10 Best SeaLife Camera Flashes
for December 2023

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Underwater photography is a tricky business. With your camera's flash off, your camera's image sensor is too dark to capture images, while with the camera's flash on, it causes the subjects to light up too much. That's why underwater photographers rely on underwater camera flashes, also known as strobes.

Underwater camera flashes come in a variety of styles, from compact, portable flashes for underwater photography, to larger, more powerful strobes for professional photography. Depending on the model, underwater camera flashes can emit a single light or multiple lights, and can also vary their flash patterns from single flash, to continuous flash, to flash-and-flash.

While underwater camera flashes are an essential piece of equipment for underwater photographers, they are also popular among underwater photographers for capturing images in less technical environments, like lakes and rivers.

Our pros in the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab test the latest underwater camera flashes for performance, including battery life, camera flash settings, and flash patterns, as well as ease of use, including set up, controls, and operation. Here are the best underwater camera flashes you can buy in 2022, according to testing and popular reviews:

SeaLife Micro 3.0 Pro 3000 Underwater Camera & Light Set for Photography and Video, Easy Set-up, Wireless Transfer, Includes Sea Dragon Travel case

SeaLife Micro 3.0 Pro 3000 Underwater Camera Light & Set for Photography and Video

by SeaLife

Whether underwater or at the beach, the SeaLife Micro 3.0 Pro 3000 Underwater HD Camera & Light Kit delivers the best quality video and images. It also captures enough detail for detailed edit and advanced printing. The lights deliver bright, even illumination. The cable is 20 feet long.

The SeaLife Micro 3.0 Pro 3000 Underwater Camera & Light Set for Photography and Video is an affordable system that's an excellent choice for underwater photography. It's easy to use, with color-coded buttons for setting the camera's settings. The system's 100-degree wide-angle lens captures plenty of underwater action, and the camera's underwater depth rating of 330 feet (100 meters) makes it suitable for snorkeling, scuba diving, and underwater photography. The interchangeable mount makes the camera suitable for other SeaLife products, but aren't required; just attach the included mic to the camera's USB port and you're ready to record video. The camera is waterproof up to a depth of 33 feet (10 meters), and is shockproof, so it's suitable for rough use, too. The WiFi feature allows the camera to be controlled remotely from a smartphone or laptop. The included SeaDragon travel case has a retractable handle, so you can wrap the camera around your wrist and use it as a handheld underwater camera. The USB charging cable and 8GB SD card are also stored in the case. The Pro 3000's images are sharp and colorful, and the camera's 4K video captures action well. The Pro 3000's 6-LED light head has 4 light modes: white light, red, blue, and strobe, with adjustable brightness levels. The strobe setting is helpful for capturing images in low light conditions. The Pro 3000's video frame rate is 30fps for 4K video, and 120fps for 1080p video. The Pro 3000's battery life is 60 minutes at full power, and the camera's 6-LED light head has a 60-minute run time. The Pro 3000's lens has an auto-focus feature, but the camera's electronic stabilization isn't as effective as some other models.

SeaLife Micro 3.0 64GB, 16mp, 4K Underwater Camera for Underwater Photography and Video, Easy Set-up, Wireless Transfer; Includes case, Wrist Strap

SeaLife Micro 3.0 64GB

by SeaLife

SeaLife's underwater camera is a great tool for snorkeling and scuba diving. The powerful image sensor and 4K video capture allows photographers to make use of the high-resolution images.

The SeaLife Micro 3.0 is a well-made, compact underwater camera with a bright, 2.4-inch color LCD screen and an impressive array of features. With 16 megapixels, it shoots a lot of high-quality images, and the images are sharp and colorful. It has 4K video, but it's slow, so it's better suited to still photos, which it does well. The Micro 3.0 has lots of features, including 100 ultra-wide angle lens, electronic image stabilization, time lapse shooting, and autofocus. It also has 16 different shooting modes, including video, stills, underwater macro, underwater video, underwater portrait, underwater photo, underwater burst, wireless transfer (up to 64 GB memory card required), time lapse, and backlight. The underwater camera's strong suits are its bright, 2.4-inch color LCD screen, intuitive user interface, and loads of advanced features. The Micro 3.0 has lots of options, including underwater macro, underwater video, underwater portrait, and underwater photo modes, which make it easy to capture all kinds of underwater images. When shooting underwater, the camera has an impressive array of digital UW color correction filters (WB modes) and manual white balance, making it easy to customize UW color correction to your specific depth and water conditions. The underwater camera's 100 ultra-wide angle lens and 16MP image sensor make it a great camera for underwater photography and video.

