Top 10 Best Smart Thermostats with Voice Controls
for September 2023

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Embracing the smart home revolution, the 'Smart Thermostat with Voice Control' has quickly grown into a must-have gadget for homeowners and renters alike. Having the ability to control your home's heating and air conditioning system with just your voice, these smart thermostats provide more than just comfort—they offer energy savings, convenience, and a peace of mind. What's more, it adds an impressive futuristic touch to your interior!

But how does one navigate through the world of smart thermostats? MOOZ simplifies the process with a guide. You begin by considering your HVAC system compatibility, followed by identifying features that matter most to you, like geofencing, learning capability, or compatibility with your favorite voice assistant. Once you have these areas covered, you're all set to jump in.

Taking MOOZ's careful review into account, top picks include the SASWELL Alpha Smart Thermostat with Voice Control, the Flair Puck Wireless Smart Thermostat, and the Flair Smart Vent. Each of these clever devices caught our attention with their impressive features, ease of use, and overall performance. The SASWELL offers a stunning touchscreen display and built-in Alexa, the Flair Puck promises smooth integration with Smart Vents, and the Flair Smart Vent is a versatile addition suitable for floors, walls, and ceilings.

The journey to a smarter home begins with one wise choice. Tap into the world of intelligent living by exploring the complete 'Top 10 Best Smart Thermostats with Voice Controls' list—let MOOZ guide you to your perfect match today!

SASWELL Alpha Smart Thermostat with Voice Control, Connected Control Smart Phone Wi-Fi Thermostat, Touchscreen Color Display, DIY, Built-in Alexa. T18UTW-7-WIFI.

SASWELL Alpha Smart Thermostat with Voice Control - Wifi-enabled, Alexa Built-in for Easy Temperature Control


EASILY INSTALL YOURSELF: Pluggable Module design, make DIY more effiiently. It only takes about 45 minutes or less with video walkthroughs and a step-by-step guide on the SASWELL specification, Because our installation guide provides detailed installation steps.

The SASWELL Alpha Smart Thermostat made the top of our list due to its advanced features, excellent compatibility, and energy-saving attributes. It's designed with built-in Alexa capabilities, permitting you to control your thermostat using merely your voice. Now, you can play music, hear the news, or even adjust your room temperature all in one place. It's extremely versatile and can pair with HVAC equipment found in most homes.

Importantly, this smart thermostat allows for Wi-Fi connectivity and smartphone control. You can adjust your home's temperature, wherever you are, right from your Android or IOS device. The impressive energy-saving feature is especially noteworthy, as this device can save homeowners up to 23% annually on heating or cooling costs. For enhanced comfort, convenience, and cost-effectiveness, the SASWELL Alpha Smart Thermostat is an innovative solution for your home.

Flair Puck Wireless WiFi Smart Thermostat (White), for Flair Smart Vents or Mini Split Control. Compatible with Smart Thermostats and Voice Assistants.

Flair Puck: Wireless Smart Thermostat with Voice Control for Flair Smart Vents and Mini Split Control

by Flair

COMPATIBILITY: The Flair Puck works with smart thermostats and voice assistants.

The Flair Puck Wireless Smart Thermostat effortlessly clinched our second spot, tickling our fancy with its fully wireless and intelligent feature set. Imagine, it's the only Smart Thermostat for Mini Splits that offers such seamless convenience. You'll appreciate how it brings precise control in your hands.

Room Sense technology and Smart Away in the Puck are just a couple of the captivating features that will enhance your living experience. Whether you want to fix a single room's temperature or balance multiple rooms, this device has got you covered. It's not just a thermostat, it's a game changer for your smart home.

Flair Smart Vent 4x10 (White), AC Vent Cover for Floors, Walls and Ceilings. Requires Flair Puck to Operate. Compatible with Smart Thermostats and Voice Assistants.

Flair Smart Vent 4x10: White AC Vent Cover for Floors, Walls, and Ceilings. Requires Flair Puck for Smart Thermostats and Voice Control

by Flair

THE PERFECT FLAIR SYSTEM: Flair Smart Vents require a Flair Puck to operate (sold separately). Use the infographic to design your perfect Flair system. Multiple vent sizes available.

Our third pick is the Flair Smart Vent 4x10. With its innovative design, this vent cover simplifies home temperature management, working magnificently to eliminate uneven room temperatures. It integrates seamlessly with your central heating/cooling system, adjusting airflow intelligently. Plus, it's easy to install, allowing you to replace your old vents with no hassle or need for drilling or wiring.

