Top 10 Soprano Saxophones
for February 2024

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The saxophone is a horn instrument that was first invented in 1784 by Adolphe Sax and Pierre-Joseph-Laurent Aimard. Today, the saxophone is a family of instruments, including tenor, alto and soprano saxophones. The saxophone is played with the right hand and the left hand, and is played by blowing air through the instrument. When playing, the saxophonist purs his lips around the mouthpiece, forming a seal, and forces air through the mouthpiece, creating a sound.

The saxophone is used by many musicians, including musicians in jazz, classical music, and rock. Many musicians use the saxophone to create solos. The saxophone is played by professional musicians, as well as by students. The saxophone is the instrument of choice for many musicians, including jazz musicians, classical music musicians, and rock musicians. The saxophone is also popular for marching bands, jazz bands, and other ensembles.

The saxophone is played by musicians of all ages. Some saxophones are played by children, while others are played by adults. The saxophone is an instrument that is difficult to learn, but players can improve their skills with practice.

Nuvo Soprano Saxophone, Black (N520JBBK)

Nuvo Soprano Saxophone

by Nuvo

Now fitted with a new integral ligature, easy to open with one hand

The Nuvo Soprano Saxophone is a remarkable instrument for music students of all ages, beginners and experts alike. Its nylon construction makes it durable and easy to maintain, and its waterproof construction makes the instrument suitable for use in class or outdoor playing. The Soprano Saxophone comes with two adjustable thumb rests, which are ideal for beginners of any age, and its adjustable fingering pattern means that younger players can experiment with different fingerings, while more advanced players can use the instrument in a variety of settings, from jazz to classical. Its compact size (it weighs just 3.5 pounds) makes it easy to carry, and its 4-octave range allows for greater flexibility than some larger models. The Nuvo Soprano Saxophone is a great choice for beginner musicians, and it's even suitable for younger players who are just starting out on a longer instrument. The instrument's construction is durable, and it's able to stand up to many years of use. The adjustable thumb rests allow younger players to experiment with different fingerings, and the instrument's compact design makes it easy to carry.

Lazarro Sea Blue-Gold Keys Bb B-Flat Curved Soprano Saxophone Sax Lazarro+11 Reeds,Care Kit~24 COLORS Available-320-SB

Lazarro Sea Blue-Gold Keys Bb B-Flat Soprano Curved Saxophone Sax Lazarro+11 Reeds

by Lazarro

We are a USA Brand that you can trust. Our Saxophones are not just stylish, but also very durable, have great sound quality and are always hand checked by our professional team in New York.

The Lazarro Sea Blue-Gold Keys Bb B-Flat Curved Soprano Saxophone Sax struck us as a durable and reliable instrument right out of the box, and it's the only straight soprano saxophone we reviewed at this price point. Its well-balanced, responsive sound is pleasant to play, and we found the adjustable neck strap to be comfortable after an hour or two of playing. The keys felt responsive and were easy to press, and the instrument's construction felt sturdy and stable. The sax comes with a case, a cleaning kit, and a set of 11 reeds, all of which are of good quality and neatly packed. The Lazarro Sea Blue-Gold Keys Bb B-Flat Curved Soprano Saxophone Sax comes with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee, so it's risk-free to buy.

Crossrock Straight Soprano Saxophone Case, Fiberglass Hardshell With Backpack Straps, Blue (CRF1000SSBL)

Crossrock Straight Saxophone Soprano Case

by Crossrock

Strong and durable leather handle.

This hardshell sax case is heavy duty, and it's perfect for players who travel a lot and need to keep their instrument protected. It has a fiberglass shell, which is extremely lightweight and strong. The case has a padded backpack strap, which frees your hands, and the case closure has metal latches and rubber valances, which secure it well. The saxophone fits in the case easily, and the padding inside is handmade, so it perfectly fits the straight soprano sax. The backpack strap is lightweight, so you won't feel weighed down by it. The saxophone case is pricey, but it's well worth it if you're a traveling musician.

Vandoren SM803 S7 V16 Series Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece

Vandoren SM803 S7 V16 Soprano Series Saxophone Mouthpiece

by Vandoren

The ideal synthesis between blowing ease and richness of sound

The Vandoren SM803 S7 V16 Series Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece is a good choice for a beginner saxophonist or an intermediate musician looking for a high-quality mouthpiece at an affordable price. This mouthpiece has a longer facing tip opening than our other picks, which helps it play more smoothly. It is comfortable to hold, and the mouthpiece stays in tune well. It's also easy to adjust, which is helpful for beginners. The Vandoren SM803 S7 V16 Series Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece is a bit more expensive that our other picks, but the additional cost is worth it for high-quality players who want a better-performing mouthpiece.

EastRock Bb Soprano Saxophone Straight Gold Laquer Sax Instruments for Beginners Students Intermediate Players with Carrying Case,Mouthpiece,Pads,Reed,Cleaning kit,neck Strap,White Gloves

EastRock Bb Soprano Saxophone Straight Gold Laquer Sax for Instruments Beginners Students Intermediate Players with Carrying Case


Top MaterialOur beautiful instrument used selected h68 copper material and multi-layer painted transparent lacquered gold,durable and non-fading and Hand carved on the appearance and high-quality shell buttons make the sax more perfect.EASTROCK saxophone is definitely an outstanding musical instrument in terms of quality and appearance.

