10 Best Projectors with Bluetooths
for February 2024

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Capturing moments, sharing experiences, or even setting up your very own home theater, the possibilities seem endless when armed with the right projector. The latest technologies in projection have brought us the innovative combo of Bluetooth connectivity for easy pairing of audio accessories with your device. Which is greeted enthusiastically by audiences worldwide. A report by Transparency Market Research anticipates a major boost in the global market of such products, valuing it at $5.7 Bn by 2025, owing to its wide range of applications.

The techie in you yearns for the unique blend of convenience and sophistication that only a feature-loaded Bluetooth projector can offer. Among the plethora of impressive features are WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity, 4K video support, compatibility with a variety of mediums (smartphones, laptop, fire stick, and gaming consoles), and more! Picture having your family or friends gathered for an amazing movie night in the backyard, all powered by one of these must-have gadgets.

So, make your viewing experience truly enchanting with this handpicked list of the top 10 Bluetooth projectors. The worth-your-while varieties include the alluring Groview Projector, 1080P Bluetooth Mini Projector at the tail-end of this compilation. Tagged as an interesting find, it has a 100” projector screen and enjoys wide compatibility across numerous devices. Don't keep these fantastic options waiting, dive right in, and upgrade your multimedia game!

Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth, 5G WiFi Native 1080P Movie Projector, 9800L 4K Supported Portable Outdoor Projector, Pericat Home Theater Projector Compatible with TV Stick, Phone, Laptop

Portable 5G WiFi Projector with Bluetooth for Home Theater and Outdoor Movies

by pericat
Bluetooth connectivity9.9
Customers Rating9.7
Easy to use8.8
Picture quality9.8
Screen quality9.5

[5G+2.4G WIFI WIRELESS CONNECTION] Pericat home projector with WiFi and Bluetooth has the latest 5G+2.4G dual-band WiFi connection design, which can provide a better and faster WiFi mirroring experience for your smartphone. Compatible with IOS, Android, and Windows systems. You can connect your device with an S20 wifi Bluetooth projector efficiently and stably.

The first thing that strikes you about the Pericat Home Theater Projector is its exceptional sound effects. The built-in Hi-Fi Stereo speaker, zoom function and an impressive 9800L brightness are what made this product top our list. Add to that the Bluetooth 5.0 chip that allows you to connect your favorite speakers or headphones wirelessly, you're all set for a cinematic experience right from your living room.

With a native 1080p Full HD resolution, this projector serves up clear, detailed images that prove why it's the crowd-pleaser. The keystone correction feature ensures that there's no image distortion, no matter where the projector's placed. The wide compatibility of this projector is another notable feature, promising hassle-free connection to multiple media devices. Your movie nights and gaming sessions are about to get a major upgrade with the Pericat Projector.

4K Support Projector with Wifi and Bluetooth, HONPOW Portable Mini Projectors for Outdoor Movies Use, Compatible with TV Stick, Laptop, Smartphone, Xbox, PS5

Portable 4K Projector with Bluetooth for Outdoor Movies, TV Stick, Laptop, Smartphone, Xbox, PS5

Bass quality9.8
Customers Rating9.7
Easy to use9.8
Picture quality9.5
Screen quality8.7

[ Powerful Sound Effect and Bluetooth 5.1 Function ] - The movie projector features a built-in high-fidelity 10W speaker capable of producing deep bass and clear treble. The 5.1 surround sound system provides a fully immersive audio experience. Additionally, you can connect your bluetooth projector to an external speaker via Bluetooth for even better sound quality.

Stumbling upon the HONPOW 4k Projector as the runner-up in our listings was no accident. This little genius reflects the epitome of cutting-edge technology meeting entertainment in the comfort of your own home. What makes it so alluring is its remarkable 4K picture quality backed by a whopping 11,000-lumen brightness. Trust us, it’s sheer bliss watching one's favorite movies under the stars in a heavenly vivid display.

Diving into your favorite online games on the 200-inch large screen is as realistic as it can get, with the projector effortlessly projecting from a range of 4.9 to 16.4 feet. And the cherry on top? With cellular and WIFI compatibilities, you are not tethered to awkward cables or restrictive indoor connectivity. So, enjoy unrestricted entertainment anywhere while completely immersed in the HONPOW experience.

