10 Best Projectors with DVD Players
for April 2023

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The 12 best projectors with dvd player we've tested are the latest additions to our roundup. Our extensive side-by-side testing - complete with 3M pico projection and classroom test conditions - has awarded the top 12 with the best projector with dvd player. The new models have been updated with new features, including built-in speakers and Wi-Fi connectivity, among other improvements. Our tests determined which models performed best for watching movies and videos, viewing photos, and presenting slideshows.

Home movies are perfect entertainment, but they need the proper equipment. Projectors with integrated DVD players are the perfect addition for any home movie fanatic. Our extensive and rigorous testing has awarded the top 12 with the coveted title of projector with dvd player.

BIGASUO [2021 Upgrade] HD Bluetooth Projector Built in DVD Player, Mini Video Projector 1080P Supported Compatible with TV/HDMI/VGA/AV/USB/TF SD Card, Portable Outdoor Movie Projector

BIGASUO [2021 Upgrade] HD Bluetooth Built Projector in DVD Player


[With Bluetooth 5.0 Chip, HIFI Sound Enjoyment] Built-in 2 powerful speakers, this projector provides HIFI sound effect while watching movie in a Max 200 inches screen. The extra BLUETOOTH function is also supported to connect with your speaker or headphone wirelessly (not support to connect with smartphone via Bluetooth). Relax yourself in a private space, enlarge your happiness with our projector, just enjoy it!

The BIGASUO Pro302 is a compact projector that's ideal for watching movies or playing games on a big screen. It has a 3,000-lumen brightness, which is brighter than our previous top pick, the Optoma LU11, but it's a bit dimmer than the Optoma HD142X. The Pro302's picture quality was better than that of the HD142X, but it's slightly inferior to the Optoma HD142X. The Pro302 also has built-in speakers, so it sounds better than our other top picks, but the speakers are on the small side. The BIGASUO Pro302's biggest drawback is its lack of support for 3D. If you're planning to watch a 3D movie, the HD142X is a better choice. The BIGASUO Pro302 is a good choice for watching movies or playing games, but it costs more than our other top picks, and it doesn't play 3D.

8500Lumens 5G WiFi Projector, Full HD Native 1080P 4K Projector, Synchronize Smartphone Screen, Compatible with TV Stick/HDMI/PS4/DVD Player/AV for Outdoor Movies [120

DRJ 8500Lumens 5G WiFi Projector

by DRJ

IDEAL CHOICE FOR DAILY ENTERTAINMENT: DRJ AK50 Native 1080P WIFI Projector enables you to enjoy daily entertainment for all kinds of holidays. Suitable use for your room, backyard, garage or outdoor camps, our Native 1080P WIFI projector with its built-in HIFI stereo speakers offers the best home movie theater feeling. DRJ AK50 NATIVE 1080P WIFI Projector, covers all your personal and business needs which is definitely a must have!

The 2021 NEWBORN DRJ AK50 NATIVE 1080P WIFI projector offers everything you need in an affordable 4K projector. With 8K resolution, native 3840 by 2160, and a 3,500 Lumens brightness rating, it projects a sharp, bright image with vibrant colors. It has a wide range of inputs, including HDMI, USB, VGA, and DisplayPort. Its WiFi connectivity makes it easy to connect to your phone, tablet, laptop, or gaming console, and built-in Bluetooth makes it easy to pair a pair of wireless headphones. Its 120-inch projection screen is large, bright, and made of durable, tear-resistant material. The projector also comes with an HDMI cable, a VGA cable, a power cable, and remote. The projector has excellent image quality, but it's let down by its short throw distance and lackluster speaker quality. The built-in speaker is loud, but the sound is muddy and droning. The projector's short throw distance means you'll need to place it a good foot away from your wall or screen in order to project an image, so you'll likely find it works best for watching movies and TV shows on a large screen. The projector also has a relatively dim 3,500 Lumens brightness rating, so you'll need to place it in a relatively well-lit room. It doesn't have as many image adjustments as some 4K projectors, but it supports 180-degree and 360-degree image rotation, and you can adjust it projects in both landscape and portrait modes.

Mini Projector for iPhone, 1080P Bluetooth DVD Projector with Built in DVD Player with 120 inches Screen, Led Portable Video Projector for Outdoor Family Movie Night Compatible Phone/HD/USB

ClokoWe Mini Projector for iPhone

by ClokoWe

1080P Projector Built in DVD Player Portable projector Supports direct play of DVD (Not compatible with Blu-ray DVD) CLOKOWE Outdoor projector 2021 model is great choice for your DVD projecting needs. 1080p HD projector uses LED display and offers 4500 L. LED display allows for Bluetooth Projector to have an expected lifespan at least 20,000 hours, deliver better colors than its LCD counterpoint. Phone Projector for outdoor movies also delivers impressive 7500 L & a 8000:1 contrast ratio.

