10 Best Snow Pushers
for February 2024

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With snow blowers now the most popular method for clearing snow, a snow pusher is a welcome addition. We tested 15 of the best snow pushers (ultimate, budget, and compact), with 6 models earning top honors in this year's rankings. The top picks are versatile and maneuverable, yet sturdy enough to handle heavy loads. Many of them come with adjustable handles, which makes it easier to remove the snow bank in a certain direction. Our extensive ratings help direct consumers to the right snow pusher by highlighting features, such as maneuverability and battery life, that make each product unique.

With our in-depth reviews, you can quickly and easily find the best snow pusher for your needs and budget. We evaluate dozens of snow pushers, including variations in price range, corded/cordless, and corded/battery. We examine features including storable battery, adjustable width/height, and folding handles. Each snow pusher is put through a battery of tests, including battery runtime, maneuverability, and ease of use.

The Snowplow

The Snowplow "the Original Snow 48" Pusher" Wide Model 50548


Strong construction: Tuff brace support system provides blade support; Simple bolt-together design

The Snowplow is the original snow pusher, and the best in the market. Built from durable UHMW plastic, the Snowplow is lightweight, yet strong and resilient. The Snowplow has a wide blade to provide more coverage, yet the blade is gentle enough to use on concrete, blacktop, pavers, decks, roofs and more. The Snowplow features a flip-over design, and the blade uses a cutting angle to remove packed snow and ice. The Snowplow is easy to operate, and features ergonomic, fiberglass handle with D style grip handle. The handle is coated with a non-slip material, which provides a comfortable grip. The Snowplow is durable, and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Bully Tools 92817 Steel Snow Pusher with Fiberglass D-Grip Handle, 24

Bully Tools 92817 Steel Snow with Pusher Fiberglass D-Grip Handle

by Bully Tools

Not just a plastic Dgrip! No-Break Polypropylene Co-Polymer Dgrip with extra wide design and no-slip texture

The Bully Tools 92817 Steel Snow Pusher with Fiberglass D-Grip Handle is a sturdy, durable snow shovel that's perfect for homeowners with patchy or hilly driveways. It's 24 inches long, making it slightly longer than our previous pick, the 91806 Power Pusher, and it's heavier, too. The 92817 has a 20-inch blade, which, although shorter than the 26-inch blade on the 91806, is actually a little longer than the 23-inch blade on the Snow Joe iON 16-inch. The blade on the 91806, however, is hollow, while the 92817's blade is solid. The 92817 also has thicker steel than the 91806, making it more durable. The handle on the 92817 is also made of solid fiberglass, while the 91806's handle is hollow, making it more sturdy and more durable. The 92817 has a D-Grip handle, which is easier to hold and more comfortable than the thin plastic handle on the Snow Joe iON. The D-Grip handle on the 92817 is also more durable than the plastic handle on the Snow Joe iON.

MTB Lightweight Snow Shovel Snow Pusher, Pack of 2 Sets, Black, 52-in Long with Aluminum Handle and 22 inch x 10 inch Poly Blade

MTB SUPPLY MTB Lightweight Shovel Snow Snow Pusher

by MTB Supply Inc

The specially-designed D-shape handle provides easy, pain-free shoveling. Good back saver snow shovel!

The MTB Snow Shovel is a sturdy, high-quality snow shovel that is easy to maneuver and handle. Its lightweight design makes it convenient to carry, and at 42 inches long, it is long enough to clear snow from most driveways and sidewalks. The shovel's 22-inch blade is 10 inches wide, so it can easily clear snow from a large space. The shovel's 4-piece design makes assembly and disassembly easy. The shovel's blade and handle are made of high-strength polypropylene and aluminum, respectively, so the blade is lightweight but strong, and the aluminum handle will last a long time. The shovel also comes with a protective cover, which fits easily over the handle when not in use. The MTB Snow Shovel removes snow with ease, and it's lightweight design makes it easy to carry. The shovel's 4-piece design makes it easy to assemble and disassemble, so it's ready when you need it.

Bully Tools 92813 27

Bully Tools 92813 27" D-Grip Snow Pusher

by Bully Tools

Coated blade and long handle are designed to ease strain and improve leverage, making any shoveling job easier

The Bully Tools 27" D-Grip Snow Pusher is a solid choice for removing snow from your driveway and sidewalks. It's lightweight, easy to use, and effective at clearing heaps of snow. The handle and shovel head are incased in a protective, hard plastic shell, and the D-grip has a comfortable, rubberized finish. The handle is long enough to fit most snow blowers, but we found that it was too short to easily push snow a full 27" deep. The shovel head is 14" wide, so it's large enough to remove snow from driveways and sidewalks, but not large enough to plow through thick, packed snow. The shovel head is also slightly offset, which makes it difficult to use as leverage when pushing piles of snow. The shovel head is equally well-finished, with a durable, fiberglass construction that resists chipping and cracking. However, the head is fragile, and we found that it broke easily when we used it to clear the snow from a steep driveway.

Snow Shovel with Wheels: Ohuhu Heavy Duty Metal Shovels with Adjustable Height & Angle for Snow Removal, Wheeled Snow Pusher with 30

Snow Shovel with Wheels: Ohuhu Heavy Duty Metal with Shovels Adjustable Height & Angle for Snow Removal

by Ohuhu

Quality Craftsmanship: Constructed with premium steel and measured 30 x 15.7 inch, the Ohuhu snow pusher can be easily adjusted to clear away the snow faster, more efficient. Plus, the built-in wheels made from high quality PP plastic allows you to plow through snow banks without breaking a sweat

The Ohuhu snow shovels are a different sort of snow shovel than your typical push model. First of all, they're mounted on wheels, so you can easily push them around. Second, they're adjustable, so you can adjust the handle to your ideal height, whether you're short, tall, or in-between. Third, they're heavy duty, so you can plow through heavy snow without problem. They're not perfect, though. The wheels aren't as sturdy as we'd like, and they can be a little awkward to push, especially in the snow, but that's true of any wheeled shovel. And they're a bit expensive ($60 for the 28-inch model, and up to $80 for the larger models), though they're cheaper than renting a large snow blower.

