Top 10 Best Smart Watches for Kids
for December 2023

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In the digital age, a smartwatch is more than just a stylish gadget, it's essentially a mini personal assistant right on your wrist, and children too can significantly benefit from these high-tech accessories. 'Smart Watches for Kids' has been designed to not only allow your kid to tell time but also deliver a range of practicalities like GPS tracking, fitness tracking, game playing, and much more. It's an ideal tool for teaching your children responsibility, time management while providing you peace of mind as a parent.

Choosing the perfect 'Smart Watch for Kids' is no easy task. There's a cascade of features to consider: durability, water resistance, GPS capability, and more, not forgetting your child's particular preferences. The right smartwatch for your child should strike a balance between functionality and a user-friendly interface. It's fundamental to understand how these smartwatches work and to comprehend their specifications in order to make an astute choice.

Out of many, three products have caught MOOZ's attention due to their outstanding functionality and practical design. The HENGTO Fitness Tracker Watch for kids, known for its bespoke DIY watch face and 19 Sport Modes, can be an engaging way to motivate your kids into fitness and health. The Smart Watch for Kids Boys is packed with interactive games and also doubles as a music player, camera, and alarm clock. For those looking to gift their kids, the Butele Kids Game Smart Watch with its five entertaining games and pedometer could be just the perfect choice! Each of these watches embodies versatility, practicality, and fun which makes them incredible choices for your child.

To truly discover the potential of these amazing devices and choose the one that perfectly suits your child, view the full 'Top 10 Best Smart Watches for Kids' list now! Let your child explore, learn and grow with these intelligent watches.

HENGTO Fitness Tracker Watch for Kids, IP68 Waterproof Kids Smart Watch with 1.4

HENGTO Fitness Tracker: Waterproof Kids Smart Watch with DIY Watch Face, 19 Sport Modes. For kids 6-16

Easy to use9.9
Screen quality9.7
Sleep mode9.6
Sleep quality9.9
Tech Support8.5

Strongest Buckle DesignThe buckle design of our watch is specially designed for kids fitness tracker. Easy to install, hard and strong, solve the problem of strap breakage, kids can enjoy sports, hiking, games and more. And with a comfortable and durable silicone strap and a sturdy, adjustable buckle, the adjustable shoulder strap fits wrists from 5 to 7.5 inches, making it suitable for kids of all ages.

We've ranked the HENGTO Kids Fitness Tracker Watch at the top primarily due to its unique kid-friendly design infused with handy features. Tailored specifically for children aged 6-16, this watch boasts an impressive IP68 waterproof rating and a 1.4" DIY watch face that kids can personalize to match their style. The watch also offers a wide variety of sport modes, acting as a fun and motivating fitness companion for young ones on the go.

Designed for both fitness and fun, it is more than just a watch. It comes with 19 sports modes, a fantastic tool to get your children moving. Not only keeping tabs on steps and calories, but also the quality of sleep with its sleep monitor. This multifaceted watch is an exciting and practical gift that can support your child's active and healthy lifestyle.

Smart Watch for Kids Boys, Kids Smart Watch Boys With 24 Games Alarm Clock Calendaring Camera Music Player Time Display Video & Audio Recording, Toys for 3-12 Years Old Boys Touchscreen Toddler Watch

Smart Watch for Kids Boys - 24 Games, Camera, Music Player, Alarm, Touchscreen Toddler Watch. Made for 3-12-year-old boys

by Phyulls
Customers Rating9.7
Easy to use8.7
Material quality8.9
Smart Features9.6
Touch Screen9.8
Value for money9.5

Easy to UseNo SIM Card Required. The watch for kids don't have call function, dont need to download app, all the functions are built-in the kids watch, very easy to operate for kids. We also provide SD memory cards Built-in this kids smart watch, helps your child download MP3 children's songs, pictures and videos.

The Kids Smart Watch Boys earned the second spot in our listing due to its unbelievable versatility and fun features. This smartwatch designed for boys doesn't just help them keep up with the time but also provides an array of exciting functionalities like a selfie-cam, 24 puzzle games, MP3 player, voice recorder, torch, pedometer and more. This high-quality smartwatch is crafted using environmentally friendly silicone material ensuring a comfortable fit on your little one's wrist.