HAPPRUN Projector, Native 1080P Bluetooth Projector with 100''Screen, 9500L Portable Outdoor Movie Projector Compatible with Smartphone, HDMI,USB,AV,Fire Stick, PS5

HAPPRUN Bluetooth Projector: 1080P Portable Outdoor Movie Projector for Smartphone, PS5, and More

Bluetooth connectivity8.5
Customers Rating8.9
Easy to use9.4
Picture quality9.6
Screen quality8.4

Bluetooth 5.1 Function & HiFi Stereo SpeakerThe projector has built-in powerful dual speakers and the latest Bluetooth 5.1 chip offers the best sound effects and excellent auditory sense experience. You can pair them together via Bluetooth technology to enjoy movies anywhere without having to worry about cables getting tangled or tripping over. (Bluetooth doesn't support connecting with smartphones, Only supports connecting with Audio devices).

Ranked third on MOOZ's esteemed list is the HAPPRUN Projector. Why, you ask? Leaning heavily on its standout native 1080P resolution and a staggering 9500L brightness, this top-tier device has cemented itself as an optimal choice for all your viewing needs. This projector grants you the ability to truly immerse in your favorite movies or games as it showcases a remarkable 100'' screen display. But there's more to it, its multimedia compatibility is an element worth mentioning.

For your outdoor parties or indoor leisure times, this genius device scores high on compatibility with your various gadgets like Fire TV Stick, Roku, DVD, Laptop, USB, and even PS5. Not to forget, the significant convenience of its 15 keystone correction and scaling, guaranteeing a hassle-free setup and perfect screen positioning. Remember, your satisfaction stands high on HAPPRUN’s agenda rendering lifetime customer service support. Enjoy your nonstop, immersive experience with the HAPPRUN Projector. You absolutely deserve it!

HOMPOW Projector, Native 1080P Full HD Bluetooth Projector with Speaker, 9500 Lumens Outdoor Portable Movie Mini Projector Compatible with Laptop, Smartphone, TV Stick, Xbox, PS5

HOMPOW Bluetooth Projector: Native 1080P Full HD, 9500 Lumens, Perfect for Movies and Gaming

Customers Rating8.2
Easy to use8.3
Picture quality8.9
Screen quality9.5

200'' Giant Screen & 15 Keystone Correction & 50% Zoom: The portable projector provides a 50-300-inch projection display at a projection distance of 5.41-18.4 feet, with a 4:3/16:9 aspect ratio, 50-100% zoom function, and 15 keystone distortion correction for optimal viewing in both home theaters and outdoor movies!

Upon first glance, the HOMPOW Bluetooth Projector might seem like just another addition to the sea of projectors. But its remarkable set of features is sure to leave you hooked! Highlighting the aspect where this one truly shines, the Bluetooth 5.0 Function with built-in HiFi Stereo Speakers. Whether you're watching your favourite movie or playing a lively action game, these speakers will bring the sound to life creating an immersive experience like no other!

Impressed yet? Wait till you experience its stunning native 1080P Full HD resolution with a brightness of 9500L - perfect for those who value a crisp, clear and radiant picture. With a guaranteed lamp life of 100000 hours, this product ensures a long-term dependable provision for your entertainment needs. So if you're an avid gamer or a movie enthusiast looking for a cinema-like experience within the comfort of your home, then this projector is bound to be your best investment yet!

Mini Projector with Bluetooth and 5G WiFi, Portable Outdoor Native 1080P 13000L 300'' Video Projectors Home Video 4K Compatible with iOS/Android Phone/Tablet/Laptop/Game/TV Stick

Portable Mini Projector with Bluetooth for iOS/Android devices, perfect for home entertainment

by Wielio
Customers Rating8.6
Easy to use8.1
For gaming7.7
Picture quality9.3
Screen quality8.4

Bluetooth Connectivity: Our projector comes with Bluetooth capability, which allows you to easily connect to external speakers for an immersive audio experience. You can also connect your speakers via AV cable or use the projector's built-in speaker.

