10 Best Roof Rakes for Snow Removals
for October 2023

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Times have changed and the days of straining and laboring to clear off roof snow are long gone, thanks to innovative roof rakes. As chilly winters and heavy snowfalls make their mark, you may often find yourself dealing with the strenuous task of rooftop snow removal. Enter the world of top-class roof rakes, engineered for easy and efficient snow removal. These handy, must-have tools are gaining increasing attention, especially when statistics indicate that about 73% of homeowners in snowfall regions invest in roof rakes for safety and convenience.

Now, if you're paddling the same boat contemplating an appropriate choice, you're in the right place. This intelligently curated list of the '10 Best Roof Rakes for Snow Removals' provokes clarity and navigates your buying decision. Sift through this list and unearth tools that offer you the leverage to tackle icy problems head-on without breaking a sweat.

Hang on to your curiosity as the list crescendos to a finale with a fascinating product - ROOF RAZOR Roof Rake. This USA-made wonder boasts 24 feet of pole length, wheels for roof safety, and a rugged snow slide. More than its sterling features, what makes it riveting is the brand's promise of 'Fast Roof Snow Removal', thus serving as an ally against frosty adversity. With just a scroll away, discover this and numerous other intriguing products that are tailored for your comfort and ease!

EVERSPROUT Never-Scratch SnowBuster 5-to-12 Foot (Up to 18 ft Standing Reach) | Pre-Assembled Extendable Roof Rake for Snow Removal | Lightweight Aluminum, Soft Foam Pad | Exclusive Push/Pull Design

Eversepout Never-Scratch SnowBuster: Extendable Roof Rake for Snow Removal, Lightweight Aluminum with Soft Foam Pad


EXCLUSIVE S-SHAPE DESIGN FOR PUSH/PULL SNOW REMOVAL ACTION The unique S shape design allows you to easily push or pull snow, creating extra efficiency and effectiveness for snow removal. Here at Eversprout we only use Proven Materials that are built to last. The pole is made of premium lightweight Aluminum for the right combination of sturdiness and weight, while the SnowBuster is made of ultra-condensed foam for a scratch free experience.

Mooz had every reason to list the EVERSPROUT SnowBuster among the top-notch products. It's not just any roof rake, it's specifically designed with an enticing extendable reach of up to 18 feet, making it possible for you to clear that annoying snow pile on your roof without a ladder. More so, its lightweight aluminum construction with non-slip hand grips significantly adds to its appeal. You would surely love the convenience it offers.

Intriguingly, the SnowBuster takes prudence to another level with its damage-free premium foam material. Roofs, vehicles or solar panels, you can now sweep off the snow without worrying about scratches or damage, thanks to this exclusive product. And the fact that it's pre-assembled for immediate use? That's a golden icing on the cake you wouldn't want to miss. Mooz strongly believes, this SnowBuster could just be your next winter must-have.

SNOWPEELER Roof Rake | Premium Snow Removal Roof Rake with (30 ft) Reach - Clear Your Roof Quickly | Roof Snow Removal for Long or Low-Pitched Roofs

SNOWPEELER Roof Rake | Fast Snow Removal Tool for Long or Low-Pitched Roofs

by PolarMade

Tear-resistant slide. This snow rake for roofing has a slide to help the snow that has been shoveled slide off with ease. The 3M slide makes the tool more efficient. The ultimate roof snow removal tool.

Why is the SNOWPEELER Roof Rake our second pick? It's the perfect blend of practicality and strength. Armed with a commercial-grade aluminum blade, this rake laughs in the face of stubborn, compact snow. It's designed to penetrate even the most challenging snow banks, and it does it with undeniable gusto.

Your roof is in safe hands, with the SNOWPEELER's unique design geared towards preserving the integrity of your rooftop. Protective glide pads ensure that your roof isn't suscepted to damage during the snow removal process. With a 30 feet telescopic reach, no corner is unreachable. The SNOWPEELER isn't just a tool; it's your shield against harmful ice dams and snow build-ups.

