Top 10 Precision 3D Printers
for December 2023

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If you're into tech, then you probably already know that 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is the latest technology in printing. 3D printing allows you to print objects from digital files, CAD files, or a 3D scan. 3D prints can be created in a range of materials, including plastic, metal, and glass.

3D prints are made by melting a powder material, usually a thermoplastic like ABS or PLA, and layering it to create a 3D object. The process, known as 3D printing, is additive manufacturing, where material is added by layer, rather than by cutting away material.

If you're new to 3D printing, then you might be wondering, "What is 3D printing?" or "How does it work?" The 3D printing process works like this: First, you create a 3D model using a CAD file. Then, you upload the model to an online 3D printing service, like Shapeways, where you can order a 3D print.

R QIDI TECHNOLOGY 3D Printer, Large Size X-Plus Intelligent Industrial Grade 3D Printer with Nylon, Carbon Fiber, PC,High Precision Printing 10.6x7.9x7.9 Inch



Latest slicer software version 5.6.4: Redesigned UI interface of QIDI software is smarter and more convenient to operate. It has changed the software's slicing algorithm and improves the print quality by 30 percent and speed by 20 percent. The QIDI software is compatible with all types of QIDI printer, life-time free, an alternative to paid software.(If yours is the old version, please download the latest version on QIDI official website).

The QIDI TECHNOLOGY 3D Printer is a robust, reliable, and easy-to-use 3D printer. Though it's a bit pricey, it prints well and quickly. The QIDI TECHNOLOGY 3D Printer works well for designers and engineers, but it's overkill for hobbyists. The printer comes with 2 extruder assemblies: one extruder works with PLA and the other works with ABS. However, the QIDI TECHNOLOGY 3D Printer can only print in PLA and ABS. The printer's heated bed is removable, and you can access its inner workings without taking it apart. The printer's software is easy to use, and it comes with a few nice extras, including a PDF manual, a software manual, and free filament. The printer's build volume is 10.6x7.9x7.9 inches, and it prints up to 250C, which can work well with PLA, ABS, and TPU. The printer is backed by a 1-year warranty.

R QIDI TECHNOLOGY Large Size Intelligent Industrial Grade 3D Printer New Model:X-max,5 Inch Touchscreen,WiFi Function,High Precision Printing with ABS,PLA,TPU,Flexible Filament,300x250x300mm

R QIDI TECHNOLOGY Large Size Intelligent Grade Industrial 3D Printer New Model:X-max


Double Z-axis structure. XMax innovatively adopts higher-cost industrial-grade dual Z-axis support and works in conjunction with two axes motors. Large-size 3D printers are more stable when printing larger models without jitter. Especially when the model is printed continuously for more than 24 hours, the accuracy remains stable. It is very suitable for engineering and mass production of professional quality printing.

The QIDI X-max is a big, reliable, and capable 3D printer. It prints fast and reliably, and it lets users print with a wide array of materials, including PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon, Polycarbonate, and Flexible Filament. The touchscreen interface is easy to learn, and the templates and slicer programs included will help new users get started with their projects immediately. The X-Max's build volume is 300x250x300mm, which is larger than most consumer-level 3D printers, but it's big enough for most projects that need a small object printed in a single piece. The X-Max's print volume is also on the smaller side for a 3D printer in this price range; it's comparable to a MakerBot Replicator 2, but bigger than a MakerBot Replicator Mini. The X-Max also prints faster than any other 3D printer we've tested. It prints at up to 42 mm/s, which is fast enough for most projects, but keep in mind that this speed only applies to PLA and ABS; printing with PLA or ABS on a flexible filament bed requires a much lower speed, and printing with flexible filaments also requires a lower speed. The QIDI X-Max comes with two spools of filament, which is more than most 3D printers in this price range, and it also supports 4.6 and 3.6mm filament extruders, so users can choose whichever type works best for their project.

Creality Ender 7 3D Printer 250 mm/s High-Speed Printing High Precision Linear Rail Core-XY Structure Dual Cooling Fans Printing Size 9.84x9.84x11.8 inch

PERGEAR Creality Ender 7 3D Printer 250 mm/s High-Speed Printing High Linear Precision Rail Core-XY Structure Dual Cooling Fans Printing Size 9.84x9.84x11.8 inch

by Creality 3D Industrial

Easy to install & supports to be retrofitted to Auto-Calibration System: Ender-7 FDM 3D Printer features a modular structures design for a easy install, allowing for quicker installation than other frame structures; Also, it supports to be retrofitted to an Auto-Calibration System.

