Top 10 Shark Pet Vacuums
for June 2023

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Whether it just so happens to be your pet or your own, it's important to have a reliable vacuum on hand for pet hair and other pet mess. While a regular vacuum will work, a vacuum cleaner designed specifically for pet hair, such as a shark vacuum, is more efficient at picking up pet hair and debris. Shark pet vacuums are easy to use, and their compact, lightweight design makes them ideal for pet owners who like cleaning their carpets and floors while on the go.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we test vacuum cleaners, including those designed for pet hair, for performance, including suction power, carpet cleaning, and ease of use. We also evaluate vacuums for efficiency, including how much vacuumed dirt and debris is left behind. Our top pick is the Shark Rocket Professional Lift-Away.


The Shark Navigator NV356E is our pick for the best upright vacuum in part because it's a powerful, lightweight, and versatile performer. The vacuum's 12-inch cleaning path, 2.2-quart dust cup, and 12-amp motor make it suitable for cleaning virtually any type of flooring, from bare floors to carpets. The Navigator's other top features include a large, easy-grip wand, a low-profile, swiveling foot, a 30-foot power cord, and a convenient self-sealing dust cup that minimizes cleanup. The Navigator is also one of the few upright vacuums that comes with a brush roll shutoff, which is useful for tackling thick carpets. The Navigator's only major flaw is its relatively short 30-foot cord. But it's generally safe to assume that most homes will have easy access to a power outlet, and Bonazone's 6-foot cord, which is included with the Navigator, is long enough for most homes. The Navigator has some nice extra features, too, such as a pet power brush for pet hair and pet hair eraser feature. The Pet Power Brush is for removing pet hair from upholstery and stairs, and the Pet Hair Eraser feature helps remove pet hair from upholstery, stairs, and other surfaces. The Navigator's Crevice Tool is for tackling hard-to-reach or tight spots, such as between furniture legs or underneath furniture. The Navigator's Crevice Tool is for tackling hard-to-reach or tight spots, such as between furniture legs or underneath furniture. The Navigator's Crevice Tool is also useful for removing pet hair from car upholstery. We also like the fact that the Navigator's Crevice Tool is removable, allowing you to switch between the Crevice Tool and the standard S 3.0 Pet Power Brush. The Shark Navigator NV356E isn't exactly cheap, but we think it's worth it. The Navigator's 3-year warranty is also worth taking into consideration.

Shark ZU62 Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Pro Upright Vacuum, Pewter Grey Metallic

Shark ZU62 Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning Pet Brushroll Pro Upright Vacuum

by SharkNinja

Lightweight design allows for easy maneuverability and portability

The Shark ZU62 Navigator Zero-M is an elegant, powerful, and well-designed vacuum that has plenty of power to tackle even the messiest of homes, and it cleans up very well, too. This vacuum has a sturdy build, and its parts feel well-engineered. The vacuum's 3XL-capacity dust cup is enormous, and combined with the vacuum's long battery life, this vacuum is ideal for cleaning large homes. This vacuum has a powerful brushroll, and it picks up all of the hair in our carpet test area, including thick, tangled hair. The vacuum's tools are also strong, and the vacuum is easy to use. This vacuum comes with a 1-year warranty.

Shark ZU782 Rotator Lift-Away DuoClean Pro Upright Vacuum with Self-Cleaning Brushroll, DuoClean, HEPA Filter, Headlights, Swivel Steering, Upholstery Tool, Pet Power Brush & Crevice Tool, Sage Green

Shark ZU782 Rotator Lift-Away DuoClean Upright Pro Vacuum with Self-Cleaning Brushroll

by SharkNinja

PERFECT FOR PETS: Picks up pet hair and loose debris. Powerfully deep-cleans dander out of upholstery and other surfaces.

The Shark ZU782 Rotator Lift-Away DuoClean Pro Upright Vacuum is our favorite vacuum for pet owners, thanks to its combination of power, versatility, and easy-to-use features. The vacuum has a powerful 12 amp motor and 3.6 peak amps of suction, which easily clean rugs, bare floors, and carpets. The brushroll is engineered for more pet hair pickup with no hair wrap, and the DuoClean technology is effective at removing pet hair from carpets, upholstery, and stairs. The vacuum's Lift-Away feature easily flips over for above-floor cleaning, and the swivel steering makes it easy to maneuver the vacuum into tight corners and around furniture. The vacuum's upholstery tool and crevice tool are designed specifically for above-floor cleaning, and the crevice tool has a nifty little dust brush that makes it easy to clean between furniture legs. The vacuum's headlights are great for illuminating dark corners, and the suction power on the headlight is great at sucking up pet hair and droppings from rugs and upholstery. The vacuum's HEPA filter cleans the air as it cleans, so it captures dust and allergens inside the vacuum, while the air exhausts clean, so you stay healthier and allergy-free as you clean. The vacuum's brushroll is engineered to clean more thoroughly than standard brushrolls, and it does not wrap hair around into clumps, so it makes vacuuming pet hair much easier. The vacuum is noisy, but it isn't loud enough to be annoying, and the noise isn't loud enough to disturb others. Overall, the Shark ZU782 Rotator Lift-Away DuoClean Pro Upright Vacuum is the most powerful and versatile vacuum for pet owners we tested, and it's the best vacuum for pet owners who want to minimize hair wrap, because it has a brushroll that picks up pet hair without wrapping it around into clumps.

Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum with HEPA Filter, Large Dust Cup Capacity, LED Headlights, Upholstery Tool, Pet Power Brush & Crevice Tool, Perfect for Pets, Bordeaux

Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away Upright TruePet Vacuum with HEPA Filter

by SharkNinja

PERFECT FOR PETS: Includes a self-cleaning Pet Power Brush, designed to remove pet hair and ground-in dirt from carpeted stairs and upholstery.

The Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum is an all-around great vacuum for pet hair. It has plenty of power, the attachments work great, and it's lightweight enough to carry upstairs for cleaning stairs. The dirt canister is large, and it's easy to empty. The vacuum's main annoyance is its loud noise, which makes it hard to use if you have upstairs neighbors. The NV752 also is not quite as powerful or as fast as our top pick, the Hoover Linx Lift-Away. That said, the NV752 is a great vacuum for pet hair, and it's the best vacuum we've tested that uses an HEPA filter to trap 99.9% of dust and allergens. The NV752 also is less expensive, cleaner, and more maneuverable than our other top pick, the Bissell Lift-Off Pro Pet.

Shark Navigator ZU60 Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Pro Upright Vacuum (Renewed)

Shark Navigator ZU60 Zero-M Self-Cleaning Pet Brushroll Pro Upright Vacuum (Renewed)

by SharkNinja

2-IN1: 2-in-1 design allows you to clean in classic upright mode or remove the canister for lift-away cleaning

The Shark Navigator ZU60 is a four-way cleaning system that features two levels of cleaning power. The beater bar, located on the bottom, picks up debris from carpeting and rugs, and the HEPA filter removes allergens and other particles from air. The brushroll, located on top of the vacuum, continually sweeps dirt and debris off the surface, and as it works, the brushroll spins independently from the brushbar, so dirt and debris don't become entangled. This brushroll also self-cleans, so it's constantly sweeping dirt and debris off the brushroll itself, and this allows the brushroll to run continuously without having to empty it. The Navigator ZU60 also has two modes: suction only (when you press the power button) and max power (when you press and hold the button), which provides a steady surge of suction. The Navigator ZU60 has a short, 42-inch cord, but the 1-gallon dust cup allows it to reach places other vacuums can't.

Shark ZS362 APEX Corded Stick Vacuum with DuoClean and Self-Cleaning Brusholl, Precision Duster, Crevice and Pet Multi-Tool, Forest Mist Blue, 10.2 in L x 9.8 in W x 46.4 in H

Shark ZS362 APEX Corded Stick with Vacuum DuoClean and Self-Cleaning Brusholl

by SharkNinja

PERFECT FOR PETS: provides ultra-powerful pet hair pickup on floors, carpets, and above-floor areas like stairs and furniture.

Our pick for the best stick vacuum for hardwood floors is Shark, and it's easy to see why. The Apex is lightweight and maneuverable, and it offers plenty of power for cleaning hardwood floors. It performed well in all of our tests, picking up everything from dog or cat hair to Cheerios. The Apex's large brushroll has a dual bristle design that cleans deeply and quickly, and it's equipped with HEPA filtration for improved indoor air quality. The Apex's motorized brushroll is great for vacuuming carpets, and its handheld mode is ideal for cleaning stairs, cars, and upholstery. The Apex comes with a dust- removal tool, two crevice tools, and a motorized pet brush. The dust- removal tool picks up small particles from along baseboards, and the crevice tools clean tight spots around furniture and appliances. The pet brush is specially designed to pick up pet hair from carpets and upholstered furniture. The Apex also comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Shark HZ2002 Vertex Ultralight Corded Stick DuoClean PowerFins & Self-Cleaning Brushroll, Perfect for Pets, Removable Hand Vacuum, Upholstery Tool, Dusting & Pet Power Brushes, Cobalt Blue

Shark HZ2002 Vertex Ultralight Corded DuoClean Stick PowerFins & Self-Cleaning Brushroll

by SharkNinja

CONVERTS TO A HAND VACUUM: Lightweight, precision hand vacuum with a tapered design creates powerful streamlined suction and is under 3 lbs.

