10 Best RFID Locks
for September 2023

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It's an undeniable truth that we live in a world that increasingly values both security and convenience. In recent years, technologies such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) have taken prominence in the realm of advanced security systems. RFID locks, in particular, represent a prime blend of security, sophistication and user-friendly operation.

As research highlights, the market for RFID systems is expected to reach a staggering $31.42 billion by 2026, with RFID locks featuring among the most sought-after products. This surge is not surprising; given their wide application in offices, gyms, libraries, and homes. More than a mere trend, RFID locks are becoming the new security standard for those who want an optimal level of security and ease.

This is your chord to hit a high note on security. Don't be left out, join the rising number of individuals securing their belongings more effectively by exploring the list of our top 10 RFID locks. These exceptional products have been meticulously selected with your security needs in mind. Particularly, the RFID Cabinet Lock - a hidden cabinets lock that's NFC supported, DIY invisible, and specially designed for hidden wooden cabinets, drawers, liquor cabinets, and concealed toolboxes is positioned at the end of the list, waiting for your perusal. What makes this product truly remarkable is its seamless blend of robust security, high tech design and user-friendly operation, offering you more than just a secure lock; a peace of mind. Discover more by checking our list now!

Homello RFID Electronic Cabinet Lock with USB Cable - Hidden DIY RFID Lock for Wooden Cabinet Drawer Locker Cupboard Gun Box with 5 Key Cards/Fobs

Homello RFID Lock: Secure Your Cabinet with this Electronic Lock for Cabinets, Drawers, and More

by Homello
Easy to lock9.6
Easy to use8.7
Lock Feature8.6
Picture quality8.8
Popularity & Sales9.6

DIY KIT FOR YOU - No drilling required. Fixed by screws easily. Installation Template are provided in the kit. Powered by 4x AAA Alkaline batteries which can last 9 months under normal use. You can also power it with a USB power adapter instead of alkaline batteries if you want.

Why did we list the Homello RFID Lock first? Its features are impressive, demonstrating the power of technology for security needs. The Homello RFID Lock is specifically designed for wooden cabinets, working seamlessly through wood panels up to 38mm thick. It ensures both convenience and security, fitting any wooden door up to 1.2" thick.

You're going to appreciate the well-thought-out features. For instance, you don't need dozens of keys for different locks. Programmable RFID cards mean you can use one key for multiple locks, provided you initially program it into the locks and conduct a pre-installation test. Oh and about that low battery? A long beep warns you when it's time to replace them. In need of an upgrade for your drawers, gun boxes, or medical carts? Certainly, give your security a boost with the Homello Electronic Cabinet Lock.

WOOCH Electronic Cabinet Lock, Hidden DIY RFID Lock with USB Cable for Wooden Cabinet Drawer Locker Cupboard

WOOCH RFID Lock: Electronic Cabinet Lock with USB Cable for Wooden Cabinets and Drawers

Easy to lock9.6
Easy to use8.6
Lock Feature8.9
Picture quality9.6
Popularity & Sales8.8

COMPACT SIZE & STURDY MECHANISM - Latch and mortise are made by metal, they are sturdy enough for the cabinets. Unlock the cabinet door without touching. RFID card / tags are portable and easy to store. Provides good safety protection of your personal items. Improve children's safety at home, avoid your kids free to open the drawers or cabinet doors.

Well, coming in at the number two spot is the WOOCH Electronic Cabinet Lock. Why, you ask? The answer is in its innovative RFID technology. Imagine having one key for multiple locks. That's convenience redefined for you. This lock is your new-age solution for wooden cabinets. Its RFID cards can penetrate even through thick wood panels! And did we mention the practicality of key-fobs? You’ll find them handy for making duplicate keys.