This isn't all. The Kids Smart Watch Boys takes entertainment to the next level with its capacity to store over 10,000 HD photos or 6+ hours of video. Add to this its commendable battery life that justifies its 'longer-lasting' claim, allowing your child to enjoy uninterrupted fun for extended periods. With the inclusion of an alarm, stopwatch, and calculator, this smartwatch proves to be a distinctive blend of learning and amusement for 3-12-year-old boys.

Butele Kids Smart Watch Girls Boys, Smart Watch for Kids Game Smart Watch Gifts for 4-16 Years Old with Sleep Mode 20 Sports Modes 5 Games Pedometer Birthday Gift for Boys Girls (Purple)

Butele Kids Smart Watch - Smart Watch for Kids with 20 Sports Modes & 5 Games (Purple)

by Butele
Customers Rating9.4
Easy to use8.1
Screen quality8.4
Sleep mode9.3
Sleep quality8.3
Tech Support8.6

DIY UI + Adjustable StrapThe watch can be customized with wallpaper. Your child can choose a wallpaper that comes with the app, or upload a favorite photo as a wallpaper. This watch has a stylish and cute design. Color touch screen with adjustable brightness, the display lights up automatically when you raise your wrist, suitable for children over 6 years old.

Our third pick is the Butele Kids Smart Watch. This thoughtful product grasps your attention with its innovative 20 sports modes and 5 puzzle games. Ideal for children aged between 4-16 years, it simultaneously promotes physical activity and cognitive development. Its advantageous long battery life allies perfectly with its game and exercise features, promising enduring entertainment.

Delve into the smarter aspects of the watch. Besides being a source of fun, it is a sleep tracker and a vibration alarm clock. Imagine subtly nudging your child awake, without the harshness of a traditional alarm, cultivating excellent sleep habits. The watch also monitors your child's daily activities, bringing insights into their day at your fingertips.

Sedzofan Smart Watch for Kids with 24 Puzzle Games HD Touch Screen Camera Video Music Player Pedometer Alarm Clock Flashlight 12/24 hr Kids Watches Gift for 4-12 Year Old Boys Girls Toys for Kids

Sedzofan Kids Smart Watch - HD Touch Screen, Camera, Video Player, Games, Alarm Clock

by Sedzofan
Easy to use9.5
Material quality9.5
Smart Features8.2
Tech Support8.5
Touch Screen8.5

Safety & Comfortable DesignKids watch made from non-toxic ABS plastic material, with a soft and durable adjusted silicone strap, It is sweatproof and splashes, Which is of high safety performance and durability. Wear it anywhere during amusement parks, school trips, and more outdoor activities. Support USB charging.

In the vast universe of children's gadgets, the Sedzofan Smart Watch stands out with its rich assortment of features. This fun-filled device is not just a watch, but a companion that offers entertainment, learning, and practicality in one compact device. The Sedzofan Smart Watch makes a perfect gift for children aged 6 to 10 years old who like to explore, learn and have fun at the same time.

What caught our smart algorithms' attention the most is its 24 built-in games that not only entertain, but also offer an opportunity for youngsters to develop their logical thinking and hand-eye coordination abilities. The watch also includes a camera and video feature. Youngsters can take photos, record videos, and capture every joyful moment in their lives - how's that for childhood memories? But that's not all, it also has a puzzling mp3 player, pedometer, alarm clock, flashlight, and even more, ensuring your child is never bored. Take this chance to introduce your child to this 'mini-smartphone' as they navigate their tech-filled future.

