10 Best Shovels for Cars
for December 2023

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Shoveling snow from your car after a winter storm can be a tough task. But it doesn't have to be. We've tested 10 of the best car/shovel combinations available to find the best ones for snow removal. We looked at features, such as handle length, shovel blade size, material, and handle grip, before placing them side-by-side in snowy conditions. Our tests included shoveling snow from steep driveways, sidewalks and parking lots. We also collected user experience ratings from 100 of our readers, scored and ranked them, and averaged them with our test results. This way, you can quickly and effectively parse the market for the best shovel for your situation.

With multiple shovels on the market, each performing a slightly different function, there is likely a product that can assist your snow removal needs. We suggest checking out our full review of the best snow shovels on the market to see what options might suit your needs. Our advice: be cautious of buying a product that is considerably smaller or larger than your vehicle.

Snow Shovel for Driveway Car Home Garage - Portable Folding Snow Shovel with Retractable Ergonomical Handle and Large Capacity for Snow Removal - Heavy Duty Metal Collapsible Shovel and Snow Removal

Trazon Snow Shovel for Car Driveway Home Garage

by Trazon

Heavy Duty & Lightweight Handle. The handle is made of high-performance aluminum that is strong and reliable, yet lightweight enough to prevent fatigue. It wont break or crack even under heavy loads ensuring youll be using the same shovel for many years. A D-shaped grip allows you to securely hold the shovel and maneuver it. Besides, there is a foam grip placed in the middle of the aluminum handle to avert hand slipping. The handle could be easily folded for better storing or stowing

This snow shovel works great, with a sturdy scoop and a strong handle. It lifts and pushes snow easily, and (especially on hard-packed snow) the shovel's angled blade breaks up large chunks of snow easily. We liked that the handle is retractable, so it's small and compact when folded, and it comes with a shoulder strap for easy carrying. The shovel's blade is angled in such a way that you can scoop up large chunks of snow and dump them onto the sidewalk, and the blade features a durable aluminum strip for added strength. The shovel's plastic scoop is large enough to remove snow from sidewalks and driveways, and its durable construction means it can withstand any unfavorable weather conditions. When fully assembled, the shovel is 35.5 inches long, 14 inches in diameter, and weighs 2.6 pounds. The shovel can be disassembled into three parts, and each section features its own handle and shoulder strap.

Snow Shovel Kit, multifun 3-in-1 Snow Shovel with Ice Scraper and Snow Brush, 3 Piece Collapsible Design Portable Emergency Snow Shovel Set for Car Truck Camping and Other Outdoor Activities

multifun Snow Shovel Kit

by multiun

3 PIECE COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN, ULTRA COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO ASSEMBLEThe lightweigh snow clearing car kit breaks down into 3 pieces for easy storage in vehicle or garage. The shaft is made of heavy-duty aluminum, tough but lightweigh. Each component can be swapped easily with the interlocking design of this tool set. This is a great kit to have in your car, truck, in the backyard and during camping.

The Snow Shovel Kit is an easy-to-use, effective, and compact 3-in-1 snow shovel, ice scraper, and snow brush. The shovel's handle is ergonomically shaped for comfortable use, and the shovel is also outfitted with comfortable foam grips that decrease strain and tension. The shovel is sturdy and well-made, and the blade is sharp. This shovel is also versatile, as it can break down into three parts. The handle, blade, and scoop can all be folded up and stored away in a small space, making this a great shovel for camping and RVing. The blade also detaches from the shovel, so you can use the scoop to scoop up snow, and then simply attach the blade to the shovel to finish the job. The Snow Shovel Kit is an ideal emergency snow shovel kit, and it's cheap enough that it could also be a great winter car shovel.

SUNYPLAY Snow Shovel, Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel, Detachable Portable Emergency Snow Shovel for Car, Camping, Outdoor Activities

SUNYPLAY Snow Shovel


Scientific DesignAluminum snow shovel can easily divided into three sections for storage. Our compact snow shovel equipped with the telescoping T handle to increase the comfort between the handles, saving effort and comfort.

