10 Best Soap Savers
for October 2023

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In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we all are striving hard to maintain cleanliness around us. From regular sanitizing and washing to using soaps frequently, always keeping soap ready is essential. And the thing that aids in this crucial task? A soap saver. In the year 2020, the soap saver market saw a rise of about 10% due to everyone's increased health consciousness. A total sell-out of around 5.5 million soap savers was noted, with top manufacturers reporting record-breaking sales.

However, buying the best soap saver for your industrial-chic bathroom or your farmhouse-inspired kitchen can seem daunting. Not to worry! MOOZ has curated a list of the '10 Best Soap Savers' that perfectly suit everyone's needs and styles. You can study detailed descriptions, scrutinize customer reviews, and compare prices at your leisure.

And...we kept the best for the last. Plastic Soap Saver Clear Soap Dish Bar Holder Tray with Holes Soap Sponge Holder for Kitchen Bathroom Shower Counter is waiting to be discovered as the final gem. Why is this product interesting? Offering an easy-to-clean design and ample drainage to keep your soap dry, this soap saver optimizes your soap usage while adding an aesthetic touch to your space. So, why wait? Let's leap in and explore, because your perfect soap saver is just a click away! Dive into the list and discover your next household essential!

S&T INC. BPA-Free Soap Savers for Kitchen and Bathroom, White, 2.9 Inch x 4.4 Inch, 4 Pack

BPA-Free Soap Savers for Kitchen and Bathroom - Keep Your Soap Fresh with These White 4 Pack

by Schroeder & Tremayne, Inc.

Durable and easy to wash, simply rinse with warm water Size: 4 Pack

Truly a star amongst other products, that's why the S&T INC. BPA-Free Soap Savers clean-swept their way to our top spot. Imagine stepping into your bathroom or kitchen, catching sight of your coveted soap sitting high and dry on this crisp white, elegantly robust soap saver. You'd be buoyed by the efficient preservation of your soap, wouldn't you? It's an investment that pays off daily as it stretches the lifespan of your soap, saving you some hard-earned money.

You know the annoying residues shampoo or conditioner bottles leave behind on your shelf? The S&T Soap Saver comes in as a knight in shining armor. It snugly nestles under your bottles, shielding your shelves from unsightly stains and spills. With a generous size of 2.9 in. x 4.4 in., this product embraces a wide range of soap types and sizes with ease. Elegant in its simplicity, this four-pack soap saver truly ensures your soap performs its swan song in style, all the while maintaining its original shape.

3PCS Self Draining Soap Holder, Premium Silicone Soap Dish, Soap Saver for Shower, Bathroom, Kitchen, Bath Tub, Sponges,Keep Soap Bars Dry Clean,Easy Clean,Extend Soap Life

3PCS Self Draining Soap Holders for Shower, Bathroom, and Kitchen - Keep Soap Bars Dry and Extend their Life


SIMPLE, PRACTICAL, AND EASY TO CLEANEOYCPM soap dish is made of high quality flexible silicone.Stylish and very functional ! Silicone is soft and flexible, easy to clean and has a sharp, contemporary decorative style! Its durable for many years of use! These soap holders are going to be handy counter organizers!

Our second favorite product has to be the 3PCS Self Draining Soap Holder. We admired how it combines practicality with robust durability to maximize your soap life. It boasts an impressive anti-slip, anti-rust, anti-corrosion design not found in ordinary soap holders. Your soap bars will stay in place thanks to the ingenious grooves that prevent the soap from slipping off. You could almost feel the soap bars cheering with joy, finally a place where they can stay high and dry!

But the qualities of this soap dish don't stop there. Crafted from high-quality environmentally-friendly silicone, this holder is soft, almost unbreakable and almost odorless. Perfect for both adults and kids. Imagine you're standing in your kitchen or bathroom, this silicone soap holder fits perfectly giving your soap bars the pedestal they deserve. Plus, the self-draining inclined sink means no water accumulation. With this, your soap stays dry, ensuring an extended soap life.

Soap Saver Pads, Non-Slip Soap Holder Pad, Self Draining Soap Bar Holder Pads, Soap Saver Dish for Shower Kitchen Bathroom Travel Hotel Cleaning Supplies, 4 Piece Set–Beige

4-Piece Beige Soap Saver Pads for Shower, Kitchen, Bathroom – Non-Slip & Self Draining

Less WasteBathroom soap holder features a porous and multi-directional design - allows water to drain easily, keeping your soap dry and its shape intact.