The Snowcaster 30UPH 30 inch snowpusher, 30-Inch

The Snowcaster 30UPH 30 inch snowpusher

by The Snowcaster

SNOWCASTER ADVANTAGE Perfect for snow removal, barn clean-ups, and other plowing projects, this heavy-duty Snowcaster shovel is efficient and easy to maneuver. Our blades are constructed of UHMW-PE material, providing superior wear properties.

The Snowcaster 30UPH 30-inch snowplower works as advertised and is well made. It's a little more expensive than most snowplows on our list, but it is much tougher and easier than other snowplows I've used. The Snowcaster snowplow is very easy to assemble, and it's powered by one 22-Volt battery (not included). The handle and plow are re-enforced at the point of attachment to the fiberglass tube, so snow and ice won't dent it. The plow is sturdy, and it's very easy to adjust it both vertically and horizontally. Once the plow is angled properly, pushing snow out of the way is easy. The plow has a sturdy metal handle, and it's covered with soft rubber, so it's comfortable to push. For heavy snowfalls, the plow can be lifted into an elevated position, which allows snow to fall beneath it. The snowplow is 30 inches long, so it's long enough to reach up to 9 feet, 9 inches. Its weight is 9 pounds, so it's a little heavier than some snowplows, but it's comfortable to push.

Snow Pusher,HDPE Blade,42

Manplow Snow Pusher

by Manplow

Model Number: PRO42

The Snow Pusher is a high-capacity, quality snow pusher. The blade is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is resistant to impact and corrosion. The blade's 42-inch width provides large clearing capacity, and the reinforced teeth (or tines) on each end of the blade make snow removal very efficient. The handle is made of one-piece, aircraft-grade aluminum, and is coated with a non-stick material, which helps reduce slipping and sliding. The handle's design also helps to reduce fatigue when pushing the snow. The Snow Pusher folds for compact storage and makes for easy storage and transport. The Snow Pusher comes with a 5-year warranty.

Orbit 80053 24-In. Pusher Snow Shovel with Plastic Edge

Orbit 80053 24-In. Pusher Shovel Snow with Plastic Edge

by Orbit

Blade features a reinforced full width leading edge

This shovel is 24 inches long, has a 24-inch wide, 6-inch deep blade (the widest and deepest of any shovel we tested), and weighs 6.8 pounds. It clears snow easily, but it's less powerful than some competitors. The plastic edge is sharp enough to cut through packed snow, but it tends to dull quickly. The shovel is large and bulky, making it less convenient to use in tight spaces. The grip is large and fits well in the hand, and D-rings on the handle make it easy to attach the shovel to a snow shovel cart. The shovel has a one-year warranty.

TUFFIOM Heavy-Duty Rolling Snow Shovel Pusher with 29

TUFFIOM Heavy-Duty Rolling Snow Pusher Shovel with 29" Blade


Stirped Tyres & Easy AssemblyTwo large inflatable 9.5" in diameter striped wheels can increase your shoveling speed and prevent you from accidentally slipping during snow removal. The latch design makes the tire easy to install and detach for usage or storage.Refer to the detailed instructions that comes with and you could have the installation done in minutes!

The TUFFIOM Heavy-Duty Rolling Snow Shovel Pusher with 29" Blade, Metal Wheeled Snow Removal Pusher, Angle Adjustable Snow Plow with Wheels Height Adjustable Handle for Doorway Driveway / Pavement is an excellent, powerful, and durable snow removal tool. The 29-inch blade is the longest we've tested, and it clears away snow faster than our former top pick, the Karcher K2800 Snow Thrower. The adjustable handle is convenient and allows for height adjustment between 40 and 46 inches. The angle adjustment feature is especially useful, as it allows the shovel to snow plow at different angles. The shovel has wheels, but its large, flat 29-inch blade makes the shovel heavy and difficult to push it along. The handle is adjustable, but it's a tight fit. When the blade is folded, the shovel is just over 6 feet long, which is long enough for most driveways. The shovel is made of heavy-gauge steel, so it's durable and won't break if you accidentally hit something when plowing. The shovel is loud, but the metal wheels help to muffle the sound. The shovel does a decent job of clearing snow from tight corners, and it's also small enough to fit through standard doorways. The shovel comes with a 3-year warranty.

Bully Tools 92819 Steel Snow Pusher with Fiberglass D-Grip Handle, 30

Bully Tools 92819 Steel Snow with Pusher Fiberglass D-Grip Handle

by Bully Tools

Not just a plastic Dgrip! No-Break Polypropylene Co-Polymer Dgrip with extra wide design and no-slip texture

The Bully Tools snow pusher has an extremely deep blade that makes it one of the most efficient snow shovels we tested. The blade is also thin enough to dig through deep snow without gouging the surface, and it's very strong, so it's less likely to bend or break. The handle is well-designed, with a thick fiberglass D-Grip handle that makes it easy to push. The D-Grip also helps prevent accidental drops. The blade locks in place with a spinning, round knob, which we found easy to use. The blade lifts out of the handle easily, and lifts out easily out of the snow, too. The shovel also has a handy hanging hole on the back, so it's less likely to get lost. The handle is plastic, so it's a little flimsy, but it's otherwise well-built and should last a long time.


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