6 Reasons That Drive Visitors Away From Your Website

Ever wondered why in many cases after so much effort, a website fails to retain their visitors? Why does it happen that after a tremendous amount of social media marketing and online promotion, the users don’t come back? These are all questions that bother website owners as well as web designers. You get one day of immense traffic on to your website, but for some odd reason, it does not reflect on a regular basis.

There are several reasons that drive users away from revisiting a website. That is the gist of this post as we are going to discover through our discussion as to what are the essential factors that push away people from visiting your website/blog. So read the six most common and frequently found reasons that drive away users from your website.

Terrible Navigation:

To start off with, let us talk on the subject of website navigation. Imagine you have landed on to a website through a source (presumably Google) and you want to explore the site a little more. However, you cannot find your way around the other contents and pages of the website/blog as there is no proper navigation. What will be your next action? Most certainly you would leave that website and never re-visit it again. This is what terrible, and nonuser-friendly navigation can do to your online impression.

Looking Like a Billboard

So you have launched your website/blog with the intentions of earning money. Well, who doesn’t? But Coke doesn’t sell their beverage by saying they want our money, do they? That is because revenue is an implicit objective of any business entity, be it online or offline. Though you cannot let the users know about that can you? That is why you need to beware of not letting your site turn into an advertising billboard. Keep the placement of ads where it won’t bother users much and also restrict the number of ads to a tolerable level.

Unorganized Content

Time and again, you will hear/read this phrase on the internet “Content is King". And it is so rightly said that effective content is the gist of any website/blog. However, mess up your content, and you are bound to irritate your visitors. Unorganized content is a big turn off when it comes to websites. People visit websites to save time, and if your content is disorganized it will not serve that purpose.

Annoying A/V Effects

Not every user on the planet owns a T1 internet connection that can stream multi media as if it were on the hard drive. For those with a relatively slower internet connection, it can be frustrating to stumble on a website that has heavy music in the background that takes loads of time in loading. Except in real need, designers and developers should avoid using heavy audio visual effects as they can be irritating for the average user.

Compulsion to Register

After spending hours trying to find something via Google, you suddenly stumble onto a website that is willing to offer you just that. However, out pops up a window that asks you to register to the website in order to view your desired content. This is one of the biggest reasons why most of the traffic leaves your website as they don’t have the time to register. They would find other alternatives that don’t compel their users to signup.

Trouble in Legibility

Small fonts, blurry content, fuzzy images, these are all the things that can infuriate any website visitor and force them to walk away from the site. This happens when you are having trouble with the legibility of your website. That is why you need to make sure that whatever elements you employ must be readable and clear to the reader.

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