Top 10 Best Quick Release Plates for Tripod Head
for October 2023

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Wandering through the labyrinth of online shopping, especially in the realm of photography gear, can be a daunting task. With mountains of options and myriad of variations, finding the best quick release plate for your tripod head can be as tricky as catching that perfect sunrise shot. Fear not! Because your savoir, MOOZ, has arrived wielding advanced smart algorithms to aid you in your quest. We rank, we review, and we ensure that your shopping experience is as smooth as a long exposure shot.

Among the top contenders are the Quick Release Plate Fit for Manfrotto, the 323 RC2 Quick Release Plate Adapter, and the UTEBIT 323 RC2 Quick Release Plate. These pieces of engineering marvels come jam-packed with versatile features, robust build and compatibility with leading cameras. Bite-sized, light-weighted and super-easy to use, these jacks-of-all-trades turn your tedious setup process into an effortless snap, giving you more time to focus on the art of capturing.

Still swaying? Take a peek at the entire list to explore more. Can't be bothered to scroll to the bottom? We suggest you do, as the real hidden gem, the 'erduoduo 2 Pack QR Plate' rests there. This plate is unique for its compatibility with an array of Velbon tripods, durability, and affordable price, making it the underdog worth betting on. Remember, the best doesn't always come first in the list, it's your informed choice that matters. So let MOOZ pave the path for your perfect purchase, and you just click your way through.

Quick Release Plate, Tripod Quick Release Plate Fit for Manfrotto 200pl-14 Rc2 Camera Tripod Head (Pack of 2) Black

Manfrotto Camera Tripod Head Quick Release Plate - Pack of 2, Black

by Generic
Camera quality8.7
Easy to install8.8
Material quality8.7
Water resistance9.6

ANTI-SLIP RUBBER PAD DESIGN: the quick release plates for tripod has special anti-slip rubber pads, which can enhance the buffer force between the camera and the tripod, prevent slipping, and achieve perfect installation, and protect the camera from scratches.

We've listed this Quick Release Plate first due to the blend of quality, convenience, and compatibility it provides. The material used is a finely processed aluminum alloy, ensuring a solid yet lightweight construction. The surface is wrapped in waterproof and anti-rust coating that keeps your plate shiny as new. We absolutely fell for the quick installation feature which makes using this a breeze.

Now, let's move on to another prominent feature - compatibility. This release plate goes hand in hand with a variety of Manfrotto tripods and heads - from 322RC2 to XPRO and beyond, expanding your possibilities. Plus, you won't receive just one but two pieces of these plates. In the box full of look-alike pieces, the release plate for Manfrotto stands as a unique masterpiece, ready to elevate your photography experience. Trust us, your camera set will love it.

323 RC2 Quick Release Plate Adapter, Rapid Connect Adapter with Quick Release Plate Compatible for Manfrotto Monopod, Manfrotto Tripod Ball Head and Tripod

Quick Release Plate Adapter for Manfrotto Monopod and Tripod: 323 RC2 Compatibility

by Ytvariw
Camera quality8.5
Material quality9.7
Popularity & Sales8.8
Tech Support8.5

CompatibilityPortable with 2 pieces 1/4" conversion adapter to easily/quickly mount camera or other equipment with 3/8" screw, also the rapid adapter can mount on Manfrotto tripod or tripod ball head.

Landing at our second favorite position, the 323 RC2 Quick Release Plate Adapter sure knows how to leave a mark. Its overarching appeal lies in its precision. Want to ensure your shots are level? A built-in bubble level is at your disposal. Love quick plate designs? The adapter mirrors the Manfrotto 200-PL14 design, compatible even with Manfrotto XPRO. Trust us, it's laudably detailed.

Taking things up a notch, its sturdy aluminium alloy material is truly a testament. Robust and durable, it is shaped to withstand the test of time. Meanwhile, its dual fail-safe system sets the bar high. A spring equipment secures the finger wrench once the quick plate is in place, or you can manually lock it with a hasp. It's the epitome of optimization couched in absolute reliability. Oh, and organizing your Monopod and Tripod will be breezier with its compatibility. There's no denying why this product has trekked to our second spot.

UTEBIT 323 RC2 Quick Release Plate Compatible with Manfrotto 200PL-14 QR Plates Adapter with Rapid Connect Clamp and 1/4'' to 3/8'' Screw for DSLR Camera Tripod Ball Head

UTEBIT Quick Release Plate: 323 RC2 Compatible with Manfrotto 200PL-14 for DSLR Camera Tripod Head

Camera quality9.4
Material quality8.4
Print Quality9.3
Sound quality9.5

Material: This 323 RC2 quick release plate is made of high quality aluminum alloy material, very strong and durable, can serve you for long time.