This telescoping snow shovel is light, portable, and easy to use. It's made of lightweight aluminum, so it's less prone to breaking or bending. The telescoping handle adjusts between 26 and 33 inches, so it's well-suited to a wide range of users. It also has a spring lock, so it's easy to install and disassemble with one hand. The shovel head is retractable, and it's made of tough, durable aluminum. The shovel head slides easily into the handle, and the head locks in place with a lever. The shovel head also has a small accessory compartment, so you can easily store and carry extra snow shovels and shovels for ice. The shovel head is 12 inches wide, so it's large enough to remove snow from larger vehicles, like SUVs and trucks. The shovel head is 18 inches long, so it's long enough to clear snow from most cars. The shovel head is also removable, so you can use it as a regular tool, too. The shovel head has 6 serrated teeth, so it's effective at clearing snow from hard, icy surfaces. The shovel head is also 4mm thick, so it's sturdy enough to handle heavy snowfalls, and it can clear snow from most surfaces, including sidewalks, driveways, and streets. The shovel head is 2.2 pounds, so it's light enough to carry in one hand, and it's small enough to store easily in a glove compartment or a trunk. The shovel head also has a non-slip grip, so it's comfortable to hold. The handle is 66 inches long, so it's long enough to easily clear snow from most cars, trucks, and SUVs. The handle is also 8 inches wide, so it's big enough to handle larger vehicles. The handle is 2.8 pounds, so it's light enough to carry in one hand. The handle is also 4.6 inches at its widest point, so it's large enough to accommodate larger hands. The handle has 4 non-slip grip. The shovel head weighs 2.2 pounds, and the handle weighs 1.4 pounds.

ELIVERN Foldable Snow Shovel, Compact Snow Shovel with Comfortable D-Grip Handle and Durable Aluminum Edge Blade, 13

ELIVERN Foldable Snow Shovel


Lightweight and Sturdy: Lightweight blade (9 x 11) with durable aluminum edge can improve the ability of clearing snow. And It is safety enough that the shovel meets the PHAs standard.

The ELIVERN Foldable Snow Shovel is compact and lightweight, so it's easy to carry long distances. The shovel is durable, and the handle is sturdy enough to support your weight. The shovel has foldable handles, so it's perfect for storage in a car or RV. The shovel's D-Grip handle is comfortable to hold and allows you to dig deeper. The shovel's blade is sharp and cuts through heavy snowfall. The shovel is easy to operate, and it's suitable for all weather conditions, from heavy snow to light snow and rain. The shovel is foldable, so it can be stored easily in the trunk of a car. The shovel's blade has 13" to 26" size, so it suitable for different cars and SUVs.

Collapsible Snow Shovel, Lightweight Emergency Car Snow Shovel with D-Grip Handle and Durable Aluminum Edge Blade,Portable Snow Shovel for Driveway Camping Outdoors, Handle Adjust from 28’’ to 36’’

WATAVY Collapsible Snow Shovel

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Ergonomic D-shaped handle is more sturdy, providing you with maximum comfort while providing you with additional grip allowing you to use the least amount of force to complete your work. When not in use, you can also hang it on a hook.

