10 Best Sewing Baskets
for December 2023

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Sewing baskets are handy for organizing your sewing supplies, whether you're a sewer at home, a seamstress at a studio, or a professional tailor. These baskets can be stuffed with fabric, thread, buttons and more so you can find them easily. Some baskets are even designed to hold finished garments or accessories.

Our sewing baskets have been through rigorous testing in the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, where we evaluate them for performance, durability, and ease of cleaning. We use our sewing machines, and test sewing baskets for durability, ease of cleaning, and functionality. Our testers also evaluate how durable a basket is, whether it's made with high-quality materials, and how easy it is to clean.

Our top picks for the best sewing baskets are based on our testing, consumer reviews, and trends. Here are the best sewing baskets of 2022:

Michley Sewing Basket with 41-PC Sewing Kit

Michley Sewing Basket 41-PC with Sewing Kit

by Michley Electronics, Inc.

Basket measures 10. 5 x 8 x 6. 7 inches. Note: The measurement of 10.5 x 8 x 6.7 inches is the same as 11 x 8 x 7; the one on the label is just rounded to the nearest inch.

The Michley Sewing Basket is a complete sewing kit, with 41 pieces packed inside an attractive fabric basket with handles. The kit includes a 25-inch plastic needles, a 22-inch spool of thread, a 3-inch thimble, a 2-inch thimble, a 1.25-inch seam gauge, a 3-inch seam ripper, a 1-inch seam gauge, a 1-inch seam ripper, a 1.5-inch seam gauge, a 2-inch seam ripper, a 2.25-inch seam gauge, and a 2.5-inch seam ripper. Also included is a 4-inch stretch tape measure, a 5-inch stretch tape measure, a 6-inch stretch tape measure, a 7-inch stretch tape measure, a 8-inch stretch tape measure, a 9-inch stretch tape measure, a 10-inch stretch tape measure, a 12-inch stretch tape measure, a pair of scissors, a tape measure case, a sewing needle threader, a scissors case, a fabric scissors case, a seam ripper, a seam ripper case, a thimble, a thimble case, a tape case, and a sewing kit bag. The basket is 11.5 by 10 by 5 inches, and the handle is 18 inches long. The sewing kit comes with a bonus sewing pattern.

Dritz Basket, Black Sewing Notions

Dritz Basket

by Prym Consumer

MAGNETIC CLOSURE: magnetic snap closure to easily store essential supplies

The Dritz Basket is an excellent organizer for small sewing projects. The lid and handle are made of durable, hard plastic, and the basket itself is made from cotton canvas. The basket is the perfect size for a small sewing kit, and the lid is removable so you can easily swap its contents. There's also a small pocket and a pincushion attached to the inside of the lid. The basket itself is large enough to hold larger items, such as thread, needles, and fabric. There are two handles, one long and one shorter, so you can carry the basket with ease. The cord-wrapped handle is sturdy, and the basket is lined with coordinating fabric. The basket is 11-1/2 L x 8-3/4 W x 7-1/2 H, and it has a 13-inch cord handle. The stitching on the basket is high-quality, and it's made to last. The basket is easy to clean, and it's made especially well by a company that's known for quality stitching. The Dritz Basket is a sturdy and well-made sewing organizer.

Sewing Supplies Organizer, Double-Layer Sewing Basket Accessories Organizer Storage Bag, Large Water Resistant Travel Sewing Box for Thread,kit,Scissors,Needles,Clips,Pins,Buttons,Tape Measure,Purple

MATEIN Sewing Supplies Organizer

by Matein

CONVENIENT & PROTABLE: The smooth zipper and two-way zipper design make it easier to access sewing supplies. The durable and sturdy handle can easily carry everything you need. You can put this sewing bag in your backpack and suitcase for travel and daily use. Ideal for sewing beginners, advanced tailors, amateurs, designers,etc. It will be a creative gift for women, girls, family, friends, mother, girlfriend and wife

This sewing basket has plenty of storage, and it's well constructed. The breathable fabric inside is durable, and the Velcro closures on the pockets and compartments are secure. The top compartment is large enough to comfortably hold spools of thread, spools of thread of all different sizes, and crochet hooks, while the bottom compartment has 4 removable dividers and 1 pin cushion, so you can organize your items however you like. The elastic loops on the top compartment are large enough to accommodate spools of thread of various types, and the zipper mesh pockets on the bottom are large enough to accommodate scissors, needles, tape measures and other small accessories. The mesh pockets are deep enough to hold lots of accessories, and each one has a separate zipper closure, so it's easy to keep everything organized. The stitching is sturdy, and the bag is long-lasting. The large size and compact structure make it easy to store and carry, and it's perfect for traveling.