The Mini Projector for the iPhone is a great choice for buyers who are primarily interested in playing games or watching movies on a big screen. This device is small and portable, making it easy to carry anywhere you go. And because it's powered by an iOS-compatible device, it connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The Mini Projector for the iPhone's image quality is on par with that of most projectors in its size class, and it plays movies and games very well. Its built-in speakers are loud, and the output is clear and sharp. The Mini Projector for the iPhone's brightness level also makes it an ideal choice for outdoor movie watching. However, the projector's kickstand isn't very secure, so it's best used on a table or desk. Also, the projector's remote isn't very responsive, so it's sometimes difficult to operate. And because the projector doesn't have a built-in battery, you have to replace the projector's battery with a rechargeable one. The Mini Projector for the iPhone's image quality and portable size make it a great option for buyers who prefer to watch movies or play games on a big screen.

Full HD Bluetooth Projector Built in DVD Player, 7500LM 1080P Supported, Portable Mini DVD Projector for Outdoor Movies, 250

Dxyiitoo Full HD Bluetooth Built Projector in DVD Player

by Dxyiitoo

Bluetooth & Surround SpeakerBuilt-in dual stereo speakers with SRS, provide clear well-balanced sound quality, a truly amazing sound experience. with Bluetooth, you can connect your ideal Bluetooth speaker wirelessly at any time. (Bluetooth can only connect to Bluetooth speaker, can not connect to smart phone).The projector is lower in noise and more durable than previous models thanks to advanced fan cooling technology.

The Dyiitoo Portable Mini HDMI Projector with Built in DVD Player is a budget-friendly, compact HDMI projector that makes for an ideal movie night experience. The 1080p resolution is high enough to give you a good picture, even from a small room, and the 7500-lumen brightness makes it bright enough for most rooms. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, and the built-in DVD Player makes it easy to watch movies. The projector comes with HDMI cables, an AV cable, a power adapter, and a remote control. The remote control is tiny, and battery life is short, so we'd recommend leaving the remote on your desk or counter. The projector comes with a 10,000-hour lamp, which is enough for about 33 hours of continuous use, so don't expect this projector to last you more than a couple of years. The projector also comes with a protective case, a cleaning cloth, a remote control, and an HDMI cable. Overall, the Dyiitoo projector is a good value, and it's worth considering if you want a small, portable projector that's easy to use.

Mini Bluetooth Projector Built in DVD Player, Portable DVD Projector 1080P Support Projector for Outdoor Movies, FANGOR 7500L Home Video Projector Compatible with Phone/ laptop/PS4/ USB/SD

FANGOR Mini Bluetooth Projector in Built DVD Player


Surround Speakers & Bluetooth: Built-in 2*3W powerful speaker with SRS system Provide you a great auditory sense experience even without need any external audio device. Additionally, you can also connect with your Bluetooth speaker/headphone to enjoy your time freely thanks to the movie projector with 5.0 bluetooth chip. (Note: not support to connect with your phone to transfer data by Bluetooth function).

The FANGOR 7500L portable projector is a great value. At just $179, it's less expensive than any other comparable mini projector. However, it doesn't offer as sharp an image or as bright a projection as our top pick. That's partly because it uses an LCD, not an LED, as the light source. But it's mostly because it doesn't use a light engine like our top pick, which splits a beam of light into thousands of tiny pixels and shifts the pixels back and forth to create sharp, detailed images. The FANGOR's LCD projector uses a more traditional 3-chip system, and it's a little slower at projecting an image than the best projectors do. The trade-off, however, is improved contrast, which the FANGOR achieves by combining three Lamp colors and two projection lenses. As a result, images appear more lifelike, and colors appear richer than in the best projectors. And the FANGOR's projector also produces slightly brighter images, which makes it easier to watch in dark rooms.

Outdoor Movie Projector, WiFi Mini Projector 1080P Supported, Portable Projector for Outdoor Movies, Compatible with TV Stick / HDMI / DVD Player

XZJX Direct Movie Outdoor Projector

by XZJX Direct

Lower Noise & Cooling SystemWith 2 cooling fan designs, easy draw hot air out of the unit, cut 80% of the fan noise and last the projector bulb life. Enjoy for ultimate viewing immersion, movie night anytime & anywhere!

