Top 10 Best Smart Touch Casual Fitness Trackers
for February 2024

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Are you always on the hunt for a versatile fitness tracker that not only fits your casual lifestyle but also comes bundled with premium features and elegant design? Search no more. A smart touch casual fitness tracker might just be the solution to your quest - offering a seamless blend of practicality and style, making it easier to monitor your health, and ensuring you stay on top of your fitness goals.

Navigating the world of smart touch casual fitness trackers can be a bit tricky. The right one should efficiently record your steps, heartbeat, sleep cycle, calorie intake, and much more, giving you an accurate account of your health markers. Look for one that offers easy integration with your smartphone, ease of use, good battery life, and waterproof capabilities.

The products that particularly grabbed MOOZ's attention include the TYKOIT smartwatch, well-known for its waterproof feature, pedometer, and compatibility with both Android and iOS. The Zeacool Fitness Tracker, with its exemplary touch color screen, has functionality as sharp as its design. Lastly, the LIVIKEY Fitness Tracker, hailed for its sleep monitor, is sure to boost your health regimen. The reason these made it to our top picks? They offer great value for money with their advanced features that tick all the checkboxes for any fitness enthusiast.

So if you are eager to take control of your fitness journey, why not take a look at our 'Top 10 Best Smart Touch Casual Fitness Trackers'? Your perfect fitness companion is just a click away.

TYKOIT Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Oxygen, Sleep Tracker, 41mm Touchscreen Smartwatch for Android iOS Swimming Waterproof Pedometer Step Calories Tracker for Women Men

TYKOIT Smart Touch Casual Fitness Tracker for Android and iOS - Waterproof and Heart Rate Monitor

Customers Rating9.6
Easy to use9.6
Screen quality9.8
Sleep mode8.9
Sleep quality8.5
Sleep tracking9.9

Personalized Watch Faces with Practical Tools: The fitness watch for women comes with theme dials and you can personalize the watch face to your liking and customize the display content. Brightness adjustment make you an optiomal experience based on environment change. The smartwatch features practical tools such as stopwatch, timer, music control, breathing training, night mode, alarm clock and wrist up awake, giving more convenience and fun to your life.

The TYKOIT Smart Watch effortlessly secures the first spot on our list due to its sensational performance in health monitoring. Imagine having a detailed report of your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and sleep patterns right on your wrist; it's like having a personal health assistant. TYKOIT ensures you understand your body more by recording and relaying this data in real-time either on the watch itself or on a convenient App. For the health-conscious, this provides crucial information for better lifestyle management.

If you're a fitness enthusiast, this watch offers you an array of 14 sport modes, whether you're into yoga or prefer a vigorous session of running. The 5ATM waterproof feature signifies you can also track your swimming routine without worrying about damage. The life of the battery is impressive and the compatibility range quite extensive, allowing you to stay connected with your social life effortlessly. By prioritizing your comfort and health, this smartwatch ushers in a revolution in wearable tech.

Zeacool Fitness Tracker,Activity Tracker,Heart Rate Monitor with 1.10'' AMOLED Touch Color Screen,5 ATM Waterproof Calorie Smart Watch,Step Counter for Walking,Sleep Monitor for Women Men(Black)

Zeacool Smart Touch Fitness Tracker: AMOLED Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Smart Watch for Women and Men

by Zeacool
Customers Rating8.6
Easy to use8.6
Screen quality8.7
Sleep mode8.6
Sleep quality8.7
Sleep tracking8.9

1.10 inch AMOLED HD Touchscreen: The durable stainless steel frame of C60 pairs flawlessly with the Skin-friendly fitness straps, while its 1.10 inch AMOLED HD Touch Color Screen design and multitude of invigorating watch faces blow you away any moment.

The Zeacool Fitness Tracker is our second favorite on the list and with good reason. This sleek device doesn’t just sit pretty on your wrist, it hustles to keep tabs on your health. A standout feature of this tracker is its 5 ATM Waterproof function, allowing you to wear it while swimming, bathing or getting caught in a rainstorm. You will appreciate its sophisticated functions such as Heart Rate Monitor, Call & Message Reminder, Remote Photograph, Family Health tracking and more, all working in harmony to balance your busy schedule.