We've landed at our third-ranked product, the UTEBIT 323 RC2 Quick Release Plate. Perchance, you question the criteria for such ranking. Let's unveil the mysteries behind its third-place berth. You will adore it for the anti-twist locking screw it brandishes, a subtle yet effective means of ensuring that once your plate has been pushed inside the groove, it stays put, no hassle, no fret.

Fancy a feature that promulgates versatility? The UTEBIT 323 RC2 holds its ground firmly, sporting compatibility with Manfrotto 200PL-14 and connections to 1/4'' to 3/8'' nuts and other devices through the 3/8'' screw holes on the bottom. Furthermore, it brandishes a sturdy loading capacity with a safe-lock system and a rotating handle that offers you manual adjustment to connect your camera or flash. Such distinction in a product morphs from mere preference to a need, hence its well-deserved place on our list.

2 Pieces Metal Quick Release Plate with 1/4''-20 Camera Screw Tripod Mount Plate Fits Standard for DSLR Camera Tripod Ball Head, Black (PU50)

Metal Quick Release Plate for Tripod Head, Fits DSLR Camera Tripod Ball Head

by Frienda
Camera quality9.8
Easy to install8.6
Easy to use8.5
Material quality9.6

Easy to attach and detach: the quick release plate can be fixed to the camera base, which are convenient to use, help you save your time and energy, easy to install and disassemble the tripod

Our savvy algorithms immediately honed in on this gadget fanatic's dream: the 2 Pieces Metal Quick Release Plate, a standout gem in the crop of camera accessories. This compact, meticulously crafted device caught our attention for its application of both form and function. It stands out for its compatibility with a broad spectrum of equipment, including RRS, ARCA-SWISS, KIRK, Wimberley, and more. This sturdily constructed piece boasts an oxidized aluminium alloy body, adding years to its longevity. You'll appreciate the non-slip design that boosts the grip between your camera gear and plate, lessening the chances of equipment mishaps. This could be the missing piece in perfecting your photo-capturing pursuits, it's no surprise you found it here on our top-tier list.

2 Pieces 41 mm QR Release Plate Camera Tripod Ball Head Quick Release Plate Replacement Compatible with Ambico V-0552 V-0554, Sunpak 7500 Pro 7500tm 7575, Kalimar Pro-tech V-40

Camera Quick Release Plate for Tripod Head - Replacement Compatible with Ambico, Sunpak, and Kalimar Pro-tech

Camera quality9.2
Easy to install8.8
Easy to use7.6
Material quality7.8

Easy to install and remove: the quick release plates can be fixed to the camera base, which can save your time and facilitate the installation and disassembling of the tripod, easy for you to use

"Our top choice, the 2-Piece 41 mm QR Release Plate set, is a gem for all photography enthusiasts who are constantly on the move. What caught our attention is the anti-twist locking screws, making this perfect for steady shots. The PVC material of the plates ensures durability and it's easy installation process is a boon. In your journey towards capturing awe-inspiring moments, this product ensures your camera is stable and ready for action. Particularly, if you own a Ambico V-0552 V-0554, Sunpak 7500 Pro 7500tm 7575, Kalimar Pro-tech V-40, this release plate is a gift to you. Ensure not to lose any more impressive shots with shaky hands."

DaVoice 42mm Tripod Quick Release Plate Head Mounting Parts Replacement for Ambico V-0554, Promaster 6100 6160 7100 FW29T, Vivitar V3000 Hakuba S-4500 S-6000 Velbon Sherpa 200R 800R Tripod Mount 1 5/8

DaVoice 42mm Quick Release Plate for Tripod Head - Replacement Parts for Various Tripods

by DaVoice
Camera quality7.9
Easy to use8.9
Material quality9.5
Popularity & Sales7.2

QR release plate mounts to the tripod mount allowing you to attach a camera, or cell phone tripod adapter, to a compatible tripod head quickly and easily

The moment our product testers set their eyes on DaVoice 42mm Tripod Quick Release Plate, they were impressed. Made with metal cork top, it's designed to be highly durable and sturdy. And what caught our algorithm's attention was the clever adaptation of having extra QR plates. It allows you to conveniently switch out cameras or devices, which is a game changer. Therefore, if you are a photographer constantly switching between multiple devices, this might become your new best friend. What's more, it's compatible with popular tripod models like Ambico V-0554, Promaster 6100, among others.

Avella Universal Sliding Quick Release Plate Replacement Camera Mount with 1/4 Inch and 3/8 Inch Mounting Screws for Fluid Head,Length: 3.54 inches/9CM

Avella Universal Sliding Quick Release Plate: Replacement Camera Mount for Tripod Heads

by Avella
Camera quality9.1
Material quality7.7
Popularity & Sales9.7
Tech Support9.4

Comes with one 1/4" and one 3/8" camera screws, features a location (video) pin.