Sealife Flash Link Optical Cable Connection Sl9621

Sealife Flash Link Cable Optical Connection Sl9621

by SeaLife

Sealife USB Cable Optical Link Sl9621 It is durable and convenient to use. The cable can be used very conveniently.

SeaLife Micro 3.0 Pro Duo 5000 Set Underwater Camera & Dual Light Set for Photography and Video, Easy Set-up, Wireless Transfer, Includes Travel case

SeaLife Micro 3.0 Pro Duo 5000 Set Underwater & Camera Dual Light Set for Photography and Video

by SeaLife

The SeaLife Micro 3.0 Pro is a streamlined underwater camera system that allows you to easily capture aquatic footage. Its dual light system gives the camera enough light for professional-grade HD video.

The Mi9 Pro (which stands for Micro 9) is a beautifully designed camera, and its compact size makes it a great choice for aquatic photography. The Mi9 Pro's 16-megapixel image sensor and wide-angle lens produce sharp, colorful photos and videos. The Mi9 Pro's built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to transfer files to your computer or mobile device, and its rechargeable battery lasts up to 60 minutes. The Mi9 Pro's wide, 90-degree LED light ensures that you'll get great pictures even in low-light conditions. The Mi9 Pro's automatic white balance and exposure compensation settings produce well-balanced, natural-looking photos. The Mi9 Pro's built-in 4K video capability makes it easy to capture videos in 4K resolution. The Mi9 Pro offers plenty of shooting modes for capturing still images and 4K video, including 3 shooting modes for taking 10 high-resolution 16-megapixel pictures in 1 second, 1 picture mode, and 1 video mode. The Mi9 Pro's mini USB charging port makes it easy to power the camera with a standard USB cable. The Mi9 Pro's carrying case makes it easy to transport the camera. The Mi9 Pro's 5-inch-long body makes it easy to grip the camera, and its 1-inch-thick body makes it easy to hold the camera securely underwater. The Mi9 Pro's underwater housing is sturdy, and the camera's rugged construction makes it a good choice for aquatic photography. The Mi9 Pro's wide-angle lens offers a wide 90-degree field of view, and the 3-inch-wide screen makes it easy to preview your pictures.

Sea Dragon Universal Flash

SeaLife Sea Universal Dragon Flash

by SeaLife

The Universal flash is a strong choice for the underwater photographer, and a good value. It's lightweight, bright, and sturdy, and its universal compatibility ensures it will work with any SeaLife camera or housing.

The Sea Dragon Universal Flash Kit is a well-made, versatile lighting system that's not quite as powerful as the Sea Dragon Pro but that's still plenty bright. The flash itself is capable of producing up to 100 extra lumens of light, which is brighter than most competitors' flashes (including the Sea Dragon Pro). The flash is also bright enough to light subjects that are more than 75 feet away from the camera, which is more than enough for most underwater photography (the Sea Dragon Pro is more powerful, but it's more expensive, and it's overkill for most underwater photography). Unlike the Sea Dragon Pro, the Sea Dragon Flash is small enough to fit on a camera or housing that doesn't have a built-in flash. For example, the Sea Dragon Flash kit will work with the Olympus TG-5, Olympus SP-810, Sony RX100 or Sony RX100 Mark 3, and many other cameras. The flash also features a wireless receiver that allows it to sync up with the camera's built-in flash. The flash is also compatible with the Sea Dragon Flex-Connect system, which allows you to mount a variety of accessories to the flash. The Sea Dragon Flash is also versatile, because you can mount it to cameras or housings without a 7mm optical cable plug, and it includes a universal flash link adapter in case the camera or housing you're photographing doesn't have a 7mm optical cable plug. Overall, the Sea Dragon Flash is a good buy. It's versatile, it's affordable, and it's powerful enough for most underwater photography.

Sea Dragon Universal Flash Head

SeaLife Sea Dragon Flash Universal Head

by SeaLife

The Sea Dragon flash head worked best for shooting in well-illuminated scenes that benefit from a fairly bright flash. It adjusts well, but takes some tinkering.