Goplus Snow Roof Rake, Extendable 4.8-20FT Snow Shovel for Snow Removal w/ Aluminum Frame & Anti-Slip Handle, Ideal for Roof Car, 25-Inch Blade

Goplus Snow Roof Rake: Extendable 4.8-20FT Aluminum Shovel for Easy Snow Removal from Roofs

by Goplus

Quick Installation & Easy Storage: The snow roof rake will be delivered with a detailed instruction and complete kits, so the assembly wont be that difficult. Furthermore, it can be easily dissembled into several parts of compact size for convenient storage. Blade Size: 25 x 6 (L x W). Extendable Length: 4.8-20 ft.

We listed the Goplus Snow Roof Rake as our third product due to its impressive flexibility and stellar design. With its detachable poles, you can customize the length ranging from a compact 4.8 ft to a towering 20ft. This ensures you can reach every bit of snow on your roof, making fall/winter clean-ups a cinch. Besides, we can't overlook the high-quality aluminum construction. This feature brings two main advantages; it staves off rust, and the unique triangular structure provides a solid connection between the blade and pole.

In addition to that, the 25 x 6 inch blade boosts your snow removal efficiency. You'd be surprised how much snow you can clear off with one sweep! This rake is not just for the snow; it's a multi-purpose tool that clears fallen leaves and branches as well. Be it your car roof or the roof of your house, this Goplus rake has got you covered. Let's not forget the anti-slip handle that makes handling and control a breeze, keeping your safety in check.

Goplus Snow Roof Rake, 21 FT Adjustable Aluminium Roof Snow Removal Tool with Wheels & Oxford Slide, Extendable Anti-Slip Handle, Lightweight Shovel Scratch Free for Wet Leaves Debris Vehicle

Goplus Snow Roof Rake: 21 FT Adjustable Aluminium Tool for Removing Snow from Roofs

by Superbuy

420D Oxford Slide & Wheels: Goplus snow rake features a wide oxford slide and two 3" diameter wheels. It helps remove the snow efficiently and two wheels protect your solar panels, metal roof of even asphalt shingle roofs, and allow for a easier movement, cleaning snow faster.

Our savvy MOOZ algorithm has flagged the Goplus Snow Roof Rake for its laudable convenience in winter clean-up. We found interesting the fact that it not only allows you to effortlessly remove stubborn snow from your roof but also wet leaves and other debris. We were specifically intrigued by its lightweight aluminum body, weighing only 5.5 LBS, making the task less cumbersome and more of a breeze.

The 21 feet extendable pole is a game changer for homeowners with varying roof heights. It can be altered to fit your specific needs while its Oxford Slide, aids in sliding off the accumulated snow. Comes superbly crafted, easy to assemble, and use with no additional tools required. This product is the best shots for those living in snowy regions or homeowners with solar panel installations. Its preventive capabilities are sure to save you future roof repairs cost.

Soikier Thicken Snow Rake for House Roof with Wheels, 4.79

Soikier Thicken Snow Rake: Extendable Aluminum Roof Rake for Quick Snow Removal

by Soikier

Not Easy Bend Thicken Aluminium TubesOrdinary snow rakes use 25.4mm aluminium tubes as they are too lightweight, resulting in bending when in use, we use 27.8mm thickened aluminium tubes, which greatly reduces the degree of bending, and reduces the danger and trouble caused by bending.

Luck had the chance to test out the Soikier Thicken Snow Rake recently and was suitably impressed. Its sizable 26" blade made short work of clearing snow, dispatching icy intruders with gusto. Remarkably, even with its intimidating blade width, the aluminum construction ensured it was light yet durable. The triangular structure of the blade offers stability, making this item a fantastic asset for the harsh winter months.

On extending the handle almost to its full length of 19.98", it was a breeze to manipulate from the ground, ensuring your safety. Also, it's incredible how the anti-scratch wheels diligently protect your roof whilst eliminating the snowy menace. For those who diligently care for their home through all seasons, the Soikier Snow Rake shines as an essential aid; to this end, this would be most useful for homeowners or property maintenance workers. It's a real winter warrior, that will do all the hard work for you!


Ever battled with a snow-clad roof? If so, this review is for you. Imagine the unprecedented power of the Avalanche! Premium 1000 Package. It combines the completeness of the Original 500 with an innovative rake head featuring wheels. Its seamless snow shifting capabilities made an immediate impression. The adapter inclusion, designed for easy conversion, strikes us as an intuitive addition, enhancing access to valleys substantially.