Dritz Sewing Basket Oval, Soft Green Floral

Dritz Sewing Basket Oval


Magnetic snap closure. Cord wrapped handle and trim. Includes removable tray for organizing small tools and sewing supplies. This package contains one 9.5x7.5x6.5 inch sewing basket. Imported.

The Dritz sewing basket is a nice size, not too big or small. The lid folds flat, so it stores easily. The pocket and pincushion are handy features. The basket itself is made from a highly durable fabric, and it's relatively lightweight. The lid and basket are both lined with a soft fabric, so they don't scratch your supplies. The basket lid has some nice stitching detail, and the basket is lined in green floral fabric. The basket is lined with a pocket and a pincushion, so it's suitable for storing supplies such as pins, needles, thread, rulers, fabric swatches, and bobbins. The pocket and pincushion are stitched into the lid, so they're accessible even when the basket is open. The basket is 10 1/2 inches long by 7 1/2 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

Dritz Basket, Aqua Sewing Machine

Dritz Basket

by Prym Consumer

MAGNETIC CLOSURE: magnetic snap closure to easily store essential supplies

The Dritz Basket is a well-made, versatile sewing kit that's great for both beginners and experienced sewists. The basket itself is an attractive, sturdy design, and the sewing kit's contents make it an excellent value. The sewing basket is large enough to hold most sewing projects, and it has a removable tray for organizing small tools and notions. The sewing kit's contents include: six spools of thread, a needle threader, a thimble, two pins, two scissors, a tape measure, a seam ripper, three safety pins, two spools of button thread, a seam ripper tool, a seam ripper (a small, sharp tool used for ripping seams), a seam gauge, three needles, a seam ripper tool, a seam gauge tool, a quilting template, and a needle threader. The sewing kit is well-made, and the needles are sharp, the threads are of good-quality, and the sewing basket is attractive and sturdy. The Dritz Sewing Basket, Aqua is a great value, and we think it will do a much better job than our previous pick of a comparable sewing kit.

Sewing Basket Organizer with Needles and Kit (13 x 9.5 x 6 In, 30 Pieces)

Juvale Sewing Basket Organizer with Needles and (13 Kit x 9.5 x 6 In

by Juvale

Perfect For: Great for beginner hobbyists and seasoned seamstresses alike our portable travel sewing kit is great to take on the go or to store at home

This sewing basket organizer with needles and kit (13 x 9.5 x 6 In, 30 Pieces) has everything a seamstress needs. It's compact, lightweight, and portable, making it perfect for traveling. The box also includes a plastic storage tray that helps keep everything organized, and the button closure helps keep the lid closed when not in use. The sewing kit inside features 12 spools of thread, 1 pair of scissors, 1 measuring tape, 1 seam ripper, 1 needle threader, 1 sewing needles set, 1 thimble, 10 safety pins, 1 pin cushion, and 1 storage box. The included thimble, pin cushion, and seam ripper are also useful for other sewing projects. The sewing kit's plastic storage box is spacious enough to hold all of the included items, and the lid contains a small slit that allows you to easily view the contents. The sewing basket also makes a great storage container for sewing supplies, such as extra thread, fabric, bolts of fabric, and more. The stitching in the basket is durable and sturdy, and the fabric is vintage inspired. The sewing basket's colorful floral design adds a fun, decorative touch to any room.

Medium Sewing Basket, with Insert and Sewing Notions from Tidy Crafts

Tidy Crafts Medium Sewing Basket

by New Phase

Each sewing basket is handmade by hundreds of steps in the process, this is perfect for the beginning first sewing kit and seasoned seamstress alike. PLEASE NOTE THE DIMENSIONS TO MAKE SURE THIS IS THE SIZE FOR YOUR NEEDS: Medium-size sewing basket measures: Outside:11 1/2" x 7 1/4" x 4 3/4" Inside: 8 1/4" x 5 3/4" x 3 3/4" w/o tray.