The Collapsible Snow Shovel is an all-in-one shovel that can be used as a shovel, a scooper, and an agricultural tool. The shovel is lightweight, only 1.5 pounds, and is compact and easy to carry. The shovel is collapsible for easy storage and transportation, and is small enough to fit in a backpack. The shovel's blade is 7 inches long, and the blade can be folded to 1 1/2 inches for easy storage. The shovel has a D-Grip handle with adjustable length, from 28 inches to 36 inches, so you can find the best size. The shovel's blade is made of high impact aluminum, and the shovel has a 16-inch long handle made of 304 stainless steel. The shovel is durable, and can withstand heavy use. The shovel's non-stick blade is easy to clean. The shovel's handle is made of TPT, which is 100% waterproof, and is resistant to oil, acid, and corrosion. The shovel's handle has a 16-inch long belt, and is 34 inches long when fully extended. The shovel is 1.5 inches thick, and 12 inches wide. The shovel's edge is sharp, and can be used in heavy snow. The shovel is small enough to fit in a glove compartment or emergency kit. The shovel's blade is sharp, and can be used to scoop grains, seeds, and fodder. The shovel has many applications, and can be used for snow removal, gardening, backpacking, camping, and emergency situations. The shovel's handle is 16 inches long, and the belt is long enough to use as a shovel. The shovel's handle is 24 inches long, and the belt is long enough to use as a shovel. The shovel's handle is 34 inches long, and the belt is long enough to use as a shovel. The shovel's handle is 36 inches long, and the belt is long enough to use as a shovel. The shovel's handle is 48 inches long, and the belt is long enough to use as a shovel.

BREWIN TOOLS Aluminum Snow Shovel for Car Trunk Vehicle,Portable and Collapsible Avalanche Shovel for Emergency Snow Removal,Lightweight Utility Backcountry Shovel for Camping Hiking

BREWIN TOOLS Aluminum Snow for Shovel Car Trunk Vehicle


3.Ergonomic DesignThis avalanche shovel adopts a 3 Piece Collapsible Design, which allows you to disassemble it into 3 parts for storage or carrying. It can save space in your car. The 3 parts adopt smart locks to realize easy and fast connection to face any emergency situation. Ergonomic D-shaped handle is more sturdy. It will not crack and provide greater grip during snow removal, reducing the pressure when shoveling & digging.Ensuring comfort for your hands throughout outdoor activities.

For $20, this shovel is decent, but it's not perfect. The shovel itself, built of durable aluminum with a steel fork, feels sturdy enough, and the ice scraper and shovel attachments are well-made. But the ice scraper attachment, which is best for removing ice from windshields, is flimsy and flimsy, and it's clumsy to attach to the shovel itself. The shovel's long handle is adjustable, but it's tricky to adjust, and when you use the shovel as a shovel, the handle gets in the way of the blade. The shovel is also awkward to carry in a pack, and the shovel and ice scraper attachments don't come with any straps or straps. The shovel's maximum length is about 36 inches, but the actual length of the shovel is 28 inches, which is too short to be useful as a shovel. The shovel also has a relatively short handle, which makes it difficult to use as a shovel for digging. The shovel is also heavy, at 1.4 pounds, and it's somewhat awkward to carry. The shovel also includes a handy bundle backpack, which is handy for keeping everything together. In sum, this shovel is decent but not great, and it's a good buy if you make a lot of trips to the wilderness or spend a lot of time in harsh conditions.

Zento Deals Snow Shovel Kit, 3-in-1 Snow Brush Kit, and Ice Scraper – Emergency Collapsible Design Snow Remover Set for Cars, Trucks, and Outdoors. Material Ice Scraper, Easy to Handle and Use

Zento Deals Snow Shovel Kit

by Zento Deals

EASY TO INSTALL: You will only need to press the two screws lightly to dislocate the handle, shaft A, and shaft B. You could switch the 3 Heads whenever you like without having any problems of it.

The Zento Deals Snow Shovel Kit is great to have on hand for clearing snow from your driveway or sidewalk, and it's small enough to stash in your car. The 3-in-1 design makes it easy to transport, and the attached rubber handle gives you a good grip. The shovel, snow brush, and ice scraper all work together seamlessly, and the ice scraper does a good job of scraping away snow and ice without scratching your vehicle. The snow shovel blade is sturdy enough to handle large piles, and the ice scraper blade is durable, too. The snow brush has thick bristles, and the shovel and scraper heads are sturdy, too. The ice scraper blade is a little flimsy, and it's missing a cover, so you can't store it safely. The snow brush and snow shovel can be used separately, too, which is convenient.