The Zeacool tracker offers 24/7 real-time dynamic heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure and temperature monitoring, letting you be in the know about your physical condition. It also takes care of your sleep with its state-of-the-art Sleep Tracking & Sleep Score which provides an in-depth sleep analysis. You'll find the tracker's superb battery life and compatibility a breeze, offering up to 14 days of regular use and 30 days standby. It's the niftiest personal assistant you could have on your wrist.

LIVIKEY Activity Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Oxygen, Sleep Monitor, Fitness Watch with Pedometer, IP68 Swimming Waterproof, Smart Watch with Step Tracker for Women Men

LIVIKEY Smart Touch Casual Fitness Tracker: Heart Rate, Oxygen, Sleep Monitor, Waterproof Watch for Women/Men

Easy to use8.6
Sleep mode8.1
Sleep quality8.8
Sleep tracking8.5
Sound quality9.9
Tech Support9.1

24/7 HEART RATE24/7 real-time heart rate monitoring watch. Provides data support for your exercise planning.

LIVIKEY Activity Fitness Tracker stood out, securing a third place in our rankings. The LIVIKEY offers many features we loved. Multiple exercise modes record every detail of your workouts, while the Intelligent Sports Detection distinguishes between running or walking. Its standout feature, however, is the IP68 Swimming Waterproof capability, ensuring the watch's durability even when you're swimming or in the shower.

Continuing on its impressive feature list, the LIVIKEY tracker cares for your health beyond fitness. The female cycle tracking feature, not found in many fitness trackers, records and predicts menstrual cycles. Its blood oxygen & stress monitor keeps tabs on your wellbeing. The icing on the cake, however, is the sleep tracker, helping you understand and improve your sleep quality. Truly, this fitness watch is committed to enhancing your personal health journey.

Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Blood Oxygen Monitor, Activity Tracker Sleep & Temperature Monitor, Smart Watch IP68 Waterproof Pedometer Step Counter for Kids Man Women

Smart touch fitness tracker with blood pressure, heart rate, and activity monitoring for all ages

by BrilliantHouse
Customers Rating9.3
Sleep mode9.6
Sleep quality9.9
Sleep tracking8.2
Tech Support9.2

All-day Activity Tracking & Sports Tracking: BrilliantHouse activity tracker will accurately record all-day activities like steps, distance, calories burned, health data, active minutes and sleep status, etc, it is not only a pedometer or step counter. 17 sports modes for specific activity can be selected, which meets your whole day needs. With fashionable high tech design, it is very adorable to wear it while exercising.

MOOZ has discovered an innovative fitness tracker, aptly named the BrilliantHouse Fitness Tracker. Unlike the usual fitness tracking devices, this gadget interests us primarily because it boasts of a unique feature where both ends of the watch band can be removed, with one end having a built-in USB for charging. This easy plug-and-play feature is definitely a win for people always on the go.

This BrilliantHouse Tracker compared to the LIVIKEY Activity Fitness Tracker, trumps with its exceptional suite of multi-functions, including a Female Health Assistant and Emotional Pressure Monitor. It also has a Temperature Monitor that isn't seen in our previous product - an additional point for those concerned about their health. As an added bonus, it has an IP68 rating, making it perfect for aquatic activities.

This is an outstanding product for those who prioritize not just fitness but also health. One of the most useful features is the ability to monitor blood pressure, blood oxygen, and even emotional pressure. It's perfect for health-conscious individuals, athletes, or anyone who values well-rounded health monitoring. The wraparound band also makes it a snug fit for kids, making it a nifty gadget to monitor your child’s well-being too.

Pautios Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker Without Smartphone, Blood Oxygen Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor, IP68 Waterproof Pedometer Watch, 42mm Fitness Watch for Women Men, Step Counter

Pautios Smart Watch: Touch Fitness Tracker for Women and Men - Step Counter and Sleep Monitor

by Pautios
Easy to use8.4
Screen quality9.4
Sleep mode8.3
Sleep quality8.1
Sleep tracking8.6
Tech Support8.9

: The smart watch are equipped with multiple sport modes to meet your daily exercise needs. The sports watch can accurately record the steps, distance, heart rate, time spent and calories burned during exercise; turning on the GPS function can also synchronously record your movement track, providing you with a comprehensive analysis to make your workouts more effective. (GPS is only available in outdoor running/outdoor walking/outdoor cycling modes.)