The Soap Saver Pads nuzzled into our impressive third spot due to some fantastic features. To start with, guess what? The size isn't set in stone. That's right! This bugger lets you trim it down to fit any soap dish or ledge you got lying around your place. Imagine! You'll never have to worry about your soap slipping off into the abyss.

Secondly, ain't nobody likes a gluey soap, mate! Luckily, these Non-Slip Soap Holder Pads ensure your soap won't stick to 'em. They're also safe to whack in the dishwasher. That's a relief, ain't it? Plus, they're crafted with durable and safe PVC material. Whether you're planning on using 'em for your kitchen sink, bathroom, or even travels - they're just perfect.

Snowkingdom 4 Pack White Soap Saver Draining Lift Pad 2.9

Snowkingdom 4 Pack White Soap Savers - Non-Slip Draining Lift Pad, Durable PVC for Bathroom Use

by Snowkingdom

Simple and modern, Available in a variety of colors that are sure to accentuate the bathroom dcor.

We've truly quite fancied the SnowKingdom's set of 4 soap savers. They're posh, practical, and stand out in their simplicity. What captures our fancy the most is the porous design. Your soap dries quickly, retains its shape, and lasts longer, making the soap saver a real life (and soap) saviour for those who prefer bar soaps over liquid ones.

These soap savers are easy to clean, just run them under water and voila! For all the cleanliness enthusiasts, it's ideal! Soft, BPA-free PVC is an additional advantage - quality material that puts your mind at ease. The versatility of the SnowKingdom soap saver, able to fit in any location, makes it a worthy addition to your bathroom. You won't be disappointed!

iDesign Plastic Soap Dish, Soap Saver, and Kitchen Sponge Holder - Set of 3, 0.75” x 3.25” x 4.75”, Clear

Clear Plastic Soap Saver Dish and Sponge Holder Set - Keep Your Soap Fresh

by InterDesign

IDEAL SIZE - Each dish measures 0.75" x 3.25" x 4.75" to fit in compact spaces on countertops; the soap dish with drain is great for use in the bathroom, shower, kitchen, or laundry room

Our savvy algorithms and discerning product testers are raving about the iDesign Plastic Soap Dish and Sponge Holder for its functional and versatile design. You know that soggy soap you dread in the morning? A thing of the past with this nifty gadget—its raised bumps and draining base ensure your soap always dry. Imagine that! The non-slip base also helps to secure it atop your sink, impulsively avoiding a skating show each morning. You will find it perfect if your countertop often feels like a highway of soap, brushes, and sponges. This holder, due to its ability to accommodate numerous accessories, puts an end to that chaos. Quite the countertop lifesaver, huh?

4pcs Soap Lifting Pad for Bar Soap,Beige Non-Slip Soap Saver Pads Self Draining Soap Bars Holder Pads for Kitchen Bathroom Travel Hotel Shower Cleaning Supplies

Non-Slip Soap Saver Pads - 4pcs Beige Self Draining Soap Bars Holder for Bathroom and Travel

by Jerphen

5. Safe and reliable material: We provide 4 soap pads made of high quality PVC material, BPA free, safe and durable, soft, drainage

Our friendly MOOZ algorithm appreciates the practicality of these Soap Lifting Pads. They're perfect for keeping your soap dry and prolonging its life, which is why it made it onto our list. This Soap Saver Pads can be cut freely to suit any dish size, extremely useful for diverse locations, from your home bathroom to a hotel stay. Cleaning is a breeze, just rinse under running water. Now, you can say goodbye to soft and melting soap bars! Our team believes these self-draining pads are especially useful for those who prioritize cleanliness and convenience in their kitchen or bathroom. Enjoy a hassle-free cleaning experience with these majestic pads!

Self Draining Soap Dish Holder/ Tray, 3 Pcs Natural Wooden Soap Saver, Soap Case for Shower, Bathroom, Extend Soap Life, Keep Soap Bars Dry Clean & Easy Cleaning(Charcoal)

Natural Wooden Soap Saver Tray for Shower and Bathroom- Extend Soap Life and Keep Bars Dry


Keep The Soap HardHollowed out wooden strips with slanted design and heightened base, which provides a 360 ventilation and self-draining advantage for bar soap and effectively prevents the soap from softening, Keep soap dry quickly to prevent wastage.

Our team at MOOZ has adored the multi-functional design of this 3 Pcs Natural Wooden Soap Saver. Showering under the luxury of natural pine wood with a rarity; a soap case that complements your bathroom decor is unparalleled. Its charismatic appeal lies not only in its practicality, but also in its hand-crafted, distinctive charcoal design.