What sets it apart is its exceptional compatibility with smart thermostats and voice assistants. This smart vent lets you take complete control of your room temperature settings effortlessly. It uses thermostat data and the Flair Puck to operate, automatically opening and closing vents for optimum heating or cooling. With the Smart Vent 4x10 Flair, your rooms will always be at the perfect temperature, just how you like them.

Smart Digital Thermostat,LCD Touch Screen Intelligent Electric Heating Temperature Controller,95‑240V Intelligent Thermostat with Programming Mode,App Voice Control Smart Thermostat for Home

Smart Thermostat with Voice Control for Home Heating, LCD Touch Screen, App Programming

by Gavigain

TOUCH LCD DISPLAY: The smart temperature controller features a sophisticated and touch-sensitive LCD display, showcasing an exquisite design while resisting scratches and offering effortless cleaning.

The Smart Digital Thermostat is a true game changer in smart home technology, offering simplicity and convenience at its finest. It boasts a series of high-tech features, such as a touch screen interface, intelligent electric heating, app voice control, and several programming modes. This thermostat's design, with its robust ABS casing, further contributes to its durability and reliability.

Compared to the basic functionality of the Flair Smart Vent 4x10, the Smart Digital Thermostat stands out with the versatility of its programmable modes. It offers manual, automatic, and state storage functions, all manageable with just a touch of your fingertips. Moreover, its microcomputer control technology delivers precision in controlling your home's temperature.

This product's blend of innovation, ease-of-use, and resilience would be incredibly useful to those looking to upgrade their home technology and achieve optimum comfort. Its impressive control mechanisms and application versatility definitely make it a worthy investment. With the Smart Digital Thermostat, your ability to manage your home environment becomes effortless.

MoesGo WiFi Smart Air Conditioner Controller, LCD Screen Touch, Smart Thermostat for Mini Split, Window & Portable AC, Built-in Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Voice Control Alexa and Google Home

MoesGo WiFi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control for Mini Split, Window & Portable AC

by Shenzhen Forever Young Technology Co.,Ltd

Specially Designed AC Controller:WiFi Tuya smart IR thermostat is designed to control infrared AC devices specially with touch sensing control and APP controlled together, you can control your air conditioner even without WIFI, allowing you to get rid of the traditional AC remote control.

Highlighting on the list is the MoesGo WiFi Smart Air Conditioner Controller, an efficient solution for managing your cooling needs seamlessly. It stands out with its compatibility with both Alexa and Google Home, a feature our smart algorithms couldn't overlook. This impeccability means you can easily control your traditional air conditioner with just your voice.

This device is not just a typical smart controller, it's also designed with an ECO mode and an in-built temperature and humidity sensor. Its capacity to operate in various modes, adjust wind speed, and switch to energy-saving ECO mode is a big plus. What's more, it guarantees real-time monitoring of your room's climate levels, ensuring your comfort is a priority.

It tends to be most beneficial for those who crave a smart, effortless, and energy-efficient way of controlling their room's temperature and humidity. Furthermore, you get a year's warranty and a 60-day refund guarantee. You can't beat a deal that offers satisfaction and peace of mind.


From the standpoint of today's tech-savvy user, the Smart WiFi Thermostat Plug Socket is a noteworthy standout in the world of smart home appliances. The feature that took us by surprise is the user-friendly count down timer, letting you set the time from 1-60 minutes for automatic on/off operation of the connected appliance. With highly-praised security features such as a heating/cooling temp limit, and compressor restart delay, it takes away the hassle and worry from your everyday routine.

Where the "MoesGo WiFi Smart Air Conditioner Controller" falls short, this WiFi Thermostat excels. This thermostat socket is highly compatible, working perfectly with a range of heaters and coolers. While the MoesGo is limited to air conditioners, this provides a much broader use-case. In a world always on the run, the Programmable Wireless Plug-in Temperature Controller is an added ease to your demanding lifestyle.