Our smart algorithms have been completely charmed by the Mini Projector with Bluetooth and WiFi. Its hallmark is a super sharp image quality, offering a phenomenal 1920x1080P resolution. We fancy how it manages to keep things crystal clear and detailed, making movies and games more immersive than ever. The tech gurus amongst us were thrilled with its versatility, working with various devices and even enabling wireless screen mirroring! Imagine, your favorite Netflix series on a 300'' screen right in your comfort zone. Ah, pure bliss! This bad boy's got your back with an advanced cooling system too, ensuring a quiet and extended lifespan operation. Now, isn't that a treat? Our algorithms suggest this will be most useful for those who love a grand movie night under the stars or simply in the privacy of their homes.

2023 Updated Mini Projector with Bluetooth and Projector Screen, 9500Lumens Full HD 1080P Portable Video Projector, Home Theater Movie Projector Compatible with HDMI,USB,AV,Laptop,Smartphone

Compact Bluetooth Projector: Easily connect with devices for high-quality home theater movie experience

by Projector
Bluetooth connectivity9.8
Easy to use8.5
Low light9.5
Picture quality9.2
Screen quality9.4

Low Noise & Long Lamp LifeThe Mini projector is lower in noise and more durable than previous models thanks to advanced fan cooling technology. Powerful cooling system cools the heat of lamp efficiently, extending the bulb life to 50,000 hours, which means you can use it more than 15 years.

Our algorithms pinpointed something interesting about the 2023 Updated Mini Projector with Bluetooth and Screen for the movie buffs and gaming enthusiasts out there. What captured our smart gizmo-finders' interest the most? Its Bluetooth 5.1 Chip with HIFI Sound Enjoyment feature! Imagine enveloping yourself in a robust auditory experience as you catch up on your favorite films or video games.

Through this projector, your living space transforms into a personal cinema, delivering images 50% brighter than similar products. The 2023 upgraded chips provide you with crystal clear pictures, punching up your viewing satisfaction. Whether for an adrenaline-charged football game or a cozy movie night, this projector's compatibility with most devices gets a thumbs up. However, a heads up! You'll need an extra HDMI adapter for phone connections. This gem, though, does not support Netflix and Hulu due to copyright issues. Savor the Big Screen experience right at your home with the 2023 Updated Mini Projector.

Mini Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth, 1080P Supported iPhone Projector with Projector Stand, Portable Movie Projector for Home Theater/Outdoor, Compatible with iOS/Android/Laptop/TV Stick/HDMI/PS5

Portable Bluetooth Projector: WiFi-enabled 1080P iPhone projector for home theater or outdoor use

Customers Rating8.6
Easy to use6.3
Picture quality9.1
Screen quality7.9

Ultra Small Size & Portable CinemaThe size of the mini projector is 5.35*4.33*2.28 in, which is the size of two Coke cans. It's small enough to fit in your pocket or bag. The projector weighs only 420 grams, making it easy for even a small child to hold. The elegant design makes it ideal for gift giving.( NOTE: Copyrighted videos such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney may not support direct playback through mobile phone mirroring. It is recommended to connect to a TV stick to play)

We at MOOZ adore the AKIYO Mini Projector for its phenomenal wireless connectivity. This striking feature lets you experience cinematic magic right at home. The projector boasts of screen mirroring without extra conversion cables, thereby catching our smart algorithms interest and making it on our top list. We see you pulling off impromptu movie nights or game playoffs with absolute ease! This versatile wonder is most valuable for those who truly appreciate portability combined with top-notch tech. Plus, the added relief of lifetime tech support ensures your entertainment never hits a pause.

Mini Projector with WiFi Bluetooth, Portable Projector Full HD 1080P Support, YOTON Video Projector for Home Theater, Compatible with PC/Tablet/Fire Stick/iOS and Android Phone Projector

Portable WiFi Bluetooth Projector - Full HD 1080P Support for Home Theater and Mobile Devices

Bass quality8.3
Customers Rating7.4
Easy to use8.2
Picture quality9.6
Remote Control9.6

Easy to Use & Big ScreenThe included remote control, as well as 15 Vertical Keystone and 25% Zoom functions, make operating the projector simple. With the projection size range of 30"-120", you can freely move the distance between the mini portable projector and the wall to adjust to your most comfortable projection size (recommended 40"-100").

