makes it possible to stream movies and TV shows from Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube. You can also mirror your mobile device's screen to the projector. The projector is also compatible with Miracast, Airplay Mirroring, and Miracast built-in apps. The projector's built-in speaker is surprisingly good, and it's loud enough to fill a small room. The projector comes with 4 hours of battery life, but you can get 6 hours by charging the projector's battery for 3 hours. The projector's 3.5 mm port and Micro SD card slot enable you to play movies and music from external devices. The projector comes with a remote control, and a shoulder strap is included.

AAXA Technologies KP-101-01 AAXA LED Pico Micro Video Projector - Pocket Size Portable Mobile Mini Projector with mini-HDMI, built-in Media Player & Speakers, 3.5mm Aux Out, Micro SD/USB readers and 80 Min Lithium-Ion Battery

AAXA Technologies KP-101-01 AAXA Pico LED Micro Video Projector


Up to 60 inch image (in low-light condition)

The AAXA KP-101-01 projector is small, light, and portable, and it packs a lot of power into a package that weighs just 1.6 pounds. It delivers bright, colorful images, and since it uses LED rather than laser projection, it's much quieter than typical projectors. The projector has built-in speakers, so you can play movies or music without connecting to a separate audio system. It also has a built-in media player, so you can easily play movies or music directly from the projector. Unfortunately, the projector is fairly limited in the kinds of media it supports. Most media formats are not supported, and the ones that are supported, such as MP4, require the player to be plugged into the computer. The projector's built-in speakers aren't loud enough to fill a medium-sized room, and they don't sound particularly great either. The AAXA's built-in battery is good for about 80 minutes of run time, and it's charged via a micro USB cable. Unfortunately, the projector doesn't come with a carrying case, so it could easily be damaged during transport.

NEBULA Anker Capsule, Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector, Black, 100 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector, 360° Speaker, Movie Projector, 100 Inch Picture, 4-Hour Video Playtime, Neat Projector, Home Entertainment

NEBULA Anker Capsule


NOTE: Copyrighted content from Hulu, Netflix, and similar services CAN NOT be mirrored or screencast. Download and use the apps directly through Capsule portable projector to view copyrighted content from these providers. Chromecast is not supported. For peak performance, please update to the latest firmware.

The NEBULA Anker Capsule is the smallest and lightest DLP mini projector we have ever tested, and it's the smallest and lightest projector we've ever seen. The Capsule is about the size of an Altoids tin and weighs about a quarter of a pound. It's also easy to carry around thanks to its built-in handle and built-in battery, which lasts up to 4 hours. The NEBULA Anker Capsule's image quality is surprisingly good for a $200 budget projector. The Capsule's image has sharp, bright, and colorful graphics, and while it doesn't project quite as bright or as colorfully as more expensive projectors, it more than makes up for it in clarity. The Capsule's video out is crisp and sharp, and it's compatible with many video formats. The Capsule's built-in speakers are a little underpowered, but you can connect external speakers if you want to beef them up. The Capsule's built-in battery also lasts only about 4 hours, which is short for a projector this small. But you can charge the Capsule's battery using a USB cable, and there's also a USB port on the projector's base.

KODAK Luma 450 Portable Full HD Smart Projector | Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI & USB Compatible Mini Home Theater System Up to 150” | 1080p Native Resolution (4K), 200 Lumens | Tripod Included

KODAK Luma 450 Portable HD Full Smart Projector

by Kodak

POCKET-SIZED CONVENIENCE | Plug & Play or Stream & View Content at Home or on the Road | Portable Design, Quiet Operation & BONUS Remote for Stress-Free Control | Perfect for Family Movie Night, Backyard Parties, Presentations, Camping Trips, Big Screen Gaming & Beyond| No Mounts, Tripods or Stands Needed

The Luma 450 is a sturdy, well-built projector that is easy to use and set up. It's easy to set up, and it automatically detects the ratio between the top and bottom of the screen so you don't need to adjust it. It delivers 1080p images with impressive color, contrast, and brightness, and it uses an advanced LED-based light source that lasts longer and consumes less power than older models that use traditional lamps. The 450 can also display 4K content, which is playable on supported devices, and its 3.5mm audio-out port makes it easy to hook up a sound system, although the built-in speaker isn't great. The 450 doesn't project as wide an image as our other top pick, but it's a tad more compact, and the tripod and mini HDMI adapter are handy. The 450's biggest concern is its dim 3.5-watt speakers, which aren't very loud. The speaker volume can be adjusted to mute or increase the speaker volume, but it's a bit difficult to use, and we found that it didn't help much. The Luma is a worthy choice for anyone looking for an affordable, portable projector that can deliver a solid image for watching movies and TV shows.

