10 Best Rechargeable Flashlights
for October 2023

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Flashlights are a must-have for many situations, from power outages to campsite activities. In testing 10 of the best rechargeable flashlights available, we tested brightness, battery life, and ease of use. We compared interior features like modes, lumens, and runtime, while testing exteriors features like waterproofing, beam distance, and tactical design. Finding a flashlight that strikes the perfect balance between powerful and durable can be confusing, so our experts have spent the time to research in-depth into the features and performance of each model.

With tools like headlamps, solar-powered handheld lanterns, and tactical flashlights available for a variety of uses, finding the right option is key. If you want flashlight recommendations based on use, we've also put together guides to the best camping flashlights and the best emergency flashlights.

AlpsWolf Rechargeable Flashlight, LED Spotlight Flashlight 10000mAh 1200LM 20h Ultra-Long Standby 3+4 Lights Modes Camping Flashlight Waterproof with USB Output as a Power Bank

AlpsWolf Rechargeable Flashlight

by AlpsWolf

HIGH QUENITY MATERIAL & WATERPROOF- LED flashlight rechargeable is made of high intensity engineering ABS plastic, it comes with fully enclosed structure. IP44 certified handheld flashlight is explosion proof, dust-proof, shock-proof, and protected from splashing water from all angles.

The AlpsWolf Rechargeable Flashlight is the brightest and longest-lasting flashlight we tested. It can produce about 120 lumens, which is about 10 times brighter than the headlamps we tested, and it's a much more focused beam than most of those headlamps. The flashlight also has a disorienting strobe mode, which you can use to signal for help. The beam is extremely bright, so it's perfect for outdoor chores like digging a hole or cutting up firewood. The flashlight runs for about 20 hours before you need to recharge it, and it has a USB port that you can use to charge your phone or other devices. The flashlight is waterproof, so you can use it in the rain, and it also comes with a handy wrist strap.


The Streamlight MicroStream is a reliable, compact, and lightweight flashlight. It comes with two 18650 lithium-ion cell batteries (not included), which last for 3. 5 hours on low and 68 hours on high. The MicroStream's light output is 250 lumens (on high), making it the brightest flashlight we tested, but only about halfway between our lowest- and highest-scoring picks. The MicroStream's light output is more than adequate for close-range tasks, and the light is bright and focused enough to easily light up a piece of paper. The MicroStream is compact and light, so it's easy to carry in a pocket or purse. The MicroStream has a built-in 5" USB cord, so you can easily plug it in to charge. The MicroStream comes with a lanyard, which makes it easy to hang the MicroStream from a belt loop or backpack. The MicroStream's 3-way switch makes it easy to change the light's output, from low to very high (1,150 lumens), and from high to low (250 lumens). The MicroStream is waterproof, impact resistant, and vibration resistant, so it's suitable for outdoor activities. The MicroStream has a very good battery performance, and it's easy to operate, light, and durable. The MicroStream's body is made of durable, hard plastic, and the light comes in a variety of colors. The MicroStream is reasonably priced, but it's more expensive than our other picks.

Rechargeable Led Flashlight High Lumens, 3000 High Lumen Tactical Flashlights, COB Work Light with Power Display, Zoomable, Waterproof, 5 Light Modes for Camping Hiking 2 Pack

Karrong Rechargeable Led High Flashlight Lumens

by Karrong

IPX6 Waterproof & Durable: This tactical rechargeable flashlight is built with IPX6 waterproof, now you can stop worrying about unexpected weather rain or snow. Rechargeable flashlights is a diamond-shaped structure, made of high-quality aviation aluminum for excellent heat dissipation and it is sturdy enough to hit something during emergency.