Now, understanding the often underestimated struggle of snow removal, the Avalanche is something homeowners in snowy areas will cherish. Its impressive 1x1x1 inches dimensions and manageable 9 pounds weight add to its appeal. Imagine effortlessly raking off snowfall off your roof. This package is absolutely gleaming with potential. It's like getting a shovel, snow blower and a ladder all in one, revolutionising your snow clearance routine. Your challenge just turned into a walk in the park.

Goplus Snow Roof Rake, 25-Inch Blade 20 FT Extension Snow Shovel for Snow Removal w/ Wheels Anti-Slip Handle, Ideal for Roof Car, Heavy Duty Aluminum

Goplus Snow Roof Rake - 25-Inch Blade, 20 FT Extension, Ideal for Snow Removal on Roof

by Goplus

Multi-Purpose Usage: Our snow roof rake is not just perfect for snow removal, but also suitable to remove fallen leaves, branches or any other debris. And the adjustable length up to 20 ft makes the snow rake ideal for multiple occasions, such as house roof, car roof and so on.

The Goplus Snow Roof Rake adds a whole new dimension to the tiresome task of snow removal. The MOOZ algorithm has deemed its 4.8-20 FT adjustable pole a real game-changer. Imagine, you can reach the highest piles of snow without even leaving the ground. It doesn’t end here; its easy assembly and disassembly make it very user-friendly for those up against nature's icy artillery.

The 25 x 6 oversized blade is specifically calibrated to handle heavy snowfall. This just ascertains that every time you sweep with Goplus, you’re sweeping more snow in less time. Moreover, the heavy-duty aluminum construction speaks volumes for its durability. So, if you're someone living in a region with heavy snowfall, this rake will be very ideal for you. With every sweep you make, rest assured, your roof won't bear any damage thanks to the well-thought-out wheels on the blade.


MOOZ recently discovered and tested the Snow Joe Roof Rake – and what an intriguing find it was. The reason it caught our eye was the Twist-n-Lock telescoping pole adapting up to 21 feet. It's a feature to give you a generous reach – just imagine raking snow without even setting foot on your roof.

AppDelegate inbuilt 6 in. x 25 in. poly blade rake head functions exceptionally to clear snow, wet leaves, and debris. The genuinely special upside about this product is it shines best for homeowners with high ceilings and people residing in heavy snowfall areas. Their needs have been specifically catered to, encapsulating the product's essence in providing a safer snow removal experience from rooftops. With the Snow Joe RJ204M, you're not just buying a product; you're buying an convenience.

Extreme Max 5600.3262 Poly Roof Rake with 23

Poly Roof Rake with 23" Blade - Ideal for Snow Removal from Roofs

by Extreme Max

Poly blade and lightweight aluminum handle make it easy to maneuver and protect against wear and tear

Our smart algorithms were head over heels for the 'Extreme Max Poly Roof Rake', skilfully crafted for maximum efficiency. It piqued our interest with its unique 'Angled Blade', incredibly designed to work effectively even in challenging spaces. The remarkable thing? It can handle metal and shingle roofs! 'You' know, the finicky two-story houses and low pitched roofs? This rake's got it covered! Ideal for those dealing with heavy snowfalls, it prominently stands out in our list. It will be most beneficial to homeowners situated in snow-intensive regions.

ROOF RAZOR Roof Rake | Fast Roof Snow Removal | 24ft of Pole | Safe on Roof with Wheels | Made in USA | Rugged Snow Slide | MinnSNOWta Snow Rake

EasySnow Roof Rake | 24ft Pole | Safe with Wheels | Made in USA | MinnSNOWta Snow Removal

by Roof Razor

SIMPLE: The Roof Razor is simple to use; set it and push. Simple to store; snow slide pivots on cutting rod allowing slide roll up when done. Simple to maintain; very limited parts, nuts and bolts.

Our algorithms and product testers have been giddy over the ROOF RAZOR Roof Rake, and it's easy to see why. This nifty, USA-made gadget offers you the convenience of being able to remove stubborn roof snow from the safety of the ground, thus reducing the risk of roof damage. The wide cutting head of the rake paired with the 24ft pole, guarantees fast snow removal, much to the delight of homeowners. You'll surely appreciate its strong, hand sewn snow slide, sturdy aluminum poles and easy set-up. Your days of battling roof snow are over.


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