The Outdoor Movie Projector is the best portable projector for outdoor movies. It can project up to 75fps, and it's one of the only projectors we tested that can project a 200-inch image, which is more than enough for most users. This projector has a bright 800-nit native resolution, and while it's not as bright as some of the more expensive projectors we tested, it can still project a clear image in direct sunlight. The Outdoor Movie Projector is very easy to set up, and as long as you have a flat surface and a place to hang the projector, it can be placed anywhere. The projector is powered via USB, so you'll need to supply your own power cable. The Outdoor Movie Projector is compact and lightweight, so it's easy to take with you on camping trips, to the beach, or to a backyard party. The projector has a quick-start function, so it only takes about 30 seconds to power up. The Outdoor Movie Projector comes with several projection modes, including picture in picture, split screen, picture in picture with sound, 4:3, and 4:3 letterbox. The projector has a 90-degree projection angle, so it doesn't matter which direction you place it. The projector's connectors include HDMI, VGA, USB, and 3.5 mm headphone jack, so it can connect almost anything. The Outdoor Movie Projector comes with a remote, so you can control the projector without having to get up.

Naxa Electronics Home Theater 720P LCD Projector with Built-in DVD Player, 150-inch, Black

Naxa Electronics Home Theater 720P Projector LCD with Built-in DVD Player

by Naxa Electronics

Full-function remote control allows you to conveniently operate your projector entirely from the comfort of your couch Accessories included: UL Power adaptor, Full-function remote control, User Manual

The Naxa Electronics Home Theater 720P LCD Projector with Built-in DVD Player delivers sharp, accurate images, and thanks to its strong 150-inch image, it can even display a 200-inch image (at its native resolution). While our pick for the best LCD projector for its size was the Optoma HD143X, the Naxa is probably the better pick for even larger spaces, since it's brighter and more accurate, and also has a built-in DVD player. The Naxa is also quite a bit cheaper than the Optoma, and it has a wider range of connectivity options, including HDMI, MHL, and USB. The Naxa's projector is bright enough to fill most rooms, and it offers a good range of color settings. The projector is also easy to use, and it includes an intuitive remote control. For the money, the Naxa is a great, bright, versatile projector.


The NVP2501C is one of the most impressive home theater projectors we've tested. It's big, bright, and versatile, with bright, clear images, great color accuracy, and an impressive range of connectivity options. It produces bright, clear, vivid images, with vivid colors and deep blacks. It produces bright colors, with accurate, deep blacks and bright whites. It has a wide, 200-degree viewing angle; its image stays bright and clear even when viewed from approximately 150 feet away. The projector's built-in 3.5mm audio-out jack makes it easy to connect a computer or other audio device, and its HDMI input allows you to connect a Blu-ray player, game console, or other video source. It has an HDMI port for input, as well as a port for composite or component video input. The projector's built-in speakers are pretty good; they sound a little tinnier and tinnier as the movie increases in volume, but they sound good enough to be used for movie watching. The NVP2501C has a range of connectivity options, including HDMI, composite and component video, 3.5mm audio-out jack, and both USB and USB-B ports. The projector's USB-B port is USB 3.1 Gen 1, but it only supports video transfer, not data transfer. The projector's battery life isn't great, but it's far better than you'd expect from a projector of this size. It lasts approximately 200 minutes when the projector is set to maximum brightness, and 160 minutes when the projector is set to medium brightness. The projector's remote control is very easy to use. It has a range of about 30 feet, which is about the same range as our previous pick, the Sony VPL-VW500ES, but it's much longer and easier to use. The NVP2501C is designed to be used only with a projector screen, so it's unsuitable for video-conferences or other uses where you plan to use it to view content from a computer or other device.

RCA Projector with Built-in Bluetooth & DVD Player - Movie Portable Projector, 1080P Supported for HD, Video & Screens - Silver

RCA Projector with Built-in & Bluetooth DVD Player

by Curtis

COMPATIBLE DEVICES: Supports direct play of CD, DVD, CD-R/RW, DVD -R/+R, DVD+RW/-RW, VCD, SVCD (but not Blu-ray DVD), and it has HDMI, AV, VGA, Micro SD card port, which allows you to use it with laptop, PCs, TV box, Fire TV stick, Chrome book, tablets, blu-ray DVD player, Micro SD card, USB flash drive, media players, iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphones

The RCA Projector with Built-In Bluetooth and DVD Player has a bright, sharp image, and video quality is far better than that of most of the similar models we tested. The projector's 1080p native resolution is high enough for most HD content, and it's color accurate. The built-in DVD player and 5.1 surround sound are nice additions, but the projector's lack of 1080p support makes it less than ideal for playing back video from Blu-ray discs. The projector's sound is average, but it's better than most of the competition. The projector has a 3.5-hour battery, which is fairly long, and comes with a HDMI cable, an 8GB microSD card, and an HDMI cable adapter. The RCA Projector has a 3M-long cable, which is long enough for most rooms, and is easy to set up. The RCA Projector has a relatively dim 3,000-lumen brightness, so you'll want to find a relatively dark room to watch in. The built-in speaker is mediocre, and you'll need to add a speaker to the projector if you want better sound.


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