The Streamlight ProTac HL-3T Tactical Flashlight is our top overall pick for a tactical flashlight, thanks to its excellent battery life, bright output, and rugged construction. The HL-3T earned our highest rating for brightness and beam quality, and it offers the highest output of any tactical flashlight we tested. It's also the only tactical flashlight we tested with off (2-second press) and turbo (3-second press) modes, so it's more versatile than some other models, and it's the only flashlight we reviewed with a power display (100% to 75% to 75% to 50% to 25%). The HL-3T also earned our highest rating for construction, thanks to its sturdy, waterproof aluminum body. And while the HL-3T isn't the lightest tactical flashlight we tested (it weighs just over 4 ounces), it's durable and compact enough that it's usually comfortable to carry. The HL-3T's only drawback is its relatively low output in low mode, but that's typical for a tactical flashlight.

CSNDICE 35W Rechargeable Handheld Flashlights- High Lumens Spotlight 9000 Lumens, IPX45 Waterproof Rechargeable Spotlight USB Output 6600mAh, Can be Used for Home and Outdoor use (Gold)

CSNDICE 35W Rechargeable Handheld Flashlights- Lumens High Spotlight 9000 Lumens


SO LIGHTWEIGHT& COMPACT with ADJUSTABLE STRAP AND YOU CAN TAKE IT ANYWHERE This Handheld Flashlight weighs less than 1 pound( 15oz) and measures just 9in long and 5in wide, together with our shoulder strap, so its easy to carry and hold while walking or hiking outdoors. Besides, It might be a emergency power bank to your phones in your hand when without outlet, and you wont get tired of holding it.

The CSNDICE 35W is one of the most powerful and versatile battery-powered lights we've seen, and it outperforms nearly all of the competition. It delivers more lumens and a longer range than many other spotlights, and its rechargeable battery lasts for hours longer than the Energizer Ultimate AAs we tested. The CSNDICE 35W also produces more light in a wider beam angle than other lights. The 2 brightness settings are surprisingly easy to use, and the lamp has an impressive amount of power, with a 9000mAh battery that can last longer than 30 hours at 1000 lumens. The CSNDICE 35W comes with a USB charging cable, and it even charges a phone or tablet's battery or the power bank built into it.

Rechargeable Flashlights 2 Pack, RECHOO Double Switch LED Tactical Flashlight S3000L High Lumens Super Bright 5 Modes Zoomable Waterproof Flash Light for Emergency Camping, Battery Included

RECHOO Rechargeable 2 Flashlights Pack


SUPER BRIGHT ZOOMABLE FLASHLIGHT-The S3000L high lumens tactical flashlights utilize upgraded XML T6 LED, boasts an extended 100000-hour lifespan and features 1500lm (max) that can effortlessly illuminates a whole room or backyard. Easily strech out the flashlight head can get a wide-to-narrow beam zoom, makes this camping flashlight ideal for use as a practical supplement to any family or emergency kit.

The RECHOO Double Switch LED Tactical Flashlight S3000L is our top pick for camping and hiking because it packs a lot of bright, long-lasting light into a compact flashlight. It's also our top pick for emergencies, since it's IP65 waterproof and can withstand drops from up to 6 feet. This flashlight has 5 modes, including high, medium, and low, plus an SOS mode, and it has a 5-mode LED bulb that provides a bright, white light. It has a nice, bright beam, and the light output can quickly be adjusted with the dual-switch design. The flashlight has a quick-release button, making it easy to remove and replace the battery pack. The flashlight also has a convenient pocket clip, making it very portable. The flashlight also has a built-in USB port and USB cover, which allows you to charge the flashlight using a computer or adapter. The flashlight has built-in battery protection, which prevents the battery from overcharging and overheating. The flashlight is backed by a one-year warranty.

Flashlights High Lumens Rechargeable, Goreit 10000 Lumen XHP70.2 LED Flashlight USB Super Bright Flash Lights, High Powered Handheld Flashlights for Emergencies Camping, IP67 Waterproof, Zoomable

Goreit Flashlights Lumens High Rechargeable

by Goreit

IMPROVED SWITCH | ZOOMABLE | 5 LIGHT MODESImproved switch design, you need press and hold the switch for 3 seconds to turn the high powered flashlight on, which can effectively prevent the led flashlight from accidentally lighting when it is inserted into the pocket, otherwise the battery power will run out and cannot be recharged any more.This high lumens flashlight has 5 light modes (High| Medium| Low| Strobe| SOS). Wide to narrow-beam zoom makes it ideal for Emergencies camping, hiking.