The Tidy Crafts Medium Sewing Basket Organizer is a stylish, well built, and well-made sewing basket. It has a large, sturdy base, a sturdy handle, and plenty of storage inside. The basket is lightweight and easy to carry, and the removable tray at the top makes it easy to organize the basket. The basket is made of sturdy plastic, and the stitching on the fabric lining is well done, so it's easy to clean. The basket is also reasonably priced, so it's a good option for sewers on a budget. The basket isn't tall, so it will fit under a bed or a closet, and it's small enough to store in a drawer.

Dritz Sewing Basket Circle 12.75X7.75, Multicolor Retro

Dritz Sewing Basket Circle 12.75X7.75


Large size is ideal to hold essential sewing, quilting and crafting supplies

The Dritz Sewing Basket Circle is an attractive, affordable option that's well-suited to stashing supplies in a sewing room or craft room. The compact size makes it easy to carry to class, and the basket's handle makes it easy to carry around with you. The basket's removable tray, which is also made of sturdy plastic, makes cleaning the basket easy, and the basket is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. The basket's fabric lining, which comes in 9 colors, is removable and machine washable. The basket is sturdy enough to hold fabric, ribbon, buttons, and other small sewing supplies. The basket's large size makes it well-suited to stashing sewing supplies in a bedroom or craft room, and it's reasonably lightweight for carrying to class. The basket is tall enough to make the handles easily accessible, and it's small enough to store on a shelf. The zipper on the basket's lid is sturdy, and it's strong enough to keep the contents of the basket from falling out. A few quibbles: The zipper on the lid is tricky to open, and the basket isn't as roomy as some other baskets we tested. The basket isn't as rugged as some, and the stitching on the basket's fabric lining is noticeable.

Dritz Oval Metal Handle Cream Sewing Basket, Neautral Floral

Dritz Oval Metal Cream Handle Sewing Basket

by Dritz

LID FEATURES: Pocket and pincushion attached to inside of lid

The Dritz Oval Metal Handle Cream Sewing Basket is an attractive and versatile sewing basket. The metal handle and removable tray make this basket easy to lift and carry. The tray is sturdy, and because it can be removed, the basket can be used for other purposes, such as holding crafts supplies. The basket's 12-inch width allows it to hold large sewing items such as a sewing machine, thread, and fabric, and its 7-inch height, 8-inch height, and 12-inch depth make it suitable for organizing smaller sewing items such as needles and pins. The basket's neutral floral design makes it an attractive match for most decors. The basket's closure system consists of a magnetic snap, and the basket's design allows it to stand on its own, making it suitable for both desks and countertops. The basket's 12-month warranty is long enough for most users, and it ships direct from Dritz, so customers can return it to Dritz if it's defective. The basket's long warranty and affordable price make it a good choice for the sewing enthusiast who wants a stylish, multipurpose sewing basket.

Large Sewing Basket with Accessories,Wooden Sewing Organizer Box for Sewing Supplies and DIY Crafting Tools Storage,Sewing Kit Tools for Sewing Mending,Polka Dots(Blue)

Flrhsjx Large Sewing with Basket Accessories

by Flrhsjx

SIZE:This sewing basket measures 12.2 x 9.17 x 6.38 inches,large size allows you to store various sewing tools.

The Large Sewing Basket with Accessories is an elegant, spacious, and practical sewing organizer kit. It's versatile enough to hold all of your sewing supplies (including spools of thread, needles, and scissors) and craft supplies (such as glue, markers, and sequins). The basket is sturdy, has a nice appearance, and folds flat for storage. Its collapsible wooden handle makes it easy to transport, and it's small enough to fit in a suitcase or carry-on bag. The basket's interior is divided into 4 sections, 3 of which are removable. The 4-section organizer is large enough to hold up 2-3 spools of thread, a sewing machine, and a small iron, but it can only hold 8 needles at a time. The removable organizer, which is fastened with magnets, is spacious enough to fit spools of thread, scissors, glue, and markers. The removable tray fits inside of the 4-section organizer, and it can hold smaller craft supplies and buttons. The basket's exterior is lined with fabric, so it's easy to clean. The basket is priced about the same as our pick, but it's a bit smaller, and it's made of fabric instead of wood. However, the basket's interior is smaller, and it's made of fabric instead of wood. This basket has many of the same features as our pick, but it's a bit smaller, and it's made of fabric instead of wood.


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