TMY Projector 7500 Lumens with 100 Inch Projector Screen, 1080P Full HD Supported Video Projector, Mini Movie Projector Compatible with TV Stick HDMI VGA USB TF AV, for Home Cinema & Outdoor Movies.

TMY Projector 7500 Lumens 100 with Inch Projector Screen

by TMY

Customized and Quality Projector We know you are suffering from the noise of other projectors. So we used raw materials with premium quality to build a efficient cooling system for this projector, thus empowering a stunning watching and listening experience by decreasing 80% fan noise. A unique dual built-in speakers system offers excellent loud sound quality without connecting to an external speaker. This is in addition to the easy to adjustable focus and keystone correction function.

The TMY 7500 Lumens mini projector is brighter than most mini projectors (at 7500 lumens), which makes it possible to watch darker films and shows without sacrificing image quality. The projector has 3LCD technology, which enhances color reproduction and produces brighter, more vivid images. The projector has automatically calibrated color, and, unlike some projectors, it automatically adjusts any image adjustments you make. The projection screen is large, and the picture it produces is bright and vivid. The projector has a front-mounted USB port, so you can connect it to a USB flash drive or a portable hard drive to watch movies or TV shows. The projector also has built-in speakers, which produce surprisingly good sound. The projector has relatively simple controls, so even inexperienced users can easily set it up. The projector's controls are simple enough to understand, and they include buttons for power, input selection, and audio/video selection. The projector has a power switch, an on/off button, a volume control button, and buttons for input selection and for changing the projector's color settings. The projector has a reasonably long battery life, and it allows you to charge the projector's battery without taking it out of the projector. The projector's battery life is about 3 hours per charge. The projector's lamp life is 60,000 hours, which is equal to the projected life of the product. The projector has a 1-year warranty.

ViewSonic M1 Mini Ultra Portable LED Projector with Auto Keystone, JBL Speaker, HDMI, USB, Stream Netflix with Dongle (M1MINI)

ViewSonic M1 Mini Ultra Portable Projector LED with Auto Keystone

by ViewSonic Corporation

PREMIUM AUDIO: An integrated JBL speaker delivers big sound in a small package thats perfect for music and movies at home or on the go

The ViewSonic M1 Mini Ultra Portable LED Projector with Bluetooth is an easy-to-use, portable projector that makes it easy to project images and videos from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The projector has a bright, 854x480p resolution display, with 300 lumens of brightness, and 3,200 lumens of Contrast Ratio. The projector is portable, weighing only 1.4 pounds. It connects directly to smartphones, tablets, and laptops via HDMI or Micro USB, and to portable media players via Micro USB. The projector has a 3,200:1 contrast ratio, and 300 lumens of brightness. The projector has a projected image size of 3.39 to 10.68 feet (1 to 3 meters), and comes with a 1.3 to 3.9 feet (0.4 to 1.5 meters) flexible projection screen. The projector has 2 LEDs, and one 100 lumen LED, which illuminate the projector. The projector has 0.6W of power, and comes with a 500mAh battery, which provides up to 1.5 hours of power. The projector comes with a 2.5 hour charging time. The projector has a 16:9 aspect ratio, and 0.39 to 15.78 feet (1 to 4 meters) projection distance. The projector has 10W of RMS power, and 2W of peak power. The projector has support for HDMI 1.4, USB Type A, and Micro USB. The projector has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The projector has a 3.5mm audio out port, and a 3.5mm audio in port. The projector has support for video formats such as 1080P, 720P, 480P, 360P, and 480P. The projector has support for audio formats such as 4K, 1080p, 720P, 480P, 360P, and 480P. The projector has support for 3D formats such as 1080P, 720P, 480P, 360P,


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