Top 10 Best Softboxes with Grids
for December 2023

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If you're venturing into the vast universe of photography and filmmaking, the light seems to play a big part on pretty much, well, everything. Enter the magical, multi-talented tool known as the softbox. But we know, decision paralysis can hit hard when you're greeted with a sea of options. And that's where MOOZ comes into the picture. With its astute algorithms, MOOZ churns out a list of the top ten best softboxes with grids — meticulously reviewed, carefully ranked, and ready to be explored.

In this carousel of choices, three products that warrant your undivided attention are the Godox FW 47 inch Octagon Softbox Reflector, the Godox 32"x 32" Foldable Portable Softbox, and the AMBITFUL 24" x 35" Honeycomb Grid Softbox. Not only are these softboxes equipped with the power to capture light like no other, but they also feature nifty honeycomb grids. This little game-changer drastically curtails light dispersion, letting you control and direct your light like an absolute maestro.

But keep your curiosity piqued, because the real treasure lies at the tail end. The Godox Honeycomb Eggcrate Soft Grid promises to be a real showstopper. Designed explicitly for the Godox 24" 60x60cm Softbox, this grid is your key to attaining uniquely soft and even light. So, why not take a gander at the complete list, and open your world to the magic of soft light?

Godox FW 47inch/120cm Octagon Softbox Reflector with Honeycomb Grid and Bag for Speedlight Flash(Bowens Mount)

Godox FW 47" Octagon Softbox with Grid for Speedlight Flash (Bowens Mount), perfect for professional lighting

by Godox
Light weight8.9
Low light8.7
Material quality9.5
Popularity & Sales8.8

Professional reflective fabric with precise color temperature is tailored elaborately, hard skeleton provides enough support for softbox.Two layers of light soft cloth can make light more even, gentle, exquisite, suitable for many kinds of studio flash shooting.

The Godox FW 47inch/120cm Octagon Softbox Refactor tops MOOZ's list for its exceptional design features. Its standout facet, the Honeycomb Grid, is crafted from a black special fabric designed in a unique honeycomb style. These attributes ensure that you, the photographer, can effortlessly create a distinct light and dark raster effect.

Also, the Octagon Softbox is perfectly suited for those special portraits or product photoshoots where lighting proves to be the prime challenges. Moreover, the whole package comes with a convenient carrying bag and additional practical components, adding an extra touch of user-friendly to your demanding creative process.

Godox 32

Godox 32" Foldable Softbox with Grids for Studio Strobe Flash Photography

by godox
Easy to use8.8
Light weight8.5
Low light9.5
Material quality8.6
Sound quality9.7

Professional arch bone design, metal material interior frame,repeated folding is not easy to deform.The softbox is easy to fold,durable,light weight and convenient to carry out.

The Godox Foldable Portable Softbox with S2 Speedlite Bracket Bowens Mount Holder comes in as a close second in our listing. This high-quality softbox effortlessly catches your attention with its flawless light-reflection material and unique double-layer soft cloth design. It craftily emits even, softer light effects, perfect for your photography needs.

Upgraded from the original S-Type bracket, the adjustable S2 speedlite bracket can fit a wider range of speedlites and flashes. Not only can it accommodate Godox models including V1, V860II, V850II, but even the outdoor AD series. With this, you can capture your best moments in varied lighting conditions.


AMBITFUL 24" x 35" Honeycomb Grid Softbox: Perfect for Studio Flash and Strobe Lighting

Easy to use8.3
Light weight8.2
Low light8.5
Material quality8.6

The light is soft and full using a professional reflective cloth and a honeycomb grid is used in the softbox to control light spills and tighten the overall coverage area.

In the third place on our best product ranking is the AMBITFUL 24" x 35" Honeycomb Grid Softbox. If you're a photography aficionado, you'll be impressed by its standard size Bowens quick charge that makes it apt for any studio. Moreover, it has internal and external diffusers, both of which are removable, giving you the freedom to adjust the flashlight from soft to hard.

What makes this Honeycomb Grid Softbox even more special is its larger size that is designed for fashion photography, portraits, and medium to large product photography. With its softbox "skins", flexible rods, and speed rings, you'll find this easy to mount with flash heads, making your photography experience seamless.

Godox 35x160cm 14

Godox 35x160cm Beehive Softbox with Grids, Studio Flash Essential

Easy to use9.9
Light weight9.8
Low light9.7
Material quality9.7

Easy to disassemble, easy to fold, and easy to carry, ideal for studio or outdoor mobile photography.

We find the Godox Beehive Honeycomb Grid Strip Softbox especially impressive for its unique design and versatility. The smart algorithms appreciate the high reflection feature provided by its inner silver coating. It made it to our recommended list because it offers soft, bright, even and smooth light, ideal for capturing that perfect image.

This Godox Softbox is not just ordinary lighting equipment; it is heat-rated to avoid any fire hazards. The black exterior and the reflective silver interior ensure only the required amount of light is reflected to bring your shots to life and offer a professional edge. If you are an aspiring photographer or a professional who cherishes the beauty of well-lit shots, this softbox should be on your shopping list. A must-have for photography enthusiasts. Remember, the versatility of this softbox allows you to use it with both flash and continuous light sources. Plus, it's easy to attach and use. You will surely love the ease and quality the Godox Softbox delivers.

Fotoconic Honeycomb Grid Compatible for 60x90cm / 24

Fotoconic Umbrella Softbox Grid - Enhance Studio Lighting with Honeycomb Grid Compatible for 60x90cm/24"x36" Softbox

by fotoconic
Light weight8.8
Low light8.9
Material quality8.7
Picture quality7.8
Popularity & Sales9.6

With honeycomb-style design, the length of each side is about 33mm

The Fotoconic Honeycomb Grid is a standout for a myriad of reasons, but its compatibility with the 60x90cm / 24"x36" umbrella softbox will truly impress you. This Fotoconic Honeycomb Grid is expertly manufactured from special black fabric, weighing in at a mere 80g. This makes it effortlessly manageable for anyone to handle, setting it apart from other grids in the market. With Velcro sewn on the sides, it can be easily attached to the softbox, like the previous Godox Grid Strip Softbox.