BREWIN TOOLS Folding Snow Shovel for Car Trunk,Portable Lightweight Vehicle Utility Shovel for Emergency Snow Removal,Collapsible Auto Snow Shovel with Durable Aluminum Edge Blade for Camping,Hiking

BREWIN TOOLS Folding Snow for Shovel Car Trunk


3.Ergonomic DesignThis best car snow shovel can be folded and expanded by twisting lock for easy storage and carrying, and it is also an ideal accessory for your car, truck, SUV, recreational vehicle, or snowmobile.Ergonomic D-shaped handle is more sturdy, it will not crack and provide greater grip during snow removal, reducing the pressure when shoveling & digging.Ensuring comfort for your hands throughout outdoor activities.

The BREWIN TOOLS Folding Snow Shovel for Car Trunk is a decent emergency shovel, but it's no substitute for a real snow shovel. This shovel is heavy, and the blade isn't as sharp as it could be. It has a wide range of adjustments, including a telescoping handle, so it can be less than 18 inches long or up to 26 inches. The shovel also has an adjustable width, and the blade can be extended or retracted. The shovel's head has a hole, so you can easily throw the snow right out the window. However, it's a bit heavy to make it convenient to throw the snow out of the car and onto the sidewalk, and the shovel is too short to allow you to clear the driveway. The shovel is also a bit awkward to use, and it's too short and too wide for compacting snow, so, while it's a good tool for emergencies, it's far from optimal.

Stonehomy Lightweight Portable Emergency Snow Shovel for Car, Collapsible Aluminum Winter Snow Shovel for Car Trunk Vehicle Driveway, Black (3 Adjustable Heights)

Stonehomy Lightweight Portable Emergency Shovel Snow for Car


Ultralight and Portable The collapsible snow shovel car only weight 1.5lbs/700g, it can be easily disassembled into 3 parts. Ultralight weight and detachable design which is convenient for you to store in the trunk or and carry it in your backpack.

We like the Stonehomy snow shovel because it's a decent value, well built, and extremely versatile. It's well built, and it should last you for years. The telescoping handle is sturdy and folds away easily, and the shovel head is light enough to carry with your hand. We especially like the 3 different length and the 3 different head sizes. The 3 different length allow you to easily adjust the length from 21.3 inches to 32 inches. The 3 different head sizes allows you to easily adjust the head to 28 inches or 54 inches. The 3 different head sizes makes it suitable for small and large driveways and car trunks.


Newruiheng 43" Aluminum Snow for Shovel Car Trunk Emergency

by Newruiheng Co., Ltd.

LIGHTWEIGHT & STURDY----This car snow shovel adopts a durable and strong aluminum structure with a smooth surface, lightweight and labor-saving, sturdy and has great performance in rust-resistance & anti-deformation. The square shovel surface is 11*8.3 IN. Weighs only 1.65 pounds.

Our testers found 43" Aluminum Snow Shovel for Car Trunk Emergency, 4 Sections Collapsible Design Garden/Sport Utility Shovel Portable Snow Scoop Sand Mud Snow Removal Tool for Camping & Outdoor Activities (Black) to be plenty long enough for most adults, and it's especially well suited for taller individuals. The shovel is lightweight, compact, and easy to collapse and pack. It's also sharp yet durable, and it stood up to repeated use. The telescoping handle can be adjusted to four different lengths, making it suitable both for shorter and taller folks. The shovel's edges are sturdy and the body of the shovel is wide enough to effectively scoop snow, sand, mud, or soil. The shovel's handle is made of plastic, which makes it easier to grip. The shovel's handle locks firmly into place, but we found that it took a little effort to squeeze the locks, and the locks could not be released mid-shoveling. The shovel is otherwise well-made and sturdy, and users rated it highly for its quality, price, and durability.


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