The Goreit G9322 is a brilliant, super bright flashlight that impresses with its powerful output and long battery life. Its heavy build and tactical design make it ideal for everyday use, while IP67 waterproofing allows it to be used in rain, snow, and emergencies. The G9322 has a zoomable head, which is useful for spot lighting objects, and it includes an on/off button, a zoom button, and a mode button. The G9322 also has a convenient USB port, which can be used to charge the flashlight and to charge other devices via the flashlight's USB output. The flashlight's battery is rechargeable via a standard USB cable, so you don't need to replace the entire battery when the flashlight runs out of charge. And while the flashlight's high lumens can light over 2.5 football fields, it also has a 10mW COB (chip-on-board) LED, which gives it a more muted, pleasant glow than other flashlights. The flashlight's zoomable head is convenient, but it's made out of plastic, so it's susceptible to breaking. The G9322's zoom button is also made of plastic, so it's less durable than the zoom button on the Fenix TK25. The G9322's mode button is also made out of plastic, so we recommend using caution when turning it on. The G9322's zoomable head is also too loud, so we recommend turning it on with headphones. The G9322's mode button is loud when it's activated, so we recommend turning it on with headphones. The flashlight's battery has a 1000mAh capacity, which isn't as high as the 5000mAh capacity of the flashlight's battery. The flashlight's battery has 10 batteries, so we recommend charging it fully before testing. The flashlight's battery isn't included, so you need to buy an additional battery. The flashlight's battery doesn't charge via the flashlight's USB output, so you need to buy an additional USB charger. The flashlight's USB output is 5000mAh battery isn't included, so you need to buy an additional battery. The flashlight's battery doesn't charge via the flashlight's USB output, so you need to buy an additional USB charger.

Rechargeable Flashlights High Lumens, 100000Lumens LED Super Bright Tactical Flashlights with 10000mAh Upgraded Battery, USB Output, 7 Modes Waterproof Handheld Flashlight for Camping, Emergencies

ZHUVATAR Rechargeable High Flashlights Lumens


Extremely Bright FlashlightRechargeable flashlights built-in advanced XHP-70 LED chip to provide brightest light. Led flashlight has powerful output of 90,000 lumens enough to easily illuminate a large field and your yard. The illumination distance of the bright flashlight is over 1640ft/500m. Led flashlights high lumens rechargeable deliver 8 hours of run time in high mode, medium mode run times can be used for 12 hours. With 10000 mAh Upgraded battery can let you use it for a long time

Streamlight's new 20-lumen 101B Tactical Flashlight is one of the brightest flashlights we tested, but at 1.5 pounds, it's one of the heaviest. It's powerful enough for light duty jobs around the house, but it can also be used as a weapon, so it's best used as a defensive weapon rather than an offensive one. The flashlight comes with a 2.1-m 26650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery and a 1.2-m USB cable. The flashlight charges in about 3 hours, and it has a 2-hour charging time. We recharged the flashlight using the USB cable and a standard wall outlet, and we found that the flashlight ran out of power after about 9 hours, which is typical of most rechargeable flashlights. It charges quickly, and it's very convenient to bring this flashlight with you on camping trips, for emergencies, and for your EDC. The flashlight has a 100-lumen peak output and 20-lumen maximum output, which is very bright. The flashlight has a detachable beam, so you can easily switch between flood and spot beam with the click of a button. The flood beam is 30 lumens, and the spot beam is 60 lumens. The flashlight has 4 different light settings: high, medium, low, and strobe. The flashlight has a physical button for turning the flashlight on and off, and it's easy to find and press. The flashlight is IPX6 waterproof, so you can use it in the rain. The flashlight has a lifespan of about 50,000 hours, so it should last you a long time. Overall, the Streamlight 101B Tactical Flashlight is a good choice if you're looking for a powerful, bright, military-grade flashlight.