Now, if you're wondering about its energy efficiency, you'll be mildly impressed. Low power alarm? Check. Automatic unlock when batteries are weak? Check. But what makes this a standout is the DIY Kit that it comes with. Installation has never been easier. And as a bonus, you can use a USB power adapter instead of alkaline batteries to power up this lock. A product that is clearly designed with you in mind!

WOOCH RFID Locks for Cabinets Hidden DIY Lock - Electronic Cabinet Lock with USB Cable for Wooden Cabinet Drawer Locker Cupboard Gun Box

WOOCH RFID Locks – Secure your cabinets with this hidden DIY electronic lock for wooden furniture

Easy to lock8.5
Easy to use9.5
Lock Feature9.6
Picture quality9.9
Popularity & Sales9.9

DIY KIT FOR YOU - No drilling required. Fixed by screws easily. Installation Template are provided in the kit. MULTIPLE UNLOCK MODES: (1) Single Mode - One user card to unlock; (2) Dual Mode - 2 user cards together to unlock.

Coming in third on our list is the WOOCH RFID Lock - a unique blend of modern technology and tried-and-true security. One of the tantalizing features that made this item earn its spot is the forward-thinking low power alarm & auto-unlock function. Picture this, you're in a rush and forget to replace the weak batteries. No problem, the lock auto-unlocks preventing you from getting locked out, and the alarm clings on till you finally replace the batteries.

Another clever characteristic of the WOOCH RFID lock that caught our attention is its ability to have one FOB for multiple locks, adding a whole new dimension of convenience to your safety. It’s ideal for wooden cabinets as it perfectly fits doors up to 0"-1.2" thick. The compact size and sturdy mechanism make it an ultimate choice for your cabinets, drawers, lockers, even gun boxes. This lock is to you what a trident is to a king, adding a layer of protection to your precious belongings, keeping them in their rightful place.

ETEKJOY RFID Electronic Cabinet Lock Hidden DIY for Wooden Cabinet Locker Drawer Cupboard Box with 5PCS IC Cards/Tags

ETEKJOY RFID Lock for Wooden Cabinet - Hidden Electronic DIY with 5 IC Cards/Tags

Customers Rating8.5
Easy to lock8.8
Lock Feature8.2
Material quality8.3
Picture quality8.8
Popularity & Sales9.9

Low Power Alarm. Keep unlocked in low power status. Dont worry about being locked out. Powered by 4x AAA batteries (not included), which can last more 8 months under normal use. It also comes with a wire for external power supply (if necessary).

The ETEKJOY RFID Lock, was an intriguing find for MOOZ. We found its DIY installation particularly remarkable; no need for professional drilling, exquisite for those with a love for handiwork. Its sturdy metal-made latch and mortise adds an enticing sense of security, bidding a sensational guard for your personal items.

Moreover, the lock's programmable nature lets you manage its access at your whim. Its astounding applicability ranges from wooden cabinets to lockers, it's a virtual fit-all! You'd find the ETEKJOY RFID Lock an exceptional add to your home furnishings, especially if you're focused on enhancing your home's safety while preserving its elegance. Fancy a convenient, secure, and style-savvy lock? It might just be your choice.

ETEKJOY RFID Electronic Cabinet Lock Hidden DIY for Wooden Cabinet Locker Drawer Cupboard (Black)

ETEKJOY RFID Lock: Secure Your Cabinet, Drawer, or Cupboard with this DIY Electronic Lock (Black)

Easy to lock9.4
Easy to use8.7
Lock Feature9.4
Material quality9.2
Picture quality9.2
Popularity & Sales8.3

Compact Design & Sturdy Mechanism The latch and mortise are made by metal. They are sturdy enough for locking. DIY Installation: No Drilling, installed by screws easily. 15,000 openings by 2x AA batteries (not included). LOW POWER ALARM. UNLOCK AUTOMATICALLY SHORTLY BEFORE BATTERIES GO DEAD.