This enhanced product would be highly beneficial for those who prioritize safety and highly value the ability to control home appliances from anywhere at any time.

ecobee New Smart Thermostat Premium with Smart Sensor and Air Quality Monitor - Programmable Wifi Thermostat - Works with Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant

ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control - Premium programmable wifi thermostat with smart sensor and air quality monitor

by ecobee

Comes with a smart speaker and your choice of Siri or Alexa Built-in. Control your home using the power of your voice and listen to your favorite Spotify playlists and podcast through your thermostats speaker. Apple home hub required to enable Siri on Smart Thermostat Premium

Our MOOZ algorithms picked up on the first-class efficiency of the ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium which could potentially save up to 26% on heating and cooling costs annually. This thermostat is ENERGY STAR certified giving it the edge in energy conservation. Much like the white Smart WiFi Thermostat Plug Socket, it's programmable and WIFI compatible, but with the added bonus of intelligent room temperature adjustment.

This thermostat outshines the previous model with its advanced occupancy sensing and air quality monitoring. With built-in smoke alarm detection and home security alerts, the ecobee thermostat fully integrates into your smart home ecosystem. For tech-savvy homeowners proficient in AI home integration, this will be a monumental upgrade to your home life, with the bonus of contributing to energy conservation.

WiFi Smart Thermostat, Programmable Touchscreen Digital Phone APP Voice Control Thermostat for Smart Home, Automatic State Storage Microcomputer Technology for Smart Home Hotel 90 to 240V(Black)

Black WiFi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control for Smart Home - Programmable and Touchscreen

by Diydeg

EASY TO INSTALL: It's Easy To Install And Fits Discreetly Near Your Heating And Cooling System. The smart thermostat has 3 different colors options, which can be selected according to your preference and needs.

The WiFi Smart Thermostat effortlessly lets you manage your home temperature. It has automatic state storage and microcomputer technology that transforms your living space into a smart haven. It's highly reliable with a temperature control accuracy of 0.5 and a strong anti-interference ability.

This thermostat outpaces the ecobee New Smart Thermostat Premium due to its voice and app control features. With just one word, you can command tasks to your thermostat or remotely control it through the Tuya app. However, an improvement could be the inclusion of an air quality monitor as present in the ecobee thermostat.

It's absolutely a gem for tech-savvy homeowners who prefer convenience and smart control in their hands. The comfort and ease in managing your home environment with this WiFi thermostat is beyond any other.

WiFi Smart Thermostat, Programmable Touchscreen Digital Phone APP Voice Control Thermostat for Smart Home, Automatic State Storage Microcomputer Technology for Smart Home Hotel 90 to 240V(White)

Smart Thermostat with Voice Control: WiFi-enabled, programmable, touchscreen thermostat for smart homes and hotels

by Diydeg

EASY TO INSTALL: It's Easy To Install And Fits Discreetly Near Your Heating And Cooling System. The smart thermostat has 3 different colors options, which can be selected according to your preference and needs.

The WiFi Smart Thermostat (White) is a smart home game changer. Its seamless integration of microcomputer technology allows you to manually control your home temperature, automate the system, or set a preferred temperature schedule, among other things. The standout feature, however, is the APP and voice control. Simply use the Tuya smart APP to control your thermostat remotely or command your desired temperature with your voice.

This white version comes with a distinct advantage over its predecessor, the WiFi Smart Thermostat (Black), with its data control accuracy of 0.5, thanks to a reliable microcontroller. This improved precision makes this a much more reliable option. As for its applicability, this product will be most useful for smart home enthusiasts seeking precise control over their household temperatures from anywhere at any time.

MincoHome Smart Thermostat Save Energy 16A Underfloor Heating Temperature Controller WiFi Voice App Connect Compatible Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant (Black for Electric Heating)

MincoHome Smart Thermostat: Voice-Controlled Temperature Controller for Underfloor Heating

by MincoHome

Programmable Function:in the "tuya" app, you can create intelligent programs and set which room to be heated. With the 5 + 2 / 6 + 1 / 7 weekly planning mode, different temperatures can be set with up to 6 periods per day to make your life pleasant and comfortable.

Our algorithm loves the MincoHome Smart Thermostat for its energy-saving features and compatibility with modern tech. This smart thermostat brings comfort and convenience into your home with its easy-to-use features. Imagine being able to control the temperature of your home from anywhere, at any time using a smartphone app. Or even better, letting your voice do all the work via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

What's great about it is that it's adjustable to your liking. The four-level screen brightness lets you choose how bright your display should be. And if you prefer a quieter device, you can simply turn off the key sound in the app. This smart thermostat is perfect for individuals that value energy efficiency, convenience and home automation. Most notably, it can facilitate both electric and water underfloor heating systems. Here's your chance to keep your home cosy, just the way you like it.


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