The Pautios Smart Watch stands out from the plethora of fitness watches due to its exceptional health tracking capabilities, a feature one might not expect from a device that operates without needing to be connected to a smartphone. Its ability to monitor your heart rate and measure your SpO2 oxygen saturation levels in real time opens up a new world of health insights and understanding.

The sleek design and visual experience are remarkably outstanding. The 1.4 inches TFT-LCD Color Touch Screen with 5 brightness adjustable settings ensures your watch always stays clear, even in bright sunlight. Compared to the previous Fitness Tracker, the Pautios smartwatch has an edge in terms of battery life. With a large 250 mAh capacity battery, you only need to charge it for 2 hours to get a week's worth of use. An incredibly user-friendly interface and advanced features such as weather forecast, sedentary reminder, and alarm clock, make this watch a great tool to enhance your overall well-being. It could be most useful to someone who wants an effective fitness tracker without the need to frequently charge or always have their smartphone handy.

LIVIKEY Activity Fitness Tracker Compatible with Alexa Built-in, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Sleep Monitor, Fitness Watch with Pedometer, IP68 Swimming Waterproof, Smart Watch with Step Tracker

LIVIKEY Activity Fitness Tracker with Compatible Alexa Built-in

Customers Rating8.4
Easy to use9.3
Sleep mode9.9
Sleep quality8.7
Sleep tracking7.2
Tech Support9.7

FASHION LIFE ASSISTANTA fashionable style activity fitness tracker with 14 built-in exercise modes, enabling you to record the exercise intensity (METs), pace, heart rate changes, distance, and other data during your workouts. GT Band has the Intelligent Sports Detection function and can detect if the user is running or walking (this function can be enabled or disabled in the App).

MOOZ recently added the LIVIKEY Activity Fitness Tracker to their list, primarily for its compatibility with Amazon's Alexa. The feature that caught our eye was its voice-control capability which makes planning your workouts or setting an alarm as simple as speaking.

Compared to our previous contender, the Pautios Smart Watch, this LIVIKEY model stands out with its advanced female cycle tracking, making it a thoughtful fitness companion for women.

This gadget will be most useful to those who appreciate a fusion of convenience and women-focused health tracking in their fitness regime. The 24/7 heart rate tracking, stress monitor, and 7-day battery life only serve to add to your seamless experience.

Fitness Tracker, 1.10''AMOLED Touch Color Screen Activity Tracker with 24/7 Heart Rate, Sleep Tracking, 25 Sports, Calorie Counter Pedometer Watch for Android & iPhone Men Women Kids

Bakoor Fitness Tracker

by hailianhua
Customers Rating8.2
Material quality9.7
Screen quality9.5
Sleep mode8.8
Sleep quality9.4
Sleep tracking6.8

1.10 Inch Display & Custom Watch Face AMOLED HD Touch Color Screen design, an exquisite visual display, provide you with high-quality touch and visual experience, making all incoming calls and message reminders extremely clear, enjoy a wonderful view.

This Fitness Tracker with a vivid 1.10''AMOLED Touch Color Screen is indeed a game changer. Standing above the crowd with its 24/7 heart rate monitoring feature, it gets an edge over our previous favorite, the LIVIKEY Activity Fitness Tracker. While the Liviekey excels in sleep monitoring and IP68 water resistance, our new champion offers a broader scope focusing not only on your sleep patterns but also on your activity throughout the day.

The Fitness Tracker is versatile, offering 25 sports modes, including steps, calories, and distance tracking. In contrast, the LIVIKEY tracker only offers a pedometer and the usual fitness tracking. What's more, this device goes the extra mile with a commendable battery life, lasting up to 7 active days or even 15 days on standby, something that gives it an edge for those always on the go.

