Top 10 Best Rescue Knives with Glass Breakers
for February 2024

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Looking to gear up for the unexpected? You never know when you may find yourself in a precarious situation and needing a reliable rescue knife. Well, stress no more, because MOOZ has used its advanced smart algorithms to diligently sift through scores of products, ranking and reviewing to curve out the 'Top 10 Best Rescue Knives with Glass Breakers'. Making your shopping experience easier, faster and more efficient. Let's delve into a world where safety meets convenience, and quality is top-notch.

Among the fascinating options in our list, we have the NedFoss Pocket Knife for Men, 5-in-1. This multitool is perfect for any emergency rescue situation or simple home improvements. The 4-in-1 NedFoss Pocket Knife is not just a knife, but also a glass breaker, seat belt cutter, and bottle opener - truly a versatile lifesaver in any situation. And who could ignore the NedFoss Folding Survival Knife? Its reliable performance makes it worthwhile. With these options, you'll be well equipped to tackle any dicey situation while enjoying top value for your money.

Finally, don't forget to check out all product items in our list. Nestled at the bottom, you'll find the intriguing SOG Escape Tactical Folding Knife. This unique pocket knife encapsulates a 3.4 Inch Serrated Edge Blade, Glass Breaker, Wire Stripper, and Line Cutter Blades. Its versatility will surely pique your desire for dependable rescue tools. Don't leave your safety to chance and equip yourself with the best!

NedFoss Pocket Knife for Men, 5-in-1 Multitool Folding Knife with Bottle Opener, Glass Breaker, Seatbelt Cutter and Wrench, Survival Knife for Emergency Rescue Situations, Home Improvements

NedFoss 5-in-1 Rescue Knife: Essential Multitool for Emergency Situations

Customers Rating8.8
Easy to use8.6
Material quality9.7

MULTIPURPOSE FOLDING KNIFE: Whether DIY work, rescue knife in the car, outdoor hunting, camping, NedFoss FA48 survival knife is your ideal companion for all activities and situations.

As you sift through a myriad of supposedly top-quality survival tools, why is it that the NedFoss Pocket Knife for Men claims the top-spot in our list? The obvious reasons are its 5-in-1 multifunctional aspects: not just a large blade for cutting, but this versatile tool encompasses a seatbelt cutter and a glass breaker for emergency rescues, and a convenient bottle opener and wrench for those handyman moments.

Featuring the NedFoss Pocket Knife further, do remember that you won't just secure a cutting-edge gadget due to its impressive 8Cr14Mov stainless steel construction, but you'd also enjoy ultimate convenience. Its compact size and clip for easy carry make it easily accessible when you need it the most. In addition, its liner-lock safety feature smartly averts any accidental closing mishaps. Your perfect companion for survival in trying circumstances and handy for everyday situations!

NedFoss Pocket Knife for Men, 5-in-1 Multitool Folding Knife with Bottle Opener, Glass Breaker, Seatbelt Cutter and Wrench, Survival Knife for Emergency Rescue Situations, Home Improvements

NedFoss Multitool Pocket Knife: Rescue Knife with Glass Breaker, Perfect for Emergency Situations and Home Improvements

Customers Rating8.5
Easy to use9.6
Material quality8.7
Popularity & Sales8.8

MULTIPURPOSE FOLDING KNIFE: Whether DIY work, rescue knife in the car, outdoor hunting, camping, NedFoss FA48 survival knife is your ideal companion for all activities and situations.

Right off the bat, we have our second pick, the NedFoss 5-in-1 Multitool Pocket Knife. It's been an instant hit with its combination of compact design and high utility. Our rankings system praised the inclusion of a simple yet resistant liner-lock, preventing accidental closings that might otherwise put you in a spot of bother. With just a weight of 8.6oz, it's easy to tag this tool along for your outdoor adventures, thanks to its built-in clip.

Deep diving into what makes this folding knife unique, it’s the quintessential combination of being a protector and a helper wrapped into one. Your safety is amplified at sudden accident scenes with the seatbelt cutter and a window glass breaker. This essential tool isn't all business - it also packs in a bottle opener and a 4 size wrench for your casual needs. The best aspect of this tool may well be its superior strength 7Cr17Mov stainless steel blade which brings toughness and sharpness to a whole new level. The NedFoss pocket knife really gets you covered on all bases.

NedFoss Pocket Knife for Men, 4-in-1 Multitool Folding Knife with Glass Breaker, Seat Belt Cutter, Bottle Opener, Survival Knife for Emergency Rescue Situations, Home Improvements (FA49)

NedFoss Multitool Pocket Knife: Emergency Rescue Knife with Glass Breaker for Home Improvements

by NedFoss
Customers Rating8.3
Easy to use8.4
Popularity & Sales9.8

HIGH QUALITY OUTDOOR KNIFE: This folding knife with large blade made of high quality 7Cr17 stainless steel, razor sharp and hardness up to 57HRC. With a flip and thumb stub for fast, easy, the clip-point blade can be deployed quickly and easily with one hand.