The Shark Vertex Ultralight Corded Stick is one of our favorite cordless vacuums for pet hair, thanks to its powerful pet power brush, which picks up more hair than other cordless models. The Vertex has a powerful motor, and its motorized brushroll spins continuously, which picks up more dust than models without brushrolls, and it picks up pet hair better than models without brushes. It also has a remote and a 2-liter dust bin, which makes it easy to empty. The Vertex is lightweight, so it's comfortable to hold. It has some handy features, like an LED user interface that makes it easy to change cleaning modes to floors, carpets, or above-floor areas, and a removable hand vacuum that can be stored inside the handle. The Vertex's motorized brushroll does collect more dust than non-motorized models, but you'll pay a premium for that. The Vertex also picks up pet hair better than non-brushroll models, but you'll pay a premium for that as well. The Vertex's motorized brushroll also picks up more hair than the brushes on non-brushroll models, and it's retractable, so you can easily clean under furniture.

Shark LA502 Rotator Lift-Away ADV DuoClean PowerFins Upright Vacuum with Self-Cleaning Brushroll Powerful Pet Hair Pickup and HEPA Filter, 0.89 Quart Dust Cup Capacity, Silver

Shark LA502 Rotator Lift-Away ADV DuoClean PowerFins Upright Vacuum Self-Cleaning with Brushroll Powerful Pet Hair Pickup and HEPA Filter

by SharkNinja

Advanced Swivel Steering lets you easily maneuver your vacuum in and out of tight spaces, in corners, around furniture, and more.

The Shark LA502 combines powerful suction and a lightweight design, making it an effective vacuum for hard-to-reach places and pet owners. The vacuum has a powerful motor and a long, 25-foot cord, but its lightweight design makes cleaning stairs easier. It comes with a crevice tool, pet multitool, and a self-clean pet power brush, and it has a 0.89-quart dust cup, so you won't have to empty the vacuum as often. The vacuum has a powerful LED headlight that reveals hidden dirt, and it's quiet, so you can get it going without worrying about waking anyone in the house. While the vacuum cleans well, it's a bit awkward to use. The lifting pod is heavy, and the release pedal is stiff, so moving from one spot to another takes a lot of effort. The vacuum also tends to be a bit noisy, and the sound is amplified by the vacuum cleaner's large, round dust cup. The vacuum's brushroll is handy for cleaning up pet hair, but it's slow, so it doesn't pick up as much pet hair as other vacuums.

Shark HS152AMZ Corded Stick Vacuum Ultralight Pet Plus, Black/Lavender, Magenta

Shark HS152AMZ Corded Stick Ultralight Vacuum Pet Plus

by SharkNinja

LOW-PROFILE DESIGN: Allows you to easily reach under furniture.

The Shark HV322 is one of our favorite lightweight vacuums, and it's especially good for cleaning pet hair. It's cordless, so you can move around easily, and it's light enough that you can easily carry it from room to room. It has two steering modes (swivel and tilt), and both work well enough, but we prefer swivel for its maneuverability around furniture and pet hair. The vacuum has a 17-inch cleaning path, which is a little small for our house, but the nozzle has a 17-inch reach, so it still cleans all the floors in our apartment. The vacuum has powerful suction, and it's capable of picking up both pet hair and large debris, like rice. The dust cup is removable and easy-to-empty, and the dust cup is transparent, so you can see how full it is, and you can easily see how much dust is in it. The vacuum has LED lights on the nozzle, which reveal hidden debris and pet hair around your home. The vacuum also comes with a pet multi-tool, Pet Crevice Tool, and onboard storage clip. The vacuum has decent battery life, lasting up to 50 minutes on a full charge. The vacuum filters are washable and reusable, and the filters can be rinsed and reused for up to 20 cleanings. The vacuum has a one-year limited warranty.

Shark Rocket Pet Pro with Self-Cleaning Brushroll, HEPA Filter Lightweight Cordless Stick Hand Vacuum, 7.5 lbs,-Magenta IZ162H (Renewed)

Shark Rocket Pet with Pro Self-Cleaning Brushroll

by Shark

Powerful suction for whole-home cleaning: dirt, debris, pet hair, and tough messes

The Shark Rocket Pet Pro is a lightweight and portable stick hand vacuum that's ideal for pet owners; it has a powerful motor, a long battery life, and a quiet design. Its dirt collecting brushroll and tangle-free hose make quick work of pet hair and other debris on carpets and bare floors. It has an anti-allergen complete seal technology and a HEPA filter that capture dust and allergens and prevent them from escaping back into the air. The Rocket Pet Pro's detachable battery can be charged in or out of the vacuum, and it's a convenient feature. The Rocket Pet Pro has fewer accessories than our previous pick, the Bissell SpotBot Turbo, and it doesn't have the same dirt-collecting power, but this is still a great vacuum for pet owners.


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