This product will be most impressive to anyone, be it men, women, or kids, looking for a comprehensive, all-around fitness tool capable of tracking various activities and offering intelligent notifications. To sum up, the noteworthy distinction of this Fitness Tracker is its versatility and extended battery life which outperforms our previous champion, the LIVIKEY Tracker.

MorePro Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure and Blood Oxygen, Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor Health Sleep Tracking, Waterproof Smart Watch Activity Tracker Step Tracker Pedometer for Women Men

MorePro Fitness Tracker with Pressure Blood and Blood Oxygen

by MorePro
Easy to use6.7
Sleep mode7.4
Sleep quality9.1
Sleep tracking9.1
Sound quality9.2
Tech Support8.6

Exclusive Colors & Long Lasting BatteryDesigned with exclusive colors and different watch face made for diverse aesthetics. With an intelligent long-lasting battery that lasts for days on a single charge, only 2 hours, and up to 5-7 days of usage.

Our smart algorithms are impressed by the MorePro Fitness Tracker due its comprehensive set of fitness-tracking features. We believe this multifaceted device will be most useful for fitness enthusiasts seeking to track a wide range of health and wellness metrics.

Signature among its host of features is the inclusion of both heart rate and blood pressure monitoring. These real-time tracking facilities enable you to be more aware of your body's changes, potentially enhancing your fitness journey significantly. We also relish how easily you can set your step goals in the integrated app, a testament to this gadget’s dedication to personal fitness goals. Surely, the MorePro Fitness Tracker is a worthwhile companion for your health and wellness aspirations.

KALINCO Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker with Pedometer, Sleep Tracking, Calorie & Step Counter Watch, Call & Message Alert for Men Women

KALINCO Fitness Tracker Heart with Rate Monitor

Customers Rating6.8
Easy to use6.6
Screen quality9.1
Sleep mode9.3
Sleep quality6.6
Sleep tracking6.1

Easy to Charge & Compatibility : With a built-in USB plug, the pedometer is easy to charge and ready for use in just 2 hours. Enjoy up to 7 days of use. The tracker is compatible with iOS 7.0 & above or Android 4.4 & above smartphones. Please download VeryFitPro app to connect the activity tracker to get more detailed data.

As a fitness enthusiast, having the right gadget to monitor your progress is essential. Step into a healthier lifestyle with the KALINCO Fitness Tracker - a nifty device our algorithms and product testers rave about. Its standout feature – the real-time heart rate monitor – not only tracks your pulse but also monitors your sleep patterns, helping you to adjust to a healthier lifestyle.

With the smart call and message notifications, you're always connected, ensuring you never miss a beat while focusing on your workouts. The all-day data recording, combined with 14 sports modes, caters to the diverse fitness needs of both men and women. Anyone immersed in fitness or aiming to pursue a healthier lifestyle will find this gadget immensely useful. Specifically, this product will be most beneficial for fitness enthusiasts and individuals who are health-conscious.

POIUZET Fitness Tracker Watch 1.1

POIUZET Fitness Tracker Watch with 1.1" Alexa Built-in

Battery life7.9
Easy to use6.7
Sleep mode8.5
Sleep quality9.3
Sleep tracking9.3
Tech Support6.2

FASHION LIFE ASSISTANTEnjoy the convenience of 14 built-in exercise modes, capturing exercise intensity (METs), pace, heart rate variations, distance, and other workout data. GT Band features Intelligent Sports Detection, automatically identifying running or walking (this function can be enabled or disabled in the app). With a water-resistance grade of IP68 waterproof, it provides peace of mind during exercise, swimming, handwashing, showering, and more.

Our smart algorithms singled out the POIUZET Fitness Tracker Watch for its impressive array of features and notable longevity. With Alexa built-in, setting exercise modes and tracking your daily activities becomes seamless and easy. Its 7-day battery life is a welcome gift, saying goodbye to constant recharging.

Heading into the specifics, no fitness detail will hide from you. Capable of analyzing sleep quality, monitoring heart rate around the clock, and even measuring blood oxygen levels, this gem ensures excellent exercise planning support. It is exceptionally beneficial for individuals who value health tracking. Hence, it is most useful for fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals.


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