Our third-spot contender is the NedFoss Pocket Knife for Men, hailed for its superior versatility and remarkable usability. What stands out predominantly is its 4-in-1 multitool feature. When you're in a tight spot, this is not just a knife, but a versatile tool that can turn into a life-saver. Its remarkable foldability makes the NedFoss knife an essential gear for outdoorsmen - a perfect mix of functionality combined with compactness.

In addition, this is the perfect men's gift - a unique blend of style, sophistication, and practicality. Its easy-to-use liner-lock is a noteworthy safety feature. It's not just engineered to withstand dirt but also prevents accidental closures. The embedded bottle opener, seat belt cutter and glass breaker reinforce its reputation as a trusty partner in outdoor adventures and potential rescue situations. Its sheer sturdiness and easy portability make it not just a tool, but an extension of you.

Kershaw Barricade (8650) Orange Multifunction Rescue Pocket Knife with 3.5 Inch Stainless Steel Blade; SpeedSafe Opening, Glass Breaker Tip, Belt Cutter, Pocketclip; 4.5 oz, Small

Kershaw Barricade: Orange Rescue Knife with Glass Breaker - Essential for Emergency Situations!

by Kershaw Sporting Goods
Easy to hold9.8
Easy to use9.7
Material quality8.5
Value for money9.4

Blade coated with carbon enhanced black oxide to hold a sharp edge and allow ease of sharpening

Whoa! This Kershaw Barricade Multifunction Rescue Pocket Knife finds its way in our recommended list because it's a real life saver. We are seriously enthralled by the vibrant orange handle, which turns out to be a boon in unforeseeable emergencies. Imagine being able to find it with ease in dimly lit glove box or a chaotic toolbox. And the protected sharpened edge, pretty impressive - it's designed to cut loose seat belts or cords without causing any harm. Need to break a car window for a rescue? The carbide tip hard glass breaker has got your back. It's an ace multipurpose tool that MOOZ's algorithms can't ignore. It's most beneficial for adventurers and drivers, it's wise to keep it close, just in case!

NedFoss Knifes Pocket Knives for Men, Folding Pocket Knife with Glass Breaker, Seatbelt Cutter, G10 Handle, Thumb Stud for Emergency Rescue, Household, Workshop (FA46)

NedFoss Men's Rescue Knife: Folding Pocket Knife with Glass Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter. Ideal for Emergencies

by NedFoss
Customers Rating7.1
Easy to use9.3
Material quality8.5

SAFE & QUICK OPEN: Rescue EDC knife has a simple and reliable liner-lock that is resistant to dirt and prevents accidental closing. With a flip and thumb stub for fast, easy, the clip-point blade can be deployed quickly and easily with one hand.

Our team was thoroughly impressed with the NedFoss Folding Pocket Knife. The star feature that makes it really stand out is its multifunctionality. This 3-in-1 knife has a large blade, a seatbelt cutter, and a window glass breaker, all of which come incredibly handy in emergency situations. The 7Cr17 stainless steel blade is of high quality and razor sharp, enhancing the knife's utility and durability. It's definitely a top pick!

This handy gadget is not only compact but also easy to carry, thanks to the clip that attaches easily to your pocket. It's the jack of all trades of pocket knives, measuring a handy 3.5 inches in blade length, and 5.0 inches for the handle length. Weighing in at 220g, it's sturdy, heavy-duty, and ready to deal with a multitude of tasks. This knife is a must-have tool in every household, workshop, and particularly beneficial for those frequently on the road.

LA Police Gear Rescue EDC Folding Knife, Tactical Flipper Pocket Knife, Survival Knife With Seatbelt Cutter & Glass Breaker - Black Serrated Drop Point Blade/Tan Handle

LA Police Gear Rescue EDC Folding Knife - Black Blade/Tan Handle for Emergency Situations

by LA Police Gear
Customers Rating9.6
Easy to use9.7
For deep cleaning8.8
Popularity & Sales8.4

VERSATILE - Available with a Tanto or Drop Point blade, you can choose the shape that best suits your needs. The drop point blade excels at slicing tasks where the tanto blade is ideal for piercing/puncturing.

Adventure seekers would revel in what MOOZ spotted - the LA Police Gear Rescue EDC Folding Knife. Injecting a dash of practicality into your routine, this tool boasts a low profile pocket clip ensuring inconspicuous carry-around. The pipeline of options available like Black, Tan, Green or Grey G10 Handles, the versatile Tanto or Drop Point blade and the plain or serrated edge blade really stood out.