Delving into the world of smart home security, our team stumbled upon the ETEKJOY RFID Electronic Cabinet Lock. It's a gadget that wows us with its hidden, invisible style, making it a must-have for maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic in your home. It fits perfectly inside your cupboard or drawer, offering a high level of security without compromising on design.

What's more impressive is its customizability. The lock comes with programmable key cards which give you total control over who can access your locked items. Additionally, the dual-mode feature adds an extra layer of security, requiring two key cards to unlock.

We believe this product will be most useful for families with small kids or individuals who cherish their privacy. Imagine the peace of mind knowing your valuables or potentially dangerous items are secured from curious little hands or prying eyes. Just remember: this wonder is suited for wooden doors only. Think about it - this might just be the piece you’ve been missing in your smart home puzzle!

Tokatuker Invisible Cabinet Lock, Hidden NFC Lock DIY RFID Lock Latch with USB Cable Power for Wooden Cabinet Drawer Liquor Cabinet Open and Close Pantry Secret Shelf or Concealed Panel

Tokatuker Invisible Cabinet Lock - Secure Access Control for Cabinets, Drawers, and Pantry

by Bestgo
Easy to lock7.8
Easy to use7.5
Lock Feature9.5
Material quality8.6
Picture quality9.8
Popularity & Sales8.3

What you get:1 x Lock , 1 x Hook,1xUSB Cable for Backup Power, 1 Set of Screws, 3 x RFID Tag(13.56 MHz M1), 3 x RFID Card(13.56 MHz M1). The batteries are not include, should buy separately.The Hook can be installed at vertically or horizontally.Hidden Cabinet Lock: no hole, just screws, ideal for wooden case

Our product scouting AI was really caught by the Tokatuker Invisible Cabinet Lock. Its unlock via smartphone feature is quite extraordinary! Our algorithms celebrate its compatibility with both RFID and NFC key types, particularly intrigued by the possibility to copy your RFID key to your Android smartphone's wallet via NFC function. That's some advanced stuff, right there! However, beware, folks with an iPhone, this might be a bit more complicated to setup due to some limitations from the Apple team. Nevertheless, this lock, which is ideal for cabinets with a wooden door that doesn't exceed 1.2" thickness, is totally a game-changer. Once you've got it up and running, we're convinced you'll be as exhilarated with it as we are. This might just be the missing security masterpiece for your wooden drawers, liquor cabinets, or secret shelves. Just remember to test your keys before mounting!

eLinkSmart Hidden Smart Cabinet Lock, RFID Electronic Keyless Bluetooth DIY Child Safety Lock for Concealment Furniture Liquor Cabinet Locker Pantry Drawer Cupboard

RFID Lock for Concealment Furniture and Cabinets - eLinkSmart Hidden Smart Cabinet Lock for Child Safety

by eLinkSmart
Easy to install9.2
Easy to lock6.5
Easy to use9.7
Lock Feature6.6
Picture quality8.8
Popularity & Sales9.7

HIGH SECURITY: This concealment cabinet lock is made of high-quality materials, and the unique installation design with security features such as anti-prying and anti-vandalism, which can provide higher security and protect your property and privacy.

"Our smart algorithms were instantly wowed by the eLinkSmart Hidden Smart Cabinet Lock. It's nifty and oh so modern! Loves it mesmerizingly simple installation - you can either stick or screw it on. No need for any tedious unscrewing or drilling here. But what sealed the deal for us was its invisible installation. Your furniture can keep its original look without any bulky hardware! Plus, with 3 different unlocking methods, including the futuristic NFC function, it's a quick snap to access your belongings. If you have kids at home, this is especially for parents aiming to childproof their homes. So why does this matter to you? Well, just think about the safety of your little ones and maintaining the aesthetics of your furniture. Sweet deal, right?"