Our Prudent program was buzzing with excitement when it added the Avella Universal Sliding Quick Release Plate to our top picks. Why? This gizmo, though not the standard Arca Swiss Type, has a rubber pad that'll cradle your camera like a baby. We aren't just blowing hot air here!

Starting with the cherry-on-top feature, it's crafted from sturdy aluminium alloy . Built to endure, it may be your photography's best mate for ages. More treat for your lens lover soul, it's compatible with 501 500AH 502AH 503HDV 504HD - universality at its best!

We reckon this savvy contraption is a boon for professional photographers or hardcore hobbyists. With its mounting screws ready to fit like a glove, capturing precious moments becomes as smooth as a piece of cake. Trust us, your camera will thank you later!

DaVoice 43mm Tripod Quick Release Plate Camera Mounting Adapter Parts Replacement for Torjim 60-Inch AX60, Endurax 66

Quick Release Plate for Tripod Head - DaVoice 43mm Camera Mounting Adapter for Various Tripods

by DaVoice
Camera quality7.3
Easy to use9.9
Material quality6.8
Popularity & Sales9.7

QR release plate mounts to the tripod mount allowing you to attach a camera, or cell phone tripod adapter, to a compatible tripod head quickly and easily

We quite fancy the DaVoice 43mm Tripod Quick Release Plate due to its no-tools-needed feature. It stands out for its simplicity - the screw can be tightened without needing extra equipment! This commodity really emphasizes convenience, something you'll surely cherish if you're out capturing memorable moments.

As a piece of camera gear that requires fast swapping in an active environment, the quick release plate is a lifesaver. This component is especially beneficial for photographers who work with multiple camera setups. The compatibility with certain models of Torjim, Endurax, UBeesize, and Mactrem makes it a crucial accessory. A true hero in the world of tripods!

FocusFoto Universal QB-4W Quick Release Plate Platform Replace for Tripod Velbon CX-444, CX-888, CX-460, CX-460mini, CX-470, CX-570, CX-690, DF-50, Sony VCT-D580RM, VCT-D680RM, VCT-R640

Universal QB-4W Quick Release Plate for Tripod Head: Replace your Velbon or Sony tripod with this platform

by FocusFoto
Camera quality6.2
Material quality9.7
Popularity & Sales7.4
Tech Support8.7

Quick release plates attach to the tripod mount on your camera and allow you to quickly and easily attach and detach your camera from a compatible tripod head.

Our team was thoroughly charmed by the adaptability of the FocusFoto Universal QB-4W Quick Release Plate . This handy little tool really stood out during our testing. Its sleek design measuring 66mm (2.6") x 52mm(2.05") is perfect for photographers who use multiple cameras. It allows you to easily swap between them while using the same tripod, saving you precious time during shoots.

In addition, we can't stress enough on its compatibility. Working seamlessly with several models from Velbon CX series and Sony VCT series, it really simplifies life for those with diverse camera setups. Given the sturdy built and bottom size of 44mm(1.73") x 44mm(1.73"), we believe it will be extremely suitable for professional photographers and videographers. Trust us, the FocusFoto Quick Release Plate will give your photo shoots a breather with its versatile application.

erduoduo 2 Pack QR Plate(43x43mm) Quick Release Plate Replacement for Velbon tripods CX-460 CX-460mini CX-444 CX-888 CX-470 CX-570 CX-690 DF-50

erduoduo 2 Pack Quick Release Plates (43x43mm) for Velbon Tripods - Replacement Plates for CX-460, CX-888, and More

by erduoduo
Camera quality9.8
Material quality6.8
Popularity & Sales8.4
Tech Support6.8

Introduction: QR plates attach to the tripod mount on your camera and allow you to quickly and easily attach and detach your camera from a compatible tripod head

One stand-out feature we appreciated is the wide compatibility of these erduoduo QR plates. You'll find they seamlessly fit with certain Velbon tripods and specific Sony models, fantastic if you have one or even a couple of these. And here's why we'd recommend them, the extra plates help when you're juggling multiple cameras, ensuring your equipment is always ready to roll. No fumbling around in time-sensitive situations is a massive plus in our book.

Another perk of the erduoduo is their size. At 43mm x 43mm, these QR plates are substantially compact. This means they are easily portable - easy to chuck in your camera bag without adding any noticeable weight. But where we think you'll benefit the most from these is if you're an avid photographer, who has more than one camera to operate with on the Amazon Basics 60" Tripod, Velbon or Sony models mentioned above. Perfectly sized and a versatile addition to your photography gear.


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