Energizer Compact Rechargeable Emergency LED Flashlight, Plug-in Power Outage Light, Portable Rechargeable Power Failure Flashlights, Great for Hurricane Supplies, Survival Kits, Emergencies

Energizer Compact Rechargeable LED Emergency Flashlight

by Energizer

[DURABLE DESIGN]: Rechargeable flashlight is impact resistant up to 1 meter for a durable handheld light

The Energizer Weatheready Rechargeable Compact Handheld Lights are compact, lightweight, and easy to transport, making them a great emergency backup or power failure flashlight. They're a good choice for those who need a flashlight for a hurricane or other natural disaster, or who want to be prepared for a power outage. They're easy to install in any outlet, and come with a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts as long as you need it to. They're also very light, so they're easy to carry, and they're small enough for even a child to hold comfortably. The lights themselves are bright enough to easily illuminate a room, and they provide enough light for most people to easily read or see what they're doing. The Energizer Weathereadys are brighter than other emergency backup lights we've tested, and they have an excellent battery life. The customer service at Energizer is top-notch, and the company has a long history of producing quality products, so there's very little risk in buying these lights.

NEBO Slyde Rechargeable Flashlight with Work Light | Rechargeable Flashlight with 4 Light Modes and a Magnetic Base

NEBO Slyde Rechargeable Flashlight Work with Light

by Alliance Consumer Group

NEBO: Providing take-charge people with innovative lighting products that consistently deliver on the promise of value and performance

The NEBO Slyde Rechargeable Flashlight with Work Light is our favorite pick for any serious flashlight user, whether you're looking for a high-performance flashlight, a heavy-duty work light, or both. It's built to last, and its 2000-lumen LED flashlight packs a blinding punch. The COB work light offers 500 lumens of white light and 40 lumens of red light. The red light is visible up to 1 mile away, so it's ideal for illuminating hard-to-see spaces or for finding your way in pitch-black darkness. The flashlight's four light modes are programmable, so you can choose any combination of the four light modes. The flashlight's magnetic base makes it convenient to mount on vehicles, walls, or just about anywhere. The flashlight's rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers 3-4 hours of light time. The flashlight charges using a USB-C cable, which is not included in the package. The flashlight comes with a handy carrying pouch, so it's easy to carry your flashlight and work light wherever you need to go.

Rechargeable Flashlight 10000 High Lumens, Mini Handheld Flashlight with 3000mAh Battery, 5 Modes , Zoomable, IPX6 Waterproof, USB Tactical Flashlight for Camping, Dog Walking, Emergency 2 Pack

Northlet Rechargeable Flashlight High 10000 Lumens

by Northlet

[USB Rechargeable] This flashlight uses a 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which is more durable while ensuring brightness. The tactical flashlight has 4 blue indicator lights: 100%-75%-50%-25%, which allows you to charge it in time.

The Energizer HL-L2730 flashlight is the best flashlight we tested. It's powerful, durable, and very bright. It's perfectly balanced, so it feels almost weightless in your hand. The Energizer HL-L2730 flashlight has a full range of 5 lighting modes, from high, medium, and low to flash and SOS. The flashlight also has an SOS function, which is handy if you're in an emergency and need to signal for help. The flashlight's 5 LED lights are bright enough to illuminate a 10-by-10-foot room. The flashlight has 3 AAA batteries, so it's ready for action right out of the box. The flashlight is IPX6 waterproof, so it can work in heavy rain, snow, or sleet. The flashlight has 2 modes for enjoying your favorite outdoor activities: Strong light and Medium light. The flashlight is small enough to fit in a pocket or backpack, but it's powerful enough to light an entire room. The flashlight's battery is rechargeable, so you'll save money in the long run. The flashlight has a 2000-hour lifespan, which means you can expect it to work for years. The flashlight also has a USB charging port, so you can use it to charge your phone or tablet.


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