Now imagine you're on a camping trip, your trusty Rescue EDC Folding Knife close by. Its expertly crafted HRC 58 8Cr14MoV steel blade offers seamless slicing while fiddling with wood or survival tasks. To your surprise, the backside of this beauty reveals a seatbelt cutter. Now, we're talking real survival. Stashed neatly inside your vehicle, it morphs into a life-saving gadget with its in-built glass breaker tip. This goes to prove, it's genuinely crafted for the adventurous or the unforeseen emergency situations.

Towerback | First Responder EDC Folding Knife | 3 in 1 Tactical Outdoor/In Car Emergency Knife | Glass Breaker | Seatbelt Cutter, Gold

Towerback | Rescue Knife with Glass Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter | First Responder EDC Tool

by Towerback Accessories
Customers Rating8.9
Easy to use9.7
Material quality7.2

LOOK and FEEL: Sleek and Sophisticated EDC Knife with Ergonomics Design.

The best feature of the Towerback | First Responder EDC Folding Knife has to be its remarkable glass breaker and seatbelt cutter. These fellas make it not just your regular outdoor blade, it's an actual life-saving device. Picture yourself in a sinking vehicle or your car rolling over, this knife can literally be a lifesaver. The blade? Oh, it's sharp as a razor, slicing through obstacles as your trusty sidekick on your camping escapades. What's more, it commands respect with a 55-57 HRC 5Cr18MoV Blade.

Let's not forget the robust fiberglass steel handle. You can feel its sturdy grip in your hand, poised for action. Folks, this is a not a prop, this is a full-on tool where design meets functionality. Created for our brave first responders, this Towerback folding knife justifies its place in your pocket. Remember, when every second counts, your EDC gear can make a world of difference.

Off-Grid Knives - Rapid Fire Rescue Folding Knife, Sandivk 14C28N Steel, Wharncliffe Blade Shape, G10 Scales, Emergency Glass Breaker (Orange/Black)

Rapid Fire Rescue Knife with Glass Breaker - High-quality, versatile tool for emergencies

by Off-Grid Knives
Customers Rating7.4
Easy to use7.6
For deep cleaning7.6
Material quality7.8

DROPS LOW: The Rapid Fire Series are on the large side of the EDC spectrum, bordering on an XL knife. Even being a big assisted folding knife, the Rapid Fire Rescue will ride deep in your pocket, only seeing the top of the black clip. We also designed it with the option of left or right hand carry. We made the screws on the clip flush with the handle, easy in and out of the pocket, no snags. (T6 clips screws, T8 body screws)

Through in-depth analysis, MOOZ unearthed that the Off-Grid Knives - Rapid Fire Rescue Folding Knife could be a life-saver during emergencies. We found its incredibly fast assisted action deployment fascinating. Imagine you are stuck in a dangerous situation and time is of the essence. A smooth, effortless pull of the flipper tab, and your knife is ready to come to your rescue with lightning speed.

This weaponry masterpiece isn't just swift; it's substantially versatile. The semi-serrated Sandvik 14C28N steel blade assures exceptional edge performance and high resistance to corrosion. Add to it, the tungsten carbide glass breaker, it's easy to see that this knife is designed for the brave saviors in the military, law enforcement fields, and daring individuals who find themselves in unforeseen emergencies. The Rapid Fire Rescue is indeed your trustworthy companion to conquer challenges head-on.

SOG Escape Tactical Folding Knife- 3.4 Inch Serrated Edge Blade Emergency Pocket Knife with Glass Breaker, Wire Stripper and Line Cutter Blades-Black (FF25-CP)

SOG Escape Tactical Folding Knife: Ultimate Rescue Tool with Glass Breaker

by SOG Specialty Knives & Tools
Easy to use9.4
Material quality7.2
Popularity & Sales8.2

SPECS: 3.4 inches long black stainless steel knife features a partially serrated clip point blade; 4.8 ounce lightweight utility knife and EDC knife handle is made of hard-anodized 6061-T6 aluminum.

As the ever-intelligent MOOZ algorithm scanned the array of potentially noteworthy products, the 'Escape Tactical Folding Knife' immediately caught its attention. Why, you might ask? The distinctive factors lay in its multipurpose design and solid construction. A dependable companion in emergencies, this tool isn't just a pocket knife – it comes impressively equipped with a glass breaker, wire stripper, and line cutter blades, enhancing its practicality and versatility.

Ideal for first-responders like paramedics, firefighters and SWAT teams, this SOG knife shines in high-pressure situations where every second counts. The one-hand opening feature with a secure lockback mechanism reinforces ease of use and safety. So, if you're looking for a helpful assistant that works as hard as you do in saving lives and solving complex situations, your search ends here. The Escape Tactical Folding Knife is ready for your pocket, and most importantly, ready to rise to the occasion.


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