JrTrack 2 SE Smart Watch for Kids by Cosmo | 4G Phone Calling & Text Messaging | SIM Card & Flexible Data Plans | GPS Tracker Watch for Kids | Children’s Smartphone Alternative (Blue)

Cosmo JrTrack 2 SE: Smart Watch for Kids - 4G Phone Calling & Texting, GPS Tracker & Smartphone Alternative

by COSMO Technologies
Easy to use9.8
Mobile App7.1
Sleep tracking8.3
Smart Features9.9

FUN & POWERFUL FEATURES COSMOs JrTrack comes with the perfect mix of practical & fun features for families. In addition to useful features like 4G calling & texting (via the Mission Control app), GPS tracking, alarms, reminders, and more, kids will love the front facing camera to take pictures & record videos. Plus JrTrack includes a voice recorder and fun custom wallpaper backgrounds for kids to choose from.

If you're in search of a reliable, safe, and feature-rich smartwatch for your little one, the JrTrack 2 SE Smart Watch by Cosmo should be on your radar. What's notable about this device is its award-winning design, combining 4G calling and texting, a camera, GPS tracking, and a pedometer in one kid-friendly package. It's an all-in-one safety gadget that assures parents about their children's safety by keeping them connected at all times.

This smartwatch is an excellent choice for kids aged 5-12 years who want the freedom of a smartphone without the associated risks. With the JrTrack 2 SE Smartwatch, you're getting a much more advanced piece of technology compared to the Sedzofan Smart Watch. It's not just about fun and games, but also about ensuring your child's safety with features like GPS tracking, custom safe zones and SOS alerts, none of which are available on the Sedzofan model. Moreover, it comes with pre-installed SIM card and flexible data plans. This is indeed a more practical and interactive way to keep a watchful eye on your child. However, be prepared to pay a higher price for these premium features.

Smart Watch for Kids 4-12 Years Old with 15 Games Camera Alarm Video Music Player Pedometer Flashlight Birthday Gift for Boys Girls (Pink)

Smart Watch for Kids 4-12 Years Old with 15 Games & Camera - Perfect Birthday Gift (Pink)

by Berilona
Customers Rating9.2
Easy to use8.2
Smart Features7.5
Sound quality7.2
Tech Support8.8
Touch Screen7.9

Highlights: Smooth touch screen, stunning high-definition interface, interesting and innovative watch functions, bring unprecedented new experience to your children.

At first glance, the Smart Watch for Kids caught our attention with its rich collection of features, making it a great tool for both entertainment and learning. Combining 15 distinct games, a camera, music player, alarm, and pedometer, this watch is a captivating and practical gift for kids.

If you're a parent aiming to instill a sense of time management in your kids, this watch stands out with its unique Habit feature that helps schedule daily activities. The watch comes packed with activities such as getting up, brushing teeth, attending school, participating in sports and much more. An additional unique feature is the Audiobook Story, offering kids a selection of eight interesting stories to enjoy. The Parental Control feature adds a layer of comfort, offering parents control and overview. This watch is a perfect accessory for kids aged 4-12 years old, offering the right balance of fun and learning opportunities.

Butele Kids Games Smartwatch MP3 Player Music Watch, Kids Smart Watch with 16 Games, Flashlight,Alarm Clock, Camera, Kids Watch Birthday Gift for Boys Girls 4-16 (Black)

Butele Kids Games Smartwatch: Music Watch with Games, Camera, and More - Perfect Gift for Boys and Girls Ages 4-16

by Butele
Easy to use9.2
Material quality8.6
Mobile App9.4
Screen quality9.1
Tech Support8.8

Updated smart watch for kidsUpdated HD upgraded camera + High resolution touch screen. The updated TPU adjustable strap is not easy to break and is more suitable for kids. Long battery life, can be used continuously for 3-7 days after fully charged! Let your children have more fun while playing. The kids smart watch also provides dual HD cameras, MP3 music player, step counter, 16 games, calculator, flashlight and other functions that ordinary kids watches do not have.

Liberate your child's imagination and creativity with the Butele Kids Games Smartwatch MP3 Player Music Watch. This smartwatch is not just a timepiece but a fun-filled educational tool, brimming with up to 16 intelligent games to hone your child's logical thinking and hand-eye coordination abilities.