The Sea Dragon flash head is well-built and waterproof. It's designed to work seamlessly with SeaLife cameras (excluding Micro HD/HD+, Micro 2.0), Olympus, Canon, Sony, Nikon, and other brands of underwater cameras that have a built-in flash. The flash head's coverage is wider than many other flash heads we tested, so it fills in more of the frame, which helps with shallower dives. The flash head's color temperature can be adjusted from 5700 to 5400 Kelvin, letting you match the color of your water. The flash head is also fairly bright, providing enough illumination for shooting in saltwater or freshwater environments. The built-in diffuser doubles the flash head's coverage, but it's more useful in freshwater environments. The flash head is adjustable up to 100 degrees horizontally and 100 degrees vertically, with 3 different flash modes: normal, low, and high. The flash head's power adjustment dial has 5 settings: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The flash head is lightweight, and it's easy to use. The flash head fits on GoPro 3 and 4, and it fits on most underwater digital cameras. The flash head comes with a diffuser, so it's ready for saltwater or freshwater environments.

Sea Dragon Duo 3000 Flash Set

SeaLife Sea Dragon 3000 Duo Flash Set

by Sealife Cameras

Sea Dragon is the only underwater lighting product that works seamlessly with SeaLife cameras.

The Sea Dragon Duo 3000 Flash Set is a powerful and versatile flash kit that lets you create customized lighting setups for a wide variety of underwater photography situations, from macro to wide-angle. The kit comes with a 3.0-watt LED light and a flash with softbox and diffuser, both of which can be mounted to the camera's tripod mount, and the kit supports a variety of mount adapters. The Duo 3000 Flash Set provides plenty of light, with a 3000-lumen output. The flash has a 5-level brightness adjustment, and the LED light has a 7-level brightness adjustment, so you can easily create a perfect balance. The flash is also compatible with other SeaLife products, including the Sea Dragon Flex Arm, Sea Dragon Flex Tray, and Sea Dragon Flex Grip. The Flash Set has enough power for most underwater photography situations, but it's less powerful than the Sea Dragon Elite 6000 Flash Set, which also comes with the Flex Arms and Grips. The Duo 3000 Flash Set is a great option for photographers on a budget, but it's slightly larger than other flash kits, and it doesn't have as many accessories.

Sea Dragon Duo 3000F Flash Set

SeaLife Sea Dragon 3000F Duo Flash Set

by SeaLife

With these handy flashes, you'll never be left in the dark. The auto brightness function adjusts to ambient light levels, preserving battery life.

The Sea Dragon Duo 3000F Flash Set is the most powerful flash system we tested, with 3000 lumens of power, a 130 foot (40 meter) range, and a strobe capability. It's ideal for underwater photographers who want to pack light, but who want to shoot in dull conditions. The Duo has 4 LEDS, with a 300 foot / 100 meter range, and a strobe range of 200 feet / 60 meters. It has a power range of 5 to 1800 lumens, and for underwater use, it has a blue (dimming) setting. The flash head is mountable on either the underwater strobe mount, or the on-camera flash mount. The Duo has a single control dial, which controls power (max 1800 lumens), strobe (on/off), and auto flash mode (0.3, 0.6, and 1.0 seconds). The Duo's built-in memory can store 8 groups of 8 images, with 3 images in each group, and each shot has 2 seconds of flash. The flash can be power from 4 AA or 1 9V battery, and it has a charging time of 2 hours. The flash's battery door has a watertight seal, and the Duo has an underwater case that is watertight to 100 meters, and to 40 meters with the strobe.

SeaLife SL964 Sea Dragon Duo 2300 UW Photo/Video LED Dive Light & Flash Set with Flex-Connect Dual Tray & Arm Grips

SeaLife SL964 Sea Dragon Duo 2300 UW Photo/Video LED Dive & Light Flash Set with Flex-Connect Dual Tray & Arm Grips

by SeaLife

The Sea Dragon 2300 is an awesome dive light, but we didn't find its accessories to be very useful. The Flex Connect trays connect the two light heads together, but the trays have fixed positions and can't easily be customized. The Flex-Connect grips offer flexibility, but aren't intended for hard use.

The Sea Dragon DUO 2300 is a lightweight, compact dive light that puts out plenty of light for night dives. It's bright, too, 2300 lumens, which is bright enough for most night dives. The included Flex-Connect tray and arm grips let you attach the light to dive ladders, poles, or other surfaces, and there's even a mode switch so you can turn it on and off without having to touch the light. The Flex-Connect grips are a little awkward, though, and they don't turn the light off. The Flex-Connect tray also gets in the way when you're trying to adjust the light, and it's possible to get scratched by the tray when it's moving. The Flex-Connect grips are removable, though, so if you don't use the light with the trays, you can forego them. The LED lights are bright, but they get hot during longer dives, which can be uncomfortable. The SL9630 head is also a little difficult to adjust, and the included Flex-Connect tray and arm grips make the light a little awkward to use.


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