The Godox Grid Strip Softbox, although impressive in its own right, could be cumbersome due to its larger size and strip-like shape. This is where the Fotoconic product has a clear competitive edge - its lightweight and portability. This Honeycomb Grid from Fotoconic is perfect for creating a unique light and dark raster effect, bringing a product or portrait session to life.

This item is particularly advantageous for professionals who prioritize mobility and space. Whether you are a seasoned photographer or a burgeoning enthusiast - handling, storing and transporting your equipment is paramount. With the Fotoconic Honeycomb Grid, you can achieve that perfect shot, without worrying about cumbersome equipment.

Godox Portable Octagon 80cm/31.5

Godox 31.5" Portable Octagon Softbox with Grids: Perfect for Flash Speedlight Photography

Easy to use7.6
Light weight9.2
Low light9.6
Material quality8.3

It's made of black special fabric, Lightweight eggcrate design grid; with honeycomb-style design, the length of each side is about 33mm

We love the Godox Portable Octagon Grid Umbrella Photo Softbox Reflector for its unique light shaping capabilities, making it a standout addition to your photography gear. This softbox reflector takes your lighting to the next level, enhancing the quality and contrast in your photographs. It is especially feature-rich when compared to the Fotoconic Honeycomb Grid, as this Godox model offers ease of installation with its Velcro lining and a more distinctive light-dark raster effect.

The shape of this Octagonal reflector is its main advantage, enabling more focused lighting than its counterparts. However, a potential disadvantage is that it may be too specialized for some users, while those accustomed to the Fotoconic Honeycomb Grid may find the transition challenging.

This product will be most useful to professional photographers seeking to enrich their portraits or product shots. With the Godox Portable Octagon, elevate your photography to new artistic heights.

TUYUNG 60x60cm Eggcrate Square Soft Grid for Godox Neewer 24

TUYUNG 60x60cm Soft Grid for Godox & Neewer Softboxes - Precise Lighting Control

Easy to use8.3
Light weight8.5
Low light7.3
Material quality8.4

It's made of special fabric, lightweight eggcrate honeycomb-style design grid

Our smart MOOZ algorithm has discovered a unique yet essential product: the TUYUNG 60x60cm Eggcrate Square Soft Grid. If you're a photography enthusiast, this gadget will undoubtedly raise your game.

While comparing it to our last find, the Godox Portable Octagon 80cm/31.5" Only Grid Umbrella Photo Softbox Reflector, we noticed that the TUYUNG Soft Grid has the edge when it comes to controlling light spill and narrowing down total coverage area. This advantage ultimately allows for a tighter, more concentrated beam of light. This could be ideal if your work demands precision and heightened control over how your subjects are lit.

This product will be most useful for professional photographers and videography experts, particularly those who work in challenging light conditions and require nuanced control over their lighting. With its Velcro lining, this Eggcrate Square Soft Grid is quite effortless to install. It's perfect if you're looking to modify your existing light source to create unique shapes and intensities.

Godox Honeycomb Eggcrate Soft Grid for 24x36 60x90cm Softbox

Godox Softbox Grid - Enhance Lighting Control for 24x36 Softboxes

by Godox
Easy to use7.4
Light weight8.5
Low light7.1
Material quality9.4

It's made of black special fabric, Lightweight eggcrate design grid; with honeycomb-style design, the length of each side is about 33mm

We have to commend the Godox Honeycomb Eggcrate Soft Grid for 24x36 60x90cm Softbox for its fantastic versatility and ability to dramatically alter the shape and intensity of light to fit diverse illumination needs. The Velcro lining makes for quick and easy installations, giving you more time to focus on capturing the perfect shot.

Compared to the TUYUNG 60x60cm Eggcrate Square Soft Grid, the Godox Honeycomb Eggcrate stands out for providing a unique light and dark raster effect that will result in brilliant special portraits and product shooting. The option to fasten it to the inner side of your 24"x36" softbox is additionally a feature that the TUYUNG lacks, allowing for greater flexibility during your shoots.

This product will be primarily useful to professional photographers who often work in differing light conditions and require adaptability from their equipment.

Godox Honeycomb Eggcrate Soft Grid for Godox 24

Godox 24" Softbox Grid: Achieve Precise Lighting Control with Honeycomb Eggcrate

Easy to use9.1
Light weight7.5
Low light9.6
Material quality8.3

It's made of black special fabric, Lightweight eggcrate design grid; with honeycomb-style design, the length of each side is about 33mm

MOOZ's discovery of the Godox Honeycomb Eggcrate Soft Grid for 24" 60x60cm Softbox is guaranteed to be a game-changer for any photographer. This soft grid is engineered to modify your light source into a distinctive intensity and shape that tackles the most challenging light requirements. Its simplistic design and Velcro lining not only eases the installation process but also ensures fast and efficient use.

Comparatively, the Godox Honeycomb Eggcrate Soft Grid for 24x36 60x90cm Softbox has been a prominent item on our list for its unmatched ability to shape light. However, the essential advantage that the 60x60cm Grid brings to the table is its niche focus on special portraits and product shooting due to its exclusive raster effect capability. This specificity makes it the superior choice over its 60x90cm counterpart in certain scenarios.

This product will be most useful for professional photographers who need to manipulate their lighting source with precise control, particularly for unique portrait photography or product shooting scenarios.


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