RFID Hidden Cabinet Lock, 2 Pack RFID Cabinet Invisible Electronic Locks Phone NFC Supported Unlock for Hidden Cabinet Wooden Chest Drawer Cupboard Wine Cooler or Toolbox

2 Pack RFID Hidden Cabinet Locks - Unlock Hidden Cabinets, Drawers, and More

by Johnnyue
Easy to lock7.2
Lock Feature9.1
Material quality6.9
Picture quality9.6
Popularity & Sales7.8
Tech Support9.1

Protect ValuablesRFID hidden cabinet lock is suitable for cabinets, lockers, cabinets, data racks, boxes. The hidden design effectively protects the storage location of valuables from being discovered, and the sturdy latch prevents the cabinet from being violently opened by strangers

The way modern homeowners unlock their hidden cabinets has dramatically leveled up with the RFID Hidden Cabinet Lock. The smart gadget that wowed our smart algorithms for its intriguing functionality is the RFID Card Signal Support. This feature makes your security incredibly personalized and simple. You'd be amazed by the convenience it offers-you can use multiple keys such as RFID Cards, Keychain Cards or even Mobile Phone NFC Card to open the same electronic lock. Plus, if you ever stumble upon any issues, their efficient after-sale service has got your back. This product truly redefines secure convenience!

Cabinet Lock, Dhiedas RFID Hidden Cabinet Lock, Bluetooth Electronic Cabinet Lock DIY Child Safety Lock for Liquor Cabinet Drawer Locker Cupboard Concealment Furniture

RFID Cabinet Lock: Bluetooth Electronic Child Safety Lock for Liquor Cabinet and Drawers

by Dhiedas
Battery life9.7
Easy to install7.3
Easy to use9.8
Lock Feature6.4
Touch Screen9.7

Easy DIYNo need to worry about dimensions, assemble, diameter. Adopting a hidden and simple installation method, simple and fast. Install lock in the interior of the drawer without affecting the appearance of the drawer.The only thing you need to do: Bind lock and set cards, test it before installation.

What stands out the most about the Dhiedas RFID Cabinet Lock is how versatile it is in terms of unlocking options. Never again will you be left locked out of your own cabinet. You've got Bluetooth, IC card, NFC, and even remote authorization to choose from. Truly, a much-needed level of convenience especially for a bustling household.

The standout feature for this product, however, has to be its hidden installation. Dhiedas Lock understands that safety does not have to compromise style. So, you get security and aesthetics, without the fuss of a visible lock. This special feature makes it an ideal match for anyone, especially those with a keen eye for design. Having the peace of mind and keeping the visual vibe on point, it's truly worth recommending!

RFID Cabinet Lock, RFID Hidden Cabinets Lock NFC Supported DIY Invisible Electronic Lock for Hidden Wooden Cabinet Drawer Liquor Cabinet Cupboard Open and Close Pantry Shelf or Concealed Toolbox

NFC Supported RFID Lock for Hidden Wooden Cabinets - Secure DIY Electronic Lock

by Johnnyue
Easy to lock7.8
Lock Feature6.7
Material quality7.4
Picture quality8.1
Popularity & Sales9.7
Tech Support6.6

Protect ValuablesInvisible electronic lock is suitable for cabinets, lockers, cabinets, data racks, boxes. The hidden design effectively protects the storage location of valuables from being discovered, and the sturdy latch prevents the cabinet from being violently opened by strangers

Our MOOZ algorithm keyed in on the NFC support feature present in this RFID Cabinet lock. This is intriguing because it means you can utilize your smart device to unlock your wooden cabinet, cupboard, or hidden drawer. Taking convenience and security to a whole new level, isn't it?

You may be amused hearing about the multi-key/multi-lock capacity of our shortened-title version, RFID Hidden Cabinet Lock. The accuracy of this lock's signal is nothing short of mesmerizing. Just imagine bestowing multiple folks with access while retaining control, it's perfect for those people who value both flexibility and control in security methods. With the after-sale service offering product warrant or exchange, it's hard not to consider it as an attentive choice for your security needs.


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