Ideal for children aged between 4-16 years old, the watch features a high-resolution touch screen, HD upgraded camera, and an in-built MP3 player. Whether it's capturing the magic of their day or jamming out to their favourite tunes, there is no limit to the fun your child can have. To top it all, this nifty watch has an alarm clock feature to help your child develop healthy habits and a flashlight feature for added safety.

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX3, Blue

VTech Blue KidiZoom Smartwatch DX3: A Kid-Friendly Smartwatch for Tech-Savvy Kids

by VTech
Customers Rating7.1
Easy to use7.9
Sleep mode8.1
Tech Support9.6

Cool, kid-friendly DX3 features dual cameras for photos and videos; watch light is camera flash or flashlight

One standout feature of the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX3 that takes center stage is the ability to personalize clockfaces from photos, or select from a delightful range of 50+ animated faces. This aspect creates an unparalleled sense of individuality, making it significantly more thrilling and engaging for your child. The included Micro-USB cable and built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery ensures high-quality performance and reliability, which is why we find this product highly recommendable.

Compared to the Butele Kids Smartwatch, the KidiZoom DX3 offers a unique 'School mode' option. With this feature, you conveniently transform the device into a straightforward watch, ruling out distractions during learning or homework time. Regrettably, the DX3 doesn't include an MP3 player which the Butele Smartwatch offers. Nonetheless, the addition of downloadable games, camera effects, and a watch box that converts into a storage case provide an unmatched value proposition.

This would appeal to those seeking a tech-gadget which grows with the child, boosting their independent skills, while also serving as a source of entertainment. It's particularly suited for children aged 4+ years who enjoy creative tasks and challenges.

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Pink

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2: The Ultimate Pink Smart watch for Kids

by VTech
Battery life8.6
Customers Rating8.1
Easy to use9.9
Sound quality8.3
Tech Support8.1

Stylish, kid-friendly design; secure, splash proof wristband is perfectly sized for kids wrists

MOOZ was fascinated by the interactive qualities of the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 Pink. Compared to the earlier model, the DX3 Blue, this version stands out for its child-friendly augmented reality game, Monster Detector. It puts a creative spin to the gaming experience as it enables children to capture monsters in the actual world. Moreover, it includes a motion sensor for active play challenges, which can certainly contribute to your child's active lifestyle.

For parents who want their kids to enjoy their tech-time while ensuring safety, the DX2 Pink is the ideal choice. It encourages creativity as it allows your little ones to personalize their watch faces with selfies and fun filters. However, unlike its counterpart, the DX3 Blue, parents have the discretion to upload these photos and videos to a computer, ensuring a safe environment for kids online. This remarkable smartwatch is best suited for children aged 4 and above who are into active and creative play.

YOUSOKU Fitness Tracker Watch for Kids, IP68 Waterproof Kids Smart Watch with 1.5

YOUSOKU Kids Smart Watch: Waterproof Fitness Tracker with 19 Sport Modes, Pedometers, Heart Rate - Perfect Gift!

Customers Rating9.4
Easy to use7.5
Sleep mode9.5
Sleep quality7.3
Value for money7.7

SPECIAL BUCKLE DESIGNED FOR CHILDRENConsidering the high demand of children's mobility for the durability of the strap, we use a more comfortable and durable silicone back strap. In addition, the specially designed adjustable buckle makes the strap very easy to install and wear, and more durable, so children can freely enjoy sports, hiking, games, etc.

One of the striking features we at MOOZ found with the YOUSOKU Fitness Tracker Watch for Kids is its 24-hour non-stop health tracking. The accuracy it offers in monitoring daily walking steps, distance, calories, as well as heart rate and sleep quality is impressive. These comprehensive details can help your child develop a healthier lifestyle.

This device is most fitting for active children, especially those fascinated by gadgets. This smartwatch for kids supports 19 sports modes and features IP68 water resistance, enabling your child to freely engage in both indoor and outdoor activities. In contrast to our previous listing, the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Pink, the YOUSOKU watch offers more sports modes and a higher waterproof rating. Despite its lack of camera feature like the VTech watch, YOUSOKU compensates with a higher commitment to fitness tracking.


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