The Creality Ender 7, with its 250mm/s printing speed, plenty of resolution, and high-speed cooling, is the fastest printer we tested. It's powerful, too, with a 42-60W customized high-power motor and an upgraded Creality Slicer 4.

FlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite FDM 3D Printer with Quick Removable Nozzle, Auto Leveling, Super Cost-Effective, High Precision,Mute Cloud Printing, Build Volume 5.91 x 5.91 x 5.91inch

FlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite FDM Printer 3D with Quick Removable Nozzle


On CloudFlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite support Wi-fi Printing. You could save, share and download 3D printable designs on our FlashCloud platform for free.

The FlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite is easy-to-use, and it does an excellent job of printing ABS and PLA, as well as most other popular filaments. The Adventurer 3 Lite is much smaller than the Adventurer 3, and it's lighter, too. The printer is also quieter than the Adventurer 3, and because it's smaller, the printing area is a bit smaller. However, it's quite powerful: It's one of the fastest 3D printers we've tested, and it can create objects with fine detail up to 3.5 inches (90 mm) in diameter. Most important, the Adventurer 3 Lite is inexpensive, making it an excellent printer for hobbyists and students. The printer's quick removable nozzle makes it easy to change filaments, and it has a built in filament spool holder, so you'll never have to remember to refill the filament. The printer uses filaments with a diameter up to 1.75 inches (45 mm), and it's capable of printing objects that are 5.91 x 5.91 x 5.91 inches (150 x 150 x 150 mm). The printer's price is attractive, too: The Adventurer 3 Lite costs just $200, and the filament costs about $40 for 1.75 inches (45 mm) of filament.

R3D Mini FDM 3D Printers,Premium Quality & Precision with Sturdy 1-Piece All-Metal Enclosed Housing,Heated Removable Magnetic Build Plate, Stable XYZ Construction and Resume Printing,SD & USB Print

R3D Mini FDM 3D Printers

by R3D

Safe and reliableUse branded MeanWell 350W UL listed power supply(protections as Short Circuit/Overload/Over Voltage/Over Temperature) , ensure to provide safe, stable, lower noise and sufficient power.

The R3D-Mini FDM 3D Printer is one of the best printers we've tested, and it's the perfect printer for hobbyists. The biggest difference between the R3D-Mini and the Editor's Choice-winning MakerBot Replicator 2 is price; the R3D-Mini is significantly cheaper, and if you're not printing 50-plus cubic inches of plastic at a time, the cost savings will be significant (the Replicator 2 is more than twice the price of the R3D-Mini). The R3D-Mini has a smaller build volume than the MakerBot, and the minimum print size is 100x100x120mm (3.94x4.14x6.25in.). The R3D-Mini uses a 1.75mm nozzle, and most printers that use 1.75mm nozzles can print objects up to 50 cubic inches, but the Replicator 2 can print objects up to 300 cubic inches. The R3D-Mini can print objects up to about 120 cubic inches, but that's more for decorative items than for functional objects. The printer is easy to set up and use, and the detailed on-screen interface makes it easy to adjust settings, change filament, and troubleshoot. The printer is extremely quiet, and the cooling unit inside is silent as well. The heated printing plate is removable, and the black plastic frame is very sturdy. The R3D-Mini's build plate is magnetic, and it's easy to place and adjust the build plate, and the build plate stays in place when the power is off. The printer uses SD cards, which aren't as reliable as USB drives, but SD cards are cheap, and the printer comes with a 2GB SD card. The printer comes with a 12V 1.5A power adapter, and a USB cable, and the printer comes with a one-year warranty.

Artillery Genius Pro 3D Printer, High-Precision Dual Z-Axis Hot Bed Protection Filament Runout Detection, Power Failure Resume Quiet Printing 220x220x250mm

Artillery Genius Pro 3D Printer

by Artillery

Powerful High-Quality - DIY all in one structure, 95% pre-assembly, 220 x 220 x 250 mm print size. Intelligent automatic bed leveling. Wide-voltage heat bed protection. With touch screen control

The Artillery Genius Pro 3D Printer is well-equipped for prosumer-level 3D printing. The printer's build plate is big enough for most projects, and the included heated bed means you can safely print with a wide range of materials. The printer's build time is similar to that of the Afinia H-Series printers, and it's quieter, too. The printer's dual Z-axis design minimizes movement errors, and the included dual-axis stepper driver is quieter and smoother than many other printers' drivers. The printer's auto-calibration feature makes it easy to set up, and the printer's touch screen makes it easy to use. The Artillery Genius Pro is pricey, but it's packed with professional features, and it's easy to set up, use, and maintain.

Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer with Removable Build Surface Plate and UL Certified Meanwell Power Supply Printing Size 8.66x8.66x9.84in / 220x220x250mm

Comgrow Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer with Removable Build Surface and Plate UL Certified Meanwell Power Supply Printing Size 8.66x8.66x9.84in

by Creality 3D

SEMI-ASSEMBLED KIT: This easy-to-setup kit comes partially assembled, allowing you to learn about the basic construction of 3D printers as you finish putting it together. A fun STEM educational experience in mechanical engineering and electronics.

The Ender 3 Pro is a workhorse for large-scale 3D printing. It prints up to 1.6 times faster than its predecessor, the Ender 3, and is accurate enough to produce professional-quality parts. The Snapmaker app adds versatility, and the printer's small size makes it ideal for both home and professional use. The printer's dual extruders, which allow the model to be printed in multiple colors, are easy to install and calibrate. The printer's heated build plate, which reaches 110 degrees in 5 minutes, produces sturdy parts, though it can warp slightly over time. The printer's large build volume (10.4 by 10.4 by 7.9 inches) makes it suitable for producing large, complex parts. The printer's support materials are high-quality, and the printer's reliability is on par with professional-grade printers.

ANYCUBIC Resin 3D Printer, Photon Mono X Large LCD UV Photocuring Fast Printing with 8.9

ANYCUBIC Resin 3D Printer


APP Remote Control and UV Cooling System: You can monitor the whole UV Photocuring printing progress in real time and adjust the printing settings with ANYCUBIC app. Our New UV cooling system contains exclusive UV heat dissipation channels that can efficiently cool down and ensure stable printing performance and longer service life. ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X can bring you with the most convenient 3D Printing experience.

The ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X is a workhorse 3D printer that prints well, is easy to set up, and has enough speed and resolution to meet the needs of most users. In our tests, it printed most models in about 1.5 hours, which is fast enough for most home users. The printer produces sharp, detailed models, and it's easy to use. Some users may prefer its larger size and higher resolution over our previous pick, the Anycubic Photon, which has smaller printing volume and a lower-resolution 4K screen. The Photon Mono X's large printing volume allows you to print multiple models at one time, and it's suitable for hobbyists, schools, and hobbyists. The Photon Mono X also has better stability, a quieter printing process, and a larger LCD, so it's a better model for most users.

Official Creality Ender 3 3D Printer Fully Open Source with Resume Printing All Metal Frame FDM DIY Printers with Resume Printing Function 220x220x250mm

Creality 3D Official Creality Ender 3 3D Printer Fully Open Source with Printing Resume All Metal Frame FDM DIY Printers with Resume Printing Function 220x220x250mm

by Creality 3D

CREALITY Official Store We are the ONLY official Creality 3D store! Because all of our products are shipped to the consumer directly from the manufacturer, we provide a 1-year limited and lifetime technical assistance. Professional customer service has always been a cornerstone of our company philosophy.

The Creality Ender 3 is probably the best 3D printer you can get for a reasonable price, and it's one of the quietest, too. It has an extra-large build volume, enough to accommodate most standard-sized 3D printers, and is extremely easy to set up and use. The print quality is good, and it's capable of printing complex models. The printer is also largely open source, so even if you're not a tech wizard, you'll be able to troubleshoot any issues you might have. The only downside is that it's a bit tricky to figure out how to clean it, and the instructions aren't great, either. But aside from those minor flaws, the Ender 3 is a high-quality printer, and it's well worth the investment.

FlashForge Finder 3D Printers with Cloud, Wi-Fi, USB cable and Flash drive connectivity

FlashForge Finder 3D Printers with Cloud


Slide-in build plate allows printed objects to be easily removed

The Finder 3D Printer from FlashForge is one of the most feature-packed printers in this price range, and its print quality is quite good, too. It has multiple connectivity options for printing: USB, Wi-Fi, and Flash drive. The Finder can print in ABS and PLA materials, and it can print in full color. The Finder's build plate is non-heated, which is important because PLA can warp if it's heated. The Finder also has a 3.5-inch touchscreen with intuitive icons and an interface that's easy to use. The Finder isn't as fast or as quiet as our pick for the cheapest 3D printer (the FlashJet Mini), but it's cheaper, and it's a solid choice for beginners.


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