For those who are bath connoisseurs, this soap dish holder will transform your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary. Its efficient self-draining feature keeps your soap dry, elongating its life and ensuring its hygiene. Extra points for its eco-friendliness - it's 100% biodegradable!

With your soap nestled in such a stunner, doing the mundane task of washing your hands will become a luxury. The charm of the Wooden Soap Saver is multiplied by three, upgrading not only your bathroom, but also your hand washing experience every day.

It's Senah |4Pack| Keep Soap Clean & Fresh Bathroom Soap Dishes, Soap Saver Set | Eco-Friendly, Recyclable | Flexible & Durable Soap Lift | BPA-Free, Non-Slip Bath Soap Holders

Senah Soap Saver: Keep Soap Clean & Fresh with Eco-Friendly, Non-Slip Bathroom Soap Dishes

by Peachy At Home

EASY MAINTENANCE & REUSABLE SOAP LIFT: Rinse soap saver under running water and simply squeeze out excess water. It also can be washed in the dishwasher or washing machine.

If you're fond of handmade soap, then you need to think about taking good care of it. How many times have you found your expensive bar soap turning to mush from sitting in water, or simply not being able to last? Well, the It's Senah Soap Saver is perfect for you. We particularly love how this product keeps your soap clean, fresh, and away from excess water. Also, its ability to fit anywhere with a simple size adjustment is so convenient, you'd wonder how you lived without it!

In addition, the eco-friendly aspect of the Senah Soap Saver cannot be over-emphasised. Imagine using a product made from recyclable bio-plastics that doesn't only serve you, but also the environment. Top that with the assurance of longevity as you can reuse it for over a year. Now, let's think about how much money you'd save not just on soap, but also on replacing soap dishes. No doubt, this product truly stands out!

12PCS Soap Savers Pads BPA Free Soap Holder for Bar Soap Non-Slip Self Draining Soap Dish Soap Lift for Shower Kitchen Bathroom, Beige

Ru S 12PCS Soap Savers Pads BPA Free Soap Holder for Bar Non-Slip Soap Self Draining Soap Dish Soap Lift for Shower Kitchen Bathroom

by Ru S

[Easy to Clean] Made of BPA-Free material, our shampoo bar holder is durable and easy to clean under running water, just squeeze out the excess water.

We’re absolutely smitten with the beige Soap Savers Pads. These little wonders effortlessly keep your soap dry and clean, protecting it from spoilage or unnecessary melting. What sets it apart? Its innovative multi-directional woven stem design. This genius construction enables enhanced air circulation, allowing your soap to dry quickly post-use.

Moreover, the soft material these soap savers are fashioned from is exceptional. They're flexible, so cutting these soap savers to size? A breeze. Concerned about environmental impact? Rest easy knowing that these soap savers are crafted from upgraded soy and corn-derived bioplastics and are completely BPA-free. So, to all eco-conscious homeowners out there who love their bar soaps, these lifesavers are a must-have for your bathrooms and kitchens!

Plastic Soap Saver Clear Soap Dish Bar Holder Tray with Holes Soap Sponge Holder for Kitchen Bathroom Shower Counter, 4.5 x 3 x 0.7 Inches (2 Pcs)

Yoande Plastic Soap Saver Clear Soap Dish Bar Holder Tray Holes with Soap Sponge Holder for Kitchen Bathroom Shower Counter

by Yoande

Thoughtful Design: there are small holes in the middle part of the oval shape, which can effectively drain the soap thoroughly, avoiding it from getting wet all the time; The protrusions on the surface can firmly fix the soap, and the textured base can avoid the plastic soap saver from sliding on the countertop, bringing you a nice experience

A gem unearthed by the state-of-the-art MOOZ algorithm is a set of Plastic Soap Savers. These clear soap dish bar holders stand out for their versatile function and high transparency. With this, your bathroom essentials can find a deserving home, all while adding an elegance to your space that you'd barely expected from a soap saver.

The set includes two plastic soap holders, perfectly sized to hold a variety of soaps. Greater still, these trays are equally suited for storing other small bathroom items - sponges, scrubbing cloths, even jewellery. For those constantly battling cluttered bathrooms, this product could become your unexpected hero. These sets would be especially beneficial for those who appreciate functional yet sophisticated bathroom accessories. So, don't miss this chance to give your counter a stylish practicality makeover. With these soap savers, every detail in your bathroom can speak of your refined taste.


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