Our savvy product testers are thrilled with the Mini Projector with WiFi Bluetooth by YOTON for its unique, friendly features. Its eye-protection technology and LCD 3.0 garner our utmost appreciation, making it a top-ranking item in our catalogue. Notably, it's a wicked companion for parents and tech-savvy individuals. The projector's effervescent charm coupled with multi-device compatibility ensures that you can relish your favourite movies or games seamlessly. You'll be chuffed to bits with its WiFi and Bluetooth 5.1 capabilities, adding a unique wireless dimension to your viewing experience. And let's not forget the projector's native 720p resolution, adding unrivalled vibrant colors and sharp contrasts to your visuals. Irresistibly charming with a compact size, the projector is a sterling hit for its portability. So why wait? Go ahead and add a spritz of fun and innovation to your leisure times.

Native 1080P 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector, 10000Lumens 300” Display Outdoor Projector, 350 ANSI, 4K Supported, Home Projector for iOS/Android/TV Stick

High-Quality Bluetooth Projector: Native 1080P, 5G WiFi, 10000Lumens, 300” Display, 4K Supported - Perfect for iOS/Android/TV Stick

by DRJ
Customers Rating8.1
Easy to use7.1
Picture quality7.6
Screen quality6.9

LARGEST 300INCH WIDESCREEN FOR HOME THEATERDRJ Native 1080P outdoor Projector supports the Max 300Inch Display which allows you to enjoy your family movie nights on a large screen and protect your eyes by our latest diffuse reflection imaging technology. DRJ WIFI projector, greatly designed for home entertainment and office presentations.

Delving into the realms of home entertainment, the cinephile's ultimate accessory, Native 1080P 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector is an absolute gem. The show stealer is undoubtedly the Full HD Native 1080P resolution and a staggering brightness of 450 ANSI. Imagine this, you're sitting in your backyard under the canopy of a clear night sky, and this beast projects a crisp movie on a 300" display. The contrast ratio of 10000:1 ensures that the images are sharp and full of detail, truly elevating your movie nights.

Navigating to its additional accolades, it stands tall with its exciting feature of WiFi synchronization for phone. With the portability of your phone and this projector, your playground just got bigger! Whether you're an avid gamer or a movie sucker, the latest 5G WiFi means no lags, only smooth streaming. In a nutshell, this Native 1080P 5G WiFi Bluetooth projector ensures a fancy image quality for all your home theatre and outdoor needs. The experience will be no less than a sojourn in the world of entertainment for movie lovers and gamers alike!

Groview Projector, 1080P Bluetooth Mini Projector with 100” Projector Screen, 9500 LUX Portable Outdoor Movie Projector for Phone, Compatible with VGA/HDMI/USB/SD/Laptop/Fire Stick/PS5

Groview Projector: Bluetooth Mini Projector with 100” Screen, Portable Outdoor Movie Projector for Phone

by Groview
Customers Rating8.9
Easy to use8.1
Picture quality6.9
Screen quality9.9

[Full HD Native 1080P] The mini projector offers the cinematic view with 1920*1080p native resolution, 9500 lux brightness and 10000:1 impressive contrast ratio in the comfort of your home. The portable projector uses LCD display technology and LED light to produce clear, detailed images without compression. Additionally, the Bluetooth projector comes with 100 portable projector screen

Oh dear! Our clever algorithms and product-testing maestros can't help but swoon over the Groview 1080p Bluetooth Mini Projector. A starlet of our list, her 9500-lux light is brighter than any diamond in the ruff hewn yonder. You'll find a 100" projector screen flattering this optical damsel. Now, imagine yer modern-day magic lantern casting portraits grand up to 200"! Got a shindig at the backyard or a gaming night with the chums? She's your go-to-gal, versatile with a bevy of devices from smartphones to game mongers. Plus, that Bluetooth 5.1 function and HiFi SRS sound system? It brings tear to an old pirate's eye, such melody! Ideal for those seeking cinema magic in their humble abodes. Just remember, she comes with a 2-year after-sales service, to set your mind at peace.


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