The EastRock Soprano Saxophone is an entry-level instrument, perfect for students, beginners, and as a gift. The sound quality is decent, and the instrument is well-built. The EastRock Soprano Saxophone is also lightweight, making it a good choice for young students (it weighs 4.5 pounds). The instrument's keys make a nice, firm, positive click when the keys are pressed, and the saxaphone's action (the distance between the key and mouthpiece) is medium, which is a good balance for beginners. Like other beginner saxophones, the EastRock Soprano Saxophone uses plastic reeds, so the sound is nasal and a little reedy, which improves as the player progresses. The EastRock Soprano Saxophone comes with a lightweight case and mouthpiece, but it has no reeds, neck strap, or other accessories. You'll need to buy those separately, but you can get a decent starter pack for less than $30 on Amazon.

Straight Soprano Saxophone PRO PAC Case by Protec, Model PB310,Black

Straight Soprano Saxophone PRO Case PAC by Protec

by Pro Tec

Lightweight impact-resistant frame that features a precision fit that protects your soprano saxophone from damage

The Soprano Pro PAC Case from Protec is unique among saxophone cases because it is designed to hold not just one, but two saxophones. The case comes with a removable padded shoulder strap, backpack straps, and a luggage ID tag, so you can take your case as a backpack if you like. The Soprano Pro PAC Case is constructed of 1680 ballistic nylon, which is very tough and durable. The case also features dual zippers, including one with a locking ring. The zippers and the case's exterior are lined with a thick, shock-absorbing padding. The case's interior is lined with suede, so all of your saxophones will remain scratch-free. The Soprano Pro PAC Case is relatively lightweight, weighing in at less than 4 pounds total. The case's carrying handle and backpack straps are sturdy, so you'll be able to carry your saxophones, along with their cases and accessories, without the case becoming too burdensome. The Soprano Pro PAC Case also comes with two storage pockets, so you'll have plenty of room for all of your saxophones. The storage compartments are lined with a fabric-like material, so they won't scratch or damage your saxophones. The Soprano Pro PAC Case is also great for transporting your saxophones to other venues. The Soprano Pro PAC Case comes with a heavy-duty luggage tag, so you'll be able to easily identify your case at the baggage carousel.


The JodyJazz HR Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece is handcrafted in the USA from solid German hard rubber. It is round, with a flat underside. The chamber is large, which helps resonate notes well and gives it good intonation. The HR is one of JodyJazz's best-performing mouthpieces, with powerful, focused high notes, superb sustain, and excellent intonation. It produces strong low notes, but with less volume and presence. The HR is one of the more generous .070 models, and this mouthpiece plays easily, even for small-handed players. This mouthpiece's robust construction, high-quality materials and workmanship, and proven track record of performance has made it popular with professional players and students. The JodyJazz HR Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece is an excellent choice for intermediate to advanced players, as well as players with smaller hands.


The Professional Gold Series Soprano Saxophone, with its French Super Style curved neck, offers a compact, lightweight design with a 13-inch body and medium-large bore for a bright, deep sound. The gold plating provides an attractive look and protects the saxophone against corrosion. The neck is curved, which helps players reach high notes more easily, and the instrument's curved body offers a comfortable fit. The Professional Gold Series Soprano Saxophone has a gold-plated mechanism, and it has a one-piece bell, which helps preserve the instrument's sound. The bell is made of brass, which is heavier than stainless steel, but it produces a deeper, warmer sound. This saxophone has a clear, responsive tone, and it plays well with other professional-level saxophones, including those from Yamaha, Roland, and Conn-Selmer. The Professional Gold Series Soprano Saxophone is well suited for younger players who are learning to play, as well as for more advanced players who need a lightweight and compact instrument.

Sky Band Approved Bb Gold Plated Soprano Saxophone with Lightweight Case, Gloves, Cleaning cloth and rod and Mouthpiece, Guarantee Top Quality Sound

Sky Band Approved Bb Gold Soprano Plated Saxophone with Lightweight Case

by Sky

Includes: Lightweight case, soft polishing cloth and a cleaning rod

The Sky Band is an attractive soprano saxophone with a sturdy build and a bright, warm sound. It's easy to set up and tune, and the lightweight case makes it easy to transport. The Sky Band has a low Bb key, which is a key many beginning players require. It produces a good sound, and the alto and tenor sizes produce a deeper tone than the soprano. But the soprano's key is much easier to play, and it produces a nice, clear tone. The Sky Band has a 10-year warranty, and it comes with a cleaning cloth and rod, a mouthpiece, and gloves. It's made of high-quality material, and it feels solid and secure. The Sky Band is a great choice for beginning players.

Protec PB304SOPWL Combination PRO PAC Case with Wheels for Alto / Soprano Saxophones

Protec PB304SOPWL Combination PRO PAC with Case Wheels for Alto

by Pro Tec

Fits Alto and Soprano Saxophones (instrument not included)

The Protec PB304SOPWL is a terrific choice for anyone looking for an Alto / Soprano saxophone case. The case is well made, lightweight, and protective; the wheels make carrying it easy; and the telescoping handle makes it easy to get the case into and out of a car. The PB304SOPWL's large interior compartment fits a sax, a case, a music stand, and a variety of other accessories. The interior pocket also fits a flute case, and the outer pockets fit a clarinet case and music stand. The PB304SOPWL is pricey, but it's well worth the cost.


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